Rest and Relaxation

Was the theme of this long weekend.  We had no specific plans and it was wonderful.  No where to be, no expectations.  I have the gift of sleep people.  I think both Friday and Saturday night I slept about 11 hours!  Saturday morning I woke up around 7 and Tony had the t.v. on.  I told him “it’s too early to get up” and shut my eyes and the next thing I knew it was 10:30!  I wish I could give Tony my gift of sleep for a night – he’s lucky to sleep 6.

I only worked out on Saturday – I am in MONTH FOUR of Insanity already, and back up to the 50-60 minute workouts.   Nice and schweaty. Open-mouthed smile

weekend 019

But my right foot hurts over the top of it.  I rested it both Sunday and Monday and I’ll see how it feels at the gym at lunch. 

Saturday I hadn’t gone to the grocery store yet and decided to see what frozen meat I could cook up.  Turns out January frozen chicken tastes just fine!  I like my pieces a bit charred.

weekend 024

Sunday we hung outside again and grilled.  This time a rolled beef round roast and this was delicious.  Simply black pepper and rosemary salt.

weekend 049

While we were outside, we could hear a woodpecker – those are very loud!  Tony always like to think a bird will land on his “perch.”  So far, that hasn’t happened.

weekend 005

Melissa, I thought of you while taking this picture! 

weekend 016

It was actually hanging upside down!  I’ve never seen a bird with colors like that before either.

weekend 030

For a $7 roast, this was delicious.  Plenty of leftovers too for breakfast hash, roast beef sandwiches and probably beef stroganoff.

weekend 041

Tony made me delicious breakfast burritos Sunday morning – he always somehow knows how to get the spices just right – this was my breakfast and lunch.

weekend 026

My Mom spent Labor Day with us.  She and I went to a farm in Harvard to get some Marai corn.  If you live around the Chicagoland area, this is really good corn and worth the $$ to get it if you ask me. 

My Mom and I though had expectations that it was going to be like Goebberts’s in South Barrington.


Um, turns out it was more of an industrial building/farm area, with just a small farm stand on the outside.


weekend 049

weekend 051

weekend 053

You know that onions weren’t purchased Open-mouthed smile

We ended up having a late afternoon supper of ribs, corn on the cob, grilled zucchini and baked beans.

weekend 064

My Mom was listening to the radio on the way to my house and was listening to some chefs talk about grilled peaches, so we decided to do that for dessert.  Cut the peaches, drizzle with a bit of sugar and grill, face down for a couple minutes, then flip.  Once the peaches cool slightly, the skin peeled right off.

We topped with Ben & Jerry’s vanilla bean ice cream and Mom and I had fresh basil on top.  Yes, insulin worthy!

weekend 078

weekend 080

weekend 086

Before dinner Mom and I walked around my neighborhood.  I put this picture on Facebook and told my sister and brother that Mom told me I was her favorite. Open-mouthed smile

weekend 084

I love this picture of her though!  She’ll be 73 years old in a few weeks – I think she looks great! Open-mouthed smile

weekend 072

So it was a restful and relaxing weekend, just what I needed.  I face talked with Hannah last night too for about 40 minutes.  She’s all organized for school and she’s getting promoted at Panera to be a shift manager, which will be a $1.50 raise.  She has a set work schedule too, which is nice – instead of wondering each week when she has to work.

It was chilly this morning – I had the back windows open where the computer is and it was 51 degrees – I am wearing a blanket and slippers – and I actually love it.  Fall is my favorite season.

Alright, the gym bag isn’t going to pack itself and my food isn’t going to get put together on it’s own either. 

Question of the Day:  What was the highlight of your weekend?

Today is the 15th anniversary of my Dad’s death.  I can’t believe he’s been gone that long already.  You can “meet” him here.  Miss you Dad!


43 thoughts on “Rest and Relaxation

  1. The highlight of my weekend was SLEEP. Glorious, glorious sleep. I slept in and took a few naps. Much needed!

    Have a great week, Biz!

