Happy Birthday to Me & My Duplicate!

I have a really good memory when it comes to names and faces.  It surprises Tony all the time that not only can I recall every teachers name I’ve ever had, but I remember all the kids that were in the class with me too.

In 4th grade my teacher was Mrs. F.  I loved this teacher, she was so nice and I thought I was cool because my teacher actually came to my house and played bridge with my Mom.  We always went to bed before bridge night was over, but we could hear the laughter as we fell to sleep.

The next time I was in class I would ask my teacher – “who won?”  And she said, “it doesn’t really matter, I have no idea.”   I didn’t understand until much later that it didn’t matter about the game, it was the joy of getting together with friends that was important.

I remember being in class, and there was a knock on the door.  In came a delivery man with a big vase of roses!  She looked very surprised, and when she read the card out loud to us, she said “On your 45th birthday, hope you have a great day, I love you!  Mr. F.”

My first thought?

45 is so old!!

Now here I am, 36 years later, and I find myself at 45 years old, I don’t think that is old at all!

45 bday DAD

45 MOM

Case in point – the two pictures above of my parents with us?  My Dad was 34 and my mom was 32!  So much to look forward to in life!

So Happy Birthday to my twin sister!  I call her my duplicate, because I was born first.  She didn’t come out for another 30 minutes – we always joke that she was probably thinking “I’ve finally got this place all to myself!” I won’t see her until Sunday when my family gets together to celebrate all the March birthdays.  She took the day off today – hope you have fun!

Tony is taking me out to dinner tonight – Ruth’s Chris baby!   Can’t wait.

And let’s have a quick giveaway to celebrate, shall we?  I am offering up your choice of Bubba Keg!  I love this brand because the outside doesn’t sweat at all, and it keeps drinks both hot or cold.  You can pick which one you want – either the flat one that’s great for your desk, or the travel one, which is not good for your desk, once you are almost done it gets top heavy, but if you drink a Green Monster to work, it would be perfect!

       20 ounce flat mug   travel mug

And, since I love you guys, I’ll throw in 4 jars of my Baja Fresh Salsa! 

cherry salsa

All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me a favorite birthday memory you’ve had.  I’ll pick a winner in tomorrows post.

Alright, off to get ready for work – make it a great day! 


85 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me & My Duplicate!

  1. Jenny Scheldberg

    Happy Birthday! I think my 24th bday, my golden bday, was my favorite. I have a summer bday and was single and spent the evening out on the town at this outdoor patio bar with all my girlfriends. It was just one of those last wonderful nights full of carefee girl time that I will never forget.

  2. Happy Birthday to you and the Duplicate! Love Ruth’s Chris. My son works there, so not only is it already a red carpet place but is even more so for us when we go there! Enjoy!

  3. Happy Birthday and remember it is just a number your only as old as you feel. It’s up to you to make your life enjoyable. Get out there and smell all of the roses and the other flowers remember life is wonderful and you are going to enjoy another year of it. Wishing you and your twin many more birthdays and hoping you both have a wonderful day.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! My favorite memory is my Mom giving me a ring that I had adored since I was a little girl for my 18th Birthday. It was special because her Dad gave it to her, and I always thought it was beautiful. She let me wear it to high school dances, and I loved wearing it. So when she gave it to me for my 18th Birthday, I was ecstatic. I still have it, of course. I love it!

