Little Miss You Can Do It

You can find inspiration at any point in your life.  It could be something you read, or something someone said.  For me it was over the weekend when I watched a documentary on HBO called Little Miss You Can Do It.


Abbey Curran, from a tiny town in Illinois has cerebral palsy participated and won Miss Iowa and was the first woman with disabilities to be in the Miss USA pageant.  She realized that young girls with disabilities never have an opportunity to participate in such events, so she started her own.


The one girl that stuck out the most to me was a little girl named Delaney.  Here she is on the left in this picture.


You know what Delaney’s biggest dream is?  To walk without assistance and to some day keep up with her brothers and sisters.  It got me thinking about the times when I didn’t feel like exercising, I was too tired, or just too lazy.  What a gift it is to throw away health because we don’t feel like it, when there are others who only dream of doing what we consider simple – walking.

I hope you have an opportunity to watch the documentary – and hope that you find inspiration in it as well.  All I know is that I dug deep last night when I was doing Insanity simply because I could! Open-mouthed smile

I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of spinach/egg beater omelets.  Except this time, it was kicked up a notch with my tomatillo salsa and pickled jalapenos.

7.22 006

7.22 007

The star of the plate?  Um, the pickled jalapenos.  Holy smokes – you have to make these – stat!  They are spicy, but flavorful spicy and who doesn’t like to start out the day spicy?! Devil  Well, I know one person – Tony!

I ended up swimming again at lunch.  This time I was there during adult swim and for 15 minutes I was literally the only one in the pool.  It felt weird because all the kids were sitting on the side of the pool, legs dangling in the water just watching me go back and forth. 

7.22 007

I had to laugh because I was looking at the clock to see what time it was, and didn’t realize that was the picture I took – its super bright out and I didn’t see the photo until I got in the car. Open-mouthed smile

Lunch was chicken and black bean tacos, with more pickled jalapenos, salsa and chips.  I could eat this every day and be a happy camper.

7.22 015

Over the weekend when Tony and I were shopping, I asked him to pick up some beef for kebobs.  He brought me already cut up beef stew meat and threw it in the basket.  Before I met Tony, I never would have thought to grill beef stew meat – but you guys, its absolutely delicious.  The secret is just to not overcook it – you either have to cook it on high heat and sear it or low and slow.

7.22 018

I marinated the beef in my best beef marinade ever all day yesterday – just threw it in a ziploc before work.  I served it over 3/4 cup of basil rice and some tzatziki sauce on the side.

Lyle was at our front door again.  I know he’s still looking for some of my granola, but I need to make some more – I ended up giving him some almonds and he was happy with that. I think if I gave him the chance he would walk right in the house!

7.22 031

7.22 032

After watching Ray Donovan from the DVR (really loving that show) it was time to get insane.  Last night was 20 minutes of Cardio Abs and 45 minutes of Max Cardio Conditioning.

7.22 016

I put that picture on Instagram last night and Alex asked if that’s an improvement from when I started.  I think so!  Here I am in Austin with my daughter-in-law about six days before I started Insanity on June 1.  And while I’ve only lost about 8.5 pounds since then, I definitely think my body is getting smaller – and stronger!

austin 2013 045

Stats for the Day:

  • 1381 calories, 56 fat, 110 carbs, 17 fiber and 107 protein
  • 32% of calories from carbs, 37% from fat and 31% from protein
  • 30 minute lunch swim
  • 20 minutes Cardio Abs
  • 45 minute Max Cardio Conditioning

Tonight is a Max Cardio Recovery, meaning its mostly strength and I am usually not as sweaty of a mess, not to say that it isn’t hard though.  While I love the pool, I think today I’ll run a 5k – its been a while since I’ve run.  It will be interesting to see how I do!

I’ve got balls on the menu today!  Thai meatballs with a spicy red pepper coconut sauce over white rice and sauteed zucchini.  You’ll just have to come back tomorrow for that recipe.  It’s going to be amazeballs.

Make it a great day!  Question of the Day:  What has inspired you lately?


52 thoughts on “Little Miss You Can Do It

  1. I love a good documentary so I’ll check this one out. What do you mean “only” 8.5 pounds lost? That’s a lot and you’re still going! Keep up the great work. 🙂

  2. Great post! I like the swim pic of you too, dimples are so cute! I know what you mean about taking everyday things for granted. We are so lucky, and it is so easy to forget. When my dad was going through chemo and his bone marrow transplant, just getting out of bed was a chore, and he would MAKE himself walk laps around the transplant unit, even though it was so hard for a while. I really try to keep that in mind when I’m bitching over something stupid. Life is a gift to be treasured and not taken for granted…I need to put this on a post-it so everyone in my house has to read it everyday! Along with “money doesn’t grow on trees!” for my kids, lol.

    • Awesome comment Kim – we do take health for granted at times. And just so you know, I only have one dimple – I got it in a car accident when I was four!

  3. Your food always looks so amazing! (I mean, AMAZEBALLS!) Tee hee. I always forget about adding things like jalapenos to an omelette. I’m making a couple of sirloin steaks tonight. Do you think the best beef marinade ever would work well for that?

  4. @ Kim of Mo’Betta @kimslittlelife my BFF and Brother had this as well! and yes just out of bed and keeping food down was hard for a while. My BFF has chronic GVH and still battles days when she has used up all her spoons, and I remain in awe. Before my brother died, he never complained. Never about any of it, would tell you daily he was ‘Bettter than yesterday!’ such a tribute to positivity. Easy to become complacent in this life and so sad it takes something so tragic sometimes to remember that each day, with all that comes with it, is a gift.

    Way to go Biz, start me off boo hooing today, GAH! 🙂
    ready for your amazballs balls recipe, I am in a foodie slump.

