That Shit is Bananas, Yo

For some reason yesterday morning, I was not hungry.  That hardly ever happens.  I almost always wake up with a growling stomach.  So around 9:30 I finally ate a Chobani.

nachos 007

And then around 11:30 I ate some watermelon.

nachos 008

Before my workout my blood sugar was 236 – perfect!  When I got to the pool I thought both the indoor and outdoor pool were closed, but it’s just the indoor pool that is closed this week for maintenance and cleaning.

nachos 015

nachos 012

Now even the kindergarteners are back in school so it was just me and one Mom and her 2 year old in the zero depth pool.  #loveit.

I swam my usual 30 minutes and when I got out of the pool I was hangry!  I had a cup and a half of black bean soup and I made chicken spinach nachos with some of the leftover grilled chicken we made over the weekend.

nachos 006

My black bean soup was so easy – I made WAY too many seasoned black beans the week before.  I took 4 cups of the beans, put that with four cups of chicken broth, and threw in 1 whole chipotle pepper.  Pureed and then added the corn off of two cobs of corn we never ate last week. 

My treats I brought to work?  I had so much hope!  The banana bread started out with Chobani, peanut butter and banana cream pudding – how bad could that be?

8.25 476

The batter was so creamy!

8.25 481

But even though the outside was pulling away from the sides and it looked like it was getting too dark, I pulled it out of the oven.  It looked fine until it cooled and the whole center fell.  It was undercooked. Sad smile

nachos 011

It even had a crunchy peanut butter glaze, but only 4 pieces were eaten, and I am sure after the first bite they through it out.  It’s the thought though, right?!

I am super proud of myself – around noon more treats were brought out – lots of cheese, salami, crackers.  Guess what I did?  I walked on by! 

nachos 009

I am following a girl on Instagram called MShelllll (yes, that is 5 L’s!)  You can find her at MShell Fitness.  While I am totally NOT into female bodybuilding, she does have some good workouts that I want to follow.  Anywho. she posted a short video on Instagram a while back that said “don’t use food as a treat – you are not a dog.”   It suddenly dawned on me that I would do that all the time.

If I had a good workout, I deserved a third (or fourth!) piece of pizza.  Or maybe I could have that piece of cake because “I’ve been so good at the gym.”  Well you can’t lose weight if you work out and then “treat” yourself to stuff so you never see the benefit of the workout in the first place.  Which is probably why I’ve pretty much maintained (well, or gained earlier this year) the last five years of this blog. #lightbulbmoment

It was hot yesterday – finally feels like summer!  Tony and I sat outside for almost an hour because it was cooler outside than it was in the house.  We finally decided to turn the air on – had we left it off it would have been like doing hot yoga, but Insanity style!

Dinner was super quick – Tony and I split a grilled Italian sausage, each had 5 cheese ravioli (serving size – 230 calories) and I added baby spinach and marinara sauce to mine – Tony no likey the red sauce, so he has some butter and Parmesan cheese.  I could do shots of red sauce! Open-mouthed smile

nachos 008

While we ate dinner we watched this weeks episode of Ray Donovan.  It’s really getting good!  Then it was Pure Cardio – it’s only 39 minutes long, but it’s a tough one.  But I am happy to say, as I reach almost day 90 of Insanity, I can do the whole thing 110%!

nachos 027

Stats for the Day:

  • 30 minute swim
  • 39 minute Pure Cardio Insanity
  • 1204 calories, 40 fat, 136 carbs, 16 fiber and 74 protein
  • 45% of calories from carbs, 31% from fat and 24% from protein

It’s funny because I’ve been doing Insanity for so long, I can pretty much say all of Shaun T’s phrases – after pure cardio, he drops to the ground and says “That shit is bananas, yo!”  Okay, maybe I just put the word “shit”in there, but it works, okay?! Open-mouthed smile

My calories were a bit low yesterday, so I’ll bump that up today.  I actually think it’s good for your body not to feed it exactly the same amount of calories every day – keeps it guessing!

Question of the Day: How often do you reward yourself with food treats?

Make it a great day!


41 thoughts on “That Shit is Bananas, Yo

  1. I like your saying better than Shaun T’s!!!
    I reward myself with my evening cocktail – I thought about following your lead and giving it up (I did all of last week!) but changed my mind!!!

  2. I love black bean soup! Must try this!

    Your dinner looks like a dream. I could eat it right now!

    Way to walk on by the cheese, salami, etc. I’m not at a point right now where I’d be strong enough. Heck, last week I wasted over 500 calories on those darn edible arrangements. WTG Biz!!!

