14 Pounds

I have to think that breakfast nachos are one of my favorite breakfasts, and somehow I forget about it.  It’s fun, easy and delicious.  Yesterday I cooked 3/4 cup egg whites with 3/4 cup of spinach and just cooked it in my 6 inch skillet with a lid on until it was cooked through.

When I got to work, I assembled it.  I put the circle of egg whites on my cutting board and cut it into 8 triangles.  I put those egg triangles on 8 tortilla chips, then topped with 1 ounce of shredded cheddar cheese and put it under the broiler in the toaster oven, then topped with my corn salsa to finish it off.  This plate comes in at 350 calories and 30 grams of protein.

I left my good camera at work. so all the pics today are from my iPhone. Open-mouthed smile

brnachos 001

Okay, I brought my good camera home – here is a much better picture of the nachos!

BCB 005 copy

I had my quarterly diabetes check up yesterday.  I take my diabetes very seriously, and I joke about how sometimes I hate to have “the sugars” but it is a manageable disease.  I’d rather have that then cancer.

And the reason I call diabetes “the sugars” is because of a stand up comedian who cracked me the hell up when he broke it to his Mom that he had been diagnosed with diabetes:

So the most important number for a diabetic is the A1C number.  A blood test will show your average blood sugars for the previous three months and anything under 7 is considered a “controlled diabetic.”  I was an ass and had my dates wrong – I thought yesterday was my blood test and next week was my doctor appointment.  Doh.  So this morning before work I am getting a fasting blood drawn done (no coffee this morning – no!) and I’ll be mailed my numbers in a couple weeks.

Last time I was there was the middle of May, and I weighed 176 pounds.  On their scale yesterday, after drinking water, coffee, breakfast and having my clothes on, I weighed 162, so I lost 14 pounds on their scale.  So I just finished my 101 days of Insanity, and Heather said “Congrats on 101 – just think when you get to 202. Amazing!”

I looked to see what date day 202 would bring me to and its December 23 – the exact date of my next diabetes appointment – so my goal is to lose another 14 pounds these next 101 days, which would bring me to 148 on their scales.  (although secretly I would be thrilled to be 145!).  So that’s my next goal. Open-mouthed smile

Here is how a food plate should look – not sure mine look like that as of late!

brnachos 003

brnachos 004

The reason people lose their feet and eye sight is because they have uncontrolled diabetes – high blood sugar causes damage on a daily basis, and over time does damage when you don’t even feel any different, until all of a sudden you start to have eye problems or have nerve damage in your feet, and once the damage is done, you can’t undo it.

Here are some scary stats:

Total prevalence of diabetes
  • Total: 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes.
  • Diagnosed: 18.8 million people
  • Undiagnosed: 7.0 million people
  • Prediabetes: 79 million people

These statistics are from 2011.   7 million people have diabetes right now and don’t know it, and 79 million people have prediabetes, which means if they continue their lifestyle of unhealthy eating and non-exercising, they will eventually become diabetic.

So next time you have a yearly doctor visit – ask to be check for diabetes – you never know! Open-mouthed smile  Okay, I am getting off my soap box now.

After the doctor visit I was still going to hit the gym.  I don’t know why but stairs are symbolic to my on 9/11.  The firefighters going up the stairs of the towers to save people and the people in the building running down the stairs to get out.  So I ended up doing 135 flights of stairs in 45 minutes. I had a protein bar for fuel on my way to the gym.

brnachos 006

brnachos 014brnachos 015

My arms were dripping with sweat!

brnachos 018

OMG, I have the BEST app to tell you guys about.  We have U-verse at home.  I downloaded the U-verse app, and now I can watch anything on my phone that I could at home.  Not only that, I can watch stuff off our DVR, I can record shows from my phone and it even has a remote so I can change the channels when I am at home.  How cool is that?  So while I was letting the stairs fly by, I watched one of my guilty pleasure shows that Tony would never watch:

brnachos 010

I just find it fascinating, that an event, or series of events happen to some people and they just snap and just start hoarding shit.  Hannah is studying clinical psychology – I should tell her that she could specialize in OCD and hoarding because it would combine her love of cleaning while helping people!

I got back to work and fixed my lunch – leftover steak from our philly cheesesteaks the other night, with peppers and cheese that I put in the panini maker – it kind of didn’t work out that well, but it was good.   And those jalapenos?  Supa spicy – I wished I would have brought more. Devil

brnachos 023

The temps started to fall so we turned off the air and opened the windows.  I still had a turkey breast I wanted to grill, so by the time I got it on after the coals came to temperature – it was probably 6:15 – it ended up taking an hour and 15 minutes to cook, so we didn’t eat dinner until 7:30!

