Act Like You Want to Play in the Game

Over the weekend I found a new to me low carb wrap.  Each one is only 60 calories and 7 grams of fiber.

7.29 003

7.29 004

I decided to make an egg beater breakfast wrap:  1/3 cup scrambled egg beaters, half a cup of fresh baby spinacy, 1 slice of buffalo flavored cheese, and strawberries on the side.  Lori, I thought of you when I bought this!’

7.29 007

7.29 010

I loved this wrap – the texture was nice and it was chewy, which I like.  Nice to get nearly 1/2 of my daily intake of fiber with breakfast – 10 grams with the strawberries!

It’s been really chilly lately so I was on the fence about going to swim outside.  It was sunny though, so I gave it a go.  Holy Shizz – was the pool cold!  But I know after a couple of laps I’ll get used to it, so I sucked it up.

7.29 043

My swim was going well until a group of 8 12 year olds decided to play chicken with my swimming.  As I got near the shallow end, half would swim right in front of me and half would swim right behind me and try to get across without touching me – like I was a torpedo or something.  I didn’t lose my shit, but I was close to it.  The lifeguards must have whistled at them a dozen times to stay OUT of the lap lane.

But thirteen was an unlucky number for them – the lifeguard actually got out of his chair, came down, blew the whistle and kicked the kids out of the pool for 15 minutes.  So the last half of my swim was uneventful. Open-mouthed smile

I made chicken tikka masala for lunch yesterday.  This looks nothing like the original because my jalapenos were so hot, that I ended up having to add a whole container of Chobani greek yogurt to the dish to tone it down.  Even though our nose were running while eating it, both me and my boss loved it – it does look like dog food, but it was super tasty!   I ended up throwing in two small sliced zucchini to the chicken mixture. Open-mouthed smile

7.29 015

I got home and Tony was enjoying a cigar in the back.  While I thought this was our squirrel Lyle coming by to say hi, this squirrel was smaller, so Tony and I decided to call this one Kyle.  Except Kyle turned out to be a girl squirrel.  She was not shy at all – probably because Lyle told her that I make the best granola. Open-mouthed smile

She got so close – literally about three feet away from me at one point.

7.29 021

7.29 024

7.29 047

I filled the small tin with sunflower seeds.  She ate all the seeds around it before she found the “mother lode” in the tin.   Sorry about the noise in this video – our neighbor was cutting down a tree!


I ended up making burgers for dinner – I stopped at a place near my office that has the best mushroom sherry sauce – they let me buy a whole container for $1.50 so I could accessorize Tony’s burger.  This doesn’t look like much, but Tony loves this stuff – liquid gold!

7.29 029

Me?  I had a buffalo cheese burger with pickled jalapenos – people, I’ve already opened my second jar!   On the side – sweet potato fries.  This was half of a sweet potato!  I dipped the fries in a tablespoon of unsweetened almond milk, just to get them wet, then tossed them in a tablespoon of seasoned corn starch – 8 minutes in the fryer and they were done – super crispy!

7.29 036

7.29 039

After dinner Tony and I caught up on Ray Donovan from the DVR – we are both really liking that show.  Then it was time for Day 56 of Insanity.  This time I did a new workout that I didn’t even realize I had – it was called Max Interval Sports Training and I could replace that with the Core Cardio and Balance.

It’s the “Max” version and it was 54 minutes long.  After the five minute warm up I was waiting for the typical 4 minute stretch, but that never happened.  We did all sorts of sports drills for football, basketball, gymnastics and track and field – holy shizz this one was no joke!

But I loved it.  And in the beginning of the workout, Shaun T said:

Act Like You Want to Play in the Game

It struck a chord with me, because I feel for the last two months, that’s what I have been doing.  Working out at lunch, doing Insanity at night, ditching the alcohol during the week.  Even though I am in week 3 of the Diet Bet, I am not going to worry about the scale at all – I figured I won the first round so my second round “was on the house” and I still have $45 bucks left in my account. 

