Sunday Dinner

One of my co-workers ran a half marathon that was in our town yesterday morning.  He ran it last year too, so I went back to that blog post to look at the pictures, and realized that yesterday last year, our temps were 80 degrees!

Um, while I was waiting for the first runners to come by?  It was 23 degrees and windy.  You can see just how hilly this course is, and while they go down this hill in the beginning of the race, they have to run up it for the last 2 miles of the race.

half 023

The first two runners were at the 2 mile mark at about 11 minutes in – crazy fast!

half 028

There has to be at least 1200 runners in this race.  From when the first runners came by, until the last ones it was about 30 minutes of a sea of people.

half 036

I saw my co-worker at the last second, so I never got a picture of his face – he’s  fast runner!  He’s the one in the tie die t-shirt.

half 041

I took this guys picture because of his funky tights, and didn’t realize what his shirt said until I downloaded it yesterday.  I need to find out who this is so I can send him this picture!

half 071

When I got back home, Tony was already working on my Sunday breakfast.  He ended up making me savory french toast – made with sriracha and some cheddar cheese, and some smoked bacon.

half 076

I was then Bizzy in my Kitchen!  I made all five of my SIL’s lunches.  Then I made a pot of Cincinnati chili for the week.  Next I made two loaves of Artisan bread.  Then I made a batch of 36 dinner rolls – with the hopes of using some of those rolls for lunch and breakfast this week.  Then I made five mini apple pies – I was unstoppable!

I also made some garlic crisps to go with my appetizer.  I am sure I’ve mentioned it here somewhere before, but I buy the day old loaves of bread at Jimmy John’s for .49 cents a loaf.  I cut it thin, brush the pieces with a mixture of olive oil, Italian seasoning and garlic, and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.  Keep an eye on it though, because it can go from perfect to burnt in a matter of a minute.  I got all those crostini for .49 cents!

half 006

Served with Merck’s port wine cheese – that cheese is so fricken good!

half 135

I also made a broccoli gratin on the side for our side dish – I just doubled this recipe and used 1.5 cups of sharp cheddar cheese.

half 125

Since I always make artisan bread, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and make soft, fluffy dinner rolls.  The recipe I found was straight forward.  Mix the dough, let it rise 1.5 hours, roll into 36 rolls, let rise another hour.  Brush with butter and bake for 25-30 minutes.  Look at how good hers came out!


Don’t you want to take a huge bite out of those!  Here’s how mine turned out:

half 112

They never really rose much after the second hour.  I topped some with sesame seeds and some with poppy seeds.

half 122

half 129

half 132

The verdict? They tasted like mini loaves of bread. Sad smile  They were dense, not fluffy or soft at all.  Although her recipe called for using either oil or butter, and I chose oil – maybe that was the difference?  Have you ever been able to make a soft dinner roll – what’s your secret?

Thanks goodness the Artisan bread turned out, and the mini apple pies.

half 116

half 108

We ended up doing a beef roast on the gas grill.  It was 4 pounds, so it took about 2 hours – we started it out high – around 400 degrees for the first 15 minutes, then brought the temperature down to 200 degrees.  The magic number for medium rare meat – 125!  Take it off and then let the meat rest for at least 15 minutes.

half 136

It was cooked to perfection.  And I realized I never took another picture the rest of the night!  Just enjoyed the company at our Sunday Dinner while eating at the dining room table – love it!  Thanks for coming over Jody, Chris and Sean!

As I type this, it is snowing.  Spring in Chicagoland – when are you going to get here?!

Time to get my shit together for the day.  What was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!


56 thoughts on “Sunday Dinner

  1. thehealthyjunky

    I could not agree more about the craziness of this Spring weather. I’m so ready for it to warm up soon. Dang, you were super busy with cooking yesterday. I love spending Sundays in the kitchen as well! I have never made dinner rolls but they looked fantastic.

  2. Holy Moly chef in the kitchen, yes you were most definitely Bizzy! Google Lion House Rolls, I really like that recipe for white rolls. Also I find that when you bake the rolls closer together (like in the first picture) they touch and pull apart and are softer because only the tops are browned. Hope this helps. Happy Monday!

