Broccoli Pepper Jack Soup

Every weekend when I make my SIL’s lunches for the week, I’ve been adding a loaf of my artisan bread for my nephew each week.  In fact, when his Mom is on his way over to pick up her food, he’ll ask “make sure you bring back the bread!”

So when I got ready to make the dough for the bread, I realized I was out of regular bread flour.  Now I bake so much bread that I buy my bread at Sam’s Club for $8 for a 25 pound bag – I couldn’t believe I was out!

But, I had whole wheat white flour.  I decided to give it a go.  One thing I noticed almost immediately was how much more dense and heavy the dough was with the whole wheat flour.  It wasn’t as sticky as the regular bread flour dough.

6.23 weekend 040

6.23 weekend 061

And it didn’t keep its crusty crust after it cooled.  But I actually liked the taste of this bread, and my boss liked it too. Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast was a ham roll up – scrambled egg white and spinach rolled in ham, topped with cheese and put under the broiler, a slice of my whole wheat toast and fruit.

6.24 019

I just wanted to do an easy workout at lunch since I knew Insanity was in store for me later, so I ended up walking a half mile, jogging a half mile, and toggled between the two until I hit 2.5 miles in 40 minutes.

6.24 004

While I’ve lost 7 pounds, I still don’t really see it yet, but I can tell you that my legs feel more toned – especially in the back under the butt – whatever those are called!

6.24 002

Over the weekend I bought these Nature Valley bars.  I am keeping them in my bag in case I need something quick to eat after working out, instead of paying $2.50 for one bar at the gym, I bought a whole box for $2.99.

6.24 006

190 calories, 10 grams of protein, 14 carbs and 5 fiber.  These are amazing – so nutty and delicious, kind of like me! Open-mouthed smile  It hit the spot after my workout, I guess my breakfast didn’t have enough staying power.

6.24 007

Okay, this broccoli soup recipe could not be easier.  I love the extra spice kick of the pepper jack cheese too.

Broccoli Pepper Jack Cheese

  • 4 servings – 1.75 cups is 256 calories, 15 fat, 16 carbs, 3.6 fiber and 13.3 protein


  • 4 cups broccoli (I had two small heads)
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 2 tablespoons flour
  • 1/2 cup of pepper jack cheese
  • salt and pepper to taste

In a large pot, add butter and flour and cook for one minute.  Add the skim milk and slowly stir until thickened.  Add the broth and broccoli, put heat on medium low and simmer for 20 minutes, or until broccoli is tender enough to use an emersion blender.  Puree to desired consistency, stir in shredded pepper jack cheese and salt and pepper to taste.  For so few ingredients, this really had  a lot flavor going on.

6.24 023

I had a flat our wrap ham, spinach, cheese, pickle and mustard roll up on the side.

6.24 020

Reason 2,742 I love Tony.  He found me a giant bottle of honey at Sam’s Club!!  He had to look in four different places, but brought it home – 5 pounds for $11 dollars!  Can you think of how much granola I can make with that?!  Thanks honey!  (pun intended!)

6.24 008

When I was cleaning out the freezer over the weekend I had a bag labeled “pulled pork.”  Since Tony was okay with the pork roast over the weekend, I decided to make pulled pork bbq sandwiches with Rudy’s BBQ sauce.  We are kicking ourselves for not buying 5 bottles of it when we had the chance.  Four ounces of pork, mustard, bun and 3 ounces of fries.

6.24 010

It was delicious!  Although I have to say that I am looking forward to my Aunt’s pork BBQ next week.  It’s North Carolina barbecue, meaning no sauce, just vinegar, crushed red pepper and Tabasco.  Seriously, if you have an opportunity to try it, get it!

Then last night it was Day 18 of Insanity!  Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs.  I was happy that after it rained our temps dropped to the upper 60’s, so I had a nice cross breeze going while working out.  That is not a mole on my left cheek, it’s sweat!