  5. Have a wonderful birthday! It’s just a number. Enjoy the day!!

  6. my favorite birthday memory is like a scene from the movie ‘Groundhog Day’. I was born in a blizzard in the great state to your north. It was so bad out, my Dad had to buy a new to him pickup to get back out to the farm after I arrived. I grew up quintessential Dairy Farmers Daughter in Sconie, I am on a 12 step program for cheese to prove it, HA! Anyway, our house sat on top of a hill and the yard flattened out and then went about 3 feet up a hill to the county road. This flattened out part of our yard we called ‘The Flat’ because we are ver creative types in our family! So Dad, nearly every year, would ‘flood the flat’ so that I could have friends over for my birthday and we could ice skate. As a little girl, I was clueless what it meant to make an ice rink. It required someone to be outside on the coldest possible days with a garden hose pouring water on a flat area to create a smooth rink. If you weren’t out there when it was super cold, your rink would get bumpy. So there would be Dad, freezing cold, and wet, making a rink for the birthday girl. I know now why his nose always had icicles hanging off it!! Normally, the same group of girls would come, and we would play and eventually skate. Most every year, one friend ‘K’, would fall and off to the clinic she and Mom would go. Most every year she would sprain or break her ankle. To this day, I have no idea why she would come every year, but she did, and always skated, and always fell, and got hurt. Dear friends, I suppose, even when little, want to be with there friends to celebrate, without thought of self. Looking back,I think of all the sacrifices that people made, so that a little girl from humble upbringings could have special birthdays. And they all are still very special to me!

    Celebrate the best day of your life, the day you were given it!!!!

  7. Dottie Williams

    I would have to say my favorite birthday memory was my 35th! Not only did my mom and friends throw me a surprise party but it was my last birthday I had my mom with me….So for me it was the best birthday ever! Happy Birthday Biz and Jen hope you both enjoy your day!


  8. Happy Birthday to you and your duplicate! I was born at the end of Thanksgiving, so my birthday always is around Thanksgiving, you’d think that would be a good thing – NOPE… I don’t remember parties or gifts or cakes except for 1. My 11th, for some reason I was givin a pac man birthday cake with Thanksgiving dinner! It has been the only cake I remember as a kid. I was the oldest of 4, born to a 15 year old so times were tough so I was so happy to get a birthday cake that year, at least I was old enough to remember it!

  9. Happy Birthday, Biz!!!

    I remember my 21st birthday very well, unlike a lot of people I suppose. We went out for steak…and I didn’t carded when I ordered a beer. I was so disappointed. We then went down the street to a club that had an 80s cover band playing. I remember having fun dancing to the music. I don’t remember drinking all that much. The drinks were expensive and watered down. I’m pretty sure I was completely sober by the time we left 🙂

    I was a wild and crazy kid, I tell you!

  10. thanks Biz – Happy Birthday – can’t wait for sunday!!!

  11. The best birthday memory I ever had was my 23rd birthday. My husband had just recently returned from a year long deployment in Afghanistan and so it was something truly special to me that we could celebrate my special day together and go out for dinner with him and our son. :0)

  12. My favorite birthday memory was my 30th birthday. My future husband to be and I were in Italy. The little town we made reservations to stay overnight was so tiny it was practically abandoned. There was nothing there except the inn we were staying at and some local residents. We did not have a car to go anywhere. We were starving and all we had was a bottle of orangina and a couple power bars in our suitcases. We walked through the quiet village and saw some vineyards. It was stunning. It was a fun birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a great day. My favorite memory is a yearly one. My 2 girls make me a hand made birthday card every year & they are so precious to me!! Whenever they ask me what I want for my birthday, that’s the only thing I say.

  14. Happy Birthday, Biz! How did I totally miss that you had a twin?! Hope you have a fantastic day and week to celebrate!

  15. Happy Birthday!! I hope that you two have an amazing day. My favorite birthday memory is when I was a senior in college and I was planning our wedding. My husband who was not living close decided to go to the place where we we were having the reception and deal with the not very nice woman who ran the place to get a bunch of details worked out. He surprised me with dinner that night and we had a picnic in the place where he proposed. He bought me something ( I don’t remember what now) and in the card was all of the paperwork from the reception hall that I needed to sign. I was so grateful because we got to spend the weekend he was coming up to celebrate my birthday just hanging out and not dealing with the wedding stuff….silly memory but it was one of the best birthdays ever!

