Pad Thai Soup for One

So here’s the deal with my feet.  Not only can I not wear flip flops anymore, I don’t think I can go barefoot for any length of time without some sort of arch support.  I cooked a lot on Sunday, and after standing in the kitchen, by night time I had to ice my right foot.

I did my Classic Stretch for 30 minutes yesterday instead of my walk.  I wore my Born supportive shoes and by mid-morning my foot was feeling so much better.  Getting old is a bitch.  JK – I am not old, just slightly over 30 (by 15 years!).

Breakfast was more of Tony’s frittata, a honey Chobani and an apple.  I always save the fruit at the end for dessert.

wit 002

I didn’t feel like doing anything too strenuous on my foot, so I did 9 miles on the bike while watching The Chew.  That show is slowly growing on me – they do have some interesting recipes.

wit 019

What I couldn’t wait for was lunch.  I had lemon grass in my pantry, starting thinking about Thai recipes, then found Kevin’s Pad Thai Soup.   I adapted it because A.  Tony won’t touch spicy shit.  B.  Tony doesn’t believe soup is an actual meal. and C. I had another soup recipe for the week and I can only eat so much soup.

Nevermind that our temps got to 94 degrees yesterday.  I really couldn’t wait to eat this.

Pad Thai Soup for One (adapted from Closet Cooking)

  • makes one bowl – 451 calories, 5.4 fat, 60 carbs, 37 protein and wait for it, wait for it wait for it 3401 mg of sodium  (holy shizznit!)

Let’s just say I drank a lot of water after learning the sodium content. Open-mouthed smile


  • 2.5 cups chicken broth
  • 4 ounces raw shrimp
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon fish sauce
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 1 Serrano pepper, sliced
  • 1 small carrot, julienned
  • 1/2 cup bean sprouts
  • 2.5 ounces thin noodles
  • garnish with peanuts and cilantro and sriracha

Heat the chicken broth and carrots over medium high heat until it starts to boil.  Add the noodles – mine only take 3 minutes to cook.   During the last 1 minute of the noodles cooking, throw in the shrimp.  Cook for 1 minute, remove from heat and add the remaining ingredients – garnish with peanuts, cilantro and sriracha.

Now, test your peppers, this was REALLY spicy, but flavorful spicy – I think Kevin used red Thai chili peppers, so maybe that’s not as spicy?  All I know is this was delish.  And for the record, I used to shun fish sauce because I was like “I f-ing hate fish, why the hell would I add fish sauce to a dish.”  Um, because its amazeballs.  It’s got a salty savory flavor to it and it helped round out this soup with the acidity from the lime juice.

9.7 052

Sorry for the shrimp heads on the side – that was from the hooters shrimp I made on football Sunday. Open-mouthed smile

9.7 057

9.7 059

These are the noodles I used – each bundle is 2.5 ounces – I love how quickly they cook.  I bought them at a Japanese grocery store, but I haven’t checked the Asian aisle at my store – maybe they are there too?

9.7 063

9.7 069

pad thai soup

Just so good.  The shrimp were still tender because I slightly undercooked them knowing that I’d be reheating this at work.  Yum!  I see this high on the soup rotation this fall and winter. Open-mouthed smile

Our grocery store had marinated steak for $3.99 a pound.  It’s usually super flavorful, it’s thin so it cooks up really quickly.  This time?  A bit salty.  Tony and I were going back and forth – he kept saying it was my cheese sauce that was salty (there was no added salt) and I kept telling him it was the meat.  In the end, I won. Open-mouthed smile

My thought was to make a cheese steak sandwich with them, and a quick tastespotting search took me to Tracey’s Culinary Adventures.  Turns out she made an Ellie Krieger cheese sauce – this is so easy, I hate to even call it a “recipe.”

Cheese Sauce for Philly Cheesesteak

  • 4 servings – 2 tablespoons each – 75 calories, 4.7 fat, 3.2 carbs, 4.8 protein

In a pan add 1/2 cup cold skim milk.  Add 1 tablespoon of flour.  Cook, stirring constantly over medium heat until it starts to thicken.  Remove from heat and stir in cheese until it melts.  How simple is that?

