The Easter the Oven Died.

Many many years ago, my Mom prepared our Easter feast.  Her plan was to prepare everything, even my favorite scalloped potatoes, and have it bake while we were at church.  The thought was that by the time we got home, it would be time to eat!

We walked in with the expectations of amazing smells coming from the kitchen.  Even me, who hardly has any sense of smell at all (which is probably why Tony married me!) didn’t smell a thing!

Yep, the oven died that year.  There was no way a repairman was coming out to fix it on Easter Sunday.  So we went to a Chinese restaurant and practically had the whole restaurant to ourselves!

Saturday Tony and I were bringing in the groceries only to find our own Easter bunny.  Can you find him in this picture?  He sat still for several minutes, until I got too close and he ran away.

bunny 003

It was actually nice enough for us to sit outside Saturday night and sip some wine while we grilled.  On the menu?  A grilled chuck roast.  Before Tony, I never would have thought you could grill this cut of meat – who knew?  I always thought it was crock pot or Dutch oven worthy – low and slow.

This marinade couldn’t be simpler – 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon brown sugar and 3 tablespoons soy sauce.  I like this picture because you can see me in the reflection in the bowl!

bunny 007

It marinated for about 3 hours.

bunny 009

I like how this picture turned out too – the reflection of my camera in my red wine. Open-mouthed smile

bunny 020

We seared the meat over the hot coals on both sides, then removed it to the side and let it finish cooking under the indirect heat.  About 45 minutes later, it was done.

bunny 023

bunny 095

Tony gave this two big thumbs up – super flavorful and tender.  Next time you grill, try a chuck roast!

We really had no plans for Easter this year.  Hannah was spending it with her boyfriends family, Tony’s sister was still out of town on spring break.  But my Momma didn’t have any plans either, so she came over.  Then we called our nephew and he was free too, so we had dinner plans after all! Open-mouthed smile

I made this German Potato Salad with Bacon and Vinegar.  The recipe had me at vinegar!  I of course omitted the onions and I used a Bavarian sweet mustard.  I also boiled my sliced potatoes instead of steaming them, worked just fine.  I also made this on Saturday so it was super flavorful.

bunny 002

bunny 009

bunny 058

And of course, no Easter would be complete without deviled eggs.   Since I had such a hard time with peeling the eggs with Tony’s egg salad sandwich on Saturday, I knew there had to be a better way to get perfect eggs.

Thanks to Pinterest – I found it!   You can go to that link for detailed instructions, but the part I thought was unique was that after you brought the eggs to a boil, removed from heat and let them sit for 15 minutes and then into an ice bath for 10 minutes, you put the eggs back in the pan, cover with 1 inch of the ice water and then shake the eggs gently back and forth for one minute.  The shells came off like a jacket!

bunny 012

bunny 011

My Mom ended up bringing her ingredients and making one of her dishes at my house – spoon bread.  Have you ever had it before? It’s a southern dish, delicious with butter and salt and pepper.  Momma at work stirring the corn meal.

bunny 047

bunny 066

She also brought a fruit salad – delish!

bunny 061

And I was determined to make dinner rolls.  Light, fluffy dinner rolls, not little balls of Artisan bread!  Again, thanks to Pinterest, I found the right recipe!  Check it out here – honey butter dinner rolls.

I could tell almost immediately that this dough was different.  I don’t know how to describe it, it just felt softer to me.

bunny 036

Mix in the stand mixer for 6 minutes.  Divide the dough into 12 rolls.  Put in a pie pan and let rise for 30 minutes.  Bake at 375 for 12-15 minutes. 

   bunny 044   bunny 050

bunny 054

bunny 053

One word:  Amazeballs.  Delicious, light and fluffy – I have redeemed myself with dinner roll success!

We did our ham on the Weber grill.  It took about 3 hours to get to temperature.  We wanted to grill it cut side down, but it was too big so we had to cook it on the side in a cast iron skillet.

bunny 056

bunny 057

With about 30 minutes until the ham was ready, I started our first course.  Grilled Caesar Salad.  Simply brush the cut side of Romaine lettuce with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Grill cut side down for just a minute or two, then flip and cook an additional minute. 

I used this Caesar salad dressing recipe and I’ll never use another one – so creamy and delicious.  I used my smoothie maker to mix it up so it was super light and airy.

bunny 062

bunny 064

bunny 067

I also made roasted asparagus with a lemon zest bread crumb topping.

bunny 071

Our spread.  And in case you are wondering, it’s perfectly acceptable to drink wine out of a snowman wine glass at Easter. Open-mouthed smile

bunny 065

My plate:

bunny 106

And this was the picture I sent to family via text message to wish them a Happy Easter!

bunny 105

And Charlie and Jennifer?  Mom admitted to me yesterday that I am her favorite child.  Of course, I already knew that, but it was nice to hear it. Open-mouthed smile

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I never packed my gym bag over the weekend so I have to get a move on.  Make it a great day!


54 thoughts on “The Easter the Oven Died.

  1. Well, FYI, when we celebrated birthday dinner at Mom’s last weekend, she pulled me aside to say I was her favorite, so there! 🙂 Great feast Biz! Love the rolls!!

  2. findingradiance

    That looks like a delicious dinner! My mother does the german potato salad. She does it the best and this year she did extra bacon! Yum!

  3. I made a different roll recipe yesterday for Easter too (on my blog right now via ‘Our Best Bites’) they turned out Soooooo good. I really like baking them in a casserole dish as opposed to cookie sheets, they turn out fluffier that way. I am going to check out your recipe too, I am always on the lookout for yummy roll recipes 🙂

  4. dang all that food looks sooo good. Every picture made me drool even more. Especially those dinner rolls.

