I can’t think of a blog title.

Another whirlwind weekend is in the books.  Even with having half a day on Friday the weekend went by way too fast.

Saturday I went to Chicago to Hannah’s block party on her street.  It had a live D.J., tons of food and the weather couldn’t have been better.  Hannah’s best friend Melody was there with her son.  I am so proud of Mel.  She was 19 when she got pregnant, and almost gave her son up for adoption, but changed her mind at the last minute.

While I was four years older when I had Hannah, the decision was just as hard for me.  And now I couldn’t imagine my life without her in it.

Here he is – with cookie all over his face.

BParty 002

BParty 007

BParty 018

BParty 028

He had the best time – so much to see and do!  A bouncy house, tons of bikes and balls.  He’ll be two in October – just so cute.  And he got a teenage mutant ninja turtle tattoo!

BParty 039

So proud of you Mel!

BParty 031

I actually put on makeup – on a Saturday!

BParty 041

BParty 046

And Rhonda, this picture is for you!  Hannah’s dog Rummy – so cute!

BParty 044

Hannah lives with her boyfriend Jacob.  He goes to Columbia and just got a job at Universal Music.  He is majoring in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management – so working at Universal Music is a huge deal!

BParty 024

I actually didn’t eat a whole lot while I was there, although I totally forgot about this broccoli salad with ramen noodles – it’s so good! And since I was driving, I stuck with water. Open-mouthed smile

BParty 004

I stayed for about four hours, but apparently the party went into the wee hours of the morning – glad I left when I did!  I am too old to party like that anymore. Open-mouthed smile

And I did something I haven’t done in a long time – I slept in until 10:30 yesterday morning!  I must have needed the sleep.  I had a lazy morning and afternoon.  Tony made me a delicious breakfast – even making his own breakfast sausage!

WW 029

And we’ve been watching the Little League World Series – those kids are really awesome baseball players!  But by mid-afternoon I knew I had to get some stuff done.  I did an inventory of our pantry/fridge/freezer.  After the sticker shock of spending over $600 dollars in medication last week, I figured I could come up with a meal plan for the week mostly with what we have on hand. 

I ended up just getting a few things at the store – so check out my weekly grocery receipt!  $22.42!  Not bad at all. Open-mouthed smile

BParty 003

Tony and I ended up sitting outside and watching football.  Earlier in the day I realized I had four small packages of chicken and a chicken carcass from when we grilled a whole chicken.  I made a pot of chicken noodle soup just to have for my lunches this week, and we ended up just having soup and sandwiches for dinner – easy and delicious!

BParty 099

We stayed outside until it got dark – the weather was perfect and just starting to get chili when we came inside around 8:15.  I tried to get a picture of Tony smoking his cigar, but couldn’t find the right setting on my camera – you can kind of tell its Tony!

BParty 105

I intentionally took the weekend off from exercising, and my body thanks me for it.  I’ve been going strong for nearly 80 days, but my body was telling me “hey lady, you are 45 years old!”   Our temps are finally supposed to feel like summer this week, so it will be back to the pool at lunch and back to Insanity at night. 

It was my co-workers birthday yesterday so I made a new batch of Chobani muffins – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow – I hope they taste as good as they look!

BParty 080

BParty 081

Alright, time to get this show on the road.  What was the highlight of your weekend?  Make it a great day!


39 thoughts on “I can’t think of a blog title.

  1. Looks like a great weekend! Hannah is such a beautiful girl, she looks like her Mom.

  2. I was going to say the same thing that Fran did – Hannah is super cute – and you can definitely tell that she is your daughter!!!
    Glad you had a couple days to rest your body!!!

  3. I’ve been pinching grocery pennies ever since Mr. Helen was furloughed. I actually was amazed at how much stuff I tend to stock up and then don’t use forever, so I’ve decided that I would keep up the trend of just buying less.

    I love the broccoli salad with the ramen noodles too!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. My highlight…doing nothing -ok, I did get dressed on Sat, but Sunday was a pj day. I spent the day changing a manuscript from first person presnt tense to third person and deciding I liked it better first person, so yes, I changed it back again…therefore, I suppose I wasted an entire day, lol!

  5. I 100% admire Hannah’s friend. I say to my husband all of the time that I don’t know how single moms, or young moms do it. They are true rockstars!! Can’t wait to see the Chobani muffin recipe!

    • It’s funny Anne Marie – when Hannah was little I worked at a law firm where one of my attorneys had a six month old. He came in one morning and was complaining about how tired he was. I had to remind him that he had a stay at home wife AND a nanny – and that it was always my turn to do everything. He didn’t complain much after that!

