I am a Winner!

I guess money motivates me.  I joined my friend Helen’s DietBet last month hoping it would motivate me to make better choices, ditch the wine (in summer – I know!) and get my butt in gear.

May 31: 175.8 

June 29?

diet bet 004

I lost 8.2 pounds in 30 days!!!!

before   diet bet 008

diet bet 010

Before and after(love my eyes being closed!)  – I think you can tell a difference?!  I sadly couldn’t wear the same top in the before and after, because the pink one got ruined when our basement got water.  I am still not wearing a bra in the after one though – you know, to keep it consistent! Open-mouthed smile

The month of June also showed a PR on my 5k – 33:11.  My goal is that by July 31, I want to run a sub 30 minute 5k. Open-mouthed smile


I measured myself in April for some odd reason, so while the measurements aren’t truly accurate for the month of June, since the last time I lost .5 inch each off my thigh, hips, waist and chest and a whopping .75 inch off my bicep!  Guess the Insanity is working!  Check out my workout calendar for June!   23.75 hours of workouts (and will be over 24 after I do Insanity this afternoon.)

I forgot to tell you that my motto for the month of June was

Train Insane or Remain the Same!”

6.28 004

I did discover that next week is a recovery week, so I am still taking the DVD with me, but it won’t be as intense.  I still plan on getting a lot of walks, swimming and hill runs in while on vacation next week though. Open-mouthed smile

And when I get back from vacation I am going to be switching up my diet a bit – making sure to get more veggies and fruits in – yesterday I didn’t get many of either!

Breakfast was a breakfast roll – ham put in the bottom of a hot dog bun, topped with scrambled egg/egg whites and spinach, topped with cheese and put under the broiler.  I never ended up eating the apple.

6.28 001

I had an errand to run at lunch, the pulled pork and cucumber I threw in my bag just didn’t cut it, so I got an Italian Beef – their website said this small one is only 375 calories!  Just beef, bun and lots of hot peppers.

6.28 008

When I came home, Tony was waiting for me outside, smoking a cigar and he had already poured me a glass of wine.  It’s funny, but after staying away from alcohol all week, I am a cheap date – I had two glasses and I was already feeling loopy!

6.28 011

Tony was making me laugh, as usual!

6.28 017

He is staying home and he’s stocked the fridge with beer and meat.  I am confident next week that Tony will not consume one vegetable.  What would your significant other eat if you weren’t home to cook for them?!

He bought Boboli pizza crusts, two small ones and we each ate 3/4 of our pies – mine was sausage, pepperoni and spinach with cheddar cheese, Tony’s had mozzarella cheese and green olives added.

6.28 022

Tony and I had a lazy morning, then ended up going to Trader Joe’s and out to lunch.  I ordered the Udon noodle soup – its only 65 degrees today – but seriously, I can soup year round no matter the temperature – who am I kidding?!

diet bet 016

Tony got sushi.  Raw shit.  Just . . . ew.

diet bet 024

So not a bad month!  Check out some of the good food I ate too – and I was still able to lose 8.2 pounds!


So a few of you have let me know you are interested in doing Helen’s second DietBet – it starts July 13.  Once the link is live I will send each of you the link who are interested – just leave me a comment if you haven’t already said you are in, or send me an email at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com.

I leave tomorrow for Virginia.  My internet is spotty so it’s a hit or miss if and when I will post – so you may see me a few times next week, or maybe not at all!  In either case, I’ll post vacation pictures next Saturday.  Cannot wait to eat pork bbq and float in the lake!  Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Hugs, Biz


56 thoughts on “I am a Winner!

  1. Congrats! That is an awesome weight loss!! 🙂 (And, what awesome food throughout the month!!!)

  2. Yay, you! You’re always a winner in my book!

  3. YAY for you and your loss. I’ve loved almost everything you’ve eaten this past month! Also props to the ‘ballsy’ shots there! Speaking of balls, this blogger made me laugh and think about you: http://www.peasandcrayons.com/2013/06/chocolate-cherry-fruit-and-nut-balls.html

    Enjoy your vacation and be safe!

  4. clevleandkatelyn

    I want in on the Diet Bet! It’s been one of those years…I say I will make changes then always end up with an excuse…ending with me 10lbs heavier than I started the year. I’m ready for real now!

  5. clevleandkatelyn

    Oh and more importantly….congrats to you on a job well done!!! 🙂

  6. Congrats, Biz! What an awesome loss! You worked your ass off for it though, and I can’t wait to see your results from the next half of insanity. Have an awesome vacation 🙂

  7. WooHoo!! That is so awesome. Wanted to check out the insanity video at the lake. Can’t wait to see you on Monday. Love ya!

  8. Thanks Laura! See you Monday!! 😀

  9. Congrats on winning the DietBet!! You look great!!
    Works out well that recovery week for Insanity fell during your vacation. Are you going to do the 2nd month?
    Have a great time next week!!

  10. YEAH, BIZ!!!!!!! You really are a winner! Every pound lost is well-deserved; you have been kicking ass at so many of your workouts. Hell yeah for winning that diet bet! Money motivates me, too, ha!

    That udon soup looks so good. What is that white thing with the red swirly in it? Is that some sort of magical root vegetable?

    Have a safe, wonderful, relaxing trip!

  11. I *might* be interested in the bet….

  12. Congrats on the awesome weight loss!! You are doing great!!

    On the rare occasion I am gone, MAK doesn’t even TRY to cook. McDonalds, Runza, Wendy’s, you name it! Mom is not a happy camper when she gets home, but while mama’s away, the boys will play!