    Happy Tuesday!

    • Peggy, I am so sorry about your brother Pat. What a wonderful attitude he had and that he made you a better person for it just amazing. Just about to post the balls recipe!

  5. Answer of the day: YOU!

  6. Oh HELL YES there’s a big difference between the pics of you now vs when you were in Austin! Love your pic from the pool. You look so serious! I can’t wait to hit the pool.

  7. A friend’s daughter who has downs syndrome was in this pageant, it is such a wonderful idea, everyone is beautiful and should be able to participate… Kudos

  8. I showed the hubby your pickled jalapeno pics…he thinks I should make them; I think not! He likes hot while I don’t!

  9. Always a good day when balls are involved ;). You are looking awesome. I can totally see it in your face too. Go girl go! Your lunches always look so good- so much more creative than mine. That little girl is too cute. Definitely inspirational.

  10. That is a very inspiring story. You are correct. Use what you’ve got, right? Loving the pics of your squirrel buddy. My grandmother used to feed squirrels. They got so used to her, they would eat out of her hand. Crazy.

  11. I saw that documentary. It was incredible!

  12. Biz-you inspire me. You have such a positive attitude about everything. And you follow through!

    • Well, its the first time I’ve followed through since I lost my original 70 pounds back in 1999 – I realize its a marathon, not a sprint, and I’ll eventually get to the finish line. 😀

  13. you can TOTALLY see the difference in your face and arms!

  14. Weighting For 50

    Wow….inspirational women for sure!! You are toning up for SURE Vat! Yay you!!!!!! BTW, I love Lyle.

  15. You can DEFINITELY see the difference in the photos! You look very strong. I’m looking forward to the meatball recipe…sounds delicious!

  16. When I was killing my workouts with Brad, I definitely was smaller in size – but the scale didn’t reflect that very much. Still, I’d rather look smaller, and FEEL stronger, than be a flabby skinny person. You look great and I can tell all of these workouts are making a huge change in you – good going!!!

    P.S. Had I unintentionally taken a pic like you did (looking at the clock), I would have looked mean – at least there’s a name for it now – Bitchy Resting Face. I haz it. 😉

  17. Right now? This post is inspiring me. I am frustrated because the scale isn’t moving even though I’m working out and eating clean.

    Pinning those jalapenos now to make when I have some fresh on hand!

    • Erin, I’ve looked back on my WW books from 1999 and at one point, I was doing all the right things, eating right, exercising, not drinking alcohol – I had SIX WEEKS of the same WI – it was frustrating, but I finally broke the plateau and eventually lost 70 pounds in 14 months. Keep going strong! (p.s. I hope your son goes off the diving board by the end of the summer!)

  18. You are looking amazing Biz! Those work outs are making a big difference – I bet you feel strong too.

    Don’t let Lyle in the house! A squirrel got in our first house – maybe through the chimney we really don’t know how – but it tore up our house. It chewed on the sofa, dug the dirt out of our houseplants, splashed in the toilet and pooped all over!

  19. I will have to check out that documentary. I am a doc nerd to begin with, so this will be inspiring and entertaining for me.

    I definitely need to try those pickled jalapenos, I am having some of my home made sauerkraut right now!

    A friend has a quote on his gmail that says, Nothing to it but to do it! I think of that when I am feeling lazy and need a little inspiration.

  20. I’ll have to check it out, it sounds very interesting. I need to make some of those pickled peppers soon! I know I would like them, I love most things pickled. My inspiration is my son. He’s been through some difficult things and still keeps on going.

  21. You got some nice muscle definition when you flexed your bicep. 😀

  22. Amazeballs balls! ahaha! Yeah, you look great Biz, there’s a big difference! Thanks for including pics of Lyle, he always makes me grin. Such a cutie! Little Miss You Can Do it brought tears to my eyes-love!!

  23. Woman, you have got me inspired! Well, that and I have my 10 year high school reunion coming up in mid september…I’m quite terrified to see all those people!

  24. YOU inspire me lately. You make me feel lazy and I feel a bit ashamed reading this post after skipping my run this morning because I was too tired. We have a HBO subscription but the documentary isn’t on it (yet). I’ll keep checking and will watch once it’s on.

    You said in a previous post what you should do after Insanity. I just bought Tapout XT to add to my collection. You could check that out, some reviews said it’s better than Insanity (their words not mine).

    And I love Ray Donovan too. Watched it last night too. However, I tape the show when the rerun is on Monday night. I forgot our cable company had mailed that they had to make adjustments. So after 34 minutes it was over because the cable was out for a couple of hours 🙂 There’s another rerun tonight and I’m taping that to watch the last 15 minutes. It’s a great show.

    • Yep, we tape Ray Donovan on Monday too, just because we have too much other stuff taping on Sunday night.

      I will check out that Tapout – never heard of it! And I hope when you feel a bit too tired to get out there, you’ll remember this post – Hugs Fran!

  25. I will check out the documentary. My 6 year old sometimes gets whiny about having to stand too long or walk places. I won’t hear it. I try to instill in him a sense of gratitude for our good health. I remind him how blessed we are to have the ability to move so freely.

    I’ll be spending the weekend at my friend’s house to lend a helping hand. She is my inspiration lately. She is 6.5 months pregnant with a one year old. The day after she discovered she was pregnant with her second she was told she had breast cancer. Since March she has undergone a lumpectomy, mastectomy and five rounds of chemo. She has lost her hair and the ability to lift her son. Yet through it all she remains positive and bright. These days whenever stress or frustration wells up inside of me I remind myself that I have nothing to complain about, take a deep breath and move on.

    • Oh Aimee – I am so sorry for your friend, but am glad that you’ll be able to help her this weekend. It’s got to be tough not to be able to pick up your own son! Hugs!

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