It Seemed Like A Good Idea

This is going to be a super quick post.  I went to bed early last night and somehow slept late!  I have exactly 15 minutes before I have to leave for work – eek!

First I want to thank all of you who commented and emailed me about my salsa!  Tony and I have a lot of research to do, but I appreciate all your support! Open-mouthed smile

So I tried to make a baked oatmeal.  It seemed like a good idea.  The recipe called for bananas and blueberries – sounded delicious!

assb 002

I decided to add sautéed apples over the top.  Um, both my boss and I loved the taste of it – it was the texture that was a bit off putting – it tasted like eating soft baby food.  We both decided that this one is OFF the menu! Open-mouthed smile

Work was crazy busy.  I didn’t have lunch until 2:30!  I had a roast beef and Alpine swiss cheese panini with an orange and watermelon.  I don’t know about you, but watermelon just tastes like summer no matter what it looks like outside!

assb 005

And I’ve had a jones for chicken wings for weeks now.  When I had Tony pick up my pork shoulder last week, I saw that they had wings on sale too.  I love the Frank’s Hot Sauce Wings sauce.  You don’t add butter or anything – somehow the sauce is zero calories, not sure how that happens? 

assb 009

That hit the spot!  Alright, now I have 8 minutes before I have to leave for work.  Plenty of time to make coffee, right?! Open-mouthed smile

What’s the fastest you’ve been able to get up and get out of the house??

Make it a great day!


36 thoughts on “It Seemed Like A Good Idea

  1. I once woke up an hour late when I had to get to the airport for a business meeting. I still managed to get ready and out the door in 15 minutes (usually takes me at least 40!), get to the airport, and make my flight. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

  2. I’ve seen a lot of recipes for baked oatmeal lately. I’m not a huge fan of actual oatmeal, so this might work for me. You’ll have to let me know if you ever tweak your recipe. As always the panini looks amazing! And I feel the same about watermelon…love your idea for watermelon salsa btw! Haven’t been on here for a while so ill be stalking some of your past posts today! Hope you’d had time for coffee! Enjoy your day!

  3. Phew! Some mornings feel like a race, don’t they? In a pinch, I can get myself showered, ready, Kay fed, bathed, Josh fed, lunch packed, and out the door in 45 minutes. Bummer the baked oatmeal was a bit off. The wings look like perfection!!!

  4. Your lunch plate looks beautiful. How would you say the Franks Hot Wings Sauce is different from the original sauce?

    • I have to say its more “buffaloey” because the Frank’s hot sauce is diluted with butter. It really held on to the wings better too. 😀

  5. Just saw your post from yesterday, (crazy busy at work) and I would definitely buy your salsa. I speak from experience, it is FANTASTIC!! If you need a test tester, you have my address. 🙂

  6. I hate regular oatmeal, but love oatmeal and granola type stuff. I found this recipe that I love for baked oatmeal. Kind of like a cookie. I put it in the toaster oven to heat it up in the mornings:

  7. Since I shower the night before I can be out of the house in 10 minutes easily. Tom is like a damn turtle in the morning though, and since we work together I have lots of time to get ready 🙂

  8. I’ve made baked oatmeal a few times and had totally different results, not sure why but sometimes I make it right and its good, sometimes its so weird! and Franks hot sauce really is an amazing thing huh? I love that stuff

  9. findingradiance

    Didn’t like the baked oatmeal? Mine was fairly firm and could actually be picked up like a bar when cool.

    I love Franks, but be careful because it can have up to 5 calories per serving and still labeled as 0. And I can pack that stuff away (I have the same bottle in my cupboard!).

    • I double checked the servings: each serving is 1 tablespoon, 23 servings in the container, 0 calories per serving. But it is a sodium bomb – 460 mg. per tablespoon!

  10. I actually love baked oatmeal…but I love regular too. Using nuts on top for crunch and a nice, toasty flavor does help a lot. Definitely not for everyone though!

  11. Your panini’s are so outstanding! Panini jealousy!

    • Thanks! I bought my panini maker at a garage sale for $10 – hardly used and it normally retailed at Target for $50! It’s almost garage sale season, you should keep a look out for one. 😀

  12. A friend of mine once made a baked oatmeal casserole thing for easy breakfast. She used blueberries, oatmeal and applesauce. It was REALLY good. Wish I had the recipe…

  13. I’ve never been interested in making baked oatmeal. Now I’m really glad I haven’t gone there. I guess I like the more traditional bowl of oats. Have a great day!! 🙂

  14. Love that buffalo sauce, and love the regular Frank’s too! I really do put that sh!t on everything 😉 I just saw your post about the salsa. I’d buy!

  15. The hot sauce might be like the butter spray that says it is zero calories for something like a half second spritz. Actually, there are 900 calories in that little bottle and I had a friend who used to POUR it over her popcorn. No, that won’t work at all. 🙂

  16. I’m a very basic person; I can be up at 715a, get myself ready and wrangle the child out the door by 740a. He gets to school by 8a and I get to work by 805a. I do my makeup at work, though (as if I do a lot of that anyway – foundation and mascara for the win cuz no one needs to see that shit!). The latest I’ve ever gotten up was 724am and that was not a good day.

  17. I don’t like baked oatmeal very much either. It’s the texture that bothers me, too!
    I’m up and out of the house for work every day in 15 to 20 minutes (and that sometimes includes a shower!). I eat breakfast at work since I get here at 7am. (ooops, I totally just admitted that I’m at work right now commenting on your blog – lol) 🙂

  18. When I was working I liked to be up 1 1/2 hours beforehand. I can get ready at my own pace, then check email, etc. Even cook sometimes. If I did wake up late I was out the door in 15 minutes! 🙂

  19. I can’t believe you can whip out a blog post so fast! I take hours. I probably over analyze, just a little bit 😉

  20. I wouldn’t really know. I usually set my alarm about 1.5 to 2 hours before I have to leave and am always awake a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off. If I “oversleep” it’s never more than 15 minutes and I have plenty of time left.

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