Winners Never Quit

I was a bit nervous with this second round of Dietbet.  The first month I lost 8.2 pounds – every week I got on the scale and it gave me some love back.  I continued on with the second month of Insanity, and then starting on my second round of the 60 day program.

These last 30 days I ran, I PR’d a 5k and did it in 32:11 – shaving off a full minute from my previous months PR.  I climbed the equivalent of the Sears Tower a few times – all told, these last 30 days I worked out 2,018 minutes, or the equivalent of 33.6 hours!

In the beginning the scale was not moving.  But I of all people know you can’t expect the scale to show you the results when you want them.  You just have to keep doing what you are doing and hope that eventually the scale will catch up to you.

My goal weight for this round of Dietbet was 161.5.  Yesterday I weighed in at . . .



There are two 167.6’s on there because the scale didn’t move at all.   But in the end, I got to goal!

PicMonkey Collage

And guess what?  I still ate some really good food!

Food Round 2

The biggest accomplishment for me is kicking my wine to the curb.  Even over this weekend in order to get to my goal.

Saturday morning I was up and out the door – normally I sleep in!  It was a gorgeous morning.  I did what I like to call the “sign and sprint” workout.  I walk about 5 minutes to warm up, then I run to one street sign, recover to the next one, and then repeat.  I ended up doing 3.4 miles!

rise and shine 003  rise and shine 007

I got my 8 track app going:

rise and shine 004    rise and shine 008

rise and shine 009

I was back home by 10:45. Open-mouthed smile  I had only had a Nature Valley protein bar so I was hungry.  After Tony and I ran a couple of errands we stopped for lunch.  I had a jones for a salad, but when we got to the restaurant, the first thing I saw was they had Reuben sandwiches – and you could upgrade your fries to either cheese fries OR fried cheese curds.  What?  In case you are wondering, Reuben sandwiches and fried cheese curds have already been deemed “insulin worthy” before!

But I stuck to my guns – I ordered a grilled steak salad and it was perfect.

rise and shine 012

My workout for the day wasn’t over – I still had insanity –  I ended up doing 40 minutes of Pure Cardio.

rise and shine 022

Saturday night we ended up roasting a sirloin beef roast.  I have plans with the leftovers to make beef sandwiches later in the week.

rise and shine 003

Tony made me one of his delicious breakfasts yesterday – spinach eggs with pepper jelly toast.

rise and shine 002

So I fired everyone I cook for last week, and I couldn’t be happier about my decision.  I was trying to cater to too many different things – one boss didn’t want more than a 4 point breakfast, the other boss thought I was trying to fatten her up by giving her 350-400 calorie lunches.  My SIL was the only easy one to cook for because other than asparagus and blue cheese, she loves just about everything.

But it felt so great to just cook for me and Tony.  No expectations, no extra meal planning.  And having time to cook shit that I want to cook.  Like Jacky’s grilled pickles! I left out the onion and subbed in jalapenos, so these will be spicy dill pickles.  Cannot wait to try these!  So simple too and the pickling cucumbers were only .59 cents a pound. Open-mouthed smile

rise and shine 004

And I tried to make granola using a banana puree and honey as the sweetener.  Um, didn’t work out so much – it ended up tasting burnt and tasting like ass – but guess who liked it?  Kyle!

rise and shine 037

And while it was a rest day exercise wise, I did get a lot done yesterday.  All our laundry is wash, dried AND folded and put away.  I grocery shopped while Tony watched football – he could not be more excited about the NFL season starting!  One of his son’s friends from high school plays for the Indiana Colts – one of the biggest kids I’ve ever met in my life.  He’s 6’7 and weighs 315 pounds!  I haven’t seen him since high school, but he was big even then.  Nicest kid too. Open-mouthed smile


I’ve had a jones for deep dish pizza for a while, so when I was talking about our meal plan this week I said “tonight I am either going to make deep dish pizza or bbq chicken legs.”  He and I both knew just one thing.  I was going to be making deep dish pizza!

I hope you try this at home – it’s a Cook’s Illustrated recipe, so while the instructions seem long and complicated, it’s actually really easy.  The full recipe is on this blog post.  And I can’t believe I first made this nearly two years ago!

rise and shine 048

Just…yum.  This one was sausage, pepperoni, green olive and mushroom.  I hate one quarter of this pie – then went back and took another sliver.  So fricken good!  And Tony did tell me it was good. Open-mouthed smile

So I had a beer and some wine last night, and I am regretting that decision this morning.  Drinking just dehydrates me so much, so that’s being kicked to the curb.  If the weather holds out I’ll swim at lunch and then back to my regular Insanity schedule.

