Be(ef) Extraordinary

Wow.  Day 60 of Insanity.  Truth be told, I never thought I would get this far.  I am the QUEEN of declaring something, starting out strong and then just giving up.  For a variety of reasons:

  • I am tired
  • it takes too much time
  • its too hard

What helped me was that I declared 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. the Insanity hour.  I didn’t have to worry about getting up early, or fitting it in at lunch.  Tony would watch his shows that I don’t like while I worked out so it was a win-win.

I’ve tried the Inspirational Diet back in 2012 – that didn’t last too long.  I did South Beach for a while in 2009 – I missed my beloved bread to stick with that one too long.  I tried Paleo for a while too, but that took so much planning – and while I have some flack that my Paleo breakfast casserole isn’t strict Paleo – it still gets about 100 hits a day!

So why I stuck with Insanity, I have no idea, but I did!

Create the Life of Your Dreams

So in those 60 days I lost exactly 10 pounds!  June 1:

5.31 005

August 1:



           Day 1:                                                           Day 60:

  • Thigh: 24.5                                                   23.5
  • Hip: 40.5                                                       39.0
  • Waist: 38.0                                                   37.0
  • Chest: 39.0                                                  38.0
  • Bicep: 14.0                                                   12!!!

Two inches off my bicep people!  A total of 6.5 inches all over my body in just 60 days.  I’ve also gone from a tight size 14 to a comfortable 11-12. Open-mouthed smile

Thanks for cheering me on these last 60 days – knowing that I needed to be accountable to you was a huge motivator – and Tony always telling me to kick Shaun T’s ass before the workouts. Open-mouthed smile

So what now?  Well, after I do the Fit Test and the last workout of the 60 days, my plan is to just start over.  I know in the beginning I wasn’t able to do 100% of the workouts, so while the next month will be only 40 minute workouts, they will be more intense because I can give it 110% – and kick Tanya’s ass – she kinda irks me.  Kim, are you with me on that one?!


My meal plan is going to be changed up too – this is the perfect week for it because my boss that I make lunch for is going to be on vacation next week.  I actually think I am going to stop cooking for people other than my SIL.  It takes a lot of time and effort and I need to spend that time on me. 

I used to cook every Friday at my office, but then if I skipped a week people were like “why don’t you cook anymore?”  It got to be expected but I don’t think they realize how much time it takes to do shit like that.  I’ll probably go back to Souper Friday’s in the fall because that’s easy.  And you know what?  I don’t feel guilty about it at all – its my life and I can do what I want. Open-mouthed smile

When I got home from work yesterday Tony greeted me with a glass of wine – I enjoy my Friday night wine after not having it all week.  Kyle stopped by to say hello.  But now we have a new friend – Mo the Chipmunk!  I set out food for Kyle but Mo found it first – he went to town until Kyle kicked him to the curb!

Mo 042

And when Tony went to get our sandwiches from Jimmy John’s for dinner, Kyle came right to the window I was sitting at.

Mo 003

And when I called her name, she looked right at me!

Mo 012

Neither of us were particularly hungry last night – we could have split one sandwich because we both only ate half, but of course, I had to have the cherry peppers – so good!  As I went out front to take my picture – guess who wanted some?!

Mo 023

Mo 024

Mo 020

Breakfast was more pancakes – shocking!  And lunch was a ham and cheese panini with veggies and fruit:

    Mo 034   Mo 040

Stats for the Day:

  • 1702 calories (including wine), 44 fat, 165 carbs, 12 fiber and 53 protein
  • 39% of calories from carbs, 24% from fat and 37% from protein
  • no exercise – rest day!

So here’s what my menu looks like for next week – pretty normal food – each day is around 2100 calories and has LOTS of protein – some days 200 grams!  And each day has a minimum of 25 grams of fiber too.  Lots of snacks too, which I am not used to, but will have to eat if I want to get to 2100 calories.

Mo 049

I am so excited to tell you guys that I have been invited to an event in October sponsored by the Beef Checkoff and Beef It’s What’s For Dinner. 