  2. Hey Biz! It’s been awhile! I took a little bit of a break from the Internet. Isn’t it crazy how time marches on even with a lived one gone? My grandmother has been gone over 20 years, but some days it feels like she was just here! Just goes to show the great impact they have on us! Love to you and a hug!!!! Your weekend looks great, as does your mama! I would’ve never guessed 73! Awesome! There’s a pumpkin patch place similar to Goebberts that I can’t wait to go to later this fall. They are in Arthur, IL and actually decorated the White House for fall a couple of years ago.
    Food is looking good as always (DROOL over the peaches!) and I’m loving Tony’s perch. He would probably shit if a bird actually landed on there!!!!
    Have a great day and keep kicking ass on your workouts! You are looking more and more insane everyday! 😉

    • Hey Mary!! Yes, it does seem like it was yesterday my Dad was here – I would have loved for him to know his grandkids now that they are teenagers and twenty one! Yes, Tony would shit I think – Kyle the squirrel makes him run when he gets too close!

  3. We had a relaxing weekend, too. Just what we needed.

    I have always wondered about grilling peaches. I’ll have to try it!

    Have a great week, Biz!

  4. The highlight of my weekend was sleeping in on Sunday. It was the best night’s sleep EVER!
    I hope your foot is OK. I’m still nursing my foot injury – I don’t wish that on anyone (oh and thanks for the link – I’ve already checked it out!).

    • Heather, I think its my shoes! I wore flip flops on Sunday and Monday – today I wore good shoes to work and by the end of the day, my foot pain was almost gone – good luck with your new challenge – I know you will kick its ass – its only 24 days without coffee and alcohol!

  5. Oh, biz, your mom looks like so much fun. nd you make me miss Illinois woodpeckers and the farms. I love the farms. And your dad? going to check that out. My highlight was and is that my daughter is visiting for an entire week and I’m loving it!

  6. I love the photo of your Dad and Hannah napping! Way to go Hannah for the promotion. You must be a proud mommy. I like grilled peaches. We do ours with a balsalmic glaze. Yum.

    • Yep, that was their favorite way to nap – since Hannah and I lived with my parents from the time she was 2 months old until nearly 6 – they had a close relationship. 😀

  7. I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend and spent some time with your Mom! She looks great!

    And I love the woodpecker photo! I believe it’s either a Downy or Hairy Woodpecker…but I would need to see more of the back. If you think they’re loud though, you should hear a Pileated Woodpecker…those things sound like a jackhammer! Yay for woodpeckers though!

  8. We had such a fun summer weekend – I wrote about it on the blog, I think we managed to fit everything ‘summery’ in!

    I’m with you – loved the little chill in the air this am. We all bundled up for our walk to the bus stop.

    I died about the two nights of 11 hours of sleep – you are like my kids, LOL! That’s an awesome talent you have and lastly, I have two peaches sitting on my counter – you inspired me to get them on the grill tonight!

    • Yep, I actually thought I would lose my gift of sleep the older I got, but that hasn’t happened yet 😀 Hooray for all things summer Courtney! (especially your Green Egg!)

  9. Those peaches look amazing. I just read the story about your dad. Great story. I’m sorry for your loss. Do you have any pics of his artwork?

    • I’ll have to see what my Mom has – he did mostly children’s books illustration, but like school text books – and thanks for checking in on me yesterday! 😀

  10. The way Tony’s got his finger out there, it looks like a bird could easily crap in his face. I hope that’s not what he’s going for! 🙂

    The highlight of my long weekend (and maybe the year!) was making wine jelly on Monday and canning it! My first time canning and it was so awesome! It was so incredibly satisfying to hear the lids pop as they came out of the hot water. We’ve got a load of hot peppers in the garden that I now want to turn into jalapeno jelly.

    • Ah pepper jelly! My Aunt Bea made it every year when she was alive, but would color it green with crushed red pepper flakes at Christmas time. Now my nieces and nephews call me “Aunt B.” and I hope to continue that tradition.

