Sunburn …at lunch?

We have bunnies all over out back yard, and since we don’t garden anymore, I don’t mind them a bit.  They are fun to watch, especially when they are playing/fighting – Tony and I can’t tell which but they run at each other really fast and then jump over each other, then do it again.

This one tried to think I couldn’t see him!

6.20 013

I had to run an errand for work and while I was at a stop sign, I looked over and saw this business:

6.20 014

It really made me laugh because before Tony and I lived together, if he was out at the bars with his friends and I called him to say hi and asked where he was, he would always tell me he was at The Christian Science Reading Room – I actually didn’t know these places still existed!

Breakfast was more flax pancakes with bananas and pancakes.  I love this pancake recipe because with only 2 tablespoons of sugar, it’s not overly sweet, because my toppings usually are and it’s a good balance.  Poor Tony saw the two leftover pancakes on the counter and tried to eat one.  Not long after he sent me an email that said “what the fuck kind of pancake was that?!” 

I tried to explain to him that you had to have the pancake and topping as a whole and it was delicious.  He doesn’t think so.  This weekend though I am going to make him blueberry buttermilk pancakes though. Open-mouthed smile

6.20 018

No lunch time workout yesterday!  I went out with a co-worker for her birthday.  We ended up going to L’Effel Bistro at the South Barrington Arboretum.  They had outdoor seating, so we said “why not!”  (Courtney, Michelle, or Mara, have you ever been there before?)

I’ve been here several times, and when I know a good thing, I hardly stray from it.  Like if I know a place has a great Reuben, I am not going to order lasagna.  My go to?  Quiche Lorraine.  For a half second I almost ordered the Vegetarian, but I don’t like eggplant and then there is always the dreaded onion factor.

6.20 019

They started us out with a roll and a delicious sun dried tomato olive tapenade.

6.20 020

Are you ready for the deliciousness that was my lunch??!!

6.20 002

Oh.Ma.Ga.  The best part about this quiche is that the cheese is just the top layer.  The bottom is a traditional pie crust, with a small layer of ham.  The middle part?  Fluffy, delicious goodness!  I am never quite sure about the tomato sauce on the side, so I dipped half my bread in that, ate 3/4 of the quiche and all of the small salad.  I am calling lunch 500 calories – should it be more? #soworthit

Later in the afternoon I was hungry, so I had an orange, which I got six off the dollar rack and they are spectacular. Sitting on top of my Competitor magazine I got at the gym.  Still contemplating an outdoor 5k before the summer is over!

6.20 022

When I got back from lunch my boss said “you got some sun.”  I didn’t think much of it until I got home.  WTF.  I was outdoors for all of about 50 minutes!

6.20 023

Still not as bad as Hannah’s graduation 3 years ago though, so I’ve got that going for me.  Tony suggested I just keep sunscreen in my purse at all times.  I put it on when I swim outside, guess I just have to wear it every day as a precaution.


I had defrosted some flank steak for dinner.  I made another batch of my creamy stove top refried beans over the weekend.  I had a flour tortilla, 1/4 cup of the beans, 3 ounces of flank steak, grilled red pepper, guacamole and a bit of my salsa, with a few chips on the side.  I was glad I still had Insanity to do, otherwise I could have eaten three of these!  I love these beans.

6.20 010

I was glad when I saw my schedule that it was Cardio Recovery, which may seem like its easy, but its not.  Lots of controlled strength training, holding squats for what seem like minutes, then when you think you are done, he wants you to pulse it out and when you think that’s done, you hold it longer.  My legs literally shake!  I did my obligatory Instagram photo for my step-son.  Day 16 done. Open-mouthed smile

6.20 025

The other day I posted this picture of me and my sister from our dinner out.  And I realize new readers might not know that, but yes, we are twins. Open-mouthed smile

goat 051

My Mom took the picture and posted it on Facebook saying “my gorgeous girls!”  Well, my brother (um, Charlie, you haven’t posted anything since April – just sayin) couldn’t leave that alone, and not long after, posted this picture.


