Blogger Dinner!

I woke up this morning and immediately had to grab my sweater and slippers.  I had the windows open in my back room where our computer is – had to shut those – its 52 degrees this morning!   Our summer weather has been so weird.  We’ll probably have 80 degree days in October!

Tony and I went out with friends on Saturday night.  To a little bar in Gilberts, IL called The Point.  When I told my sister where I was going she said she’d never even heard of Gilberts!  That’s because she doesn’t live in the sticks like me! Open-mouthed smile

I not only put makeup on, I also put on jewelry!

8.4 weekend 005

And then I sent this klassy picture to my sister:

8.4 weekend 006

It was a gorgeous night!

8.4 weekend 008

Tony makes me laugh in this picture – he would not cooperate!  I Red heart you!

8.4 weekend 010

Our friends raved about the food at this place.  They said the chef had a special every night – they’ve had duck breast pasta, blackened fish tacos over a corn relish.  So when the special that night was fried shrimp – it was described as hand beer battered fresh gulf shrimp – that’s what I ordered.

First though, we started off with the jalapeno poppers – these were unlike any I’d ever had and they were amazing.

8.4 weekend 014

8.4 weekend 015

Tony got a burger – I had a bite of it and it was awesome – super flavorful and juicy.

8.4 weekend 017

The special shrimp?  Um, nothing special about them.  I ended up eating only three of them and a few of the Parmesan chips – those chips were good!

8.4 weekend 016

It was a nice night – fun to catch up.  Although as it got closer to 9:00, the crowd started getting about half our age and the music was so loud at the end we could barely hear each other talk – we are officially old! Open-mouthed smile

Tony and I came home – he grabbed a jacket and I grabbed a blanket and we sat outside and had a night cap by candlelight.

8.4 weekend 018

Yesterday I baked bread for my SIL – I normally make two loaves and we keep one for ourselves, but lately we have been burnt out on that bread so I ended up giving Jody both of them.  I was just getting back from the grocery store when she came to pick up her food – we didn’t talk long but when I got in Tony said she brought me something:

8.4 weekend 003

She works part-time at Carson’s and all their Paula Deen stuff was on deep discount – can’t wait to make beef stew in this!  Thanks Jody!

I got some fruit loot too – check out all the blueberries and bananas I got for $1 each!

8.4 weekend 001

On the menu last night?  Grilled turkey breast with potatoes and carrots.  We love doing turkey breast on the grill – I got this 2 pound breast for $4.11 cents.  I simply sliced lemon and put that and fresh rosemary under the skin. then rubbed it with a little olive oil and used some Greek seasoning and salt and pepper.  Like most meat, we grilled it on top of our cast iron skillet.  Once the breast hit 140 degrees, it was ready to rest for 15 minutes before cutting.  Super tender, juicy and delicious!

8.4 weekend 041

I used my new thermometer that Karli sent me – pulling meat off at just the right temperature makes all the difference.

8.4 weekend 042

So yesterday began Day 1 of my second round of Insanity.  I was proud that I was able to do the whole thing 100% with no modifications.  If you followed me on Instagram (biz319) you would have seen my first Instagram video! Open-mouthed smile

I had Tony take a full body picture of me yesterday – here is a comparison from June 1 to August 4 – 10 pounds lost and 6.5 inches lost – I can definitely see a difference.  It helps that I wore a sports bra in the second photo – you’re welcome. Open-mouthed smile

Before and during

I am so excited because tonight I have a blogger meet up dinner!  Who’s coming to dinner?

Christina from My Dinner At Christina’s.   Christina and I go way back as blog friends – before she moved back East I had the pleasure of going to her house for a blogger lunch and we’ve had dinner together AND I’ve had her Dad’s awesome homemade sausage.   She’s back in town for a family event and drives back home tomorrow.

Sophia from Burp and Slurp.  She and I have “known” each other since probably 2009.  One Christmas she sent me the best granola.  She’s a recent graduate of USC in Journalism and has been working at The Chicago Tribune all summer. 

Check out some of her articles – she’s extremely talented!!

And my twin sister – who just went to her first food swap – you can check it out here.

We are going to Maya del Sol in Oak Park – I’ll be driving there straight from work.  So I’ll be skipping Day 2 of Insanity today, but I plan on working out at lunch – today will just be my rest day for the week! Open-mouthed smile

Alright – time to put all my food together for the day and pack my gym bag – I don’t think I’ll be swimming outside today unless it warms up – a lot!

What was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!


41 thoughts on “Blogger Dinner!

  1. You are looking fantastic, Biz! Sounds like lotsa good stuff brewing in your neck of the woods. Have fun with the fellow bloggers tonight! Oak Park is such a great community!

