The Love of Football

I didn’t go grocery shopping until Sunday so Tony was only able to make me breakfast on Saturday morning.  He declared that he was using the last of the eggs so on Sunday “I was on my own for breakfast.” Open-mouthed smile

Spicy spinach eggs, spicy hash browns and a jalapeno jelly bagel.  This was my breakfast and lunch.  So spicy good!

9.14 weekend 005

I hit up the library on Saturday.  I actually shouldn’t have a library card because we live in an unincorporated part of town, and I don’t pay anything through our real estate taxes to the city.  But when we first moved here, the librarian asked me what subdivision I lived in, and I had no idea (turns out, we don’t live in one!) and I just said “The Coves” because I saw that sign on the way to the library.

But, I always return my books late, so I feel that my late fee payments are my “donation” to the library for having a card.  Tony has only been to the library once in 13 years.

9.14 weekend 036

I decided to switch it up and I got a Boot Camp DVD – it was kind of cheezy, but it was a good 35 minute workout with weights.

9.14 weekend 042

Our neighbors invited us to a Beer and BBQ tasting at a country club Saturday night.  The weather was amazing – truly the first day that it felt like fall.

9.14 weekend 043

If this place wasn’t 45 minutes from our house, it would be a cool bar to hang out in.  Lot’s of beers on tap (Carrie, I thought of you!).   The event was held outside under a tent.  They had live music too.

9.14 weekend 051

9.14 weekend 054

9.14 weekend 069

9.14 weekend 075

9.14 weekend 080

I liked the clouds reflected in the windows.  I must be getting old, but the band was really too loud – when they were playing, it was really hard to have a conversation.

We had pulled pork sandwiches with cole slaw and potato salad – the potato salad had no onions – yeah!

9.14 weekend 047

They had really tiny beer samples – but some really good ones – I had my first Sam Adams pumpkin beer of the season. Open-mouthed smile

9.14 weekend 058

9.14 weekend 060

I actually liked this beer below – but Tony wanted to wash his mouth out with anything after one sip, and our neighbor thought it tasted like tree branches.  It was a bitter beer, but I think that’s my palate.

9.14 weekend 056

I had my hair down and put make up on too!  I have green eyes, but for some reason this picture makes them look blue!

9.14 weekend 004

It was a nice night – I just love hanging with Tony so it really doesn’t matter what we do as long as we are together.

I asked Tony what he wanted for his football food and he wanted garlic toasts and Merck cheese, so I decided to make him kind of like an antipasto plate.  Did you know you could buy Jimmy John’s day old bread for .49 cents?  I bought two loaves, and made my own crisps – just slice them the thickness you want them, brush with olive oil and top with minced garlic and Italian seasoning and bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes – keep an eye on them though because they can go from perfect to burnt in a minute.

9.14 weekend 018

He snacked on that during the bears game, and then later, I brought him a deconstructed caramel apple – sliced apple, a tablespoon of Smucker’s caramel sauce and sprinkled with toasted pecans.

9.14 weekend 021

I love how Tony gets into football.  He actually doesn’t like the announcers on t.v. so he watches the t.v. but listens to the radio.  So the house is silent since the t.v. is muted, and I’ll just hear stuff like “get off the f_ing field!”  Then I’ll hear “Go, Go, Go!”  Yesterday’s Bears game was an emotional roller coaster for him, but luckily, they won!

And guess what I stocked up on at the store?

9.14 weekend 017

I was Bizzy in my Kitchen – I made another kind of poppy seed muffin I’ll share later this week.  I also made Gwynth Paltrow’s broccoli soup that turned out delicious – I am having that for lunch today so I’ll post that recipe tomorrow.

Sunday dinner was a roasted sirloin tip roast.  I realized I never took a picture of my actual plate, but I seared the meat on all sides, then baked it for 90 minutes at 275.  It was rare, which is how we like it, and I’ll be making Italian beef sandwiches later this week with the leftovers.

9.14 weekend 001

And later in the evening, Tony made me a bloody Mary – I used to think I didn’t like them, but he uses a spicy bloody Mary mix, and he added my neon green Chicago style dill pickle to it – probably the crunchiest pickle I’ve had in a long time, and the dill and spicy combo was a hit.  The perfect ending to a great weekend.

9.14 weekend 002

I got up early enough so I can squeeze in a 30 minute walk before putting my stuff together.  I am starting a new 12 week weight training program at lunch today.  My sister sent me the link to it, and it’s free.  I printed out my first week – it’s actually 4 days on and then I have 3 rest days.  I’ll still be doing my Insanity at night for the cardio though.

Hope you had a great weekend – make it a great day!


37 thoughts on “The Love of Football

  1. that cut of beef roast cooked rare makes most excellent sandwiches! You look so pretty in that picture! You can really see the weight has come off in your face! You keep rocking it! I am in awe of your progress!

  2. Okay I have an idea… (not that you don’t already have enough to do) I think you should offer an online food meal/planning, leftover ideas, and storage tips course. You should charge a fee for this of course. You have such awesome talents. I have good intentions to get a meal plan started for the week. ( I even printed out some really pretty food plan papers) but when I sit down to work on it I am so overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

    • Aw, thanks Kym! I actually start out with what meat I have in the freezer, then pick meals based on my sale flyer. If chicken breasts aren’t on sale, I am just not having chicken that week.

      Although I write on scraps of paper, I do love the pretty food planners out there! 😀

  3. I love your hair down – so pretty!! It was such a beautiful weekend over in my neck of the woods. I’m loving the fall temps!