I had already planned to pass on Insanity last night – my foot is feeling better, and since last night was only a 30 minute cardio recovery, I decided to give my foot a rest.

brnachos 028

I just put sliced lemon under the skin and salt, pepper and Italian seasoning.  I took it off at 150 and let it sit for 10 minutes before cutting.  It was perfectly cooked and super tender and juicy.

brnachos 031

The rest I just thinly sliced for sandwiches.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1567 calories, 151 carbs, 47 fat, 24 fiber and 134 protein
  • Calorie Count gave my nutrition intake a B+
  • 27% of calories from fat, 34% from protein and 38% from carbs
  • 45 minutes, 135 flights on the treadmill

No outdoor walk today since I have to leave early to hit the lab at the doctors office before work.  I will probably search Pinterest for a different lunch time workout today, and then back to Insanity tonight.  Turns out there is football on tonight so Tony won’t miss me. Open-mouthed smile

Question of the Day:  What is a guilty pleasure t.v. show you watch that no one wants to watch with you?

Make it a great day!


55 thoughts on “14 Pounds

  1. You can definitely do those 14 pounds by December-I believe in you! I love the idea of breakfast nachos – yummy and filling – can’t beat that! My guilty pleasure TV show that no one wants to watch with me is any type of reality show. My husband can’t stand them but I love them with a passion. It’s awful!

  2. You’re on such a roll – I know you can do it – don’t quit on yourself!!
    I’m so in love with the RHONJ. My husband hates it so much – he references my Bravo addiction at least once a day! haha.

    • Tony and I always joke with each other – instead of saying I love you we’ll say “I Can’t Quit You!”

      I haven’t gotten suckered into the Real Housewives . . . yet!

  3. There are many guilty pleasures I have because R. doesn’t like my shows at all. But I think the number one was Glee about a year and a half ago. It isn’t on TV here anymore and if it comes back I’m not going to watch it again. But back then it was so wrong and yet so fun.

    I bet your diabetic numbers will be lower. They have to be now you’ve changed your lifestyle.

  4. I bet the corn salsa was the star of the breakfast nachos. I’m not a big TV person. I use to watch cooking shows but all of the people I use to watch are not on anymore 😦
    I can’t wait to see your new “numbers” I bet everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

  5. Oh my gosh, that comedian is Huell! Breaking Bad!! What a funny coincidence…and yes, the sugars! He’s a lot thinner (well, he’s still big, don’t get me wrong) now so hopefully he’s working at getting his diabetes under control.

    I love the idea of Day 202 of insanity, and another 14 pounds lost! Go Biz!!!

  6. Oh, biz, love the stair story. It really resonates. And great info on diabetes. So you are saying that people may not know they have it unless they go to a doctor? I’d heard that before, but it never really sunk in. Great info. With your weight loss and work outs I bet your numbers are superb! And Hoarders – well, that one got old for me- I don’t watch much tv- but i used to like “Say yes to the dress” Totally ridiculous.

    • Yep – unless the signs are super obvious, like rapid weight loss, excessive urination, etc., people could be walking around with diabetes and never know it. Sadly, it starts doing damage and unless you catch it, it could do irreversible damage. 😦

  7. wow biz 14 lbs on the dr scale….that’s legit! Good luck getting to next goal…we’ll all be behind you sending you pick me ups etc etc needed to do that. Just keep up your dedication. My guilty pleasure show is This old House…I wish there was a DVD collection. I am jonesing for the new season to begin. Stairs – great choice for the workout – made me tear up a little just thinking of it’s significance for 9/11.

  8. andreaswellnessnotes


    I’m looking forward to all your sweaty workout pics from now to December 23! 🙂

  9. CONGRATS! I think its awesome that you take your diabetes so seriously. You’re improving your health every day. AWESOME. I need your breakfast nachos right now. I’m hungry and am in a meeting….

  10. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    You are doing sooo awesome!! Guilty pleasure that nobody wants to watch? Hm…I don’t watch a whole lot of TV…

    Hell’s Kitchen.

  11. You are rocking it! My dad is 70, has diabetes, and does very little to control it, and that scares the hell out of me. It sucks, but like you said, it’s manageable, so it drives me crazy that he doesn’t do what he can to manage it. I know Hannah appreciates you taking care of yourself!!
    Also, I recently discovered those Nature Valley protein bars, and I love them!!

    • My Dad didn’t really take care of his either – he’d just give himself more insulin and eat an apple fritter. I wonder if he hadn’t died of cancer what the long term effects of his diabetes would have done to him. 😦

  12. Modern Family and Big Brother

  13. My A1C was horrible. 7.4. I am so upset. The dr. said I wasn’t taking enough insulin. I wrote you back about the CGM. It requires a lot of testing. You have to give it a starting number and that cant happen until 2hrs after its in your skin. Its not accurate and it really works better for kids( IMHO) or ppl that have a lot of lows.

    • Thanks for the tips about the monitor – I appreciate it! I know some diabetics who’ve had A1C’s in the 11-13 range, don’t beat yourself up too much!

  14. It also works best with a pump.

  15. You are doing so well in your exercise and weight loss! My mom was a diabetic and was very, very careful with what she ate and keeping tabs on her blood sugar. At that time they didn’t have the fancy gadgets they do now to check sugar.