  11. I tagged you in an award post for you to respond to on your own blog when you have time:
    The highlight of my weekend was similar rest and relaxation — I slept very late on Sunday morning, which was so nice.

  12. Sleep….that’s the best thing for a tired body 🙂 No sense pushing!!! Your mom looks great at 73 does she excercise? She looks in gooood condition.

    That roast sure looks de-lish and grilled peaches? Never thought to do that, sounds interesting. Your food pictures always look wonderful.

    My highlight for the weekend?? Painting the entry hall way to the bedroom. Thought a quart would do it, but ended up getting a gallon. “Shadow Green” is the color, looks like my green apples on the tree. We picked more apples off the tree yesterday, so I am going to make a pie today.

    We had tacos Saturday, yesterday was a crock pot beef over ryebread with coleslaw, pesto noodles and broc. Huh…for the life of me, can’t remember Sunday’s meal…….??????? Maybe leftovers, must not have been impressive!!!

    Last night I made pickled watermelon rinds…going to taste them today.

    Have a great day and a most awesome week 🙂

    • Louise, my Mom is the busiest person I know – I don’t know how she fit in a full time job up until retirement! Between bowling, book clubs, women’s clubs, movies out, etc. she’s got a full plate. She is mostly a walker. 😀

      Huh, pickled watermelon rinds? Now that’s something I’ve never tried! Let me know how they turn out.

  13. I made it to the swim beach for some sun 2x over the weekend – definitely a highlight!!!
    And, I made a huge dent in my current project list!!!

  14. I actually got all my housework and chores done prior to the weekend. First weekend in a long, long time where I didn’t have an agenda! Enjoyed dinner out with friends, a movie, and otherwise hanging out with absolutely nothing that “had” to be done.

    I can’t sleep like that unless I’m sick but one of my very guilty pleasures (which I enjoyed both Saturday and Sunday morning!) is to go get coffee in a travel mug and bring it back to bed while I lay there perusing the paper, reading, watching some news, whatever. Wonderful!

    • That sounds wonderful Helen – your post made me smile today – you and your husband look so tiny compared to those falls – so proud of you to break the chains and go for it!

  15. Highlight of my weekend was decluttering!! It always amazes me how much crap I can accumulate in such a small amount of time.

  16. Not really any highlights here. Enjoyed the last of the pool (I think), just in case though it’s open one more week but, the nights are pretty chilly. Had a small girls get-together on Saturday and had fun. Then I babysat the cutest German Shepherd puppy too. I want another now! Looks like you had a fun weekend and that’s great about Hannah’s promotion. Hugs to you, I know you must miss your Dad.

  17. I wish I could sleep! Not to be. Weekend weather stunk so monday was spent purging crap from the basement that no matter how many times I clean it and purge crap it is always in need of more cleaning and purging. Why is that??? Also had a couple good crossfit workouts which knocked me on my arse, but my body thanked me….LOL! Have a great week Biz!

  18. Got our nursery mostly done! Just a few things to finish. Glad yours was so relaxing!!

  19. Mmmm, peaches! The highlight of my weekend was spending time with family. 🙂 Hope you have a great (short) week!

  20. What a lovely weekend Biz! Your Mom looks great, I have to admit, she looks better than mine who’s only 2 years older. Mine has grown old fast after my dad died, around the same time yours did.

    I saw Charlie’s (or was it your sister) on that favorite child post on FB and it cracked me up.

  21. Your mom looks great 🙂
    I know what you mean about time flying, my mum has been gone 5 years and I still think ahh I wish I could call her all. The. Time!

    We went away this weekend which was nice our friend gives us her summer home ever Labor Day so we get a little vacation yay!!!

    And I’d kill for 11 hours, heck even 6 or 4 would make me happy I usually run on 2 but last night was 1 😦

  22. I spent most of Labor Day cleaning out the fridge. And by that I mean: the physical act of removing items, throwing out old stuff, pulling all the shelves, washing in hot soapy water, and so on. I did not mean, “I ate everything in the fridge.”

    And yes, I’m replying a week late.

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