DietBet–Round 2

I forgot to ask Tony to take a full body picture of my yesterday, so my mirror had to stand in. Not sure if they will accept my mirror picture, because you can’t really see my face!  At the end of Round 1, I was 167.6, for a loss of 8.2 for the month of June.

This time? I am up .6 – but I am happy with that.  I went on vacation where I only worked out three times and my eats weren’t exactly stellar – but I had a great time!

dietbet 002

dietbet 007

I am going to repost a full length picture tomorrow – we’ll see if they accept that one!

So excited that Sheryl C. and Kris T. are in the game!  The pot is now up to $575, with 23 players. Open-mouthed smile  The official game begins July 13 – I am actually loving this summer challenge, who knew?!

The attorney we had the shower for brought in bagels yesterday as a thank you.  I knew she was bringing them in so I brought in egg whites, ham and low fat Swiss Lorraine to make a half bagel sammie.  With my 24 ounces of iced cranberry apple tea – I am really getting addicted to that tea!

7.10 021

It was a gorgeous day, so I knew I would swim outside.

7.10 004

I do the breast stroke (or at least my version of it!) pretty much the whole time.  I am not that great of a swimmer, but I feel like I am “moving as fast as I can” so it counts.  I like swimming outside because there is a lot of people watching.  I watched a grandson and his grandpa follow each other around different areas of the pool – the grandson would do something and the grandpa would follow – so cute!

Until the grandson dove off the diving board.  Grandpa wanted to do it too, and as my head was under the water, I see grandpa dive under the water, only to lose his swim trunks and I saw his bare naked ass.  Luckily, his shorts caught on his ankles and he was able to bring them up before his head came out of the water.  I am confident he didn’t know I saw anything!  (and grateful that I only saw his butt!).

I meant to add more veggies to Tony’s leftover fried rice for lunch, but forgot, so for $3 bucks I accessorized and got some Szechuan green beans from the Chinese place across from my office.  It’s a generous serving – it was enough for both me and my boss for lunch, I had some with dinner and I still have a serving leftover!

7.10 026

I snacked on watermelon in the afternoon.  Even though its high in natural sugar, I’ve deemed this fruit insulin worthy!

7.10 007

I’ve decided on the days that I work out twice – my goal is to have a calorie intake of 1800-2000 calories.  On the days I only do Insanity, it will be 1500-1700 and on rest days 1500.  I had a Nature Valley salted protein bar later too – not photographed but it’s my favorite protein bar to date.  You can buy them at Walmart.


I defrosted some “mystery meat” from the freezer – some leftover meat that Tony bought and never used when I was on vacation.  Once I came home and saw crushed red pepper flakes, I was worried it would be too spicy for him, and it was. Sad smile   I am usually the one that buys the spicy shit – but he did by accident.  I had more leftover green beans and rice on the side.  And somehow sriracha got on my green beans!

7.10 009

So last night was Month 2 – Day 5 of Insanity – Max Interval Circuit – 59 minutes long!  It wasn’t until we started going that I realized it was the same workout I did on Saturday.

I was realizing that Insanity is like running to me.  The first 10-15 minutes suck.  I want to stop.  It’s hard.  I have all these doubts going through my head telling me that it’s okay to give up.  But then, I am warmed up and ready to go!  I’ve told myself that if I am taking this hour of time away from spending time with Tony each night, I have to make it count.

Here are some up close, untouched photos of me after my workout – you can really see my red face and sweat!   Oh, and your welcome. Open-mouthed smile

7.10 043

And it’s become evident that I need to get my eyebrows threaded soon and to buy some more whitening toothpaste. Open-mouthed smile

7.10 045

Someone at work even mentioned that my arms are more toned – welcome to my gun show!  (Ally, that one was for you!)

7.10 012

I have a ways to go, but I like seeing progress.  I am only on day 40 of my new healthy journey – can’t wait to see what I look like on day 100! Open-mouthed smile

My after workout snack was 1 apple and 2 tablespoons of reduced fat peanut butter – best snack ever.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1834 calories, 75 fat, 201 carbs, 28 fiber (nice!) 91 protein
  • 44% calories from fat, 37% from fat and 19% from protein
  • 30 minute swim at lunch (seeing a naked grandpa ass)
  • 59 minute M2-D5 of Insanity – Max Interval Circuit

Okay, I am not sure how this is going to turn out, but I have leftover spinach/strawberry/almond/goat cheese salad from our luncheon.  I am going to make a smoothie with it – the only weird ingredient is the goat cheese, but I think the fruit will over power it.  Could taste like ass or be awesome!  You’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out. Open-mouthed smile

Make it a great day!


