Doing Nothing is Easier

After my two day rest over the weekend, and then starting back to exercise on Tuesday, I kept thinking to myself, doing nothing is so much easier!  It’s a lot easier to think about what you should do, want to do, etc., then it is to actually do it.

But success doesn’t come without work.  Making each day the best you can be will be the only way you will get to your goals.  And I love that I am walking the walk and not just talking about what I want to do. Open-mouthed smile

Breakfast was quick and easy – granola and Chobani!  I got right to work when I sat down at my desk and realized afterward that I never took a picture – pretty sure you know what it looks like though!  I bought this granola simply because I had a coupon which made it $1.99 a box.  I can’t make granola for $1.99.  Not sure I am a fan though – it kind of has an artificial taste to it.  I used my Chobani spoon too – I love this spoon.

nothing 046   nothing 047

Speaking of Chobani, I got an email from them yesterday hoping to get the word out about some possible mold on some Chobani products. 

An open line of communication with our community is of paramount importance to us, and we want to make sure you are aware of a current conversation resulting from quality concerns surrounding certain cups. We address the details in this blog post here, and specifically which cups may be affected.

If you think that you may have gotten some bad Chobani, just click on that link above and follow instructions on how to get replacements. Open-mouthed smile

I decided to do the stair master yesterday – but not any which way.  I did 5 minutes facing forward, then 10 minutes sideways to my left, 10 minutes sideways to my right, and then 5 minutes backwards – with a cool down I did 100 flights of steps.  Not gonna lie, the going backwards part freaked me out a bit since you can’t really see the steps – but, I didn’t fall. Open-mouthed smile

     nothing 040   nothing 041

nothing 044

Lunch was . . . eclectic, but delicious.  I had a cup of leftover pasta, 3 ounces of grilled sausage, a cup of broccoli that I cooked in about 1/3 a cup of tomato sauce.  I added another teaspoon of pesto too – I love that shit. 

nothing 005

This was very filling too – I need to remind myself to eat more veggies.

I had gyros burgers (wow, that link goes back to 2009!) on the menu, but I switched it up a bit.  I used meatloaf mix (beef, pork and veal) to make the burgers and I used just 1 tablespoon of shish kabob seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper and 1/4 teaspoon of seasoned salt for the burgers.  Tony and I each had a 5 ounce burger.

nothing 006

I wish I knew what exactly was in that seasoning, but it says “salt, celery seed and spices.”  Huh.  All I know is that it is super flavorful, and because of the mix of meats, super juicy.  I only cooked the burgers about 3 minutes a side over medium high heat.  The key to a gyros burger though is having a crispy pita – I simply melted 1 teaspoon of butter in a pan, and pan fried the pita before stuffing.  Pretty sure butter makes everything taste better.

nothing 010

nothing 012

nothing 023

I bought the tzatziki cups at my store – they sell gyros in the deli and I just asked for two cups – .25 cents each and the perfect amount – maybe 2 tablespoons?  That’s my favorite part of any gyros.

Guess who came to dinner last night before Kyle?  Mo the chipmunk!  Although he’s pretty skittish and will dash away as soon as I open the door.  I think its funny that he sits in the bowl sometimes when he eats.

nothing 024

But then Kyle kicked everyone out later on – even the birds.  Two cardinals were sitting on the deck railing wondering when the hell Kyle was going to get done.

nothing 028

Tony makes fun of me because he said at this point, I have more pictures of Kyle than I do of trees!  Maybe that’s a sign that I need a dog.  Dog face Dog face Dog face

Last night it was back to the tougher second month of Insanity – I had forgotten how hard the Max Cardio Interval was.  In fact, when I turned it on I yelled to Tony “this one is only 45 minutes!”  Um, well, the last 32 minutes doesn’t stop until the final stretch.  Whew.  It was tough but I gave it 100%.  I was just a tad schweaty at the end.

nothing 057

Okay, I need your help here.  This is one of Tony’s pet peeves of mine.  Whenever I make corn, I roll my corn in the stick of butter.  Tony says you are supposed to use a knife to take what you need and spread it over your corn.  So I need to know . . . show of hands how many of you roll your corn in the stick of butter!

nothing 004

I don’t know if its my computer or what, but fatsecret won’t let me enter my food the last couple days – oh well, I am sure you guys can go about your day not knowing how many total calories I had. Open-mouthed smile

Time to get this show on the road – make it a great day!


