You Ask…Tony’s Answers

Happy Friday!  Here a few questions readers had to ask Tony, with his answers. Without further adieu:

Helen wants to know “Tony: How do you feel about Biz giving up her wine? I’m asking because I assume you have not given up your cocktails!”

I am always very impressed when Biz puts her mind to something. I am very proud of her and support her to the best of my abilities. She knows that she is not dieting/working out/giving up wine for me. I love the way she looks no matter what!

Your assumption is correct, there is no reason to talk all crazy.

Anne Marie wants to know: “tell us something about Biz that we don’t already know.”

Hmm, when sleeping next to her she doesn’t move. No turning over, no nothing. She sleeps so soundly I could have sex with another woman, in our bed, and she would never know. The really odd thing is that she usually drinks coffee an hour or so before going to bed.

She fears bugs more than anyone (except my son Joey who will run screaming from any bee).

I have to help her put on her workout bra, she usually comes to me looking like she has a straight jacket on, begging for assistance.

Mary wants to know:   “how he’s feeling about the Sox season this year. Is it making him mad? Sad? Frustrated? I’m all of the above about it and annoyed!”

I know not what you speak of. Years ago we had a baseball team in Chicago, now we have only the minor league team that plays in Wrigley Field. Perhaps we may again have a team on the south side, but that won’t be for a few years.

MJ wants to know “ why can’t girls fart?”

There are many things I refuse to discuss when it comes to womanly “issues”. I have found this to be the only way I can live with that horror. I adopted this as a young lad, and will, to this day put my fingers in my ears and yell blah blah until I have left the area. Unfortunately when the sound or smell of those things you asked about carry from the kitchen to the living room, I am forced to discuss the un- discussable. I think we can all agree that when that thing is going to happen she can go in the basement or outside, its the polite thing to do!

I hardly ever hot box, as you know I am a gentleman..

And Louise had a question about the Bears vs. Packers, but I didn’t see Tony’s reply to that in my email – I’ll update that later today – I think he’s officially gotten the football jones with all these pre-season games!


Louise …….Who is going to win when the Bears and Packers play each other?????

I think they will be a little closer games this year. November 4TH the Bears will squeak by 75-3, and they last game before the Bears enter the playoffs the Bears will crush the Fudgies 80-0. Soldier Field will erupt and the crowd wall all throw cheese wheels at the team that wears puke colors.

Helen also had a side question to me – asking if I’ve still given up my wine even though our DietBet challenge is over, and the answer to that is . . . YES!   For years I’ve been working out, eating pretty healthy, only to blow it by drinking wine at night which leads to . . . “I think I’ll just eat three cups of pretzels before going to bed!”  I actually thought it was going to be hard to ditch the wine – especially in the summer, but it hasn’t been a big deal.

I made another batch of crack granola, if for no other reason than to redeem myself from my last batch.  This one turned out perfect.  I am going to make more today and bring some to Hannah – I’ll be seeing her tomorrow!  I ended up having about 1/2 a cup of granola with another piece of my Green Monster casserole – no picture of my actual breakfast, but I ended up bringing the granola, pan and all, to cool on my drive to work. Open-mouthed smile

283 002

About have way to work I was at a stop light and looked in the back seat and realized I forgot my gym bag.  I had so much stuff I was carrying, the granola, my purse, my lunch bag, coffee – that I didn’t realize I was missing it and it was too late to turn back.

A few months ago I would have thought “just skip a workout – no big deal!”  But I know me.  One skipped workout at lunch morphs into one skipped Insanity, and before you know it I’ll have let three days go by without exercising!

So I drove to the bike path near my office – a quick 2 minute drive.  I haven’t been here in the longest time – in 2011 I used to bike this trail at least 3 times a week – I need to bring a pump to put air in my tires – my bike is still at the office!

PicMonkey Collage

I felt like Roz taking a walk at lunch and taking pictures!   I ended up walking for 40 minutes – I would have gone longer, but I was starting to get a blister on my right foot – my work shoes aren’t the best walking shoes!

I ended up bringing leftover Cincinnati chili for lunch.  While my granola was baking yesterday morning, I threw a spaghetti squash in the microwave to cook through.   It was small, so I nuked it for 5 minutes, let it cool and then just threw it in my lunch bag.  I find it easier to get the strands out if the squash is cold for some reason.