  16. Happy Birthday Ms. Biz! On the first day of my first job right out of high school, I asked the gal I was replacing how old she was. When she said 25, I guess I acted shocked because she responded with “I’m not THAT old.” Funny how our perspective changes. Here I am at 65 thinking it’s not too bad. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday to the second power 🙂 45 is def. not old, since I’m not too far behind! My favorite bday memory is probably several years ago, when my husband and 2 girls presented me with a set of luggage. I was wondering why in the world did I need luggage when I never traveled. Then my husband surprised me with a trip to Mexico. It was so out-of-the-blue and he had planned it all by himself!

  18. Happy birthday to my oldest daughter! Sorry kid, but you’re a few years off in your parents’ ages. I was 27 when you two were born – so assuming you’re 2 or younger in the photos, I’m not even 30 yet! And your dad is two years older. But oh my, how young we were. See you Sunday!
    Love, Mom

  19. myjourneytofit

    Happy Birthday!!! I have to say, back then, 45 WAS old! We, however, are making it look and feel younger than ever…so rock on with your bad self!!!

    My favorite birthday memory is getting my pink Schwinn bike when I turned 6…it was so PINK! And it had a white basket with plastic flowers on it, and I loved it.

  20. Happy birthday Biz! I hope you have a great day! I forgot your birthday was so close to mine — mine is next week! My favorite bd memory is when I turned 30 .. my sister made it special by leaving gifts for me every day for 30 day before my birthday, it was so sweet of her! Unfortunately, she isn’t speaking to me at the moment, but hey, it is still a good memory! Happy bd to you and your duplicate! 🙂

  21. Happy birthday Biz. I hope today is the greatest ever. 45 is not old now that I’m 50 but I do remember my grandma telling me she was 50 and I thought she was as old as dirt. :o)
    My favorite birthday gift/day was when my sister gave me the record Music Box Dancer. I didn’t even know she knew I liked that and to know she spent her allowance on me, well it was an awesome birthday. I still have that record though it’s not flat anymore (stored on it’s side…not good).
    Take care and have the bestest day! Blessings!!

  22. thehealthyjunky

    Happy Birthday Biz, have a fantastic birthday dinner at Ruth Chris. Enjoy your day!

  23. Happy happy birthday Biz! Enjoy your dinner tonight! Birthday dinners are always great no matter what age! My best memory was a huge sleepover party I had for my 12th bday. It consisted if all of my favorites-homemade pizza, Getman chocolate cake, and great friends!
    Have a great 45th!!!! And mannnyyyy moooooooore!!!!

  24. Happy birthday! Omg, your twin pictures are adorable! I can’t even imagine having a sister, much less a twin sister. Have fun! And, congrats to your successful daughter. She’s doing so great. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  25. One year my dad rented a moon bounce for my birthday when my parents were recently divorced and my brother literally jumped in it for HOURS.it was awesome!

  26. Happy Birthday! 45 is wonderful, I love it! I loved my 40th birthday spent with very close friends and family. It was special because we had survived my illness, a very bad business situation, and a job loss. Everyone who had helped us through was there with us. HAve a super great day and a very delicious dinner tonight!! xo

  27. Happy Birthday. Biz!! Pshh 45 is still young!!

    My favorite birthday memory would have to be this last one. We had the family Halloween party that night, and it was great to be with all of my favorite people, celebrating my 25th year!

  28. Happy Birthday! I am a March baby too, I will be 39 on Saturday…. My favorite birthday memory has 2006 which was the last birthday I celebrated with my mom before she passed away. She worked nights and brought me a coffee to my house as I was getting ready for work! Simple but great.

  29. I have a freaky memory too. I can remember trying to climb out of my crib and getting stuck.

    My favorite birthday memory is a couple years ago I had a bunch of my friends over to our house. We had a bonfire, drinks, and grilled some food. Best birthday in a long time!

  30. Probably my 6th. My Mom made me a new summer outfit, shorts, blouse, sleeveless top and a wrap skirt. We went to a fireworks display and I thought the fireworks were for my birthday. My birthday is the 3rd.

  31. HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a fantastic day! I know your dinner will be amazing. I’d like the travel mug. When I turned 16, my parents got my friends and I a limo for the night. We went “out on the town” (as much as you can at 16). It was so much fun

  32. Love the photos!! What fun to have a “duplicate”!! My favorite birthday celebration is celebrating for an entire month at ever chance I get. I suggest you do the same.