  5. If this is an example of an unplanned dinner at your house, I’d like to come to a planned one!! It all looks delicious. And, I grew up on spoon bread as all G.R.I.T.S* do.

    *Girls Raised In The South


  6. missmelbryant

    I have a sort of similar way that I make my boiled eggs and usually, I never have a problem peeling them, but this year–sheesh–those shells were glued on. I’m going to give your new found way a shot next time.

    I will definitely try those dinner rolls; I’ve only redeemed myself once with dinner rolls, but I’d like another shot at itl

    • I love all the different versions of deviled eggs you came up with!

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  7. Biz, it looks like you had a great Easter and those rolls look fabulous! It is just breakfast time and I am starved!

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      • – These are ridiculously snintung! I love the soft colors and the styling with her coat and hat and grandmothers dress. I also love that tattoo. Truly lovely. All of it.June 2, 2011 11:38 am

  8. I refuse to ever make a hard boiled egg again. Every recipe I try, I ruin the eggs and I hate, hate, hate peeling them. We buy eggs at the store that are already hard boiled. They don’t cost that much and it is sooooooooo worth it in my book. Much less stress.I love them and we eat them more often this way too.

    Your dinner sounds awesome! We did Chinese yesterday!

    • Seriously Debbi – this would be a fun project with your kids having them roll the eggs back and forth in the pan – try it, you won’t regret it!

  9. I haven’t had spoon bread in ages, yummy!
    Love how you’re trying to start something with the sibs…sounds like something I’d do!

  10. WHAT A SPREAD! I’d eat all of the fruit and caesar salad :)And probably the rolls. Great work on everything. Spoon bread is so good. I had a feeling you were her favorite…I’m my Mom’s favorite too!

    • Your daughter looked so cute in the tent she got – she’s getting so big!

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  11. I agree – everything sounds really good! Glad you had a good Easter!

  12. Oh man! That sucks. Well one year we woke up Christmas morning to no power and no heat!! That sucked.

    Your food looks amazing.

  13. Man………everything looks so good and well balanced. That ham and caesar salad and asparagus…..those rolls, mmm looks good!!! You make grilling look like fun!!! I really must try Caesar salad on the grill sometime.

    I made my goal of 145 miles on my stationary bike for the month of March……..yay….now maybe for April I will try for 150 miles 😉

  14. myjourneytofit

    That’s how I make my hard-boiled eggs, but I haven’t tried the ice bath…mine seem to peel fine without it, but knocking the eggs around in the ice bath sounds fun!

    The fruit salad looks beautiful and I have to say, I admire anyone who has the patience to cut up grapes!

    Looks like it was a wonderful Easter dinner – so nice your Momma could spend it with her favorite child! 😉

  15. Hey Biz –

    Those rolls look delicious! I cannot wait to have a grill (and a backyard!) so I can grill some Romaine.

    I was wondering if I could ask your help with something. My parents are coming to visit for a week. I *love* to cook and am excited to cook for them while they are here. I’ve got breakfasts, lunches, and dinners down… However, most of the desserts I want to make are way too high in sugar for my diabetic mom. Do you have any good, low-sugar dessert recipes or ideas? Thanks 🙂

  16. holy rolls!! they look absolutely perfect 🙂 glad you guys had a nice feast!

  17. The dinner looks amazing! I think dinner rolls are one of my biggest weaknesses.

  18. Looks fabulous!! Happy Easter! 🙂

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  19. I pinned the egg tips, that is pretty cool. Your dinner rolls look superb! Everything looks good. I am going to have to try a ham on the grill, it looks so perfect!

  20. Boy, there are a bunch of pictures in this post that are outstanding! Wow! I agree–it was awesome to get outside this past weekend. We’ve been grilling non-stop! 🙂

  21. Happy Easter Biz! Your spread looks incredible for an impromptu dinner. You and your mom are just too cute!!

  22. Please send dinner rolls – stat!

  23. Looks like you had a great time! And I need those dinner rolls in my life! YUM!

  24. I have to say your photographs are looking really nice lately – great job! And I love the little bunny 🙂

    • Thanks Courtney! Although I sent the rolls picture to Foodgawker and they came back with “dull/unsharp” and “poor food composition.” Ha!

  25. what an awesome spread! Happy Easter Biz! And this year, snowman glasses seem totally appropriate! haha

  26. Your Easter Dinner sounds awesome – all that delicious food, and family to spend it with (even if it was a only a couple people). The buns look amazing, and I’m intrigued by this spoon bread as I’ve never heard of it before.

  27. What a wonderful Easter spread! And glad your mom got to join you. 🙂 Those rolls are making my mouth water! Nothing better than soft, fluffy dinner rolls.

  28. You need to write a post and title it: There is nothing I won’t grill. YOU are amazeballs girl.
    We are so making that chuck roast. And you and your Mom? So cute!

    And finally I am going to have to put in two more cents about your comment section. I LOVE reading your blog and I ALWAYS have something to say [duh, Skippy] but I have to tell you Biz, am I your only fan that finds having to scroll back to the top, hit “comments” then scroll back down [wayyyyyy down] to comment to be a huge pain in the patoot? I don’t want to sound like a whiny baby, but I would leave a whole heck of a lot more comments if the comment button was at the end of the post. As it is, your blog is content heavy and eventhough I have a new computer with the fastest internet speed Verizon offers it does take a long time to load and get ready to leave a comment for you.

    Okay, okay – I am a whiny baby. I just wanted you to know I am reading you every time you post, but just don’t comment as often as I would like. I’m spoiled, okay? [And evidently lazy with a short attention span. giggle]

    Hugs and love! Skippy

  29. That oven story sounds like a sitcom episode 🙂 Everything looks delicious, I really need to get out and grill more before it gets nuclear outside.

  30. Oh my goodness: your Easter dinner looks so fantastic and so yummie.

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