    Keep up the great work. I’ll bet your doctor will be very pleased with your progress. 🙂

  16. I didn’t realize that so many people aren’t diagnosed and still have Diabetes. Don’t they feel bad?
    Great job on the weight loss!!! Can’t wait to see you hit your goal in December!!!
    And I’m beyond impressed that the turkey was still juicy – I always overcook turkey and chicken.

    • Sadly, some people can have high blood sugar and not know it. Even for me, I can never tell when it’s high, only when it’s low.

      I took our turkey off the grill at 150 degrees – it still cooks while it rests. 😀

  17. Tony (Mr. Bizmoto)

    I am forced to watch 200 food shows and then, if I behave, I get to watch football.

    • Um, not sure that your arms are tied behind your back Tony – I give you the option of what to watch – just turns out there is more food shit on the DVR than your stuff. 😀 #iwin

  18. Breakfast nachos must just be the best thing I’ve ever seen…….!!!

  19. You are an inspiration with your workouts and healthy eating! And your food pics always look delicious! And doing all this while managing your “Sugars”. I don’t think losing that 14 pounds will be a problem for you. 😀
    Guilty pleasure TV: Food Shows – all of them! Oh..and sometimes I will secretly watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. It’s a total train wreck of redneckness! lol Hubby thinks it’s the most disgusting thing on TV. 😀

  20. Congrats on all your success Biz! You are really kicking some butt!

  21. The sugars, my MIL always says that, so that is what we call it too. Curious, how does it work that a blood test can measure your avg over a period of time? I thought you figured that out and reported it to your dr. I tending toward diabetes, so always very interested in how you manage it, seems so complicated to me. Great work on all your hard work!!!

    • I still need to figure that out Jacky – I thought I could just look down at any point in time and see exactly what my blood sugar is, but I think its more for seeing how it moves over a period of time because you can print out charts and see how it dips during the night for example.

      It’s taken me YEARS to figure it out and I still don’t get it right all the time. Just trial and error.

      Thanks Jacky – and great time on your Chicago half!!

  22. You are doing so well with your insanity and to lose 14 lbs is so great!! Diabetes is a mystery to me for sure….but right now with taking this mild medication the blood sugars are much lower in the morning then they were when not on the medication. This morning was 126 before eating. My average for 14 days is 122. I hope I can stay this way. You gave some good information about diabetes….thanks.

    I think I have too many guilty pleasures on tv…..Mistresses season finale was Monday. BUT Nashville is starting and Scandel is going to be starting too!!!

    Well, back to making my apple pie filling for pies. I made a pork roast on the grill doing it the way you do on the grill….oh my, was it de-lish along with some cooked apples. Heaven!!

  23. I’ve always known that diabetes was no joke; my uncle was diagnosed as a teenager and I remember visiting them when I was growing up and they had NO SODA in the house. What the…?! It wasn’t until years later, working on a mental health unit, when I had a client missing several fingers and toes due to uncontrolled diabetes. Glad you are doing well with your diabetes management!

    I didn’t know Hannah was into clinical psychology; my undergrad degree is in psychology! MAK has a few family members who hoard and I am not allowed to watch any hoarding shows when he’s home. I LOVE watching the shows, but could never work in that area because of my super sensitive nose and allergies galore! I’d be sneezing and itchy all the time!

    • Maybe I’ll have Hannah email you to see how you used your degree if you don’t mind?

      • Oh my gosh, anytime! I didn’t end up going the clinical route, but I strongly considered it. I am in the human services arena right now, but psychological concepts apply every single day.

        Do you still have my email address? Feel free to pass it along to Miss Hannah!

  24. You can definitely nail those 14 pounds by December!!! 😀

    OH MY GOD BREAKFAST NACHOS this is the most brilliant idea I have ever heard! The flavors are PERFECT! I have done breakfast burritos but never before thought of the genius that is nachos. mhmmm!

    I have never seen Hoarders (I think it would make me really uncomfortable and sad), but I have watched Clean House (which seems like a lighter, less intense version), but it still gives me crazy anxiety and makes me want to get EVERYTHING out of my house!

  25. Dennis made a stupid song where he sings “Gonna kick some butt, gonna really kick some butt, I said oh yeah…OH YEAHHHH.” So I wanted to sing that to you for my comment. “You’re kicking butt, you’re really kickin butt I said oh yeahh….OH YEAAAHHH.” lol.

  26. BTW hoarding seems to run in my family and I have to be careful! My gramps got really bad at the end – did you see the pics of what he did to the house? Here’s the kitchen https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151497712166480&set=a.10151497702896480.1073741825.541706479&type=3&theater (the house is now all cleaned up – my parents helped Uncle David for three months to whip it into shape)

  27. I bet your doc is going to be congratulating you on your numbers! They can’t be anything but better with all the work you have been doing.

  28. Oh dear, I have so many guilty pleasure tv shows! The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one – the only one I can talk to about it is my sister, who is halfway across the country from me! And also Sister Wives – that one is embarrassing!!

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