Failure is Not an Option

Just one more day to join the DietBet!  First WI is tomorrow and the game begins on July 13.  Lucky to have this great group join in the last couple days!

Jacky, Julie, Debbi, Carol, Sam, Mari, Randi, Ann, Peggy, Bryan, Anna.  We are doing to kick some ass these next 30 days!

Yesterday was a busy morning!  I couldn’t say anything yesterday, but we were having a surprise bridal luncheon for one of the attorneys who’s getting married next month and guess what?  I catered it!  So it was a whirlwind of activity yesterday morning before I left work – I am usually pretty organized when it comes to doing stuff like this, but the fact that I live 30+ minutes from my office, I was just afraid I’d forget something.

But in the midst of all the flurry, I still managed to make a batch of pancakes for breakfast – yep, what’s one more thing – ha!

7.9 002

My lunch menu for 12?

  • Italian pasta salad
  • baby spinach salad with strawberries, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette
  • Caesar salad
  • steak and mushroom kebobs with horseradish sauce
  • sausage and pepper kebobs with a spicy honey mustard sauce
  • chicken and zucchini and baby potato kebobs with a roasted red pepper sauce
  • grilled homemade garlic bread

So everything was going great.  My time line was good, I was getting things together in our work kitchen.  Right before I am about to grill?  Downpour.  My boss asked me what I was going to do and I said “I am a professional – failure is not an option!”  So she loaned me her rain coat and out I went!

I go light the grill, lay out the chicken and steak kebobs (I pre-cooked the sausage beforehand so it was 80% cooked already), then came back in the kitchen to finish putting the salads together.

Our office grill is really super fast to heat up, so my timeline was that I was only going to be grilling for about 10 minutes to serve lunch at noon.  When its time to flip the chicken and steak I realize my grill temp is at 200.  Noooooooo!!!!!!  The grill is out of propane. 

Of all the lists and checklists, menu planning, etc. that went into putting this together, running out of gas on the grill never crossed my mind.   There was talk of running out and getting another one, but that would take too long, so I did a MacGyver, and between the microwave (heating up the sausage kebobs) and the toaster oven, I completed everything and lunch was served at 12:30.  Whew!

7.9 003

Those are my kebobs, ready for the grill.  Just so you know, I don’t think its possible for me to ever make “just enough” food.  There are leftovers for today!

7.9 004

That pasta salad was delicious – I wrote the recipe while I was putting it together, but I haven’t figured out the nutrition yet, so I’ll post it later this week.

7.9 005

My plate:  1 sausage kebob, one steak kebob, pasta and Caeser salad and garlic bread.  I am happy to report that even though I served up the cake for dessert, and it sat right in front of me, I didn’t even have a lick of it! Open-mouthed smile  My guess is my plate is about 600 calories.

7.9 013

Everyone cleaned their plate, so I guess that’s a good sign!  And the bride to be was very surprised by the whole thing – I really like her – she and I have the same sense of humor and we are constantly joking with each other. Open-mouthed smile   And the best part?  All the food for the event (except the cake) only cost $93 – so I did it for $7.75 per person!

I ended up with a couple leftover chicken breasts (that marinade will come in a second post too – it was marinated in Chobani plain yogurt, lemon juice, and rosemary).  I was going to grill it outside last night, but it was just too hot, and then Tony suggested fried chicken sandwiches.  Done!  I butterflied one breast, so each half was 4.5 ounces.  I just tossed the marinated chicken in about a tablespoon of flour and fried for about 8 minutes.

I, of course, made it amazeballs by dipping it in Frank’s wing sauce (love that shit!) and had 1/2 a cup of the leftover pasta salad on the side.  It’s weird but there are no calories at all in Frank’s wing sauce – how can that be? 

7.9 043

On tap for my Month 2, Day 4 Insanity was “Max Recovery.”  Which means that it’s all strength and no cardio.  I thought, “wow, I’ll get a break tonight!”  Um, no.  This was hard. 

Try doing squats on your toes!  My legs were shaking on that one!