  33. Happy Birthday, my friend! Enjoy every bite of your birthday dinner–yum!

  34. Happy birthday! My favorite birthday memory has to be when I turned seven. I got a new purse from my aunt, and I just LOVED it. I shrieked for probably two minutes straight after opening it. I still have that purse and I still smile thinking about getting it for my birthday. =)

  35. Happy Birthday, Biz and Jen!! I used to think that 30 was super old then I hit it and it was fine. I’m now 35 and it doesn’t feel so bad either. Next month is 36 and all I think is, ‘eh, no biggie!’ 🙂

  36. Happy Birthday! My favorite was on my 18th birthday when it was legal to drink at 18 in Illinois. I think my parents thought they would never have to worry about me again since I was finally legal. in any case they had a surprise party for me and since they are awful at any type of surprise this was a complete surprise. The problem is I don’t remember much after that! And I want the salsa!

  37. Happy Birthday Biz! We march babies are the best, aren’t we 🙂

  38. Happy birthday to both of you!!!!!!!!! Hope you and Tony have a GREAT day!
    I’m the exact opposite of you. I can’t remember anything from my childhood! But I do remember having a surprise birthday party planned for me in 8th grade. We were all at the movies and went back to my friend’s house afterwards and everyone was already there to surprise me. Which was a big deal because it was boys AND girls! Lol.

  39. Happy Birthday!! My brother was born on the party day of my 7th birthday (just a few days before my actual birthday). My favorite memory, and one that I get teased about, was on that day he was born. My mom had to leave my party early for obvious reasons and my aunt took over the party. Later that night I went to the hospital to visit my mother and new brother, and my mother said, Look! It’s your baby brother! I was less than impressed and said, Look! I got a new Barbie! 😉

  40. Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! Yes it’s true, old is old until you’re there! Ruth Chris, oh my gosh that place is divine. Enjoy!

  41. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    my favorite birthday memory… I dunno, that’s a toughie. I remember my 40th birthday party, all these people came and brought me wine. But I was pregnant and I couldn’t drink it! Nobody knew that though. I miscarried a few days later. But I really had a great time with all my friends and their kids.

  42. Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♫ ♪ My 21st, spent it with friends at the Dam Inn. We had fun doing “girl things” playing games, eating, a sleep over and a few drinks. The Dam Inn was a tavern one of my friends parents owned. We were all going to beauty school together, so doing each other’s hair……..it just was a fun birthday that I can remember.

  43. BTW..I picked up some honey roasted peanut butter from WF and it’s delish!! I’ve been topping my oatmeal with it all week! Yummmm! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

  44. Happy Birthday, Biz! Favorite birthday memory???? I’m going on 59 and I still enjoy every single one (much to the chagrin of those near and dear)!

  45. Opps . . . forgot the “duplicate.” Happy Day!

  46. Happy birthday! I love those old photos. 🙂

  47. Duplicate…so sweet! I always thought it would be so awesome to be a twin. Happy Birthday to you both!

  48. Happy happy birthday! I think my 28th birthday was probably my favorite and I really can’t put into words why. I am turning 38 soon – maybe that will also be a great one 🙂

    Enjoy your supper tonight and your family get together this weekend!

  49. Happy birthday to both you and Jenn!! 45 is YOUNG! lol I figure once I hit 50, I’m going to start going backward, because anything after 50 seems so old to me! haha

    Hmmm…favorite bday memory…I can’t say I have one single one, but every year, my mom always remembers to do something little to make the day special for me. I will miss that one day. Love my mom!

  50. marybcunningham

    Happy Birthday to you both! Love the photos!

  51. findingradiance

    Happy Birthday to the duplicates!

  52. Happy Birthday!!! My most memorable was my 16th birthday, all along, I thought I was helping my friend’s mom plan her surprise 16th b-day party (our birthdays were a few days apart) and when we arrived to the restaurant, turns out it was a surprise for both of us!