Of course, that’s when he lost all his hair during chemo (he’s fine now!), but I laugh every time I see this picture!  You can check out my brother’s story here.  I love you Charlie – yo crazy!

I haven’t figured out my calories yet for yesterday, I’ll update that later.  Turns out I have Coney Island sauce on the stove cooking down for our work lunch today, I have to finish an orzo salad, and I have a batch of granola coming out (I subbed in 1/2 a cup of milk for the apple sauce because I didn’t have any – I will let you know if it turns out!).  Damn day job, I could get so much done otherwise! Open-mouthed smile

Oh, and I still have to take a shower.  I have 25 minutes left before I need to leave for work – no worries!  Make it a great day!


38 thoughts on “Sunburn …at lunch?

  1. Love the bunnies! We have some that visit our yard at night. Dang girl, you get get sunburned!

  2. I love that picture of you Jenn and charlie! Damn, yes, that quiche looks amazing! I wonder what their secret is to make it so big and fluffy like that? Baking soda? wow.

    • I have no idea Renee – I think the next time I go there I need to pop my head in the kitchen and ask them how they do it – it’s like that every time, but its so light and creamy – almost custardy in the middle?

  3. Wow, your lunch looked amazing. I love quiche. The sunburn looks hot as in you will be hot when you sleep tonight. Ouch. Charlie is a funny guy. It’s Friday! Have a good one.

  4. There are a plethora of bunnies at the complex where my kids live and a couple days ago, we saw two doing that jump over each other thing – I started singing “Everybunny was Kung Fu fighting” MUCH to the amusement of my kids…MUCH, I’m letting you (despite what they might say). Anyway, I agree with you – they’re very entertaining to watch.

    Ouch on that sunburn – I can’t believe you didn’t notice the burn. I’m as pale as you and I swear, I can feel my skin burning within 5 minutes of being in the sun. Hope it’s not too painful!

    • OMG, I would have killed to see you singing that Shelley! I am sure you embarrassed the boys, which is what you should do as a parent.

      One time I convinced Hannah to get in the grocery basket – she was 11 at the time. When we got to the deli counter she wanted to be let out because her teacher was close by. I just petted her head and said “you are Momma’s special girl!” She turned 10 shades of red!

  5. “letting you”? Gah, my dyslexia is showing…TELLING you. 🙂

  6. LOVE L’Eiffel! Adam and I go there a lot… I almost always get whatever the special crepes, but I love the ratatouille one.
    The sun was BRUTAL yesterday. I wore 50 spf all day at camp and still got a bit of redness.

    • I thought you had been Mara, but wanted to put it on your radar. A new Mexican place just opened up there last week called Mago Grill & Cantina – they make guacamole fresh to order – gah!

  7. hahahaha, I can totally see that your awesome sense of humor runs in your family!

    That sunburn! You poor thing! I’m usually okay in the sun for brief periods, but my husband is like you. He wears collars and long sleeve shirts every single day!

  8. OMG, I got burnt yesterday, too. I was outside for an hour from 3-4 – not even prime time hours!!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I always love hearing Tony’s responses to your food. Probably because my husband has the same responses when I make healthy food, too. The quiche looks amazing. I’m seriously going to study up on what makes that middle layer so fluffy. It’s beautiful.

  10. You are amazing – working, double workouts lots of days and all that incredible cooking!! Those tortillas with the beans look good!!!
    Well, now that I know y’all are twins, it makes sense that you look so much alike!!!

  11. Ouch!! I never get sunburnt and got a little pink the other day and was a baby about, I don’t know how I would handle others. Ha! Love that picture of you and your sister!

  12. Happy Summer! That burn is pretty gnarly! The sun is so strong this time of year…I always forget about that. The idea of carrying sunscreen with you is a good one! Go Tony! Love the pic Charlie photoshopped! Hilarious!