66 thoughts on “Doing Nothing is Easier

  1. Husband Jeff and I are fancypants like Tony, we grab a knife and spread it on. If the butter slides off the hot corn, which is almost always since we like a lot of butter, then we roll the cob around on our plates in the butter. I think the purpose of corn is to be a vehicle for butter and salt. Yum!

    But my husband has a terrible habit of buttering his toast in the morning, grabbing another schmear of butter and some peanut butter, and then licking it off… more than once. So yes, a gross licked off knife back in the PB and butter. Ick. If you come to our house, you might want to pass on the butter.

    • I actually tweeted you back yesterday after you posted a link to sweet potato pancakes, but I didn’t see the page with the recipe on your blog – I ended up making sweet potato banana pancakes today – I’ll let you know how they turned out. It was actually my 6th tweet – ha!

  2. I agree with your man, Sorry Biz! Corn is pretty tasty with just a little bit of butter, salt & pepper. Why waste a whole stick of butter on this???Do you grill your corn? YUM!

    • This time I grilled it – it just depends. I do it in the microwave wrapped in paper towels and do the 1 minute boil too. Looks like Tony wins on this argument. 😀

  3. I won’t be much help because I just eat my corn on the cob plain, no butter, no salt. However, my son and husband both use butter and we have a special stick in the fridge all summer that is used for the corn – using a knife is practically impossible! 🙂

  4. This is a life-changer. I slather butter on a piece of bread, then roll my corn on the buttered bread, discard the bread and salt my now buttered corn!

  5. Sorry Biz … gotta give this one to Tony. I eat my corn plain but the husband and daughter both use butter. We use the spray on butter because they both don’t have the patience needed to spread it on. They do sell a really cool stick butter holder just for use on corn:)

  6. I spread the butter on my corn with a knife, less wrecking/contaminating of the butter that way.

  7. Well, I’m no help here. I don’t eat corn? What??? I know, I know but there’s a reason. Your gyro burgers look amazing. Bizz you are such a great cook! I think you should go on Chopped because you can put together anything and it looks awesome! I can’t taste it through my screen, but I know it’s delicious 😊 Hope you have a fantastic Thursday…one more day until the weekend.

  8. I actually like to melt my butter and brush it on the corn. Also, if you melt the butter first, you can stir in spices before you brush on. I have a chili lime garlic mix that i LOVE on corn! I find I use less and it tastes just as good.

    I laughed when I saw your dinner photo because my dinner last night was a steak wrap made with a whole wheat tortilla, flank steak, roasted red peppers and goat cheese, served with a cob or corn on the side!

    • Okay, I’ve never thought to make melted herbed butter for corn – but Tony and I both have recollections of corn roasts where they had a coffee can of melted butter that you dunked the corn in – yum, I’ll have to try your chili lime garlic mix next time. AND I still need to make your jalapeno chicken bombs. 😀

  9. You have to roll it in the butter. Of course!

  10. I have a pampered chef gizmo that holds a little less than half of a stick of butter and has a cap on it. However, I eat my corn naked, because it usually is so sweet!

  11. Not a butter roller here. We use a knife or have used spray butter. That works great. As for doing nothing is easier, it sure is. I want to ask when Insanity gets any easier. I’m on day 10 and it’s still hard!

    • Sorry Wendy, it never gets easier, although you’ll find that while its hard, you can keep going without dying. Night before last I did the Max Cardio – 32 minutes of non-stop cardio and I did the whole thing – even a month ago I still had to take some breaks.

      Go girl!!

  12. We only roll corn in the stick of butter if we’re having a lot of people and corn – otherwise, you end up with corn-butter, and that’s just gross. Most of the time we spread it on with a knife.

    I am loving your backyard wildlife – that chipmonk in the food dish is too cute!

  13. Jenn@Cooking Aweigh the LBs

    I used to roll the corn in my butter as a kid. Then I use the knife and butter method. Now I eat it naked. <—the corn, not myself. 😉 What I really want is a huge coffee can of melted butter to dip it into like at the fairs, but we can't get everything we want in life…

    • Tony (Mr. Bizmoto)

      So, your saying Biz is immature for rolling her corn in the communal butter. Thanks Jenn, I agree! Also, I eat corn clothed and naked, its a safe to eat nude food.

