Busy Weekend!

Saturday was my nephew and his wife’s wedding celebration.  I am not calling it a reception per se because it was just a big party at Izzy’s parents house.  They move all of the furniture out of their living room and had long tables – seriously enough seating for about 80 people.

I put on make up and did my hair for the second Saturday in a row!  I think that may be a record. Open-mouthed smile

Wedding 044

We started out by hanging outside, but it was chilly – luckily they had those tall standing space heaters which helped.

Wedding 047

Tony with his family – I didn’t notice his Mom wasn’t looking at the camera – oops!  Tony’s sister, grand nephew and his parents.

Wedding 008

Wedding 002

Wedding 010

I sipped on a few glasses of Pinot grigio:

Wedding 049

Dinner ended up being served about an hour and a half later than they had planned.  The fire that was cooking the roasting pig went out, but it was worth the wait.  Probably the best roast pig I’ve had – moist and juicy!

Wedding 024

They also had the hugest Weber grill I’ve ever seen.  I kind of want one.  The chef nearly burned himself!

Wedding 012

Wedding 051

Pork BBQ Sandwich, cole slaw, some fruit and Tony grabbed me a slice of corn bread – I love any kind of corn bread and this one was super good.  He’s always thinking of me! Open-mouthed smile

Bob and Izzy have a friend that brought his baby – he was so cute!  Izzy and Bob are going to be parents in February – they already know they are having a boy, so I especially like this picture:

Wedding 017

This baby though?  He’s only FOUR MONTHS OLD and weighs 24 pounds!

Wedding 019

I got to hold him for a while – it’s been a long time since I held a baby – well, almost toddler in this case.  The setting was gorgeous and it was a fun night.  We left just as the music turned to dance club music – yep we are getting old! Open-mouthed smile

Wedding 031

Then yesterday was Tony’s birthday!!  Football Sunday AND a birthday?  He was in heaven.  I bought him a long john donut for breakfast (he normally doesn’t eat anything) because Tony’s family was coming over for an early Sunday supper.  My SIL marinated some pork, and I made spring time risotto, macaroni and cheese and my PIL brought some crusty bread.

9.21 001

And then Tony’s favorite cake – carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.  I had already declared this insulin worthy!

9.21 009

9.21 005

I had a sliver.  I actually like that there isn’t a lot of frosting, I am not a frosting person at all.  If I get served cake with tons of frosting I usually scrape most of it off.

After Tony’s family left and Tony was engrossed in football, I laid down on the couch and got all comfy.  I was under my cozy throw, my eyes kept wanting to shut.  I am the QUEEN of naps.

But, I didn’t work out Friday or Saturday, and I knew I had to get my butt in gear, otherwise that two day string of not working out could easily morph into two weeks!  So I got up and did 40 minutes of Insanity.  It felt good to sweat!  I knew napping wasn’t going to get me the body I want.

9.21 016

I completely forgot to make the wedge salads for our earlier dinner, so I made them for our supper.  Tony LOVES a wedge salad – iceberg lettuce being his favorite.  I added some bacon, good blue cheese dressing and croutons.

9.21 021

I love all kinds of different greens in my salad, but I have to admit, this was pretty tasty.  And since we were watching the Bears game last night, we had football food – chili dogs!

9.21 026

Yep, mine has 1/4 cup of no bean chili (Chilli Man brand) and mustard and Frank’s hot sauce.  So good.  Luckily the Bears won so that made Tony’s day – they are 3-0 on the year!

And today is another busy day!  I have today off because it’s my Mom’s 73rd birthday today.  I am picking up my Mom and headed to Oak Park where my daughter will meet up at my sisters office and we are going out to lunch in Forest Park.

You guys – I’ve been dreaming about this burger I am going to have for days now. As soon as my Mom picked out the restaurant I’ve been dreaming about their FIRE BURGER.  Seriously, if I were to create my own spicy burger, this is what I would come up with.

fire burger

homemade spicy Italian sausage patty, pepper jack cheese, fire roasted jalapeños, oven roasted poblano peppers, topped with a fiery ranchero-sriracha sauce and garnished with French fried cherry peppers, served on potato bun.

Seriously, just reading that sentence again is making my mouth water!  And why have I never thought of making french fried cherry peppers?  Of course, since I have set the bar so high with this burger it will probably just be okay.  But I hope it’s amazing!

Alright, time to jump in the shower and get on with the day.  So happy I am not headed to work today!

Question of the Day:  What’s the best burger you’ve ever had?


42 thoughts on “Busy Weekend!

  1. Biz, you looked so nice this weekend! Sounds like a fun one, good job still getting the workout in!

  2. That baby looks just as shocked as you that he weighs 24 pounds, LOLOLOL!

    What a fun and busy weekend – Happy Birthday, Tony!

    Enjoy your girl’s day – Happy Birthday to your mom!

  3. Love the new look! On you, too! And love this post. I’m a sucker for happy family photos. Have fun with your mom today and enjoy that burger.I haven’t had a burger in a long time but I used to love pan fried burgers-like ooey gooey patty melts!

  4. Marcia@Frugal Healthy Simple

    Lucky that the Bears won?? Hmmph.

    it’s going to be a LONG ugly season for my Steelers. 😦

  5. You look GORGEOUS! What a party. The food? Gah! 24 lb baby? Kay weighs 26 and shes 2! That wedge? omg yum

    • That’s what my sister said – her kids weren’t in the 20 – 30 pound range until they were 2 or 3! He was a chunk monster – and he only drinks formula and now just a touch of baby food!

