Flashback Friday

I can’t believe the month of June is almost over!  And I never knew I could stick with my program for the whole month.  I have to say, I am a bit proud of myself!  And I loved walking into the living room, after finishing my Insanity, dripping with sweat and Tony giving me high fives!  He’s the best cheerleader I could ever have. Open-mouthed smile Red heartThumbs up

So May 31 – this is what I looked like – 175.8, filled with moist brisket, sausage, wine and beer after an awesome vacation in Austin.  Yep, love that I took this picture with no bra on – ha!  (turns out I don’t care). Open-mouthed smile

5.31 004

My last official WI for the DietBet is tomorrow.  Winners of our group of 13 will be notified 48 hours after the end of the game – looks like some of the others pulled it out at the end, but I’ll wait for the official results – as of last week I had already met my goal of losing 4%, so I am hoping to add another pound off tomorrow.  I did 21 days of Insanity and have worked out more than 21 hours so far this month – just shows to go that hard work does pay off.

Some roads were still under water, but it wasn’t that bad of a commute – I got there in 35 minutes.

6.27 027

Breakfast was blueberry pancakes, sugar free syrup and two slices of deli ham. I love the salty sweet combo. Open-mouthed smile

6.27 007

It was a gorgeous day after all the rain we’ve had.  What I love about the pool that I go to is that the dedicated lap swim lane is for adults only.  I was the only one in the lane yesterday, and if kids tried to creep in, the lifeguards would tell them to get out – love it!  I do find that it’s not as boring to swim outside as it is inside – there is so much to hear and look at in an outdoor pool.

After my 30 minute swim, I decided to just chill for 5 minutes in the sun.  No worries (Morgan, I am talking to you!) I had on water proof SPF 50. 

6.27 032

6.27 033

It’s such a great way to break up the day.  If I haven’t told you in a while Tony, thanks again for getting me this gym membership!

I ended up making naan bread pizza for lunch – 1 ounce of sausage, 4 slices of turkey pepperoni, baby spinach and cheese with cucumbers and light ranch dip.  This plate was so filling – it came in at 523 calories.

6.27 010

I kept spinning the tea wheel at work – yesterday I tried this one and I really, really liked it – it is spicy!

6.27 035

By the time it was time to leave work, the storms returned with a vengeance.  There was actually two times that I had to pull over because it was raining so hard.

6.27 037

6.27 039

And then when I was just miles from our house, the skies were sunny, bright blue skies, yet behind me, in the rear view mirror, it was pitch black.

6.27 046

I realized once I got home that I never pulled out the chicken thighs I was going to cook for dinner.  So I went the easy route – sandwiches and french fries!  As you can see, I was using up the end of a loaf of bread, but I actually love the end pieces.

6.27 023

I may have dipped my fries in this! So spicy good!
6.27 026

Then it was time for Day 21 of Insanity!  Pure cardio, and I am happy to report that I did 95% of it.  Those burpees (suicides) will be the death of me – I can never do as many as they do – some day!  And when I began this program when we did certain stretches, I was only able to put my fingertips to the floor – now?  I can put my whole palm down! #gettingmoreflexible!

6.27 055

I posted that picture on Instagram (are you following me?  biz319) and asked if they were sick of seeing this sweaty mug.  They said no.  I should have posted this picture just to mix it up!
6.27 054

I am sure Tony is proud of that one – ha!

Stats for the Day:

  • 30 minute swim at lunch
  • 40 minutes – Day 21 Insanity
  • 1541 calories, 64 fat, 183 carbs, 13 fiber and 59 protein
  • 48% of calories from carbs, 31% from fat and 15% from protein

I stumbled upon a blog yesterday that talked about cool apps.  Who doesn’t love cool apps?  You can check out her run down here – thanks for sharing those Sara, I hadn’t heard of most of them!

The coolest one I downloaded right away was the Fooducate.  You can scan products at the grocery store, it will give you a letter grade on how good the food is, and also provide better alternatives in that same food group – how cool is that?!

Question of the Day:  Helen, the leader of my DietBet this month will be starting another DietBet on July 13.  The premise is you pay in $25 bucks (though paypal or a credit card) and you have to lose 4% of your weight in a month.  They give you a secret word you have to WI with, you have to take a picture of you full body like the photo of me above (no one sees it but the DietBet people) on your scale, and then at the end you have to repeat the process and they verify if you’ve lost the weight.  Everyone who loses gets to split the pot at the end.