  3. Thats a great thought! I’ll have to remember that. I reward myself with coffee sometimes 🙂 ….is that bad? Sorry the baked good didn’t turn out. Bummer. Hooray for a free pool area. Black bean soup is one of my favorites- I need to make it again soon

  4. Hey there, I am in operation, plan meals outta my freezer…..ideas for ham steak, brats, soup bones and stew meat. besides the obvious, I am fresh out of ideas *stumped* GO! 🙂 thanks Biz!!

  5. We have a tradition here on Friday nights of an appetizer before dinner. We don’t do it every night because who needs that much food.

    It’s nice to relax after a long week, nosh on spinach artichoke dip [my personal fav] or a fruit and cheese tray or tater skins – with a cold beverage and talk about the week. Since we don’t eat meat on Fridays what I make is usually pretty healthy, but still a treat.

    Otherwise? I am never really hungry enough to want something special just for myself and rarely do I do anything worthy to garner a treat. HA! [Plus, is it really a treat when I have to make it myself? ::giggle::]

    Love ya’ girlie. LOOKING GOOD! If I don’t see you before next Wednesday, no worries – we’re just doing the move. And waiting on the cable company. 🙂 Hugs and love to y’all xo JG

    • I think that’s an awesome tradition Skippy! So close to your move and I think I am just as excited as you are! Don’t overdo it – let the movers do the work, that’s what they are getting paid for. Hugs!

  6. I finally learned that I can’t out exercise a bad diet. It is so tempting to treat ourselves with food and WW plays on that by telling us we can exercise and gain “activity points” which we can then eat. Ugh. I kind of hope their new CEO will make a few changes but I’m not holding my breath. 🙂

    You are doing great!

  7. I used to reward myself daily with food! Now I try to keep my ‘treats’ in check and on the healthier side. I also allow myself to have ice cream once a week because that’s what I love.

    Happy Banana Lover’s Day! 🙂 Too bad about that cake, it still looks yummy!

  8. I reward myself several times a day with food…hahaha.

    And I bet you could do those DVD’s from heart by now! I know I felt like that after a few weeks of the second round!! Love Shaun T though!

    • I do like Shaun T – but Tania still gets on my nerves – although I am following her on Instagram now and her son is kinda cute, so I can’t hate her that much. 😀

  9. It seems like every meal is a food reward but in a good way – I eat the foods I really enjoy things that taste good to me and that is a reward!

    I have been watching Ray Donovan and love it!

  10. Yay for a kid-free pool!! I try not to reward myself with food, but there’s always that little voice saying “you earned this – you deserve it!”…….

  11. Weighting For 50

    That pool is so inviting! Bummer ’bout the banana cake. Maybe you could repurpose it? Need a new doorstop? 🙂 Have a great Tuesday Vat!

  12. When I was running a lot, I got in the habit of feeling entitled to eat something big and yummy. That was soooo wrong! Then I wouldn’t see any progress. There’s a difference between refueling myself and replacing those calories “because I can”. 😉

  13. Her comment about the dog makes sense. I don’t think I treat myself but, I do have the bad habit of eating just to eat. Drinking lots of water helps but, some nights I swear I’m starving and I’m not! I bet it’s nice to have the pool to yourself again…yay! It’s rainy here today but, looking good the rest of the week.

  14. I don’t really use food as a reward – my problem is eating for absolutely no reason at all! I don’t even need to be hungry! What she said about using treats like a dog makes sense, though. I think rewards for achieving exercise goals are great – they just shouldn’t be food.
    That pool should have felt great today – it’s so hot!

  15. A guy named Tony doesn’t like red sauce? You girl, re going to make your goal. I know it!

  16. That is such a bummer about the bread. Boo. How nice and easy is that black bean soup?! Genius! I always have portions of beans in our fridge–I’ll have to give this a try.

  17. It would be extremely difficult for me to walk by a meat/cheese/veggie tray, but thankfully everyone in my building lives on cinnamon rolls and cookies. I can usually resist those without any sort of temptation!

  18. I am so impressed, 90 days of Insanity?! INSANE! I have to do that one of these days.
    I just got some new Chobani flavors today in the mail, and tried the coconut (WOWZA, SO DELICIOUS!). That, and a small brownie, was my food reward today. Every day I have a lil’ something 😉

  19. I am an emotional & social eater. Basically that means I am eating all the time. I don’t really reward myself with food but give me a bad day,stress, sadness, anger and I am all about food. Your daily blog titles are always a surprise.

  20. How often do I reward yourself with food treats?

    Never. I’m not a dog!

    LOL! Sorry, I read that question at the end there and actually answered out loud, cracked myself up and so of course, I had to comment.

    Actually I reward myself with food once a week, for an entire day. =D

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