  6. Glad you had fun with Hannah. Rummy is adorable! Ah love love love. It was a quick weekend, but definitely a good one 🙂

  7. OH….now I see Tony……hahahaha at first I thought you were playing with us, a blank picture, then finally I saw a hand and now….just now a face 🙂

    Looks like lots of fun at the picnic. Bravo for Hannah’s friend keeping her baby….wish I had not listened to those voices saying “get rid of it”. But I guess she is happier in her life now then if I had kept her…..oh well, such is life.

    A “no title blog”…..yeah sometimes I get those days. Will be fun to see what you come up with menu wise this week. We’ve been low on funds this week, so not as much shopping going on. Just using a lot of what’s in the freezer. After a 17 hour power outage, I decided I had too much in the freezer too loose, so I decided to start using the food stored…..along with fresh vegies that have been given to me.

    Not much going on this weekend….spray painted my 40 year old chairs, was about all going on. See my blog for today. Next week end we may take a road trip for our 40th anniversary to Algoma or Door county, maybe. Have a great day 🙂

  8. Awww, Hannah’s dog is so cute! And the shot of you and her together? Yep – definitely related! 🙂

    Good on you for taking a couple of days off working out. Better to do that than end up with an overuse injury, right?

  9. I thought you were going to change the name of your blog – not just trying to think up a post title!

    You look amazing, and Hannah is beautiful. Reading this post makes me happy!

    • Ha – just some days I just can’t think of a clever title, and I didn’t want to waste any time trying to come up with one. 😀 Thanks for the compliment Leslie!!

  10. Sounds like a fun weekend Biz! I’ve seen block parties on tv but, never been to one myself. To have a block party here would consist of myself and my hubs…lol! Maybe my two neighbors girls behind me 🙂 Nothing exciting here, took my dogs to get microchipped, vacuumed the pool and intend to be in it within the hour 🙂

  11. Sometimes I think we are on the same wavelength. I had a hard time coming up with a blog title for today’s post, too. Spent way too much time on that!

    I am also challenging myself to only use what’s in the fridge, pantry and freezer for the rest of the month!

    Glad you had such a nice weekend.

  12. I wonder how many blog posts you have…I mean it has to be thousands by now. And you finally couldn’t come up with a title! Amazing you can come up with one every day. The block party looks so fun! We too are on a small grocery budget this week (bought our baby bedding!) and eating out of our freezer/pantry. I found so much fish in the freezer!! So we are going to get fishy with it this week. I LoVE that pic of Tony – it’s so cool how dark it is!! And those muffins look delectable. YUM!

  13. What a fun weekend you had! Every once in awhile I try and stock of my kitchen as well…..we often forget how much is really in there!

  14. I’ve never had a broccoli salad with ramen noodles; will have to look that one up because the ramen coleslaw is one of my favorites!

    I’m also meal planning from the pantry/freezer this week; back to school for the 9 year old means lots of $$ flying out of my wallet. Dear Lord!

  15. Sounds like a great weekend! And way to go at the grocery store! I’m trying to build as many meals as possible around homegrown tomatoes and zucchini…

    The kid had a sleepover with his best friend, whom he hadn’t seen in 5 weeks. It was definitely the highlight of his weekend! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  16. Squirrel’s best friend from HS went a different route when they graduated – Sq. went to college and her BFF got pregnant. I, too, am so proud this little girl [I always think of her little – I have know here since she was preteen] She is a GREAT Momma, with a beautiful baby and a great job. Squirrel is the baby’s Godmother. I am proud of them both and love them.

    I know what you mean.

    Probably my most serious comment [EVAH!] to you, but it’s all I got tonight. It’s a suck-kicking-my-ass-kind of day.

  17. Ahhhhhhhh he couldn’t be cuter…..! I love his little cardigan!!!

    Glad you took the weekend off from exercise – that is needed from time to time, right? 🙂

  18. What a cute kid he is! Great pics.
    Highlight of my weekend was a knife skills class. I feel so professional now! 😉

  19. :0 How did you only manage to spend $22 on a weeks shopping, I’m actually jealous 🙂

    • Well, it helped that I have meat in the freezer – and there is only 2 of us. And for the record, Tony doesn’t eat much during the day – maybe a sandwich, or sometimes hard boiled eggs, or just muffins!

  20. Yay, thank you for the adorable Boston Terrier picture. I could look at those funny faces all day. Of course, Mel’s son is adorable too 🙂

    I am glad you had a weekend off to recharge, we all need that sometimes.

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