Grown Up Spaghettios For One

One of the first things I do upon waking up is make myself a cup of coffee.  I love our Keurig if for no other reason than I can have stinky coffee.  By that I mean flavored coffee that Tony wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole.  I don’t like it every day, but once in a while I have a jones for it.

pork 002

Cinnamon Bun is the name of my step-son and daughter in laws pug – I put that on Instagram and told them “it’s going to be a great day!” 


I made so many black beans the other night when I made quesadillas, I told Tony that one way to use them up was to add them to a spinach omelet.  I seriously think he went into the bathroom and puked with just the thought of black beans in eggs. Open-mouthed smile

I love, love black beans and sometimes I need to remind myself to make them for me even though Tony isn’t a fan.  I put 1 cup of baby spinach in the bottom of my skillet, let it wilt about 30 seconds, then added 1/4 cup of my seasoned black beans, 1 egg and 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites and 3/4 ounce of cheddar cheese.

I am sure my method is wrong, but it works for me.  I cook my omelets with a lid on them.  I don’t touch them at all – this way they cook from the top and the bottom at the same time.  I don’t actually flip it into an omelet shape until the very end.  It doesn’t look that great, but it was tasty!

pork 003

I had to run an errand at lunch yesterday, so no lunch workout.  I did happen to pass by my favorite store, so I just had to go in!

pork 007

pork 009

I wonder who made that coffee cup after me?  Open-mouthed smile

pork 010

That middle mustard looks so interesting – triple crunch?  However, with a $12.95 price tag, it was easy to move on. Open-mouthed smile

Okay, long time readers will know that I loved spaghettios growing up.  Like a lot.  Nothing better than that with white buttered toast for dipping on the side.  I haven’t actually had a can in years, but I know I would still love it.

I’ve made grown up versions before, but yesterday morning I was in a hurry and didn’t feel like making a whole pot, so this is my version for one serving.

Grown Up Spaghettios for One

(my fatsecret site is down so I’ll update the nutrition info once its back up)

Ingredients for the Meatballs:

  • 1 ounce ground sirloin
  • 1.5 ounces ground pork
  • 1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasoning
  • 1 tablespoon panko bread crumbs
  • salt and pepper
  • pinch of crushed red pepper
  • 1 cup cooked pasta of your choice (I used from 2 ounces dry)

Since there wasn’t a whole lot of meat for these meatballs, they cooked up in no time – I ended up with about 8 a little bigger than marble sized balls.  I just Pam fried them for about 4 minutes.

In my pot, I added 1 cup of tomato puree, 1 cup of beef broth, 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper and 1 cup of chopped baby spinach.  I just let that cook down for literally 10 minutes, then added the meatballs to the soup and cooked for about 5 more minutes.  I happened to have leftover pasta in my fridge, so I added that at the same time as the meatballs.

pork 011

pork 016

pork 020

This was so filling and delicious – I do remember it came to around 500 calories for this bowl, but it was worth every calorie.

I did have a small snack in the afternoon – 1/2 ounce of almonds mixed with 2 tablespoons semi sweet chocolate chips.

pork 014

While I love really big thick chops, since Tony’s colon cancer surgery, he isn’t a fan of thick chops anymore.  What works great?  Shoulder blade pork steaks.  Check them out the next time you go to the store.  They cost a fraction of the price of regular pork chops, and since they have a small bone in them, the flavor is out of this world. 

Tony and I ended up hanging outside and chatting until nearly 7:30 last night so I put some abborrio rice in the rice maker while I grilled the pork steaks.  Tony’s just had pepper and garlic salt, with BBQ sauce on the side – I grilled mine with the copycat Rudy’s BBQ sauce.  I could not get the lighting right on this pic!

pork 021

pork 030

I ended up tossing the cooked rice with Parmesan cheese, diced apple and edamame – word of advice, don’t waste good risotto rice in the rice maker, because it obviously wasn’t creamy at all – still tasted okay though – and not bad for putting together a 15 minute dinner!

pork 038

The pork steak was so juicy – it’s okay for pork to be pink people! Open-mouthed smile

pork 039

So by the time we ate, I cleaned the kitchen and let dinner settle a bit – it was about 8:45.  I did not want to work out.  But, I knew I would be upset at myself today if I didn’t.  It’s all about consistency in weight loss, and since I didn’t work out at lunch, I rationalized that NOT working out was not an option.

