Green Monster Breakfast Casserole

Thanks for all your comments yesterday about our insurance.  I’ve got a call into our insurance broker to make sure that I am on the right plan.  I pay an extra $100 a paycheck for this particular insurance plan based on how much medication both Tony and I take.  When I called the insurance company directly yesterday, they are telling me that I have to pay retail prices until I hit my $2500 deductible, which is just insane to me.  Hopefully I’ll have some answers today. Open-mouthed smile

When I was doing South Beach (that I stuck with for all of about a week or two!), one of my favorite go to recipe sites was Kalyn’s Kitchen.  She had all sorts of great ideas for Phase I, etc.  I saw a recipe not too long ago for a zucchini and green chile breakfast casserole

My recipe isn’t anywhere near hers, but I have to give her credit for inspiring my breakfast casserole – which I am calling a Green Monster because it has lots of spinach, Chobani and almond milk in it.

Green Monster Breakfast Casserole

  • makes 4 servings:  278 calories, 18 fat, 6.25 carbs, 2 fiber and 20 protein


  • 1 cup of cottage cheese
  • 1 can (4 oz.) diced green chiles
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 container plain Chobani Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 4 cups baby spinach, rough chopped
  • pinch of crushed red pepper
  • salt and pepper to taste

Heat oven to 375.  Spray an 8×8 pan with Pam.  Combine all the ingredients in a bowl until the eggs are combined.  Pour into casserole dish – bake for 40-45 minutes or until browned and the eggs are set.

 beef 001   beef 004

beef 007

beef 008

I jokingly asked Tony if he wanted me to leave him a piece for his breakfast and surprisingly he passed on it.  Huh. Open-mouthed smile  It was super light too.  Later I had some raspberries and almonds as a morning snack – no pic of that though.

It was only 68 degrees out when it was time to hit the gym – a bit too chilly to swim outside.  I went on Pinterest and found this workout:

lunch workout

I wasn’t sure I’d get through 3 rounds, so my goal was to do the 2.2 mile run (.2 was a warm up) and get through 2 sets – I ended up doing the burpees down to the squat hold (except I held that for a minute) then repeated the set a second time.  It took me just over 44 minutes.

       beef 035   beef 037

beef 036

I have to say that the hardest part was the one minute of jump roping – that’s tough! When I got back to the office, I sent an email to my sister and brother with my workout.  This was my brother’s workout at lunch:

Charlies workout

And check out my brother’s latest post – he posted in August – woop! 

Lunch was easy – a ham/mozzarella/baby spinach low carb wrap with carrots, strawberries, blueberries and grapes.

beef 017

And later in the day I had a low cal café mocha – for some reason I had a sweet tooth!  This is just a 25 calorie pack of cocoa mix with coffee and a splash of coffee creamer.  Jenn (cooking aweigh the pounds), I brought out the snowman cup you gave me! (I’d link to her blog, but it’s private now) Sad smile 

beef 041

With the roast we had over the weekend I had plans to make beef sandwiches and I paired that with my copycat Panera broccoli soup.   I wanted really thin pieces of meat, so I stuck the roast in the freezer for about 15 minutes – made it much easier.  On the stove I had 1 can of beef broth with 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning.  Bring that to a boil, remove from the heat and then add the shaved beef for just a couple minutes.  You just want to heat the meat enough but not cook it so it gets tough.

beef 020

beef 030

These are 150 calorie french bread rolls – I put them under the broiler with an ounce of mozzarella cheese and when that was all toasty and melty, I added in the 4 ounces of beef – I like a “wet” beef – so I poured a ladle full of au jus over the top of mine.  I like how the top part of the bread is all crunchy, and then the bottom of it is all soggy.

beef 028

The only thing missing?  Hot giardiniera!  I am completely out.

Last nights Insanity workout was Core Cardio & Balance, which is only 40 minutes long and it does slow strength moves.  I am happy to say I was able to do it 100% with no modifications – even all the leg work and shoulder work at the end!

beef 044

And my blog friend and reader Katie sent me this on Facebook which is hilarious – if anyone has done Insanity you’ll find this so funny – thanks Katie!

