Cinnamon Bun

When Tony and I got in Saturday night, my step-son and daughter-in-law weren’t home so they left a key for us. Only one problem. They have a pug dog and they were not sure how the dog was going to react to strangers coming in the house. So we walked in the house, and just stayed in the foyer for a few minutes.


The dog was absolutely fine with us.  I really love this dog.  He is so friendly and affectionate.  While Ed liked to be near us, he wasn’t an affectionate dog at all.  I told Joe and Lizz that if the dog goes missing when we leave, I have no idea what happened!  And the dogs name is Cinnamon Bun, how cute is that??

So we bought a lap top so I could blog during vacation.  Only one slight problem.  It uses Windows 8 which is a piece of shit in my opinion.  I downloaded my pictures from my camera.  I went to enter my first picture into this blog post, and its pulled every.single.picture off my blog into my media library.  WTF?!  In case you were wondering, that’s 22,000 pictures in nearly five years.  Ugh.  So I had to upload the few pictures I had on my camera phone using my WordPress app on my phone, then can type the post out on the lap tap.  Ugh.  Here are a few quick pics – me and my daughter in law:


We met my brother and his family for lunch.  He just makes me laugh so hard when we are together!


Charlie is working on a big project at work, so I was glad he was able to meet up with us.  We drove around town, stopped at Joe’s work to say hi and have a beer.  I have always wanted to try Shock Top and it was delicious.  We just started getting it in Illinois.

Tony and I have seen shows on Salt Lick on Food Network.  Tony said he just wanted to lay beneath all the meat as it was dripping down!  Sadly, the amazing pictures I have are on my camera, but this was really good.  Hands down the best sausage I’ve ever had.  The brisket came in second, and the ribs came in third, but all good.  However, many blog readers say that Rudy’s has the best BBQ, so we are going to go there tonight.


I’ll try to blog again on Wednesday.  We are going boating on Lake Travis tomorrow, should be fun!  I have plenty of sunscreen so I should be good!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Hugs!


22 thoughts on “Cinnamon Bun

  1. Windows 8 is AWFUL. It’s kind of a running joke online. Type “Why does Windows 8” in google and see what the suggested searches are 😛

    I laughed when I saw that little pug face on your IG and I just laughed again now. They are so funny and adorable!

  2. Cinnamon bun is so cute! I adore pugs (or any dog with tons of wrinkles!!). Enjoy the rest of your time

  3. That is the most precious dog. I fell in love with him. Makes us want another dog!
    You will miss him when you leave.
    Enjoy Lake Travis!!

  4. Glad you are having a good time evening with the computer glitch. I have to say that my Mac is so easy to use that I’ve never looked back. It was worth the extra money to not have the frustrations I’ve decided.


  5. I am still in XP, I dread having to graduate to Windows 8 or 9…uge! Looks like you are having a blast. Enjoy the boat ride, it will be very relaxing for you!!! Cute little doggie!

  6. What an adorable dog! Looks like you’re having a great time, and I’m glad you tried Shock Top…so good! Have fun on Lake Travis!

  7. What a cute pup! Your brother always had great faces in pictures-lol too funny. Enjoy the lake! I bet it’s going to be beautiful!!!!!!

  8. Glad you are having a nice vacation!

    Have fun tomorrow!

  9. Glad you guys are having a great time! Enjoy!! 🙂

  10. My neighbor has a pug, that little thing thinks he’s the size of my German Shepherds…lol!! It’s too funny. He’s not mean, just barks like he is. Glad you got to see your brother too. The bbq places sound awesome, I’ve seen the Salt Lick on tv too 🙂 Enjoy your day on the boat!

  11. I have heard a lot of bad things about Windows 8, I am glad I jumped ship on PCs and went to Mac.

    Cinnamon Bun is adorable, love all squishy face dogs 🙂

  12. Windows is so crazy…Vista was terrible, then 7 (which I have) is pretty great, and then 8 is terrible again. Hopefully they get the message and make 9 better! Good luck with getting your laptop to work!

  13. I have also heard that Windows 8 is not so good! I’ve had two big computer crashes in the past three years, both Windows 7. Oh, such is the world of technology–love/hate relationship with it. BTW, I love the little dog!

  14. Windows 8 blows! I just got a new laptop also and I am still trying to figure it all out. Have a great trip, sounds great so far.

  15. Aw sweetie Cinnamon Bun! Glad you’re already having so much fun and eating such good food!

  16. Cinnamon bun is super cute. Good to hear you are having fun. The boat trip sounds great too and I look forward to pics of that trip.

  17. It looks like Cinnamon bun actually eats cinnamon buns. 🙂 Too cute! You are amazing… even on vacation you take time to blog. Someone should slap me for all the excuses I come up with. Glad to hear you guys are having fun. Even happier to hear Charlie is doing well and he looks fantastic!

  18. Rudy’s! Absolutely my favorite BBQ. We always go for the brisket (wet), smoked turkey and creamed corn. I try to bring some back to Atlanta for friends, but I usually give into temptation and eat most of it before I get home.

  19. Love Salt Lick, my favorite ever… Yum, drooling now.

  20. Windows 8 is a piece of shit. We bought a new desktop right before I started graduate school and I’m already using my old laptop to write my papers. I hate it!

    I’ve seen Salt Lick on TV; glad to know it lived up to the hype!

  21. Thanks for taking the time to check in even on your awful system! Hope you are having fun and thanks for the kind thoughts about Tyler’s dad.

  22. Looks like you are having a great time! I have to be honest – I kinda want to scoop that dog up and steal him – he’s so cute!

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