6.24 015

Stats for the Day:

  • 1662 calories, 69 fat, 180 carbs, 30.2 fiber and 92 protein
  • 43% of calories from carbs, 38% from at and 19% from protein
  • 40 minute walk/jog at lunch
  • 40 minute pure cardio Insanity
  • 15 minute cardio abs

I have a calendar at work that I’ve been tracking my workouts for the month.  I’ve logged . . .

1,155 minutes or 19.25 hours or workouts for June!!

I am in the last week of my DietBet with my friend Helen and her group.  The pot is $325 dollars, so we’ll see if I get more than my $25 dollar investment back.

In other news, my poor Momma fell at Target yesterday and broke her wrist.  She’s supposed to fly out tomorrow for vacation and when she told the orderly that she was supposed to be swimming and floating in the lake, the guy said “just ask for a swim cast!”   Hopefully she’ll still be able to leave tomorrow.  I’ll see her on Sunday in Virginia! Open-mouthed smile

Off to make some hummus for lunch – I am making like a Mediterranean tasting plate for lunch today – in my head it sounds delicious – we’ll see!  Make it a great day!

49 thoughts on “Broccoli Pepper Jack Soup

  1. You’re so going to take home the $$ wahooo! Thats a great price for honey. I will have to look for a giant container at Costco. Hope your mom feels better fast!!

  2. OMG Biz how did your Mom fall? That really blows! I hope she can still swim and enjoy the vacation. Casts are no fun in the summer heat! Love the jug o honey…I can see Tony lugging it around Sam’s Club. LOL. Soup looks amazing as usual as does the wrap. I cannot seem to get into wrap type “sandwiches” to save my life. I love pitas, but I turn my nose up at the wraps! Who knows. Glad there is lots of 1 point bread out there! I really think you’re going to get more than you put in on DietBet. I really can tell a difference in your legs! Do you have an older picture to do a side by side with? I really commend you on working your butt off, you sure have helped motivate me! Thank you!

    • She was walking into Target and there was a grate for water when it rains a lot, and she didn’t see it and tripped. Good news though – no surgery, just a cast but she can’t get it wet. No swim cast. 😦

      I am going to look for a true before – I just have one on my scale and I kind of have baggy shorts on! 😀

  3. Will you please post some photos of the Mediterranean tasting plate? That sounds awesome!! I’m also going to try this soup. I’m a bigtime soup lover!!! My fiance always joke about using all the ingredients on “Chopped” to make a milkshake…but, I always tell him it would be much better as a soup! ha ha

    • It’s coming tomorrow – from my iPhone because my camera battery died. I tell my husband all the time that I would make soup in an appetizer round, but he says soup is an appetizer – and I totally disagree!

  4. I’m sorry to hear your mom fell, I hope she heals well!
    That loaf of bread looks amazing – I really need to start tackling homemade bread! Is there anything better?!

  5. You look great, Biz! You have been rocking it! I hope your Mom’s arm is ok!

  6. BIZ! I have a PITA of a tooth and haven’t eaten much since FRIDAY NIGHT, and you make SOUP! GAH!!!!!! If I were closer I so would be crashing your pad to have you make me soup so I could have something yummy to eat! 😉 love your progress, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!

  7. Do hope your Mom heals up fast and has a good vacation. We lived in North Carolina for a year or so. I remember going to a restaurant in Raleigh and ordering barbecue. We were so hungry, but when they put that plate of stinky GREY nasty barbecue in front of me I could only manage a few bites. To each his own but that stuff is gross! Ha ha

    • Well Caron, I have to agree, if you don’t know what to expect, it is kind of weird. The first time I made it for Tony he went right to the fridge and doused it in bbq sauce!

  8. Good luck on the Diet Bet – that would be awesome to win!
    I hope your mom is OK to fly out as planned – and she should definitely get the swimming cast – it makes showering much easier, too!!!

  9. Broccoli pepper jack…I’ll bet that’s the bomb! I made some pepper jack wafers a few days ago…they were fantastic.

  10. I was wondering if you had taking any measurements before getting started with the insanity. I have been seeing improvements in my measurements but not on scale. You’ll do great on this bet!!