I grilled up the meat on the gas grill.  I sautéed green and red peppers for me.  Then to assemble – Turano bread roll, 3 ounces of steak, red and green peppers and 2 tablespoons of the cheese sauce.  Mine was without.  I guess in Philly if you order a cheesesteak you either say wit or without – without is no onions! Open-mouthed smile

wit 006

wit 007

Kyle insisted on getting into my photo shoot.  She’s not camera shy at all. Open-mouthed smile

wit 012

wit 014

Other than the saltiness of the marinated meat, these were really good.  Just enough cheese sauce to get some in every bite.

It’s hot here people.  Like yesterday got to 94 degrees and when I started Insanity last night it was still 89 degrees out and we had yet to turn on our central air.  I actually loved it though – it was like doing bikram Insanity – I was a sweaty mess after 40 minutes of Cardio Balance.

wit 020    wit 028

So here’s something you don’t know about me – I f_cking hate all my sports bras.  Like every one.  I can’t put them on or off without some sort of help or without breaking my shoulders in the process.  So last night I decided to put my bra over my tank top – classy, I know, but I was able to get it off no problem.

wit 021

Okay I switched over to Calorie Count because I like the recipe builder there better.  I entered all my food and all I can see is that I had 1623 calories and my “grade” for the day was a B+.  Any ideas on how to see more of my stats, like fiber and carbs?

Stats for the Day

  • 1623 calories
  • 30 minutes Classical Stretch before work
  • 40 minute 9 mile bike ride at lunch
  • 40 minute Cardio Balance bikram Insanity after dinner

Guess who got their ass out of bed this morning to walk for 40 minutes?  Yep, this gal!  Make it a great day!


43 thoughts on “Pad Thai Soup for One

  1. Good morning! As usual, all of your food looks delish! I’ll definitely give that soup a try (when it cools off a little more – we’re getting those 90 degree temps tomorrow – ugh!) Regarding CalorieCount, I’ve been using that for a while and if you click on “Analysis” you can see all of the details. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Evening! FYI, I can read my comments on my phone during the day, but I can’t reply until the end of the day.

      Yep, that is one keeper of a soup – and thanks – found the analysis button, I didn’t see it before!

  2. Woo hoo, thank you for this recipe! I asked you for it on Instagram (I’m beachrollertrix!). You are a beast with Insanity, I fot through the Fit Tes (barely) and Day 1 and my knee and foot were so sore I had to stop. Thinking I need to do a Jillian DVD to get in better shape first!!

    • I actually didn’t mind the 30 day shred – 30 minutes and you were done, although I hated level 2 for some reason.

      Your welcome for the recipe – let me know how you like it. 😀

  3. Pad Thai soup is a keeper! I’ll save it for fall though. These last days of summer are miserably hot around here.


  4. hjahahhahaha I love that you wore your sports bra over your clothes. Hey- whatever works! Definitely trying this pad thai soup, Josh will go nuts for it.

  5. Re: your feet and standing while cooking, have you considered getting one of those GelPro mats? Supposedly they make a huge difference in comfort levels. I keep seeing them in SkyMall catalogs and advertised on the Food Network–if our kitchen wasn’t super-tiny, I’d consider getting one for it.

    • That’s the only thing holding me back, as we have a tiny kitchen too – seriously Tony and I both can’t stand at the stove at the same time tiny. I wonder if they have smaller versions?? Thanks for the idea!

  6. You probably could still wear flip flops if you switched to Orthaheel – they have awesome arch support and feel like a shoe (but with the cool factor of the flip flop)! I’ve lived in mine for the last two summers (which you know equates to about 9 months per year for us).

    Sports bras…yeah, they are a challenge to get on and off, especially after you’ve worked out, because everything is sweaty and wet. I have to undo the strap on my “best” (I say best, but I know there’s got to be a better one out there) sports bra after I run in order to take it off.

  7. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    I like using myfitnesspal.

    I hear you on the feet. I have achilles tendonitis, the doc says no flip flops, no bare feet. always sneakers with arch support.

  8. Great recipe for the soup. He has some good ones. I love going bare foot at home because I have bad feet, too. I wear Borns or Birks, but I hate wearing Birks except at home. Just can’t get over the ugly factor. Those morning walks are good for the soul.

  9. That philly sauce looks incredible! We have been on a philly kick since I found a slow-cooker recipe for chicken philly; I’ve made it three times in two weeks!