Winners never quit, and I don’t plan on being a quitter. Open-mouthed smile

It’s been over a year since we’ve done an “Ask Tony” segment on the blog.  Remember last year when you found out what Tony’s real name was?  Even though it’s kind of funny, we both call each other Biz and Tony at home sometimes. Open-mouthed smile

I’ll do another “Ask Tony” segment on Friday this week  – just leave a comment to this post or shoot me an email at   We’ll have him post his funny and witty answers on Friday.

I just checked my email – I won $50.77 in this last dietbet round – doubled my money!  Woop!  Thanks again for everyone who cheered me on here, Facebook, or Instragram – you guys rock!

Alright, I have to put just MY food together this morning.  This will be smooth sailing!

Make it a great day!


78 thoughts on “Winners Never Quit


    You hard work definitely paid off!

    Must be very relaxing for you that you didn’t have to cook yesterday for your SIL and your breakfast this morning was just for you. Think you made the right decision to put yourself first this time.

    • Thanks Fran. Especially when my lunch boss said today “no more yummies?” When I tried to explain why I wasn’t cooking for people anymore, she stopped me in my tracks and said “I don’t care” and walked away. Easiest decision ever. 😀

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal! You rocked it out!!!! Even with all that great looking and tasting food…I’m proud of ya! I will have to think on my “Ask Tony” questions….so many thoughts are flying through my head LOL

  3. omg, so awesome biz!!!! congrats!

  4. Congrats, Biz! GREAT job with the diet bet! And you look amazing, so young! 🙂

    I was disappointed to read about the granola not working out with the banana sweetener because I was thinking of giving that a try. Oh well, maybe date paste will work…

    • I was disappointed too – it ended up just really gummy, so I thought I would “dry it out” while the oven cooled – it just gave it a slightly burned taste and it was hard to chew. Back to the drawing board! 😀

  5. Congratulations on your win! We knew you’d do it – and most importantly – YOU knew you could do it! That’s the vibe I’m trying to steal from you – belief in self. As usual, your food looks awesome…great, now I want pizza 😉 Doesn’t surprise me that Kyle liked the ass granola…damn tree rats will eat anything! Do you think she at Lyle?
    Have a wonderful day and enjoy all the leisure time while you’re NOT cooking for others:)

  6. You did it!! That’s awesome!

  7. Damn, girl, you knocked it out of the park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!

  8. Bravo, Biz! I’m so glad you made your goal, because you worked so hard! You are a dynamo!

  9. I love your running plan – what a great way to really cover some distance but make it manageable!!
    Great job on the Diet Bet!!!
    And, I’m laughing at myself here – I was pretty sure your name wasn’t Biz but I really thought Tony was Tony!!!

    • My real name is Elizabeth – I forever went by Beth – until my crazy grandma called me Liza – then Beth became Biz and well, it stuck! 😀

  10. findingradiance

    Fantastic BIz!!!! Woot!

  11. Great job, Biz! I’m so proud of you!

  12. Congrats to both of us( and Julie too)!! Cook’s illustrated recipes rock. I made a celebratory meal last night of their baked ziti and rosemary focaccia.

  13. Congrats, Biz! Your hard work is really showing!

    • Thanks Sam – congrats on making your goal too on the Dietbet! And I hope to see some good stuff coming out of that deluxe kitchen you have! 😀

  14. Wow, great accomplishment!!! And you did it eating all that great food!
    Hmmmm, gotta think of some questions for Mr.Biz!

  15. Whohoo!!! Way to go!

    I gave 8 tracks a try this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation. I think I actually listened to the same one you have listed up there!

    I love your sign game with running, too.

    • Glad you liked it – I love that if you don’t like a mix, just move onto the next one! Every once in a while I’ll get a really raunchy heavy rap song that starts out with “M_ther F_cker” and I am glad no one can hear it!

  16. You did good this past month. I am amazed at all the food you could eat and still loose. Dieting is really weird. We think we have to starve ourselves in order to lose, but maybe it is the opposite, but then what works for one person, does not work for another.

    I was looking at diet books at the thrift store the other day… goodness so many different diet books…which one to choose??? Didn’t choose any, nope, “I think I will just read Biz’s blog, she’s got a handle on this diet stuff.”

    How in the world you lost weight making meals for everyone amazed me. Too much on your plate can cause unseen stresses, eliminating those stresses, you could focus on your needs and Tony’s too.