42 minutes later – I was done!  And sweaty.

pork 002

I was trying to take a picture of the sweat on my shoulder and arms but love that you can see sweat dripping off my lip!

pork 007

pork 017

Since is down this morning, no stats, but it was around 1650 for the day. 

Alright – the tornado of putting my food together for the day is about to begin.  And I have already made stuffed peppers for dinner this morning so I only need to bake them tonight – easy peasy!

Question of the Day:  How do you convince yourself to work out if you don’t want to?

Make it a great day!


52 thoughts on “Grown Up Spaghettios For One

  1. I tell myself I’m just going to try to do something for 10 minutes and if I really, really, REALLY still want to quit, I can. Of course, once I’m 10 minutes in, I’m not quitting!

  2. I’m similar to you in the sense that once I skip a day, it’s much easier to skip more and more. So, I’ve just been telling myself it’s not going to get done unless I do it! I love love grilled pork steak-we used to have those all the time when I was a kid. They are delicious with BBQ sauce! I’m with you on flavored coffee-I’m sitting here drinking hazelnut from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf…feeling so sophisticated! Have a great day!

  3. I love that you do so much in the morning! That’s one of my goals, to make better use of my time to get things ready for dinner so it’s not such a rush after work. Your ‘spaghettios’ look delish! 🙂

  4. Not pretty?!

    Dude. That is one UGGGGLEEEE omelet. “Not pretty” insults the homely omelets of this world.

    But I know it was goooood. hee

    And for one time, and only one time – I am going to have to disagree with you. [Okay, the second time because obviously I think that is a helluva uglier omelet than you do] but. . .

    Pork, pink? A little pink? Blush on the rose? HELL to the NOES. Call me old school, say I am cautious, taunt me with “Salmonella Free Skippy” chants, but NO.

    Pork is not to be medium, medium rare or oinking on the table. It ain’t beef – and pork cooked right [to internal temp and not overcooked] is so yummy, so juicy and so not at all getting me dead from food poisoning that I will never, ever eat any little piggy any little pink.

    So Biz, can you tell I am not a proponent of “a little pink in your pork” is okay?

    I am keeping that color for my steaks and my lipgloss. TYVM


    Y’know what? You’re like the Army. Remember that commercial? The one that says “We do more before 8 am than most people do all day?” That is YOU.


    And cold spagettios straight out of the can with a plastic spork? That is the thing childhood memories are made of baby. HA! Yours look great – and definitely “grown up”. 🙂

    Okay ::wiping my hands together:: I think my work here is done. ::wink:: I love ya’ girlie – have a great day. xo JG

    • I wish I could convince you to just TRY a pink pork chop and you’ll see how much more flavor you get – but then again, I don’t want to get you sick and then you go blaming me – you’ve got enough sicky things going on – hee hee!

      I LOVED the video of you seeing your house and how excited you get seeing it as if its the first time you see it. You’ll have to send my your mailing address – I think I have some snowmen that need a new home!

      • No, it is like your hated onions to me. Bile would rise in my throat. I am SO not ever doing that.

        And you? Have not ever had pork cooked perfectly if you have to have it a bit pink. I appreciate it is the *new* thing, but I can’t, won’t and will never go there. [not arguing, but it really is your onions/my pink pork thing] Besides, Pooldad [and me for that matter..I think?] cook a mean roast and chop. YOU come HERE and I will TEACH you. [ha, right!!!me teach you anything about cooking. the absurdity wounds me.]

        I am stealing the term “sicky things” Cracks me up. I LOVE it.