  3. Well I guess the Chicago Spring is on a holiday with the Dutch Spring to a country far far away. Man, it’s taking forever till this Winter is over.

    Can you believe that as a runner I never have been a spectator at a run?

  4. Claire and I had to stand outside selling girl scout cookies at the grocery store with her troop and it was FREEZING out! Of course, after it was over the sun came out, but way to cold for the middle of March! Happy almost birthday!

  5. You really had a Bizzy day – I’m so impressed with all that you accomplished! I really need to try my hand at baking bread. Yours always looks so delicious. The highlight of my weekend was spending quality time with my little guy.

  6. That man doing 13 halfs this year is a hoot – love his tights! How fun to spectate a race like that – the weather was hard on you watchers, but great for the runners! Although I’m shuddering just thinking about hitting that hill at the end of the race – how mean of the race directors to put that there! 😉

    And dang, girl – you practically ran a half marathon in your kitchen yesterday!

  7. You were a cookin’ fool! Dang, I wished I lived near you!

  8. It was great race weather here this weekend for the big St. Patty’s 10K road race. I love that guy’s tights! 13×13 in 13 wish I had thought of that although that’s a lot of half marathons.

    I agree with Ann Marie, you certainly accomplished a lot. Carlos and I just finished all of the projects for his “All About Me” week. Well all except my presentation. I guess I better get to work. Have a great Monday.

  9. SO cool! They say running races in the cold is good for you time…but I just HATE running in the cold. That guys shirt rocks (as do his tights). Those rolls? Drool. I NEED! Happy Monday

  10. It’s snowing like crazy here in Minnesota today! I’m more than ready for spring, too. I’ve actually had the spring cleaning bug – ready to organize everything!

  11. Well the good news from my weekend is I’m now down 10.8 lbs! WW is working for me! Woop! That roast looks to die for…I’m trying to convince my Mom to do ham on the grill for Easter dinner. Have you ever done ham? I think I remember seeing that in past posts. Do you have a recipe for the mini pies? They look yummy! That would be perfect for me, because a big pie is still a bit too tempting. We have rain here today…I was just bitching that I’m so sick of wearing winter clothes and bundling up. Ridic! Lol. Hope you have a great day!!!!

    • Holy shizz Mary! Great job on the -10.8! Yes, we have done a ham on the grill, but I don’t really have a recipe for it, just put the seasoning packet that comes with the ham, slap it on the grill and cook it until it looks done! I will also link to my pie recipe, sorry, I was in a hurry this morning on my post and didn’t link to it.

      It is totaly ridic about the weather – the first day of spring is Wednesday and our HIGH is 21! WTF?!

  12. Jimmy John’s sells day-old bread? Who knew? Well, obviously you did. 🙂

    Will you come bake for me? I’m hopeless at it.

    • Dana, the JJ bread is fantastic – makes great sandwiches at home for days after I buy it – so cheap! Well, you need to move closer to me for me to bake for you. But then again, your Papa is a Cubs fan, so I may need to have a convo with our Papa first! 😀 #gowhitesox!

  13. You made all that in one day? I’m impressed!

  14. That guy has a great running outfit on! So much tasty food on this post. The crostini look amazing and so does that broccoli gratin. The rolls also look pretty spectacular.

  15. Holy cow Biz, that is a LOT of cooking! And sadly….it’s snowing here too:(

  16. Wow, a cooking marathon! I love crostini and I’ve made broccoli gratin and love that too!
    This crazy ass weather, it’s sunny and 45 here! Kinda perfect I think! 🙂

  17. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    mmm…bread. The highlight of my weekend was my son’s birthday party (he’s 7!!)

    But that means I did ZERO cooking for the week. I washed some lettuce, but that’s it. We’re screwed when it comes to lunch and dinner.

  18. Seriously–Chicago needs to get it’s act together!! I thought I’d be out grilling every night by this point. I’m still sending my husband out there in the meantime, though. 🙂 Happy Monday!

    • Ha! I am the one out at the grill in my family, and made the mistake of standing at the grill in socks – it is so not right that we won’t get out the 30’s for the next week!