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Thanks Louise! (hugs!) Yep, what works for one person doesn’t work for another – that’s why I feel bad when other insulin dependent diabetics can’t understand how I eat the way I do and still control my blood sugar – it’s taken me years to figure it out and even still I have my ups and downs.

  17. Weighting For 50

    Way to go Vat!!!!!!

  18. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    woo hoo!! GREAT JOB!!

  19. Congrats! You go, girl! If only I could kick my wine to the curb!

  20. CONGRATS! That is awesome!! 🙂
    I LOVE that deep dish pizza recipe…have only made it once, but it is SO good…totally amazing. 🙂

  21. Do you know how HAPPY YOU MADE ME last night?!?! I was expecting one jar of salsa, which was more than kind….but FOUR?!?!?! Honestly – you rock. I love them all. I can’t pick a favorite. Thank you, thank you – so much!

    Congrats on the 3.4 miles – you rock and that deep dish…….LOVE!

  22. CONGRATS! My day is insane so I’m not really reading blogs, but had to stop by and give you a whooop!

  23. whoops that was from me

  24. Ok, wait – are you not cooking for your bosses and Jenn anymore? Or did you just take the week off? I’m so proud of your results – very inspiring!

    • It was actually my SIL Jody I was cooking for, not my twin sister – she lives 50 miles from me so that would be a bit difficult! 😀

      But no, I’ve decided I need to spend that extra time getting to my goals – and I am happy I made the decision! Glad you guys had a great vacation!!

  25. Congratulations on the weight loss and achieving your fitness goals! I always wondered how you had enough time to do all that cooking for everyone. What a relief to cook for just two!

  26. You remind me of the Biggest Loser with the way you cut back on your food (and wine!) and increased your workouts! Congrats on reaching your Diet Bet goal – what’s next?

    • Well, I am kicking the scale to the curb – this last week of the Dietbet had me too wrapped up in the number vs. just doing what I need to do.

      Still going to do Insanity – keeping up with the swimming at lunch while the outdoor pool is open – but I do see some strength training other than Insanity in my future!

  27. WOO HOO! So awesome you made your goal, and you do look great. You definitely inspire me to stay on track as well.

    Tried the pickled jalapenos this weekend, they were a hit with me and with Tom. He really liked them. I liked the carrot pieces too.

  28. Great job Biz!! And the money doesn’t hurt either 🙂 You can definitely see the difference in your pictures. That pizza looks so good. I’m a sucker for pizzas. Can’t say no to them 🙂 I remember that last “ask Tony” blog! I’ll have to think of a good one to ask 😉

  29. Immeasurable admiration I have for you. Thrilled for your success and for taking care of yourself in every way. You deserve the joy you’re feeling, just for inspiring so many people, including me!

  30. Amazing, Biz!!!! you hung in there and succeeded. Love the ab definition-soon you will have a six pack!

  31. Fabulous job, Biz. You are doing great! Doesn’t hurt that you’re also making money out of it. 🙂

  32. Woop woop! Great job! I am happy to hear you followed through with not cooking for others. I hope it frees you up for more Biz & Tony time:) I am choosing to think Lyle is okay…just being held at bay by Kyle so she can eat all of the yummy goodness you provide.

    • Thanks Kym, totally okay with my decision to quit cooking for other people – and I agree, I’d like to think that Kyle is bringing food to Lyle!

  33. You are AMAZEBALLS! What a rock star. Way to get to goal. You are looking awesome. Love your step-sons post about how he was proud of you.

  34. Biz that is awesome!!! Yaaay you! So proud of you for all your hard work.

    I love your updates that include Kyle – so cute! Our neighbor feeds the squirrels but I don’t think she’s doing it as much now that she’s working b/c one of the squirrels comes up to me every time I leave the house. I mean he comes close – within a foot – and just stares at me! He’s so begging for food! And it totes works on me, I go in and bring out banana chips and nuts every time. 🙂

    • I know – I’ve never known squirrels to be that friendly – I think I could hand feed Kyle, but then I think that it could go apeshit at any time and scratch my eyes out!

  35. Your 8 track app looks awesome. Is this an iphone app? I can’t seem to find it for my android phone.

  36. I made goal on the DietBet but I wasn’t near a scale or internet this weekend since I was on vacation – is it too late? If so, enjoy my money!

  37. Man, awesome work! Congratulations on all the hard work you have put in, and continue to push forward! Good luck

  38. Biz – you accomplishing these goals is giving me such motivation… especially when I need it! Freakin’ awesome!

  39. Great job on the progress!

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