    Born shoes are just awesome! I wear some to work all the time. I like the Clarks brand, too. Hope your feet start feeling better.

    • I love the Born shoes, I just wish they were more stylish – although in the winter it doesn’t matter much because I mostly wear jeans to work – they just look bad with capri pants!

  10. sports bras…can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em…..oy! lol

  11. So is calorie count easier then fat secret??? I shall have to try calorie count, see how that works.

    Woke up at 8 and saw a woman walking fast by the house, my first thought…hummm…I should do that…..oh…then I went back to bed, didn’t get my full 8 hours of sleep. I walk in the evening.

    Uge…too much sodium in that Thai soup. Philly Cheesesteak looks delish!! Must try.

    Have a great day!!!

    • I like calorie count for the recipe builder – since I type fast, I can just type in all the ingredients and hit “analyze.” On fat secret I have to add an ingredient, find it on a drop down, add it to the recipe, etc. Still learning on it though so I’ll let you know how it goes.

  12. I’ve never heard of pad thai as a soup. It sounds delicious!

    I always have to drink GALLONS of water after eating foods with soy sauce in it. That’s also why I never add additional salt to recipes that already have soy sauce in them!

  13. Philly Cheesesteak Sauce?! Oh how my hubby is going to love you! 😉

  14. The sports bra over the tank is totally cracking me up!!! Although I can see how it would be much easier to remove – there are days that I feel like a contortionist taking off my sweaty sports bra!!!
    The pad thai soup looks so good – I’m a wimp and would go for the low spice version but I’m sure it’s still good that way.

  15. Yikes! The sodium content is out of this world. I’ll have to check if they make a low sodium fish sauce. Don’t get me wrong… I’m going to make it regardless. I don’t put salt in or on anything (except baking). So I’m guessing 3400mg in one serving will be a super shock to my system.
    Tee hee hee on the sports bra. That is why you rock! You make it work no matter what the circumstances. No excuses for you:)

    • One time I was helping a co-worker with a diet that had to have less than 1000 mg of sodium a day – I just picked a particular day and one day I had over 6000 mg! I had sriracha, pickled jalapenos, deli ham, etc. it adds up!

      Aw, thanks chica, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! 😀

  16. LOVE that soup – looks amazing! Hope your foot is feeling better soon!

  17. Oh your breakfast looked so much better than my PB sandwich. And that pad thai looks so good!! Hope some time off your foot helps it feel better. No fun.

  18. Sorry to hear about your feet 😦 and I am TOTALLY cracking up about your sport bra look. I have to say – you are truly an original. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before! 🙂

  19. I just sent that pad thai soup recipe to Whit and he is now insisting I make it. We’ll see how it goes, since I don’t ever cook shrimp! Meat terrifies me to cook!

    I’m glad your foot is starting to feel better! I know the feeling of doing the insanity in such heat; when I lived in the desert it would be 116 outside…and I did it inside, even with the AC on and it was 95%. More like a workout in a sauna, right!? hehehe!

    I hate sports bras too! HATE HATE HATE! I get so much chaffing i want to DIE!

  20. Ooooh I love your soup! My hubs likes spicy but he wouldn’t eat this either (hates shrimp) so I’d need a single serving too!

  21. This post is mean. Cruel I tell you! LOOK at that gorgeous soup and the yummy sandwich. I am starving woman – and yet, I stupidly come here KNOWING you are going to have delectables posted – but these? You outdid yourself with these two.

    Ah well, it’s not like I could eat them anyway [seriously 3,400 mg of sodium – why not just eat two tsp of salt while you’re at it?: eeeekk! heehee]

    I seriously want that soup tho’. YUM!

  22. Both dishes look delicious!

    Annoying about your foot, hope it doesn’t get worse.

  23. […] of “throw shit in a bag.”  A steak pita sandwich using the last of the steak from our philly cheese steaks, celery, cottage cheese with hot sauce and an […]

  24. Yay! I can comment from my new phone. Ok I love the sports bra over the tank look!! That soup looks so good.

  25. […] fully admit that my intention was to make the Philly Cheesesteak Cheese Sauce {click and scroll down to the middle of that Pad Thai page for the recipe} that I read about on My […]

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