53 thoughts on “DietBet–Round 2

  1. Biz, I think you could be identified by your feet alone. We’ve seen those toes on the blog enough to vouch for you 🙂

  2. Okay, I’m laughing my ass off at grandpa and the missing swim trunks! Priceless!

  3. ya, I’m with thekitchwitch, about spit the yoghurt out of my mouth! that happened to me once with the top of my suit and I had NO CLUE, the hubs swam up under water and totally grabbed the top of my suit and hiked it up, think ‘wedgie’ but on the top and in the front of my suit. I was clueless that the girls were working their way out to say ‘HEY!’ who knows how many i traumatized with that incident!
    we are taking our pics tonight! 😀

    • Yep, that happened to my Aunt once. She got knocked over by a wave and stood up to wipe her eyes and the gals were front and center! 😀 Let’s kick some but these next 30 days!

  4. Why does the paper say arugula? Did I miss that? omg about the grandpa! hahaha. I bet your salad will turn out awesome. I’m a huge fan of fruit in salads!!

  5. Biz, I haven’t gotten “my word” yet for the DietBet weigh-in. How does it come? Is it the same as yours? Can’t wait to do this challenge with you!

    • Log into DietBet with your username and password – it will show you a pop up that won’t let you go any further until you submit your full body and scale picture. On that pop up it will tell you what your word is – once you submit the photos, they verify it. It didn’t take long for me – I uploaded my pics at 7 this morning and by 8:30 my WI was verified. 😀

      Welcome to the challenge! 😀

  6. OMG I’m so glad I wasn’t eating breakfast when I read about the old guy’s ass! I would’ve spit it out for sure!

  7. Hi Biz,

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m so proud of your dedication to working out! I read your blog through Feedly and watch everything that happens in your life, and felt I should say “hi” and let you know you’re doing a great job. Yay! Good luck with the second go-around of DietBet.

  8. Jenn@Cooking Aweigh the LBs

    I had a mouthful of tea when I read that the grandpa flashed you. I thought I was going to either choke on it or spit it out on my computer screen. It was a close one. 🙂 I love how you crack me up, lady!

  9. Biz – ur adorable with those pics….keep it up…the scale numbers are looking good my friend looking good indeed!

  10. Good luck to all the DietBettors out there this go-round! (battle cry: ARUGALA!!)

    Lordy on the swimming trunks situation – brought back memories of me jumping into a pool and having my bikini top fly up!

  11. Lookin’ good!!! You’re doing a really good job. I don’t think I would be able to keep up with you….or my heart!!! Oh, in anwer to your question about seeing Ryan here in Appleton. No, there are 73,000 people in Appleton, if I did see him, it was in passing and then I didn’t know who he was……but I certainly will keep a look out for him now, especially at Walmart 🙂

    Gosh, I did not know watermellon was so high in sugar…..I will have to watch that. My doctor put me on a new medication for diabetes….today is my first day. I was told by the Pharmasy that if I feel dizzy, that means my sugars are low and to eat a candy bar or something to get it back up…….geez I don’t know how that will work……I told the pharmasist “I am a dizzy broad anyways”…..I could be eating candy bars all day long..hahaha 😀

    • Wow, I had no idea Appleton was that big of a city! And for the record, any fruit, watermelon, oranges, grapes will raise your blood sugar just as fast as a candy bar, and for a lot less calories. 😀

  12. I signed up for the Diet Bet! I did it once before, and lost! This time, I’m determined to win…..but I’ll definitely share the winners circle! I would love if we all win! 🙂

  13. So excited for this diet bet! I just got an email saying my weigh in was verified. I’m dying over the grandpa!

  14. I love reading your site – never know what fun stories you are going to have. Boo in a big way to seeing grandpa’s ass – hope your smoothie doesn’t taste like ass cause those 2 together – not cool!!!
    And, you are funny with your little observations on the close-ups on your face.
    Can’t wait to follow your journey to day 100!!