  13. Woo hoo! Congratulations–you kicked some major butt this past month–and it’s shows!! 🙂

  14. YES!!!! I keep trying to tell people you don’t have to eat boring, disgusting shit to lose weight, and you just proved my point 🙂

  15. Hi Biz! Congratulations!!! Your after photo looks WAY better. It’s really amazing how 8 less pounds looks so good. Did you go down a size?

    • Thanks Marion! Almost – I was size 14, now the 12’s almost fit – a couple more pounds should do it! I am short too – only 5.2, so 10 pounds is about a size. 😀

  16. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I know you’d do it. Whoop whoop. Hope you enjoy the week off. If I didn’t cook for Josh, I think he’d do a lot of stir fry, pancakes & takeout 😉

  17. I can definitely see a difference in the pictures. Great job losing this month! I can’t eat that raw sushi either. My oldest daughter loves it. Almost all I ever get is the California roll.

  18. You are awesome. i should think about this challenge but I don’t know if I ‘m as brave as you! Have a great vacay! Tony will be more than happy to eat veggies when you get home. My husband says he always loses whenI’m not around but usually that’s because he is the one not at home. Go spend your money and be proud!!!!!!!

  19. Great blog post today and congrats on your weight loss for June. Did you win the money-honey?

    Enjoy your vacation and just relax a bit, you earned that. Will be looking forward to your pictures of the vacation.

  20. Congratulations. I think you’re always a winner! Have a great time.

  21. Anonymous – is me!

  22. Wow, congrats!! That really is awesome and I can see a difference between the before and after photos. I have never had an Italian beef sandwich, I need to try one. Have a great time on your vacation. I am sure Tom would just eat nachos if I were gone.

  23. I am so motivated by your success, great job. I would like to do the diet bet, I need extra motivation that does involve my friends and family. Sometimes too much attention is negative for me. Please send me the link, thanks. Annmariamidden at gmail dot com I will try to send you an email also

  24. Congrats!!! All your hard work really paid off! You look good and must feel great. Go you!

  25. findingradiance

    Congratulations! Rock on!

  26. Congrats Biz!!! I am so proud of you! You did an awesome job this month and I’m sure the next challenge will be just as great!

  27. Oh my goodness look at you go – that’s Awesome!!! Woohoo!! And I love that you showed us all the lovely food you consumed while STILL losing weight, just great.

    P.S. Tyler mentioned the possibility of some grilled cherry salsa coming my way? yes, that needs to happen 🙂

  28. Congratulations on your weight loss! Always stay motivated. Motivation is key to success.

  29. Awesome job sticking with it for the entire month! Hope you have a fantastic vacation! 🙂

  30. Have fun Biz!

    Girl congratulations on the weight loss, on sticking to Insanity. You had such a great month and you are such an inspiration to me. Well, well done!

    And I can see a difference.

    If I’m not home for dinner, R. usually gets take away food or bakes an egg and eat it with bread. He doesn’t cook for himself and if I prepare something he usually doesn’t eat it so I don’t bother anymore 🙂

  31. You look fantastic Biz. There is a very noticeable difference between photos. Nice work! I am sure you feel wonderful. Enjoy your vacation!!

  32. That’s awesome Biz!! You are doing effin fantastic!! I love the pic of Tony with the can on his head…lol! I think him and John would get along just fine, just as you and I!! I can totally see the difference in your pictures! My hubs would totally eat the same way as Tony…oh wait, he does that every day!! Lol!! You know Mr. Adventurous 😉

  33. Biz you look great–I can see a big difference! I already know what hubs would eat if I weren’t at home b/c it’s going on right now. I work through dinner and lately he alternates between spaghetti with butter & parmesan and a salad, and steak and potatoes with a vegetable. Not too bad, at least he adds in some veggies. Adn I’m with Tony on the sushi. Once baby comes I’m celebrating with sushi!!

  34. Looking great, Biz! You can really tell a difference in the before/after shots! Loving the University of Illinois shorts too! Representing my town! Hope your vacation is fabulous and you soak up some sun and have good times with your family! Oh and yummy food too! I can’t wait for pics!

  35. Awesome job, Biz. You’ve really kicked some butt over the last month!

  36. Congrats, Biz! That’s really impressive. You look great.

  37. Great job!

    Hope you are having a great time!

  38. Congrats Biz! You are definitely inspiring 🙂

    I’m pretty sure when I’m away (like when I was in Victoria for 4 weeks of internship), my boyfriend ate out for most meals, or had things like chunky soup, hot dogs, burritos, and the like for dinner. He did probably make smoothies for breakfast still though, cuz that’s easy enough for him to do. Men.

  39. I just popped over to look at your food porn. [Like I always do. hee] And LOOK at you! Amazing Biz. Congrats. I still think your scale is broken tho’ – because if you weigh 168 then you have a huge hump on you back we can’t see. You look GREAT!

    And since my interwebs is the sketch bitch I will leave this comment here too – I just adored all the pics of the family reunion. How wonderful! You are so very lucky to have such a large, loving family. Makes me miss mine all the more. So happy you had such a good time. [Oh, and the plane? I used to fly on those to SC. I was intimately acquainted with the barf bag supply everytime I flew. I HATE those types of planes. hee Glad you had such good flights.]

    Love the pic’ of Tony with the beer can. hee And tell him I said he is wrong! WRONG! about pulled pork. OMGosh – where did we go wrong with the man Biz? ::grin::

    Hugs and much love!

    • Skippy! I love seeing your comments, they always make my day. I didn’t have internet the whole time I was in Roanoke, so I hear you on that. I keep trying to convince Tony that pulled pork is amazeballs, but he just doesn’t see it! Hugs and love!!

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