    My favorite childhood birthday memory was my 13th – we went to breakfast at Village Inn because my dad (accountant) had to leave town to go audit some phone company in BFE. When I opened the birthday card from my parents, it had a gift certificate to get my ears pierced. I had been asking for YEARS and finally I was going to get my ears pierced!

    Funny thing now, though, is that I rarely wear earrings! I need to wear more jewelry in general. I’m trying!!

  54. Happy Birthday! to you and your duplicate!

    My favorite birthday memories are the ones I got to spend with my dad. He passed away when I was 12, so the ones I remember with him with me are the best.

    Hope you have a great day!

  55. Love love love those photos from when you were little 🙂 happy birthday!!!

  56. My favorite birthday memory was last year. I wasn’t having a very good year (got laid off and couldn’t find a job urgh)! But on my birthday my daughter took me out to lunch and when we arrived home, there was a surprise party waiting for me. It definitely lifted my spirits! But, unfortuneatelu, I still haven’t found a job yet!
    double urgh! Happy birthday to you and I hope I win the bubba keg!!!

  57. My last birthday. Now I am a year older than the age both my parents were when they passed away. Didn’t know if I would make it! Bizz and your duplicate are still young. I’m still not that old yet. LOL Happy Birthday and enjoy!

  58. Weighting For 50

    I’m going to sing while I type this….so all around me are bracing themselves. Ready?
    “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Vat and Je-ennn…..
    (breathe in) Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!”
    May you both have a great birthday, and may your years ahead be the best to date!!!
    And may I wish for singing lessons for my birthday! HUGS to you birthday girl!!!!

    • Dutch is 7 today? Say it isn’t so. Those black spots you sport haven’t even turned gasryo I’m not believing my ears when I hear about your birthday.You are the coolest spotted dude I’ve ever metAnd I know you’re going to get lots of birthday treats on that you can bet.Have a great birthday my Cali broAnd make it last and don’t let go!Stubby xoxo

  59. Happy Birthday, Biz! I think my favorite birthday memory is when I turned 16. My mom threw me the most fantastic ‘sweet 16’ party ever! She’s the best! 🙂

  60. Happy birthday! 🙂
    My favorite birthday is probably from 2010 when my birthday fell on 10-10-10…I had been anticipating that birthday for years! 🙂 I had a wine and cheese party, and I was amazed at all the pink champagne and dessert wine my friends were able to find…they were so sweet to bring my favorite wines even though it is in no way what most of them would have picked! 🙂

  61. Happy, happy Birthday, Biz! Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  62. Happy Birthday!!!! I can’t wait to hear about your dinner! I have had some pretty blah birthdays in the past but we are going to the Arizona Biltmore hotel for my birthday/our wedding anniversary this year so I hope to make it super fantastic 🙂

    I hope you had a great day!

  63. Happy Birthday Biz!

    My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 6. My little brother was born 11 days before my birthday, my mom was only 24 and she had just given birth to a newborn (and very colicky) baby and she still managed to throw me a pocahontas themed birthday party for my entire kindergarten class (for which she made and decorated the cake and lolly pops). She was pretty amazing… and getting a little brother for your birthday isn’t half bad either!

    I hope you make your day amazing and enjoy dinner with Tony!

  64. Happy birthday to you and your sister!! I hope you enjoy your night out and this coming weekend 🙂 I can’t say as this was a favorite b-day but, the story sure is funny. I was going to work (b-day is in January) and the roads were bad. I ended up in the ditch right in front of my husband’s shop, I almost took down his mailbox! He pulled me out and I made it to work only a half hour late. Work went fine. I got home to find my one year old dog figured out how to open the door from ‘her room’ to the entire house. She ate a remote, one remote was missing, she chewed up a quarter of a living room chair and she pooped in the bathroom! Long story short…perfect place to go in the ditch (as soon as I got pulled out a lady rolled her van over in the same spot! She was okay…van not okay) The chair is materialistic and replaceable (though I haven’t replaced it…it adds character 😉 ) The poop was in the only room with linoleum and she pooped on a rug. Throw it away and buy a new one. All in all, my car and myself were fine, dogs will be dogs and poop don’t kill ya! I cracked a bottle of wine and laughed my ass off at the day I had…hee hee! 😉