        And unless you hand deliver those snowman they stay there. ::wink:: And you had best be holding Hannah’s and Tony’s hands while you balance it on your head when you show up at my door.

        Do you know I have a little paper snowman that you sent me with your wonderful Box o’ snowmen last year hanging on my fridge in the temp home? He is moving with us…and will once again be *on the cold* on our new fridge.

        Thanks for the support Biz. And the well done pork. LOVE YOU!

  5. I’m with you–I hate the feeling of not fulfilling a workout, but if I’m really not feeling it I’ll adjust accordingly and maybe not do what I scheduled myself to do. As long as I’ve done something, I feel good. As they say: sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

  6. Had to laugh at the Spaghetti-o’s. When my stepson was about 7 years old, that was one of the few things he would eat. He was so picky! I bet you’d think the canned ones are WAY too sweet now. Ugh.

  7. OMG to SkippyMom. Her rant made me giggle 🙂 It doesn’t hurt that I agree with her on no pink pigs. I always test the temperature of pork. I guess both of us are not to fond of hanging out over the “Porcelain Throne.” I have never liked Spaghetti-o’s, beef-a-roni or the ravioli . Something about the orange sauce flavor just didn’t sit with me. I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite because I did feed them to my daughter and she loved them. Your grown up version looks great!

  8. Bahahaha…I totally sweat like that whe nI run or do Insanity. It just shows you how much of a strong beast you are! 🙂 Woot woot! And I don’t think I’ve ever had spaghettios in my life…tsk tsk on me. Hahaha

  9. Oh man, that mustard brings back memories. Its from Ontario, Canada and I used to buy all the different flavors when I lived there. Check out They are only 6.00(CAD) on the site, but I don’t think they ship to the US. The triple crunch is great, as are all of the mustards.

    • What?? I’ll have to check that site out. You might not know this, but I love mustard so much, Tony took me to the mustard museum in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin! I puffy heart mustard. 😀

  10. Husband Jeff and I went out for dinner at Merchant in Madison, WI and he ordered a cured meats appetizer, which included a couple mustards. One was a spicy smooth one and the other was a grainy one with whole mustard seeds like the one you saw at Sur la Table. They were both so good that I ate them plain with my fork! I was surprised, I figured the mustard seed one would be super spicy with lots of bite, but it wasn’t at all, it was more regular. Tasty.

  11. You ROCK, and have turned into a lean, mean, fitness machiine! Your dedication to being fit is inspirational, maybe the bug will eventually catch up with me;-). I am not sure what happened, but I am no longer gettig you blog via email? 😦

  12. I have never ever been a spaghettio’s person – and neither is Colin. Not sure why?!
    You are I are sweaty sisters – I sweat like that every time I workout!!

  13. I LOVEEEEEEEE black beans too. I’m glad Kay is a fan as well…gives me an excuse to cook them up! The spaghetti=delicious. Pasta is one of the most comforting foods. Way to get the workout done rocker!

  14. I used to LOVE Spaghettios back in the day. LOVE. A Spaghettio sandwich, made with white bread and butter, holy yum. 🙂 Thanks for bringing back those memories!

    As for working out when I don’t want to – I tell myself that I can stop after a short time. Of course I don’t stop, but I COULD!!! 😉

  15. I must admit the omelet scared me a little bit too! I can see how black beans would work but, I’d have to hide them…lol! My son was a huge fan of raviolis, he would eat them cold right out of the can. I would cringe! Yard work has been my workout lately and I do it because it won’t get done otherwise and I must have deer food…tee hee 😉

  16. Answer: I don’t convince myself to work out. That’s my problem! I’m so hot and cold – all amped up and inspired, work out a few days and then bam! I just stop. I don’t know why – it’s such a mental thing! It’s so easy for me to give up – I’ve always been good at that ;), but I continue to find inspiration in people like you and so many of your readers! I know that I’m the only person that can make me do anything – I just need more faith in myself.
    Love flavored coffee, LOVE black beans and love spaghetti – just not all at the same time:) Thanks again for your daily insight – we’re so lucky you take the time for us and let us have a peek at your bizzy world.