Living Well 2013 – Join us for an exclusive two-day experience with leading food and health experts to explore the latest in family nutrition and culinary education that can help you celebrate simple, strong & better living.

They sent me a box of goodies – two workout shirts, an apron, a meat thermometer – I loves me some loot!  Thanks Karli!

Mo 046

We’ll also be going to the Chopping Block at the Merchandise Mart for cooking demonstrations – how cool is that?!  And I get a room at a fancy hotel – The Wit in Chicago – check out the roof top bar!  And all my expenses are taken care of – sweet!


I’ll give you more info as the event comes closer – I am just thankful for the opportunity to go to such an event – turns out I like beef too! Open-mouthed smile

Some of my favorite beef recipes:

  • Chicago style Roast Beef – not only great the first time around but makes awesome cheezy beef sandwiches with the leftovers
  • No Fail Meatloaf – Tony loves meatloaf!  (excuse the 2008 photography!)
  • Pasta Bolognese – a rich meaty red sauce – so good!
  • Best Beef Stew – it has cinnamon in the spice mixture – an unexpected but delicious addition to this stew

Alright, my chores aren’t going to get done while I am on the computer, so I’ll sign off.  We are going out to dinner with some of Tony’s oldest friends – he was their best man in their wedding!  Looking forward to a date night out. Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy your weekend – see you Monday!


32 thoughts on “Be(ef) Extraordinary

  1. Two thumbs up on the 10 pound loss and staying with your exercise program! Honestly, I find it much easier to eat less than to do the exercising, but I keep plugging along.

    Wow on the October event too. Sounds like lots of fun. 🙂

  2. Great job with the Insanity! It is a serious commitment and you have done a stellar job! Did you know Tanya is on Instagram?! I just found her and no joke, the woman just had a baby and went from post baby body to AMAZING with T25!!! Still want to kick her butt with those workouts though. Lol!

  3. Congrats on day 60!! That is so awesome and you have lost more than half a foot off your body, how cool is that!

    Pretty soon you two are going to have every squirrel in the hood camped out in your yard, keep those doors locked 😉

  4. Way to stick to it, and such awesome results! Gotta take time for yourself, good job making that decision if it is best for you. That beef event sounds amazeballs! Can’t wait to hear about the Wit, I have always wanted to check out that roof top. Have fun tonight.

  5. You did good on your 60 days of insanity!!! I am glad you had “stick-tuitiveness” 😀

    I think you squirrel friends know which side their bread is buttered on. It’s fun watching the animals, we can learn alot from them.

    How exciting to be invited to this beef seminar…I do believe that is right up your alley. Can hardly wait to see what you learn and what you make from your experience. And just think how much more trimmer you will be by the time October rolls around.

    Have a great weekend!!!

  6. Way to go Biz, 60 days takes a lot of perseverance and determination. You’re a rock star in my book. The Beef event sounds fun and hopefully you can gather some great information or recipes. Have fun on your date night.

  7. Congratulations on sticking with this! The results are showing in your pictures – plus 10 pounds is nothing to sneeze at! Nice work. 🙂

    I don’t blame you for wanting to stop cooking for other people so often. That’s a big commitment, and you could be using the time for more Insanity! (LOL)

    The beef thing sounds great – I don’t know why you aren’t offered more perks like that, considering how involved you are with food!

  8. You’re doing great Biz! That’s long dedication and good weight loss! You’re looking fabulous. And I say good for you for putting yourself first and stopping all that extra cooking! I love your outdoor pets – they are so cute. Congrats on the beef checkoff invite – fun times!

  9. Fantastic stats!!! Weight & inches lost! Amazing!
    I’m the same way – get hyped up with something…then end up trailing off…
    I keep looking for new motivation or the next “thing” that will keep me going… I may have to check out Insanity! I know a lot of people who have had amazing success with it!