  65. Happy birthday to you and your sister! Ah…Ruth Chris…I’ve only eaten there once in my life, but it was wonderful! I’d love the mug and your salsa:)

    My favorite birthday memory(ies) is a tie between my 18th and 30th. For my 18th my friends threw me a surprise party which was actually a surprise and for my 30th I had an awesome party with some great friends on the hottest day of 2010 🙂

  67. Happy Birthday! I think my best birthday was my 16th birthday when I was dressed in my finest and my grandmother took me to a fancy tea house for afternoon tea 🙂

  68. Happy birthday, Biz! I hope you had a wonderful day! I think my best birthday memory would be my 31st birthday…we had a great day spent with family and cooked a great meal together. It really was a fun day!

  69. Happy happy birthday!!! Hope it was a great day.

  70. Favorite birthday memory is from when I turned 6 and got a bike. That same week I won a coloring contest at a local restaurant. I felt like a super star! Happy birthday, Biz!

  71. I think it was my 12th birthday….I really wanted a new bike! I was hoping and hinting for weeks and weeks, and for some reason, I just *knew* my parents got me one. Well, I opened my birthday card and there was a note + picture of a bike! My parents were going to take me to pick out a bike! I felt bad that I knew I was getting a bike, but I was still super excited! 🙂

  72. Happy Birthday Biz! You rock 45!

  73. When I was 7 years old my mom made me the princess cake from the Betty Crocker recipe cards. Remember the ones that came in the mail and where filed in the plastic case. I loved that cake so much. In fact my friend made me the same cake after I came home from surgery in Oct. She remembered how much I loved that cake. So she found it on the internet and made if for me. And the funny thing is I came home from the hospital on Oct. 13 and my birthday is Oct. 20.

    Happy Birthday Biz. I so love your blog.

  74. Happy BD!!! My favorite memory is when I was 7 and I got a Betsy Wetsy doll! I don’t know why I wanted a doll that peed, but I was soooo happy!!!

  75. Happy belated birthday Miss Biz! I love those collages you created. What a trip seeing your Mom young, she still looks the same but with white hair! My favorite birthday memory was my first birthday cake. We didn’t celebrate birthdays growing up, but for my 10th birthday, I came downstairs to make breakfast and my Dad presented me with a birthday cake that he had made–it was a funfetti cake and was SO good, even though it was a cake mix and canned frosting. It felt so good to have my Dad give me that cake, and as far as I know he never did that for anyone else before or after so it was really special.

  76. Happy belated birthday young gorgeous girl! Of course 45 isn’t old. It would mean I am old too since I follow you to 45 in 2 months. I hope you had a great day.

  77. I had a Miss America birthday party for my 8th. Everyone showed up in a dress and we got a sash with a state. We had fun competitions and prizes.

  78. Happy birthday biz! I hope it’s a great one 🙂 I know it was yesterday but we got yet another storm and I was shoveling (and really complaining about it)

  79. Happy Belated Birthday to you and your duplicate! Hope the knee is feeling better. I love my Bubba Keg. Thanks for always being so supportive. I really wish we lived closer, I’d love to help you celebrate. Funny how our definition of “old” changes. We’ve been at this long enough you think it would get easier, huh? Older and wiser? Cheers!

  80. Happy Birthday! Girl, I’m feeling your pain! My bidthray is Friday I’ll be 38. I’m still scoping out all options for a future career. I’m thinking I should go back to college when my youngest goes. Reminds me of The Goofy Movie. Have you seen that one? Your kids might be just a smidgen older that you missed having to watch that one! Anyhow, Goofy goes to college at the same school his son Max does. Craziness insues, disco dancing, cram sessions, etc . I can see me now, just hanging out at the dorm parties. HAR!

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