283 066

I mixed that with 1/3 cup of real spaghetti and 3/4 cup of chili with some cheese on top – filling and delicious!

283 068
On the way home I picked up my night time insulin.  I tried not to cry when this rang up.

283 069

But I try to put things into perspective.  It’s only money.  I am healthy.  Tony is healthy.  We have food to eat and a roof over our head.  In the whole grand scheme of things isn’t that all that matters?

And after reading Janetha’s blog yesterday – a friend of theirs has a daughter who was cancer free for a whole year – and now it’s come back and she needs a bone marrow transplant.

She went from this:


To this:

cami 2

Check out Janetha’s post about how you can help if you can – they are doing a fundraiser and also trying to find a bone marrow match.  I didn’t even know that they only need to take a swab of the inside of your mouth to make a match?  I just assumed it was a long drawn out process with lots of blood draws!

So I have officially burned my pity pants! Open-mouthed smile Devil

So what is a super delicious and cheap dinner you can have?  BBQ chicken drumsticks and baked potatoes!

283 070

I put olive oil and salt and pepper on baked potatoes and put them in the cold oven before I left work.  Tony turned the oven on at 400 degrees at 5:00 and they were ready by the time I got home to put everything else together.

We used the copycat Rudy’s BBQ sauce – so good!  We were both licking our fingers during dinner!

283 043
I threw some broccoli on the grill too:

283 041

I cook my legs to 170 – it may be on the higher side, but the meat was still juicy and tender – there is nothing worse than biting into a piece of chicken that is raw on the bone.  Not sure I know that first hand – ha!

283 042

I also don’t add the bbq sauce until the very end.  While I cooked the chicken on the grate above the heat, I finish them off on the grill.

283 050

283 052

While watching dinner we watched Top Chef Masters – love that show, and I love the admiration and respect these master chefs have for each other.  After that I got my Insanity pants on (not to be confused with the pity pants!) and banged out a 40 minute cardio power and resistance while Tony watched the Bears game.

He happened to come into the kitchen just as I was finishing, so we did a dual gun show shot!   I actually love that it isn’t in focus!

283 072

283 073

Stats for the Day:

  • 1875 calories, 78 fat, 138 carbs, 20 fiber and 124 protein
  • (snacks of honeydew melon, Chobani and almonds not photographed)
  • 29% of calories from carbs, 38% from fat and 33% from protein

I think Tony and I are going to try to create the best burger for Sutter Home’s burger contest for dinner tonight.   Um, first prize is $100,000 – YOLO!  We have an idea, which obviously turns out amazing in our head – we’ll see!

I think Tony will just be happy to read that last paragraph and realize he won’t have to eat pizza on a Friday night!

Make it a great day!


29 thoughts on “You Ask…Tony’s Answers

  1. Love Tony’s answers! Pretty scenic trails at work.

  2. Hi Biz! I love Tony’s answers. I haven’t tried Spaghetti squash yet. We’ve bought it a couple of times, but end up not cooking it and throwing it away. I like the idea of mixing it with a little real spaghetti to ease into it. You are on such a roll with all the exercise and cutting back lately and are truly inspiring. Go Biz!! You said you picked up night-time insulin. So you take two kinds? One at night and one before meals? I expect to be starting insulin after my next doctor’s visit (whenever I make the appt). Have a great Friday and enjoy that burger!

    • Actually mixing it in with regular pasta is a good way to get started on it. I cook it, keep it whole and store it in the fridge until I am ready to use it. Then once heated up, it has a lot of water in it, so I usually either strain it if I am at home, or put in paper towels at work and squeeze it out – otherwise whatever pasta/chili you put on top will end up getting watery.

      Yep, my night time insulin is slow acting – stays in my body 24 hours – the one before meals is fast acting to equal out the carbs I am about to eat. I know insulin sounds like a bummer, but its an awesome way to control your blood sugar.

  3. I stumbled onto your blog and love it! It’s probably somewhere in your blog but I can’t find it….how did you start on Insanity? Did you ease into it via something else or did you just start it? Needing encouragement as I begin it on Sunday (and I’m scared….!) Cheers

  4. “Your assumption is correct, there is no reason to talk all crazy.”