24 Things That Happen To You When You Decide to do the Insanity Program

I am to the first to admit that I do say “this shit is bananas!” when Shaun T says it.  Of course, he doesn’t swear, but I have a potty mouth. Open-mouthed smile

And I’ve been telling Heather for days (weeks?) that I would do a handstand and send it to her.  While she does hers freestyle (I will too soon!) I posted this to her in Instagram last night:  (and Skippy – note the snowman picture to the right that stays up all year!)

beef 045

She replied:  Whooooo!  You go girl!  #strong

Stats for the Day:

  • 1581 calories, 61 fat, 147 carbs, 29 fiber and 111 protein
  • 38% of calories from carbs, 35% of calories from fat and 27% from protein
  • 45 minute lunch workout run/circuit
  • 40 minute Insanity core cardio and balance

And I am happy to say that my friend NIcole’s cookbook is ready for purchase!  We met each other through our blogs years ago – only to find out we went to the same high school, except, ahem, she may have graduated about 15 years after me. Open-mouthed smile

61Okwb7 VXL._SX260_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_

Check out her husband’s vlog about making one of my recipes that made it in the book – my baja fresh grilled salsa, although I know she puts onions in hers.   You can check it out on page 17 of her book, which is also available at Barnes & Noble.  Thanks for the shout out Mr. P.!

Not sure if I’ll hit the outdoor pool today – when I woke up this morning it was only 49 degrees – feels more like October than August!  Time to get his show on the road – make it a great day!


47 thoughts on “Green Monster Breakfast Casserole

  1. WHAT?!? A hand stand??? And I thought I was impressed before… That breakfast casserole looks yummy, lots of protein!

    Yes, October – that’s how it feels. My pool has been too cold to swim in all month – ugh. Have a great day! 🙂

  2. The headstand is amazing! Wish I could do that. Your casserole looks good too. You are such an ambitious person. I love your energy. I can feel it just reading your blog!

  3. Great hand stand!!!
    Hey, just an FYI if you want to look into this: My mom doesn’t have any prescription coverage with her medicare, so I purchased a Walgreens Prescription Savings Card for her for $20/year. She saves quite a bit on her medications, but they are all generic. It might be worth checking into. Here’s the info link:

    • Yep, I checked into that – I actually got my prescription at Walgreen’s – it has to do with the agreed amount the pharmacy and insurance company have agreed upon – thanks though!

  4. Sweet handstand, Biz! I’ve decided I’d like to ask Tony how he’s feeling about the Sox season this year. Is it making him mad? Sad? Frustrated? I’m all of the above about it and annoyed! Have a great day! Hopefully it warms up this afternoon.

  5. Dang – that is a great handstand – I’m working on that so I can do handstand push-ups but I suck!!!
    That link to the Insanity thing was hilarious – I’m sitting out on my deck and the people working at the house across the street all looked over because I was laughing so hard!!!

  6. OMG great job on the headstand! Insurance companies suck! Good luck and hope you get the answers you need!

  7. I think your idea of a Green Monster Breakfast Casserole is genius. #pinning

    Please, please don’t use a snowman mug in the summer. I’ve just gotten over the snow we had in May and I fear that you are going to summon an early winter. 😉

    Handstand?! You go girl! You are so inspiring!

  8. I love Kalyn’s blog! Such yummy recipes. Hats off to you – you always make the best looking meals and they’re SO complete (veggies, fruits, protein).

    • That’s why I love using – I’ve been putting my food in the day before and tinker with it until I get as close as I can to 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. 😀

  9. Those handstands will build shoulder strength like whoa!! Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Jenn@Cooking Aweigh the LBs

    You should check out Costco, Walmart, and Walgreens for prescriptions. I believe that you can look up your meds at their sites and it will show how much you pay out of pocket. Walmart has a generic meds list that is only $4. You have to pay Walgreens an annual fee, but some of our meds are cheaper through them (even with the $35 fee.) There just has to be a better way for you! 😦

    Sorry about the private link! Glad you’re still enjoying the snowman mug….in August! You crack me up! 😀

    You’re a rockstar, Biz!!!!