Not only did you have to do the squats on the toes, but then staying on your toes, you had to then do a twist reaching your hand to your foot – and then switch to the other side, so there was no break.

But I was surprised that I rocked the oblique crunches in a plank position!

Oblique Crunch

Yep, I’ll be bikini ready by … er…. next summer?! Open-mouthed smile

7.9 027

7.9 034

Stats for the Day:

  • 1689 clories, 79 fat, 166 carbs, 10 fiber, 77 protein
  • 40% of calories from carbs, 42% from fat and 18 from protein
  • 47:14 minutes of Max Recovery

Looks like a clear day so far, so I hope to hit the outdoor pool at lunch today.  I just peeked and tonight’s Max Cardio Interval of Insanity is 60 minutes long – eek! Open-mouthed smile  #icandoit!!

So today is the last day to join the DietBet – here is the link – maybe this is just the push you needed like me!

Please join me for Helen’s DietBet Summer Part 2 starting on Jul 13. We are playing in a 4-week challenge to lose 4% of your starting weight. The bet is $25 and everyone who wins splits the pot. Come join the fun!  Click here to play with me:

On our vacation in May in Austin?  I wore a size 14 pants and shorts.

size 14

While I’ve lost 8.2 pounds since that photo was taken, yesterday I wore a size 11 pants that I haven’t worn in at least a couple years.  Woop!

What’s your motivation going to be?  Why not start today, instead of Monday, next month, next year.  You are strong, you deserve to be healthy because you are worth it!  Failure is Not an Option. 

Make it a great day!


48 thoughts on “Failure is Not an Option

  1. ohmygosh! Great job on the luncheon (especially given all of the challenges). The pasta salad looks especially delicious.

  2. Oh no, the propane! Way to make it work. Love the three kabob options, such a good idea. And no buns required, even better. Great job! Gotta get a battery for my scale today, looking forward to the new challenge. Oh and nice on the new pants size, I had a NSV too and can fit into shorts that did not fit me at the beginning of summer. Helps to have time to exercise. 🙂

    • That’s awesome Jacky! Make sure you get a full body shot as well as the scale shot – some people got disqualified I think last time for not posting it right – let me know if you have any questions.

      Love that you have time to exercise! 😀

  3. Your catered lunch that you made looks incredible! Great job! Murphy’s Law about the grill, I hate when that happens but you handled it like a champ while I would have been in the corner crying like a baby!

    • Thanks Robin! Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of what you do with what happens to you – it turned out fine in the end! 😀

      Have fun in Williamsburg!

  4. God, that sounds kind of like my Cajun Assholery disaster. Hooray for pulling it off! And I’m so proud of you for rocking that diet/workout challenge.

  5. OMG how cool is it that you catered the event? Everything looks delicious! Great job on the size 11 pants – what an awesome feeling!

  6. The office lunch looks AMAZING! Great job on the workouts too. All I can say for myself is that I’ve stayed within my points so far this week (of course, it’s only Wednesday!). Baby steps….

  7. Great job on the catering gig! And you look amazing in your post-w/o photo – you are glowing!

  8. You constantly impress me!!! Way to go on the clothing sizes – that’s huge!
    Maybe you should start a catering business – you would be excellent for sure.
    And, I’m going to start saying that to my boys – Failure is not an option!!

  9. I want to do the Dietbet, but we will be out of town from August 1-August 11, and I won’t be at my home scale (or near any scale… I’m not sure!). I hope there will be one that starts in August so I can join in. I’m going to sideline participate and set a goal for myself to lose 4% of my body weight anyway, just not officially. Thank you for all of the motivation!

    • You only have to WI on the first day and the last day – I only weighed in once a week just to see my progress – the only ones that count are the first and last, as those are the only weights that are verified by DietBet. So you could join, stay on track while out of town and still lose the 4%. The pot is up to $500 bucks!!

  10. hi Biz,
    i signed up for the bet but am unsure how to do the starting photo. will we get information like the word to photograph or is it posted on the website somewhere?