  11. Oh and sorry to hear about your mom, hope she is on the mend and on her way to vacation!

  12. You are doing great! Hope your mom is OK and have fun in Virginia. By the way, you are also looking super!

  13. Your poor mom! I hope she’s feeling better soon. Also, you’re looking awesome!

  14. I hope your mom is doing well. I took a very bad fall a couple of years ago, so I know how they can impact everything! You are looking very good, and I love the food photos! That bread looks fabulous! BTW, your SIL is very lucky to have your expert help with the lunch prep.

    • Thanks – I know my SIL appreciates it – she pretty much doesn’t like blue cheese and asparagus, so I have a pretty wide choice of stuff to choose from!

  15. I just can’t get enough sweaty biz pix! Good job on your perseverance there! Hope your mom feels better.

  16. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a swim cast! Sorry about your mom’s fall 😦 You’ve got me thinking about doing the insanity workouts….

  17. You’re doing so great – show me the money!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$
    Hope your mom is OK!

  18. Bummers, a broken wrist before vacation……hope mom can still enjoy despite the break. Bread and breakfast look good. As does the pork and fries….yum!! Hope you win all that cash (can you imagine the things you could buy for cooking???) and hooray for Tony…..he’s a keeper. That protein bar looks like a nut roll… it was nice and crunchy!!! The soup looks good…..but I think I might make another pot of that lasagna soup……now that I have a stash of mild Italian sausage on hand 🙂 Have a great day.

  19. I have been able to see the difference- sorry for not mentioning it sooner! Your face seems thinner, as does your body! I sooo want that soup. I’ve been wanting soup a lot despite the heat!

  20. Okay, so I call the “region” where my butt goes into my thigh – my “bu-thigh”. It’s kinda catchy:)

  21. Way to go with the Insanity! You rock!

  22. I was sorry to hear about your moms fall, but knowing her, it will not slow her down. This morning I was at the grand opening of Mariano’s in Elmhurst and thought about you. The wide selection in the produce department impressed me, but not as much as the overall store of Pete’s fresh market in Oak Brook Terrace. Next time you visit your mom, you need to check out Pete’s! Keep up the great job you are doing on insanity, you rock 🙂

  23. I love Sam’s Club, it’s my new happy place! Way to go rocking Insanity!!!!! Keep up your hard work 🙂

  24. So sorry about your mom! Hope she does okay and can still make the trip. What a bummer. Congrats on the weight loss and getting firmer – it feels great doesn’t it?

    It was cold and rainy here yesterday – a rare thing for us in June and I made a pot of chili. I never thought I would make chili or any soup in the summer but it hit the spot.

  25. Your breads always look so good. My DIL wants to make bread when she comes next week, so we’re going to give it a try. The soup sounds good. I know I’d like the pepper jack in it also. I love the Carolina style bbq, I need to make some soon! I hope your Mom gets a water cast and hope she can still go on her trip. I hope she feels better quickly!

    • Hooray for bread! Seriously Suzie, as soon as you make it you watch – you’ll be making half a dozen loaves a week and giving them away!

  26. Okay, I didn’t know there were such things as swim casts. That’s cool, but not cool that your momma broke her wrist. I hope she isn’t in too much pain. Broccoli soup looks sooooo good, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Roxy, surprisingly, she’s not in any pain, so that’s good! Got a cast today and flies out tomorrow – nothing slows my Momma down!

  27. Your poor mom! I hope her wrist isn’t hurting too badly – what an awful thing to happen right before her vacation! 😦

  28. That pulled pork looks incredible. Tom just got the habanero quarter pounder from McDonalds and said it was not hot at all, I tasted the sauce and was like holy cow you lie. I thought of you, of course! 🙂

  29. So the lady who teaches the strength class I take at the gym calls that part of your leg under your butt cheek your “buthigh”, prounounced like you are making the sound for the letter b followed by thigh. I’m sure it is a technical term 😉

  30. Awe hugs to your poor momma!

    And go you! 19+ hours is awesome you are amazing 🙂

    And you totally can see a difference

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