    Congrats on the Beef event! You’ll be the star in my opinion! 😀 ❤

  10. I knew when you made it through the first 15 days that you were going to complete the program!!! Way to go – I sort of want to join you on your next round but I know I can’t right now while trying to get ready for my big 50 mile race.
    Yes – I’m with you on kicking Tanya’s butt – especially after reading Melissa’s comment above about the baby thing – sort of makes me want to get T25!!!
    I always wondered about all the cooking you do – if people expect it because you have done it so long. Seems like it would get a little old!!!
    Congrats on your upcoming event – that sounds like an incredible experience!!

  11. I love everything about this blog post. From sticking with insanity to weight loss to chipmunks to merchandise mart all expense event to beef t short….Seriosuly alot of good stuff going your way lately Biz! Congrats. I’d die for that beef shirt, love it! A big juicy steak is on the menu for me tonight.

  12. Congrats on the event invite! Sounds fun and fancy oooolala! The Wit looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see how your menu turns out next week! I don’t blame you for not cooking for others but your SIL. It’s so time consuming and sounds like your boss can be a bit unappreciative at times!
    Kyle is so brave! I wonder if she would eat JJs? Love those peppers as well! I always ask for extra! Have a great weekend!!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! Not just the weight loss, but for finishing Insanity! And for setting boundaries with your boss and the people in your office. You cooking for everyone is a lot of effort and planning that takes away from your work day. Focusing on you is a good thing! And I am so jealous about the beef event; God I love beef!!! MAK and I always joke that we would whither away and die in India…

  14. Congrats all around!!!! For all your hard work in the kitchen AND the gym – it’s great to see results, isn’t it? So cool about the beef event!!!

    Oh and Jimmy Johns? Um yea I pretty much eat it every single day for lunch. B and I are addicted! 🙂

  15. Hi Biz! I’m so thrilled for you. That is an awesome incredible difference in your measurements. And being your same age, 45, I know that it is NOT easy to lose weight at our age. I’m not really a foodie at all, but I still really enjoy your spirit and love it when you triumph. 😀

  16. That is phenomenal Biz! Seriously you really stuck to your goal and it shows. Congratulations on the invite to the beef event. Sounds like a fun experience. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. Wow, can I just say I’m completely inspired?! I have thought about doing Insanity, but I’m terrified!! I’m SO impressed with your determination, and look how far you’ve come!!! I may just have to do this myself….one of these days 🙂

  18. Congrats on finishing 60 days! I’m proud of you!

  19. Awesome job with Insanity! Your new food plan looks yummy, I’ve recently started eating beef jerky to boost my protein intake, pretty tasty. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  20. AH! I’m so so proud of you! You did an amazing job with the workouts and I know the next time through will be even better! Go girl! Very cool about the beef-extravaganza. Josh will be so jealous!

  21. MAJOR congrats on your awesome 10 pound loss – you are sticking to this like no other and I am so motivated by your progress!!! Love the meal plan – eeee!

  22. Great work, you are awesome! I am so impressed with your meal planning skills too. 🙂

  23. Congrats on your 10 pound loss. I am looking for inspiration to get going again. Thanks.

  24. Congratulations on the weight loss and the missing inches! Sometimes it just has to be the right timing and a little spark goes off and we can make changes.

    The Beef Check off sounds perfect for you – I can’t wait to hear all about it. 🙂

  25. Dear, dear Biz: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I’m so proud of you and you have been such an inspiration the past 2 months. Thank you for that. I need to work on losing weight (again) and I will try and keep you in mind when it’s hard to stick to it.

    I am still amazed how much you cook for other persons. I still don’t know why you cook for your SIL. Can’t she cook or is it something else? As for work, you are right that you choose you instead of others. You have been so kind for them to cook and now it’s Biz-time and time for them to take care of their own.

  26. Holy Cow Biz! that is an amazing transformation! WTG! You are so inspiring!

    Hey…I’m doing a promo this month for AR for Beef too! Can’t wait to get started!

    And super cool you are going to be doing something at the Merchandize Mart (which incidentally, I was just at on Friday) and staying at that hotel. Super duper cool. So happy for you!

  27. I am so proud of you!!! Just re-reading this post and see all the amazing kudos and followers you have. I can’t wait to meet you in person and soak up even more inspiration! Thanks for kind words and I promise the event won’t disappoint! 😉

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