  19. Snowing in Wisconsin, 2-4 inches by tonight and windy. Your food looks wonderful and pictures make my taste buds sing….lol! Mini apple pies look great as does the bread and buns. (for the buns, you can always cut them up and let them dry and use them for bread dressing with chicken) I used to make dinner rolls, I remember an old neighbor that made bread every week, dinner rolls touched each other and you could tear them apart…they were so soft. They only secret i remember was she used “Robin Hood Flour” I have used that flour ever since.

    • I have never heard of that flour before – I’ll have to check it out. Thanks again for my birthday card, it’s on my fridge as I type this! 😀

  20. WOWZA what a load in the kitchen!!!! I’d love to have seen the dishes and where they went after putting them away! HA HA

    Anyways I saw this in the store yesterday: And totally wish I could have like pigeoned it to you! Have you seen or tried it?

    • Renee, you would have been so proud of me, I actually cleaned as I was cooking yesterday – unheard of for me! OMG, I need to find that cheese – I haven’t seen it before! But then again, you had me at buffalo!

  21. I want that sriracha French toast recipe!

    • One thing about Tony? He is a fly by the seat of his pants cook – I’ll have to ask him if he could write down the recipe. It was slightly crisp on the outside, tender bread on the inside, then the kick of heat from the sriracha and the saltiness of the cheese. And the funny thing is, once he adds hot sauce he never tastes anything he makes for me but it always has the perfect amount of heat!

  22. That roast looks amazing, but so does that sriracha toast! The highlight of my weekend was definitely seeing our friend Ron who is visiting from Denmark!

  23. It was 70 degrees on Friday here west of Omaha, and then 28 on Saturday! UGH c’mon spring! We need you!

  24. WOW that’s a lot of cooking and baking, good for you! That is my favorite kind of Sunday 🙂

    Ah yes, 80 degrees….I’ve forgotten what it feels like. Hope you enjoyed the chicken parm meatballs!!

    • I am actually bringing the balls to work tomorrow for Tyler to try – going to make mini sliders for lunch – enjoy the sunshine where you are!!

  25. The run looks fun! Snow on the side but the roads are clear, perfect!

  26. I am so, so, so tired of this weather! Where is spring?!?!?

    Sorry that your rolls didn’t turn out how you wanted them to, but everything else looks amazing! And that French toast…I totally need to try that. YUM!

  27. First day of spring is Wednesday but we seem to be going right into summer. Ugh, I say!

  28. Weighting For 50

    Bizzy by name, and bizzy by nature yesterday! WOW. Hats off to all the runners, and special hats off to the runner with the courage to wear those tights.

  29. I am also amazed by all that cooking! In my opinion, the rolls look like a plain ol’ yeast fail. Could have been old, or gotten too hot, or just decided to be difficult. Yeast is kind of a bitch sometimes, isn’t it? That’s one of the reasons I like the artisan bread recipe so much. The long, slow rise makes up for sluggish yeast weirdness.

  30. Biz, I just heard on the radio that it was a week ago last year, that we had temps in the 90’s. My one girlfriend from TX did not believe I was sunburnt. I took a pic in my bra to send to her…lol!! At the time I hardly knew my son’s girlfriend (now wife), I had a new phone and guess what? I accidentally sent her the pic!!! Lol!! We still laugh about that 😀

  31. Wow that is some major cooking!!
    We’ve just had more snow tonight 😦 I’m ready for the sun.
    I have to admit I’ve never had much luck with rolls.

  32. i am sooo ready for warmer temps, i caught myself doing some serious grumbling as i ran into the grocery store in this biting cold weather. cabin fever!

    on a happier note, you’ve got some seriously good looking food going on here! the port wine looks awesome and i didn’t know that about jimmy johns, that’s awesome! my hubs has an amazing dinner roll recipe, it comes from the America’s Test Kitchen book. let me know if you want it!

  33. Crazy how different the temps were! You are one trooper for braving that weather.
    Those mini pies look delicious! And adorable. 🙂

  34. Savory french toast???? How have I never heard of this before? It’s brilliant!

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