    • Aw Lynne – thanks for the comment! I used to be like that – all gung ho and then just – blah. This is the longest streak I’ve had in a while – I am psyched to see how far I can keep going! Thanks for being such a cheerleader!

  17. I never had spaghettios (or beanie weenies, or canned ravioli – any of that stuff) growing up! So I don’t have a fondness for it, but now that you’ve mentioned spaghettios I really want canned them now!! Your grown up version looks fantastic. Good for you for doing your workout despite not wanting to.

    • Okay, now I need to look up what beanie weenies are V!

      • Are you kidding? Don’t you remember the “itsy bitsy teenie weenie, Pork and VanCamps Beenie Weenies” song from the commercial? LOL! You really got me craving spaghettios so I bought myself a can and had them before work. I actually enjoyed them, despite the meat tasting imposterish. lol

  18. *I really want them now* – the word canned was leftover from writing it differently and forgetting to delete – lol.

  19. Yep, that’s the way I make my omelets also…….but then I think I learned it from you 🙂 Never tried the black beans though, is on my bucket list to try. Gosh Biz…you didn’t mention if you put hot sauce on your omelet…..I do 😀 since I have known you. Which reminds me, making crock pot stew….must add a little hot sauce……. 😉

    Well, when I get on my bike, I say, lets just go around the block, then I say, one more block, okay then just one more block then go home…….When I get home….oh heck, lets go around the block again. I do that on my stationary bike too….one more mile….okay, lets go for one more. Not sure what this technique is called, but it works for me.

    I guess I am from the “old school” cook your pork all the way through. No pink. I guess some meats are meant to be pink others not so much.

    Spaghetti-o’s recipe looks like a fun recipe. Must try….is that on the side panel here? Just in case? You have to figure out a way that we can print your recipes, but until then I will cut and paste 🙂

    • OH…forgot to mention. I love my Keurig coffee machine too. Have to have my coffee as I sit by the computer reading your blog. Once in a while I like flavored coffee. Door County Coffee had “Peanut Crush” gosh did I like that one. They have not made that for a while. 😦

      Yesterday I had “strawberry shortcake” at the Express when I got our gas. Otherwise my Keurig makes a good cup of coffee. Decaf with flavored international creamer and stevia.

    • Hey Louise – I should have posted the picture of the “after” shot of omelet, don’t worry, it was covered in hot sauce!

      Here is the original link to the Grown Up Spaghettios:

  20. I LOVE that ‘grown up’ spaghettios recipes…definitely need to put that on the menu soon! Congrats on getting that workout in – GO YOU!!!! 🙂

  21. I laughed at the name ‘cinnamon bun’ and ‘if only monday morning’s were as easy as I am.’ Thanks for the chuckle on this gross dreary day….!

  22. It is my understanding that the USDA used to recommend cooking pork until it was at 160, or no longer pink. They have changed that and now recommend 145 or pink. As a person that likes rare meats I think if you try your pork a little rare the flavor is much better.

    I may not understand, or be willing to discuss a woman’s undercarriage but I do understand meat!

    • Thank you for clarifying that Mr. Bizmoto! I love you more than Party Pizza Friday, Top Chef Masters, Chopped, America’s Test Kitchen, Cheese and mustard. . . COMBINED! Now that’s some lovin! 😀

  23. It all looks so yummy except the flavored coffee. I’m a coffee purist–like it real, hot and strong with half and half. No flavors ever tempt me but that cup sure does.


  24. I have to tell you, that looks better than any Spaghettio’s I had as a child!

  25. Usually I use Helen’s approach: do it for 10 minutes and if I still don’t want to, I can stop. But now I’m having vacation and if I don’t feel like going, I just don’t. Next week I’m going back to regular running to get back in my routine.

    The pasta looks delicious.

    I make a lot of things just for me. R. doesn’t like a lot of vegetables so I make them for me or add them later to a dish because I do like almost all vegetables.

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