If you have an interest in joining this next DietBet, can you please leave a comment and let me know or send my an email at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.  Apparently, not only a photo of myself on a boat motivates me, but money does too!

Happy Friday!  My last workday before heading to my Aunt’s Lake House! Island with a palm tree


38 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. Yes, that Chai tea is spicy. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it…then I tried it again. Turns out I do like it! By the way, love those cloud pics!

  2. I’m in with the Diet Bet!

  3. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. wahoooo for lake house time! You are doing SO AMAZING! You definitely deserved a nice break after your swim. That pizza looks good- I need to put that on the menu

  5. You’re doing sooo awesome…I love the daily instagram photos, don’t stop!! I would love to join the Diet Bet, I’m poor, so I’m very motivated by money—who knew $25 would be a lot to me some day? Ha! I can’t wait to hear about your weigh in!

    Have a great time at the lake!

  6. Can’t wait to see the “after” photo!! You’ve done amazing!

  7. Biz, I LOVE seeing your IG updates! They’re so inspirational and you always look so blissed out from gettin’ yer sweat on. It’s awesome!

  8. Dang, that is a black sky!! That’s crazy!

  9. wow, that picture of the blue sky ahead and black sky behind is wild!!!

  10. Your body is a wonderland! I am very proud of you Biz, now go to Virginia!

  11. You are SO awesome. I knew, even after being away so long, if I came over to visit you would be doing something COOL.
    INSANITY?! That’s insane – [see what I did there? giggle] No really. I am so jealous. I watch those infomercials late at night and I want, so much, to order it and do it, but alas. :/
    But you doing it? I shall live vicariously through you my friend, my friend. I am SO PROUD of you! And you look fabulous.

    Now riddle me this Bizzy – does that really say you are 175 lbs? Because if that is what 175 lbs looks like, may I have some please? You are a little hottie. And I know Tony appreciates you rocking the whole “not wearing a bra, don’t care” thing, isn’t he? [hey – I have a husband like yours. heehee]

    Gosh I missed you. I wish I had unlimited internet to go through and catch up on all the posts I haven’t read of yours – FOOD PORN! But know I am thinking of you often – so often, in fact, I have recipes and magazine articles put aside to send you. Everytime I see something I think “OOooooooh Biz would like THAT!” And keep me out of the Goodwill because if I see one more snowman with your name on it you may not want to be my friend. :;wink::

    LOVE YOU! Thanks again for all your great comments and support. Hugs to all of you!

    • It’s funny Skip, whenever I see snowmen at the Goodwill I think of you too! I am so sorry your husband has such a long commute now, but I am happy you are in a ranch house – no more stairs!!

      Hugs you you and your family!!

  12. Weighting For 50

    Have a great weekend Vat!

  13. that picture in the side mirror is awesome! Our monsoon season is starting so we should be (hopefully) getting rain soon. This weekend it won’t be getting below 90 and our highs will be 118!

    I hope you guys have a great weekend!

  14. I’m interested in the dietbet!! I’ve been reading for a while but don’t often comment. I did really well on one dietbet and really terribly on another.

  15. Nice, nice going with your workouts and dedication to the diet this month! Hope you win some money!!!

  16. That picture you caught with the sky in front of you, and the sky in the rearview mirror, is awesome. Perfectly captures what we saw yesterday, and again today around here!

  17. Love your spirit! May have to get in on this dietbet thing. Have a great vacation!!

  18. I was going to meet a friend for lunch yesterday and had to pull over due to hail and the rain! It was crazy. I hope it gets nice again soon 🙂 Once again, you’re rocking the Insanity and keep up the good work. It shows!

  19. That picture in your car is crazy – what a change in weather! 🙂
    Those naan pizzas look awesome…definitely making me hungry for pizza. 🙂 Or naan. 🙂

  20. Looks like some crazy weather!!
    And, those suicide burpees are ridiculous!!!

  21. Love the naan pizza! I hope you have a wonderful time at the lake house – yippee for getaways! Great job with all your workouts, seriously, it’s pretty rockstar.

  22. Love that you are rocking the U of I shorts. I-L-L!

  23. No fair, you gave a before picture but not an “after.” I know you’re not done, but it would be fun to see a one-month comparison. 🙂 I hope someone is still doing the Dietbet thing after baby comes-that’ something I’d love to get in on!

  24. I was scrolling down to look for the pic after a month of Insanity but you didn’t post it. I would love to see the difference.

    And you’re a little proud of yourself? Girl you should be damn proud of yourself, you did it! Huge accomplishment.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

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