  13. Dear GOD Biz! That sunburn looks awful! OUCH! Do you remember the Christian Science reading Room near the Oak Park Mall on the corner there over near the tennis club area. I always passed it wondering what the heck it was all about always fearful I would be abducted and forced to read all day. Needless to say I zoomed right by there all the time.

    • Yep, I remember that place, and actually thought it was a bygone thing – turns out its alive and well, but the place still gives me the creeps, not sure I’d ever go into one.

  14. oh my aloe! Hope the sunburn isn’t hurting too bad today!! That quiche looks ridiculous good. The fluffy layer is massive!

  15. Bunnies and squirrels aren’t allowed in my backyard. Kylie chases them out!!! Good doggie!!

    Gosh, you sure do burn and ouch. I like that flank steak idea. Shall have to try that by cooking on the grill. I tried your horseradish mustard BBQ sauce…..spooned it on pork on a stick and baked….very good along with roasted vegies. It is always fun to try one of your recipes.

    Have a great weekend!!!

    • Thanks Louise! Glad you liked it. Here’s hoping we don’t get too much rain over the weekend and can enjoy the outdoors – your garden is coming along beautifully!

  16. Such a happy post, I laughed through it. The reading room bit (Gosh I love Tony) your face in the sunburn pic, and your crazy brother (Thank God he beat the cancer!). Love you Biz! I’ve never had quiche Lorraine but dang that filling does looks super creamy and fluffy and delish!

    • Back at ya V!! Hope you are feeling good – I am sending good vibes to the baby in your belly! (and hoping that your Momma comes around and is happier about it!)

  17. We love watching the bunnies too! It’s so funny when they jump straight up in the air. I’ve tried to catch it on video a few times, but they seem to know when I have the camera and refuse to perform.

  18. holey moley! you certainly got some sun! I got a bit, too, while out the other afternoon, but not that badly.

    I’ve never been to that Bistro, but I’m definitely going to keep it in mind now. Your lunch looks and sounds incredible!

    • I told Mara above there is a new Mexican restaurant that just opened in the Arboretum last week called Mago Grill and Cantina – made to order guacamole – so I can say NO ONIONS PLEASE! 😀

      Enjoy your weekend Michelle!

  19. Ouch on that sunburn Biz! Your brother makes me laugh – too funny!

  20. holy sunburn, youch! we bought some of that spray sunscreen before we did our little staycation and it worked really well. It is hard to keep Tom from burning since he is a fair fire monkey.

  21. We’ve had some cloudy days lately where I came home and my shoulders were a bit red. I never wore much for sunscreen growing up; we were brown by the time summer was over. But now, I tend to burn a lot faster than I did as a kid. Le sigh…

  22. I was so laughing at Tony’s text about the pancake…ha ha! Did you ever get to make that bread for him Biz? I forgot to ask you. Ouch you did get lobsterfied! I very rarely burn, so I can only imagine how much it stings/burns! Charlie photobombing your picture is too funny!! You have a awesome family!

  23. OMG that is quite the sunburn, crazy!! I have never been to that spot for lunch – will have to try it out. I love quiche!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. Weighting For 50

    OWCH! Hope that burn doesn’t hurt too much!! And I know bunnies are pests, but AWWWW. 🙂

  25. I’m afraid 500 calories isn’t enough for quiche lorraine and the other stuff but hey, who cares? Sometimes you just have to eat what you like and it’s not like you eat this stuff everyday.

    That’s some serious sun burn for such a short time in the sun.

  26. You are so funny. You make me laugh! Thank you…food is yummy too.

  27. Ugh…I know how that sunburn goes. I’m the same way if I spend that much time outside and don’t think about sunscreen. That’s probably why I’m okay living here in Vancouver with all the rain we get 🙂

    I’m a fan of the Cardio Recovery workout. I love all the sustained holds, etc.

  28. Really interesting subject matter, respect for publishing.

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