  15. You are doing awesome! I was totally going to sign up for the diet bet, but my computer was on the fritz and my work computer blocked it. So I’m going to set aside $25 in an envelope. If I lose 7 lbs, I keep it. If I don’t…then I don’t know. Maybe give it to my kid or donate it to the YMCA.

  16. Great job on maintaining your weight while on vacation – that isn’t always easy to do! And I laughed out loud about the grandpa diving story! 🙂

  17. I love you Biz.

    You are so honest and forthwith. I like that you share your sweaty pictures with us – and your weigh ins [which I am sending you a new scale that one is broken. hee] But it’s probably your attitude.

    I am so proud of you. And I am so lucky we’re friends.

    I was eating dinner last night and had to laugh when I looked at the [almost] new bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce [yes, we’re amatuers, but I am getting there] and I thought of you. This bottle is almost half way gone Biz. And I just bought it a week ago.

    Girl, you have created a monster.

    xo JG

    • See Skip? I am changing the world, one bottle of hot sauce at a time! I love you back – and I love that you think my scale is broken! 😀 Hugs my friend!

  18. I always love the sweaty pics! 🙂

    Good luck with DietBet #2!

  19. LOL! Love it Biz!

    Can I just say something really honest? (Because I know you would say the same thing to me…)

    Your toes are really short. But maybe its because I have long fingers and toes so I think everyone else’s are short? Please don’t hate me.

    • Ally, she has the toes of a small child. One foot is much larger than the other. She was assembled from pieces, that’s how twins are made! I appreciate your honesty. Lol.

      • OMG, I had to laugh at Tony’s comment that twins are assembled from pieces! Ally, it’s true. I have two giant big toes and tiny toes after that – and one foot is an 8 1/2 and the other is a 6! I blame my sister – I think she sat on my smaller foot so it didn’t grow as much as the other one! 😀

        p.s. I love your honesty too!

  20. LOL on the smoothie. The salad itself is one of my favs. We do that all the time and add in blueberries and grilled chicken. It’s delish….as a smoothie…not so sure..hope it works out,

    Congrats on the successful weight loss that’s awesome! I tried dietbet twice and was unsuccessful! Stop using it and lost 12 pounds, go figure. You can totally use a mirror pic though. That’s all I ever submitted and had no problems. I still want to drop another 10 to 15 pounds, maybe I should try it again.

  21. Hope you cash in big time on the diet bet! You’ve got me craving watermelon now and luckily there’s some in the fridge. Yahoo! Yours is much more red and luscious though – the ones we’ve gotten so far this summer have been half good, half not. They don’t come into season in Wichita until late August and the local ones are TREMENDOUS. I can’t wait. And watermelon usually isn’t my thing, but apparently it’s baby’s thing cuz I’m enjoying it while pregnant. Totally insulin worthy fo sho! Wondering how that smoothie turned out too.

  22. You look amazing!! I can’t wait to see day 100, too! Hope you had a great day and were able to enjoy a bit of this gorgeous weather we’re having. 🙂

    • Our weather is supposed to be great all weekend too! I’ve been loving swimming outside at lunch – such a nice break in the day. 😀

  23. You’re looking and doing great Biz! Good luck with your dietbet and the smoothie.

  24. Good luck on your dietbet! I wanted to try that, but that makes me a little nervous. The pool looks amazing. Unfortunately the pool near my house has been closed for renovation so far for 7 months and they don’t know when it is going to reopen.

    Good luck with your weight loss!

  25. You’re doing really great, Biz. And I say that as a 45 year old who has mid-life gut and back fat. It takes a LOT of fire to take off the weight at our age. And you’ll really so energetic and positive about it. Just wonderful.

    Btw, my toes are the opposite of yours– super long. I think my size 11 would be size 10 if my toes were regular sized. 😀

    • I just spit out my coffee when I read back fat! It’s the gut that I aiming to get rid of. If I don’t wear the right clothes during Insanity it moves too much! 😀

  26. Biz, your workouts are SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY impressive! I barely slept last night and am already all, “Eeeh…maybe I’ll skip my workout tonight.” and now…NO! 🙂 No! No! No! You look amazing! xo!

  27. […] Ally’s Sweet & Savory Eats July 11, 2013 at 1:46 pm Edit Reply […]

  28. Your posts are always so entertaining, Biz. I can’t believe that Grandpa’s shorts came off! Ha! Good luck with this next week of the bet!

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