I know that consistency is the key – and I can’t get complacent like I normally do.  I start out strong, then get bored, tired or both and give up.  But I don’t want to give up. Open-mouthed smile

7.29 052

Create The Life of Your Dreams

I bought a bunch of charms at the fest I was at on Sunday.  All the chains they had to go with them were gold, and I hate gold, so I’ll need to find a chain to make a bracelet.   Are you creating the life of your dreams?

Stats for the Day:

  • 1535 calories, 63 fat, 166 carbs, 25 fiber and 85 protein
  • 43% of calories from carbs, 37% from fat and 20% from fiber
  • 30 minute lunch swim
  • 54 minute Max Interval Sports Training

Alright, let’s get this show on the road.  I made another batch of granola this morning, and I have a pot of tomato basil soup on the stove for lunch.  Super simple – and ready in 20 minutes – come back tomorrow for the recipe.

Make it a great day!


48 thoughts on “Act Like You Want to Play in the Game

  1. Josh and I just started watching Ray Donovan! I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I kind of love it and kind of hate it at the same time. Its the same way I feel about Dexter, but I can’t stop watching it! I can’t believe you went swimming. Way too cold for this chick 😉 How do you know the squirrel is a girl?

  2. I can make a bracelet with that charm B!

  3. I don’t know if I ever have done Max Interval Sports Training – as soon as we get home I’m going to see if I even have it and give it a go!!! From the way you described it, it sounds a bit like stuff from Insanity Asylum.

  4. You always find the coolest foods, first the Ziyad hummus in a can and now these awesome low-cal tortillas! Actually, now that I look on their website (, the tortillas are the ones I’ve seen before, but I never paid attention to the calorie count. I tend to avoid tortillas since they’re high cal, but now I need to track these down. Can’t find the hummus though. Guess I should cross the WI-IL border to shop where you do. 🙂

  5. I feel like I haven’t read a blog in forever, but I’m so proud of you for continuing to kick ass at Insanity! Love that charm, by the way!

  6. I love fiber wraps! My favorite is the La Tortilla Factory kind, but it’s harder to find them here than it was back in Cali.

    Cute charms! And you are definitely playing like you want to be in the game. You are so dedicated and consistent 🙂

  7. HA, brings back memories of being a lifeguard at Ridgeland and making the kids sit under my chair when they did not listen. Just like the guards did to us as kids. 🙂 Great job on kicking butt, the scale will catch up with progress.

  8. I’m loving Kyle and Lyle! I’d love to be a fly on the walk during your combos with Tony! I bet you are constantly rolling with laughter! All of the food looks yummy, I wrote down the brand of those wraps- I can’t find shit down here that’s low carb and doesn’t taste like ass!
    Good job on keeping your cool while swimming. No way I could’ve! I dunno what is wrong with kids! My mom would’ve beat my butt had she seen or heard I did something like that at the pool back in the day. Respect!
    You really are a player in the game this time, Biz! I’d say you’re starting every game at this point! Keep rocking it out, girl! I’m proud of you!

    • Thanks Mary – OMG, we do crack each other up. We are like “is that Kyle or Lyle?!”

      I agree, most low carb stuff tastes like ass, but I really liked these – let me know if you can’t find them! 😀

  9. Oh my gosh, the squirrels around here are out of control. They will literally come up to the glass patio door and look inside! Way to keep up with all the swimming and Insanity workouts–you are doing an amazing job!!

  10. Weighting For 50

    Um…have to ask. How can you tell that Kyle is a she? I don’t remember seeing a squirrel penis in the Lyle pictures, and no penis in this one. Enquiring minds want to know!!! 🙂 I’ve cracked myself up by writing this. sigh. I’m so childish. But not TOO childish to delete this!
    Have a great Tuesday Vat. Hi to Tony, and your gendre identified squirrels.

  11. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    wow those kids sound annoying!

  12. You are on a roll. I love the determination!!

  13. Those kids sound like a blast to swim around…not! I’m glad the lifeguard kicked them out of the pool, they deserved it! And you are totally in the game Biz, you are doing great with insanity!