    • Log in to DietBet tomorrow – and before you can actually go further, it will tell you the word that you need to write next to your scale.

      Your feet have to be on the scale too – not a WI, step off and take a picture of the number on the scale. You also have to do a full body shot – you can use a mirror, just make sure its a clear picture.

      I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow if you need help – so glad you are doing this!!

  11. Love this, Biz!

    At first, when I saw the post’s title, I thought it was going to be about working out until you made yourself sick or something. Glad it actually involved grilling and not injury! 😛

    CONGRATS on all of the progress you have made! 3 sizes is AWESOME!

  12. So, how long is the insanity set? What are you going to do after you finish those?

    • SIXTY DAYS! And after those sixty days? You start over. Some people are on their second/third/fourth round of Insanity!

      Check out this video:

  13. I want to work in your office just to enjoy all your delicious food! Glad you figured out what to do and all worked out well. The pasta looks yummo!! Great job on going down a size…woot!!

  14. I’m with Suzie. I want to work at your office to enjoy all the food. You can see how your body has transformed with your workouts. The scale isn’t the best measurement of a healthy weight. You look amazing! You guys will have your work cut out for you with so many people going for the “gold”.

  15. Yay, congrats on the weight loss!
    That catered lunch looks amazing, wow! So delicious. 🙂

  16. Isn’t that the WORST when the grill goes out? I am so impressed how you made it work though – that looks like a ton of work! (and very tasty:)

  17. You are such a whiz at cooking–especially under the gun.

    How wonderful that the weight is coming off. I guess we both had it on long enough to be very grateful for it coming off. 😀

    🙂 Marion

  18. The spread you made for the work lunch is gorgeous! I’m definitely impressed with your skills on “saving the day” after a few glitches. Nice.

    Gotta love those oblique crunches. I just did those today at the end of my workout and my upper body was shaking trying to hold that plank (I had my arms straight)! 🙂

  19. Two years ago, I wound up being drafted into catering a fundraising party at an office for Toy Bank. It was supposed to be for ‘a few’ people, but quickly turned into 150 people. I had 4 days to shop and cook—must have rolled 400 cheese straws—and only had two microwaves and a toaster oven to work with.

    This November, I’m catering 175 at the Art Association, but I’m renting a professional kitchen around the corner. Crazy? Yep!

  20. Frank’s wing sauce makes all things better! YUM! I am so impressed that you catered the luncheon…how fun! The food that you made sounds amazing!

  21. I love Frank’s wing sauce, too! John doesn’t get the Frank’s love, but that means more for me!

    And it’s not Macgiver, it’s Bizgiver!

  22. You never fail to impress me with all of your skills in the kitchen and the BBQ. What a nice thing to do for your coworker! I love how dedicated you are to your exercise routine. Keep up the good work.

  23. You are so amazing, pulling it all off despite the rain and lack of propane! What an incredible menu, too! Good job on your downsizing (lol) – you are so rocking it girl!

  24. LOL at Bizgiver! Girl, they are so lucky to have you at work. The lunch looks so delicious. It’s not the first time I wish we work together so I could get a tast of all that delicious food.

  25. I love your motivational words, Biz!! And, finny, I was thinking of doing my own made-up workout today….because I need a break from Jillian and running, I think I will try those tip-toe squats. Yep, those look difficult and painful, right up my alley 🙂
    And, Nick and I ran out of Frank’s Red Hot last week and haven’t restocked. Perhaps we should try the wing sauce?!? I’ve never had it.

  26. Man, I wish you worked here – I’d have you cook for me all the time!! So delicious!
    Keep up the great work. You’re doing amazing!

  27. PROPS to you (while clapping and cheering like a little girl) for your achievement!

  28. I laughed out loud about you running out of propane! This past weekend we had a cookout at my parent’s house, where my dad ran out of propane. Then while he was getting ready to put the new tank on, the attachment broke. So, dinner was delayed for a bit while they ran to Menards. Haha. But it all worked out! 🙂

    That spread looks delish and yay for smaller pants! That’s AWESOME!!

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