  14. Corn is meant to be rolled, baby! My Mom kept a separate butter dish in the summertime just for corn rolling. I’m lazy though…one dish, one stick of butter at room temp, and the most important rule of all: if you use the last of the butter, replace the stick or face Mama’s wrath! I hate having to microwave or wait an hour for ice-cold butter to soften so I can use a tablespoon to make something…

    • I love having room temperature butter, but I have to admit – I am the QUEEN of not replacing shit, including sticks of butter. Although I think the worst is not restocking the toilet paper. 😀

  15. Mmmm, corn on the cob. My husband and I use a knife to butter our corn. I like Helen’s suggestion of melting the butter and brushing it on. However you do it, enjoy. Way to go with the workouts!

  16. Hahaha…you should start a squirrel/chipmunk/bird sanctuary in your backyard! Ok, that’s just me being nature crazy. hahaha

    And I don’t stick butter on my corn on the cob…I know, who am I? I only put pepper on it. is that weird? haha

  17. We roll it! So much easier!

  18. hahah- you’re so funny. I eat my corn sans butter so I’m not much help. Glad you’re back in the swing of things. Wagon wheel pasta is so cute- I should get some for Kay. Sorry I’ve been a slack commenter. Crazy week

  19. ~YES! You need a dog! There is one out there just dreaming of your love and care! 😉
    ~I love crispy pitas.
    ~We have one of these corn butterers from Pampered Chef. It is awesome!

  20. Oh yum..corn on the cob. Sorry, I use a knife to spread the butter, enough that there is butter on the plate and then I roll the corn on the plate making sure there is enough butter on the cob, then a little salt…..mmm–mmm–mmm!!!

    The food you eat always looks de-lish. Finally set up my dvr and tapes in the bedroom and going to do a dvd every couple of days and see what happens.

  21. I’m with you Biz . . . sorry Tony, I roll mine in the stick of butter too! Yummmmmmmy!

  22. I’m with Tony on this one!

  23. Those gyro burgers look fantastic! I use a knife to butter my corn or use the spray…sorry Biz! 😉 I do like your idea though!

  24. We use “I can’t believe its not butter” spray for our corn if anyone is buttering. I eat mine straight from the grill plain, sweet.and yummy.

  25. I roll it in the butter!

  26. Just salt for me on corn.

  27. Google Recipe Analyzer and click the first link that comes up. It helps to get nutrition facts for homemade recipes. PS: I melt my butter then use

  28. My grandma taught me how to butter corn – it is a mix of you and Tony. I cut off a chunk and put it on my plate and then roll my corn in my own little chunk of butter.
    BTW – even though it is hard to work out you are rocking it. Your face is looking so lean!!

  29. In India people put lemon,salt and chili pepper on their grilled corn.You should try it sometime,it’s very good

    • That screams me – I’ve been in a Mexican grocery store where they put mayo (maybe its creama now that I think of it) Parmesan cheese and hot sauce – I agree with the hot sauce, but not the mayo!

  30. Well, I admit I do both. If not at home, with other people I’m polite and cut off the butter, but if it’s just me I roll away!

    • I guess even with other people, I am not polite because I rolled it when my Momma was over. 😀 Hope your son had a great first week of school, so exciting!

  31. Not sure why but your comment ‘lunch was……eclectic’ made me laugh so hard! And WOW – backwards on the stairmaster? You are so much more coordinated that I am!

  32. I love your comment about being more than just “talk.” This is something that my husband and I mull over sometimes. I don’t wanna be the type of person who always has big ideas, but never follows through with them!

    Haha, Chris always teases me because I love taking pictures of little critters. They crack me up!

    This picture reminds me of your backyard scene:
    It’s one of my favorite blogs!

    • Thanks Alex – I’ll have to check that out! But I’ll have to tell Tony not to worry, I won’t stop taking pictures of clouds and trees. 😀 Hope you are enjoying Saipan!!

  33. Okay: can you become my motivation coach? I’m still too much in the doing nothing is easier mode. Every time I come here, I get motivated but somehow I “forget” by the time it’s time to workout. I need to get back on track and once I am it’s easier but starting seems to be so hard at the moment.

    Speaking of errors: I tried to comment on your blog yesterday but got an error by wordpress, same on Roz’s blog so couldn’t comment yesterday.

    Going to hit publish now, let’s see if it’s working today 🙂

  34. We do the heavily butter a slice of bread and then roll the bread around the corn.. You can use the bread for many cobs of corn.

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