  4. Aww. Thanks for thinking of me! I haven’t had that Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin yet… and I’m curious about the HopToberfest… although it’s MKE, so I’m guessing we probably won’t find that around here!

    Have a great week!

  5. Football food is so awesome; we had plenty during the heartbreak that was the Husker game on Saturday. I brought a meat and cheese tray and a veggie tray; my Mom had mozzarella sticks, crackers, and homemade pretzels! The pretzel recipe has been in our family for generations, so it’s always a treat when she makes them. 🙂

    I love your hair down! You should totally post more pics with your hair down; I barely knew it was you! 😉

    • Oh Erin I would love your Mom’s pretzel recipe – that would be a good football treat for Tony, maybe with a homemade cheese dip?

      Yep, once it gets long enough to put in a pony tail, I hardly ever wear it down.

      • Are you afraid of lye?! It turns most people off from even trying them. There are a lot of recipes online that blabber about how you don’t need lye to make a good pretzel. Bullshit. We’ve been eating them for generations and no one has died from a lye pretzel. 🙂

        I think Mom is planning a pretzel making party in the next couple of months; I will see if I can wrestle the recipe away from her (and my crazy great-aunts). 🙂

  6. You had a busy and delicious weekend. Do you have a county library system? I’ve never heard of anyone not having free access to some library. By the way, feta is a goat cheese.


  7. Great Looking Bloody Mary! BTW, you look great! Very Inspirational! Do you have some advice for me? I really want to work out and get moving, however, I broke my ankle a year ago and now arthritis has set in and it is moving up my leg!!!!!!! Do you think slow stretching is a good idea? I need to burn calories……Thanks, you rock it girl!

    • Thanks Jan! For anyone starting out, or not having worked out for a while, I recommend finding Classical Stretch – its on my local PBS station and I DVR’d about 10 different workouts. They are all 30 minutes and TOTALLY stretch you out. Once you get your flexibility back, just start with walking – walking burns calories too! Hugs!

  8. Love the idea of an antipasto plate – I always forget about doing something like that!!
    And, I’ve heard good things about the Jamie Everson program – hope you like it!!!

    • I did like the workout today – it took me 25 minutes – and with a 15 minute incline walk on the treadmill after – it was a great 40 minute lunch time workout.


  9. I love spicy breakfasts and yours looks great. Also love that football platter. My husband watched the game with a cup of coffee in his hand! And he made it!

  10. Glad Tony’s Bears won…..Packers won big too!!! Looking forward to the BIG Packer/Bear game November 4th!!! Tony’s food looks great BTW!!

    Looks like you had a great time at the BBQ-Beer tasting at the country club. Pictures of the clouds look beautiful….yes it was a beautiful Fall day!!! HAHAHAHA sign of old age….the music DOES get louder for some reason…lol!!!

    MMMMM roast beef sandwiches….is that potatoes under the roast??? Lookin’ yummy!!

    • Yep – I was thinking that the drippings from the meat would drip onto the potatoes, but duh, I bought a sirloin roast so it was SUPER lean and hardly a drip. When it’s time to make Italian beef sandwiches, I just throw the roast in the freezer for 15 minutes – it helps me get really thin slices that way.

  11. Thanks for the tip on the Jimmy John’s. I love their wheat bread. You’re so sweet to make football food. I love the look of the deconstructed caramel apple.

    • Yep, I start out kind of easy in the beginning and then move on to more elaborate food as the season goes on – it’s a win win – I love to cook, Tony loves to eat! 😀

  12. What a BEAUTIFUL spot for beer and BBQ. You and Tony are so so sweet ❤ <3. Tasting platters are the best- right? Adore the tip about cooking meat over potatoes- trying this!

  13. My fiance’s dad used to be the president of Warsteiner! I rarely see the beer here in the states!

  14. Great photo! I tried a Bloody Mary many years ago and didn’t like it at all. I bet I would like it now…

    Have a great week!

  15. GREAT tip on Jimmy Johns – thx! You look so beautiful in your picture – you have awesome eyes!!

    That pulled pork looks awesome…..glad you had fun!!

  16. That bloody mary looks awesome and so do you. You clean up nice 😉 I was never a tomato juice person – made me gag, so bloody Mary’s were out. Then on a vacation, I tried my husband’s bloody mary and thought it was awesome! Even virgin Mary’s are good – it’s all about the spices and garnishes anyway!

  17. Your bloody Mary is making me drool. I’ve never even had one but apparently my alcohol cravings from the first trimester are holding out a little b/c I so want that drink right now! You probably know I don’t drink, so for this to be a craving while pregnant, when I can’t drink, is totes m’gotes crazy. And you look so cute with your hair down – it looks fuller than usual and so pretty! Did you get a new style or did an old one just grow out?

  18. What a great weekend and so much great food you made/had.

    You should wear your hair like this more often, looks so good on you.

    I took a look at the program you are going to follow: looks good! Good luck with it.

  19. I love your hair down like that – very pretty!

  20. I love making appetizers and snack plates during football games. Bob and I usually sit back and relax all day watching the games, snack during commercials, and enjoy a bloody mary! I always add extra worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce and olives to mine.

    So, we were actually at that Bear’s game on Sunday!!! I surprised Bob with tickets to the game (it’s his b-day and x-mas gift) since he’s the biggest Viking’s fan, and has never ever seen them play live. Obviously, I’m a Bears fan, so it was fun to go together. What a great game, too!!

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