    • Sadly the only “generic” for my insulin pen is going back to syringes, which I don’t want to do. I checked around the other pharmacies, and really only $10 bucks difference between them all. Thanks though! And don’t worry about the private blog – I get it!

  11. Wow! I wish I had thought about handstands (or headstands) when I was much younger. I’ll admit I’m a little afraid to try them now. 😦

  12. Insurance aside [do.NOT.get me.started] There are so many things to LOVE about this post.

    You posted a pic’ of probably my favorite, favorite food EVAH. The au jus sandwich and broccoli cheese soup. Forget licking the screen, I almost ATE my computer. Holy crap. Well, now I know what’s for dinner. heee

    And your brother’s note? I laughed hysterically. Brothers can be so *mean* can’t they? giggle I see the humor runs preeeeettttty deep in the Bizzy DNA.

    Finally – biggest smile on, first, the snowman cup. YAY! and then the handstand. YOU ARE AMAZING. I want to do that. Yeah, right. But to see the snowman pic? ::LOVE:: Squee!

    Separated at birth. I am telling you – you’re Mom had triplets. giggle

    Love you girlie. Keep doing what your doing. Your happiness is our happiness. So PROUD of you. xo

    • Yep, I knew you would get the whole insurance thang. And yes, I believe we were somehow separated at birth! #mysnowmanlovingtriplet!

      Hugs and Love J!

  13. broccoli cheese soup….YUM!

  14. Woowoo, handstand girl!!! Go Biz!!!

  15. That handstand is awesome! My wrists would snap like chicken bones if I put all my weight on them…oh yeah, I can’t flip my ass over my head either. But you can – yay for you:)!! I thought of you this morning when I saw the temp – I thought, “I wonder if Biz will go swimming today?”

    • OMG, I just spit out my water at your wrists snapping like chicken bones! And the answer to your question? No – it was 67 degrees today – but I am determined tomorrow, no matter the temp, to get out to the pool before it closes!

  16. Weighting For 50

    VERY impressive handstand!!!!! Sorry about the shitty insurance stuff you’re going through. Hope it all gets resolved ASAP!!! Have a great day SuperwomanVat!!!

  17. It doesn’t feel like October in Texas. 😦 (Except today it is raining.)

    • Nope – I have the weather set to our weather and my step-sons weather in Austin – I believe today’s high was 98 – ours was 70! Hang in there – hope you were able to get a small workout in today chica!

  18. I am liking that spinach dish. Just need the cottage cheese now. But that handstand-incredible! Today hubs and I went for our 3 mile walk. We stopped off at the fitness park and I can’t even do one pull up, let alone hold myself up on a bar for more than 2 seconds. You are inspiring Biz and I hope you know it!

  19. I had to laugh at Charlie’s workout…that was too funny! Love your handstand, you go!! Your sandwich looks good too, I want some beef! Oh, and I may…just may get to go in the pool next week, it’s supposed to hit 85…I soooo hope so or this month is shot!

  20. That mug is the cuteness! And what is the soup you served with your delicious sandwich? You never mentioned it that I could find. Great job on the hand stand! I haven’t tried that in years – I think I’d need some help getting up there-lol.

  21. I ask Tom all the time if he wants something I am eating if I know he detests it. So usually, like everyday 🙂

    Charlie’s workout is hilarious.

    Now I am wondering if I can do a handstand…nah, better not try it haha. Good job!

  22. Wow, that’s quite a workout! (yours, your brother’s… ummm not so impressive)

  23. There’s too much awesomeness going on here! Love the breakfast – it looks delicious. Looks like a pretty fun/tough workout too. What I’m really impressed with though is the handstand 🙂

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  25. […] be seeing her tomorrow!  I ended up having about 1/2 a cup of granola with another piece of my Green Monster casserole – no picture of my actual breakfast, but I ended up bringing the granola, pan and all, […]

  26. […] had the last square of my Green Monster casserole left for breakfast yesterday, but I decided to switch it up – the store brand of tortillas I buy […]

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