    Hahahaha! Tony sounds just like Mr. Helen. Congratulations on sticking to your guns with all the lifestyle changes you’ve made in the last couple of months. I’d bet you’re beginning to see that you’ll cross the finish line this time!

  5. You are a gem and you have a gem! And I think that burger idea could be a winner! Sounds good to me and i don’t even eat beef!

  6. Growing up, I thought that chili *had* noodles in it. Such are the ways of NE Wisconsin. Then I went to college in Western Wisconsin, near the MN border. They laughed at me when I asked where the noodles were in the chili. They had never heard of such a thing! I love to see that you are eating your chili over noodles. Feels like “home” to me. 😉

  7. I am going to laugh the rest of the day about Tony’s responses to a couple of those questions!!
    The unknown facts about you had me almost falling off the deck and then his thoughts on ladies farting sent me completely over – thank you for sharing those Q & As!!!
    Good luck winning the burger contest – I have no doubt that you will come up with a true winner!!!

  8. Hahahaha… Tony you know it will be the other way around don’t you??? You crack me up, guess time will tell about your prediction!!!! Love your answers though to all the questions….you guys make a good team!!!

    Had to laugh about chili and noodles. When we lived in Chicago (suburbs of Chi) Chili consisted of chili……when we moved to Wisconsin…..there were noodles in the chili…..that’s weird I thought. But I got used to it. I still like chili with crackers or melted cheese over it…yum! I like spaghetti squash, never thought to put that in the chili.

    Love the pictures on your bike path, gosh by all means bring the pump and pump up those tires on your bike and take a few rides down that bike path. I got my bike fixed and have been peddling around town….wish there was a bike trail close by that is not on busy streets.

    Have a great day!!!

  9. So great to see your comment today, I was wondering if all my blog friends would forget about me 🙂 Summer was insanely busy, tiring, but so fun, I am sure you know what I am talking about!

    I don’t move either when I sleep! We have this huge King size bed and Glenn pretty much has it all to himself.

    Hmmmmm, Crack Granola, must check that out asap!!!!

    • How could I forget you – you are my thrifting twin sister from another mother who lives in California! 😀 Every couple days I’d click to your blog, and when I saw it was still the July video I smiled, because I knew you were enjoying time with your kids! 😀

  10. hahahhaha “he sleeps so soundly I could have sex with another woman, in our bed, and she would never know” omgosh omgosh. Your husband cracks me up. I looked for spaghetti squash yesterday and couldn’t find any- bah- so good! Perfect chicken for dinner. Happy Friday

    • Maybe when it gets to be in the fall you’ll have better luck finding it – its hard for me to find in the summer along with acorn and butternut squash. Happy Friday Erica!!

  11. Weighting For 50

    I LOVE Tony’s answers. I envy your sound sleep! And because I feel comfortable commenting to you, I’ll share that sometimes, I fart despite being a girl! 🙂 OMG..I did NOT write that. Well, yes I did… 🙂
    So love your lunchtime walk pictures. If we lived in the same country, we could walk and snap together! (sounds a bit wrong, doesn’t it?)
    Have a wonderful Friday Vat and Tony.

  12. Haha, I love it. Tony is hilarious.

  13. Tony you had me cracking up with the sports bra thing and the farting thing. What is it with you guys (my hubs is the same way) and farts? Put on your man pants and deal with it! haha. Biz I’m tossing and turning so much trying to get comfortable I’m sure my hubs wishes I slept like you. Maybe him and Tony need to do a wife trade. bwah! On the bright side of paying so much, at least you’re over $500 into your deductible now. :/

    • Thanks for looking on the bright side V! I used a body pillow when I was pregnant with Hannah – worked like a charm! 😀

      • I’m using one too – it usually helps but two nights ago it threw my back out! Sleeping without it last night helped. I think I just threw my leg over it a little to far.

  14. Tony is so funny, love that guy especially how supportive he is with you.

    I am giving up wine after my vacation. I have the same attitude you had: I eat healthy during the day, workout and then have wine almost every night. Besides all those empty calories start to show on my belly.

    Love your walking photos. Always nice to see the areas my blogger friends live.

  15. Bahahahaha, Tony’s confessions about helping you with the sports bra. MAK always has to help me get mine off! I can get it on and all, but as soon as I get home all sweaty and gross, it’s either get help or cut it off!

    Can’t wait to see your burger creation!

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