  2. Looking good! Glad you had a good weekend, Enjoy Maya, love that place. Hope it is nice enough to enjoy the patio.

  3. WOW! You can definitely see the difference! You must be so proud of yourself!

  4. That Paula Deen dish is awesome!
    And you look amazing – whoop whoop!
    Have fun tonight – you deserve a treat. 🙂

  5. You look amazing!!!! Yes, I needed the extra exclamation marks 🙂 What a great job you have been doing. The poppers look yummy. Have fun with you blog buddies. fyi… I read Sophia’s blog Burp and Slurp (thanks to you). When I went on this morning my virus protection said it was infected with a virus called blackcat exploit. You may want to mention it to her.

  6. Wow–you look great!! I’m thinking of grilling some turkey breast today or tomorrow . . . I’ve officially run out of leftovers for quick lunches. Time to restock the fridge! Have a great day (and stay warm!). 🙂

    • No swimming outside today M! Hope its nice so we can sit outside tonight though – who would have thought we’d have to say that in August!

  7. You do look amazing!! You can totally tell that you’ve lost weight/inches. Julie and I would love to meet up with you when we’re in Chicago on October 8th-10th and then we’re back again the night before our flight. I haven’t even booked a hotel yet. I need to get on that.

    • Thanks Randi! Okay, I’ll have to see – during the middle of the week is hard for me because I live 55 miles NW of Chicago. You better get your hotel! 😀

  8. Biz, you look fantastic!!! I’m beyond impressed that you are going right into round 2 of Insanity – I always need a break after finishing it – you ROCK!!!

  9. You look great…with or without the makeup! Your hard work is absolutely paying off 🙂 Also, there are restaurants that I refuse to go to after a certain time because they play the music too loud…so if wanting to be able to have a conversation with the people at your table makes you old, then I am definitely old 😀

  10. Yay, for lovely weekends and dinner out!

  11. It has to be said: You clean up good, Biz 🙂

  12. You look BEAUTIFUL – great photo of you! The one you sent to your sister is super funny.

    We also LOVE turkey breast on the grill, its so flavorful and a great way to enjoy turkey aside from Thanksgiving 🙂

    • I know – we just never thought of it until recently – why only have turkey in November?! Glad Baby B’s birthday was fun – perfect weather!

  13. I just looked at the menu for Maya Del Sol, I can’t wait to see what you chose!! The highlight of my weekend was lots of reading!

  14. You look so pretty! Yum, the cheese on those poppers has me drooling. Glad you had a nice time out.

  15. Nice gift from your SIL….she is a keeper, then she probably says that about you!!
    Dinner looks good on the grill. Must try that sometime and also potatoes and carrots cooked in the pan looks like a winner too!
    You clean up really well and yes, the loss of 10lb and 6 inches really helps…keep going!!!

  16. You look really nice going out to dinner with friends! I like the Paula Deen gift. I can definitely see a difference in the two pictures! Have fun tonight. Speaking of the pool I’m getting very flustered that I can’t use mine. Today I have on a sweatshirt and jeans…ugh!

  17. findingradiance

    Look at you all dolled up and looking gorgeous! And looking fab in the workout pictures, too. Hope you had fun – it’s always great to meet fellow bloggers!

  18. I am sore as hell today from doing my plank and squat challenges this month. And this morning before work, I went to the gym. Booyah! 🙂

    Have a great time at your blogger dinner!

  19. LOL funny face! Congrats on your losses so far – pounds don’t matter – it’s all about the size. Wait, did I just type that out loud? Anyway, we can definitely see a difference. Way to go!!

  20. Sweety what a great difference! You look fantastic.
    Not done with the compliments yet: you also look beautiful in the pic when you went to dinner last Saturday.

    Saw on FB that the blogger dinner was a huge success.

  21. When I told Wallene that they had discontinued all of Paula Deen’s product line at both Target and Wal Mart she replied “Wow. You know you’ve screwed up if Wal Mart won’t carry your products anymore.” Ah well. She has nice stuff. and that pot is gorgeous.

    Speaking of gorgeous – look at you fancy lady. V-e-r-r-r-r-y pretty. Not that you need make up to make you beautiful, but isn’t it fun to slap on a little pretty once and a while? And you do it just right – highlight without the obvious. And your Tony is a big goof. He makes me laugh everytime I see a pic’ of him.

    Now I think I am going to use the fresh jalapenos from my FIL’s garden and make poppers for snack tonight. YUM. Always an inspiration Biz, see?

    Hugs my friend. xo JG

  22. You look great!! And I wish I was coming to that blogger dinner! Have fun!!

  23. Look at you looking all fancy! Beautiful! Wow – you can definitely see a difference in those pictures from June until now-you go girl! Aww I read Sophia’s blog – so jealous that you get to meet her! Hope you have a great time!!

  24. Weighting For 50

    YOU.LOOK.HOT! That is all!!!

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