  6. Love that the parties went well; I seriously drooled at the carrot cake you posted on Instagram! Carrot is probably my favorite…

    That burger sounds amazing, although it might be out of my range with all of the crazy hot elements. I’d try it, though! Have a wonderful day with your mom, sis, and Hannah!

  7. And you looked very pretty! Love the baby. Oh yum, that pig! Happy belated birthday to Tony. I hope he is a Bear’s fan!!


  8. The expression on that baby’s face is priceless! Sounds like a super fun weekend, and now I’m soooooo hungry!

  9. What a fun weekend even if it was busy. The picture of that baby’s shocked face made me laugh right out loud. I think he knows you told how much he weighs lol!

    The carrot cake looks sooooo good – and I’m with you about not having a bunch of frosting.

    Between your step-son, Tony, and your mom, you’ve got a lotta birthdays stacked up to each other don’t you?

    • Yep, September and March are the two big months in our family – now the waiting game until Hannah’s birthday which is the first of six birthdays that month! Can’t believe she’ll be 22 already!

  10. Biz, you look so beautiful!!
    Lots of birthdays for you right now! I think we’d be perfect at a wedding or birthday party together. Because I LOVE the frosting. You could scrape it off your piece of cake and put it on mine! 🙂

  11. That burger does sound right up your alleY!!!

  12. Boy!!! That is one HOT hamburger!!! Love the look on that baby’s face, had to laugh. Looks like some great party’s and that pig roasting looks good, have not been to a pig roast in ions!!! Best hamburger??? “Serious Burgers” here in Appleton, oh yum are they de-lish! But then I make a good burger too, sometimes just a plain cheeseburger hits the spot for me 🙂

    PS…I thought I was on the wrong blog when I clicked your blog on…everything looks so different.

    • Tony (Mr. Bizmoto)

      packers are 1-2…Bears 3-0…trouble in Appleton??

    • Yep, I switched up the format – I haven’t had time to tweak it yet, but the comments were at the top and I wanted them at the bottom, and I since I have no computer skills, it was easier just to change up the whole thing – change is good ever y once in a while. 😀

  13. You looked wonderful all made up, but I actually think you looked great in that workout pic too! 😀

    Food looks amazing! I’ve never tried roast pig, but I think I’m drooling a bit 😀

  14. You look so pretty in that top picture. I’m so used to seeing the “post workout” pics (where you look lovely in a different way 🙂 that I did a double take. Weddings are so much fun, especially when they have great food like that one! And seriously, my 16 month old daughter is 24 pounds. I can’t imagine that on a four month old.

    • Yes, I think sweaty pics are pretty in a different way. I got dozens of comments on that picture on Facebook and my Mom keeps telling me I need to put on make up and wear my hair down more often. Today she said “did you see how many people said you looked pretty on Facebook!” 😀

      I can’t imagine how big that kid is going to be when he’s 1!

  15. Liking the new look of the blog, Biz. The look on that baby’s face…omg….priceless! lol Good for you for getting your workout in!! I once went to an informal house reception with a pig roast, and I gotta say, one of the funnest weddings I have ever been to! Let’s see…best burger. Gotta be the burger I get at Micheal Symon’s Bspot….Thin Lizzy. Sooooo damn good. It’s Micheal Symons…it’s got to be good! lol I’ve never gotten the Lola burger, but my boys love that one!

  16. What a fantastic weekend!!
    Love the chunky baby – he looks older in that 2nd picture!!
    And that setting is incredibly beautiful!!
    Happy birthday (a day late) to Tony! Happy birthday to your mom!!

  17. What a busy but fun weekend! And good for you to get the Insanity in!

    Have a great week!

  18. Looks like such a great weekend. And you my friend, are looking hot!!! OMG, that baby’s face? Hilarious! BTW…love the new blog look!

  19. It looks like and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I’m a diabetic and use Lantus Solostar Pens. You use pens, too? When I went to give myself my injection this evening I noticed a lot of small air pockets in the insulin and noticed it had leaked. This has never happened to me before (4 1/2 years of taking Lantus Solostar) and wondering if this has ever happened to you. My pharmacist said I should call the makers of Lantus and see what they have to say and maybe they will replace this pen for me. As you know, insulin pens are not cheap. Thanks for the help and advice.

    • Hey Joanne – I’ll send you an email too, but I take the Lantus pen at night every night. Twice in the last few years I’ve had pens where I’ve put in the 30 units I am supposed to take, and then the pen won’t budge – at all. Even though just one pen was faulty, I took the bad one back to the pharmacy, and they gave me a whole new box for free.

      Another time, I had to mail the pen back to the manufacturer, and they sent me a voucher for free pens. Either way, you should get free pens!

  20. What a great weekend! And so funny, the picture of the pig on the roast stick, that is EXACTLY what turned me into a vegetarian over ten years ago! hahaha!

  21. Biz you should dress up more often and wear make-up, you look so beautiful.

    It seems to me you have all birthdays at once. Happy belated birthday to Tony and to your Mom.
    Tony’s birthday sounds great so does the reception. All things together: a perfect fantastic weekend!

    • Thanks Fran! I usually don’t wear make-up since I work out at lunch, it seems like a waste. But when I do dress up and wear make-up at work, everyone thinks I am interviewing for another job! 😀

  22. Speaking of burgers… any news on the burger recipe you submitted for a contest? (The Chicago Burger)

  23. You look so pretty Biz. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. The picture of the baby’s expression cracked me up. My wedding anniversary is this coming Sunday and I always think of carrot cake because that’s what we had at our wedding here in the U.S. I love carrot cake and yours looks delicious!

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