  14. Your squirrels are so cute! We have red ones here – I got quite a shock when I first saw gray ones like yours – I thought they were all red! (like this:

  15. Love the squirrels, my dogs chase most of them away but, occasionally I will get them. I have a pretty black one that hangs around 🙂 A few chipmunks too. I think they torment the dogs on purpose 😉 Great job sticking with the program. The charms are cute too, I’m sure you find lots of bracelets at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby 🙂

    • That’s what Tony and I noticed is that the squirrels are closer because our dog Ed is no longer here – he would give them a run for their money!

  16. I love the quotes, I actually worked out last night. I told myself no more screwing around after my SF vacation 🙂

    I am definitely adding jalapenos to my shopping list this week!

  17. Lyle and Kyle? I have not named my squirrels, they are more like a nusance, pain, and jepordy…they get in the bird feeders and eat the birds food. But since I have vasolined the shepherd hooks I have not seen them on the feeders or even around lately.

    I found a recipe to make hot sauce….I will have to send it to you. I put hot sauce in the lasagna soup….since I have been reading your blogs, you have inspired me in many different ways….hot sauce for one!!! On my breakfast egg and spinach sandwiches and in lasagna soup….. 🙂

    Food looks good and so do you too. I have a Sugar Ray and Laila Ali Heavyweight workout video I am planning to start watching, maybe throwing a few punches and riding my bike will help.

    I ran into a lady at the store today that is totally gluten free, (I was looking for gluten free lasagna noodles for my soup) and she used to speak at seminars….very interesting lady, she has MS and you wouldn’t even know it….she eats gluten free and is very healthy. Something to work towards one step at a time.

    • Vaseline on the shepherd hooks – great idea! Tony put veggie oil on our bird feeder – its hilarious to see the squirrels fly off!

      I am changing lives Louise – one bottle of hot sauce and pot of lasagna soup at a time! Hugs!

  18. Looks like a delicious and healthy version of my high calorie breakfast burrito that I indulge in way too often! I think I’m going to give yours a try, looks way less sinful. I’ll probably have to add chile peppers though! Thanks for the great idea!

  19. I enjoyed your story about the kids in the lap pool. I’ve had the same problem over and over. I think it is their mission to mess up my tempo! I finally had to go to the super early am adult only lap swim. It’s painful getting up for that one, but worth the effort to have a peaceful workout!

  20. I’m sorry about those kids – how frustrating! Good for the lifeguard but where were the parents? I would have pulled L out of the pool….!

    And I wish I lived with you to enjoy your breakfasts. Every single day, I am beyond impressed.

  21. You are amazing…I don’t comment often.. but i read every day…I want you to know that I think what you do is inspiring….although I will be honest…i have to start reading you at night so I jump on m y treadmill when I am inspired as opposed to in the morning while I am at work….
    Random question- did you ever post a recipe for your pickled jalapenos?? We are canning this weekend and I want to make some…
    Thanks for sharing your adventure….and being you!!

    • Hey Nicole! Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it!

      I just linked to the recipe – its not mine – but its so good. Quick too – boil the pickling stuff and pour over chopped jalapenos – easy! I will suggest that you use gloves (or put your hand in a ziploc bag) when cutting the jalapenos – the seeds can burn your hands – and be careful not to inhale the hot pickling liquid like I did – I had quite the sneezing fit!)

      Beware, they are addicting! 😀

  22. That charm is very cool – love the saying. You are rocking out with the exercise! I see the difference it’s making – good for you Biz!

    • Thanks Tami – its taken me a while to get over the fact that the scale isn’t moving – but last night Tony mentioned how defined my arms are – #winning!

  23. The video cracked me up – I kept waiting for a tree to fall on the squirrel!

    • What’s funny is that our neighbor only had his chain saw on just during the video – almost as soon as I stopped recording, he stopped chopping!

  24. Kyle & Lyle are so cute.

    I thought the last Ray Donovan episode (watched it last night) was a sad one. Everyone was so sad in that episode. And I felt particular sad for Terry who finally found someone, turns out she’s married (at least that’s what I made out of that scene).

  25. ahhh I recall my lifeguarding years well after reading this post.

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