I’ll take every Monday off please.

I had such a great day off yesterday.  I was able to sleep in a bit and enjoy my coffee and half an egg bagel while I blogged before heading to my Mom’s house.

Momma Day 003

I mainly ate the egg with cheese – the bagel was bought last week and sat in my car for a day before I remembered to bring it in.  It was pretty stale. Sad smile

I went to my Mom’s house to pick her up for lunch.  We tried to get a picture together, but my head was so big in all the pictures – it just made us laugh!

Momma Day 006

We headed to Oak Park to wait for my daughter Hannah to get there on the L.  My Mom and I had time to thrift at a consignment store.  My Mom always thinks I look good in hats – I don’t think so though.

Momma Day 010

I am not the biggest fan of consignment shops because I still think the merchandise is overpriced.  Check out this t-shirt – it was $99!

Momma Day 012

Hannah texted she was a couple stops away, so we met her at the exit.

Momma Day 013

Momma Day 016

Then we headed to Scratch in Forest Park.  Super cute place, the server was excellent. 

Momma Day 017

My Mom said her friends said not to miss the macaroni and cheese – we split a small for our appetizer.  I can’t imagine what the large would look like!

Momma Day 025

Super creamy with a crunchy bread crumb topping.  It’s hard for me to ever pass up a macaroni and cheese though!

And after all my drooling for the past several days for the Fire Burger, it did not disappoint!

Momma Day 027

Here’s the deal though.  the toppings made this burger – the cherry peppers, roasted jalapeno and poblano with the spicy cheese sauce – to die for.  The more I thought about it though, the burger part was . . . just okay.  The server said that they make their own burger mix with brisket and beef – mine was supposed to be a spicy Italian sausage patty, but it tasted just like a regular burger.  She said because of the type of meat they use, you can’t order to temp – she explained that the burgers are cooked to medium – medium/well, but will still be juicy.  Mine wasn’t that juicy.

That being said – the toppings were wonderful – I had salt and pepper chips on the side instead of fries.  What was amazeballs though?  The mustard!

Momma Day 032

I don’t know if you can see in my basket, but the mustard was very vinegary and peppery.  I’ve decided I need to make this mustard at home, I have no idea how yet, but that may be a football Sunday project for me. Open-mouthed smile

We then dropped my twin sister off back at work – wish you could have stayed out with us!

Momma Day 035

Momma Day 037

My boob looks really big in that picture – ha!

I texted Tony my meal and these were his comments – made me laugh Open-mouthed smile

Momma Day 045

He wouldn’t have touched either thing I got with a ten foot pole.

Then we headed towards downtown LaGrange – a couple thrift stores and some cute shops – it’s really a nice downtown area.  I know where to go now if I need any glassware!  Most of them were priced .85 cents, which seemed a bit odd to me.

Momma Day 046

I almost bought these twin dolls – one for me and one for my sister – why do they have mustaches though?

Momma Day 054

And Skippy, there were so many snowmen – I kept thinking of you!

Momma Day 048

And Shelley – I am kicking myself for not buying this yard for you – only .25 cents a skein (spelling?) – but I know nothing about yarn and it could have been all crap.

Momma Day 058

And Rhonda, totally thought of you when I saw these cast iron door stoppers – a bit pricey at $75 though!  (p.s.  I miss your blogging and recipes!)

Momma Day 061

We went into a children’s store and they had bins and bins of tiny things – not even sure what they were for?  The bin of babies was kind of creepy.

Momma Day 074

And before we knew it, it was time for Hannah to get back on the train to go home – it was great seeing you and thanks for taking the day off to spend it with Nana on her birthday!

Momma Day 079

It’s getting darker earlier these days – by the time I drove home and I got dinner started, it was already dark at 7:15.  Makes for interesting grilling!  I grilled up two chicken breasts and added some of the copycat Rudy’s bbq sauce.  And I heated up some of the leftover risotto – quick and easy dinner!

Momma Day 084

The Monday night football game was a blow out, so Tony only watched the first half.  Lori, you must be happy about last nights game!   Then we caught up on some stuff from the DVR – Ray Donovan is getting so good!

So if you guys could just talk to my bosses for me and tell them I’d like to take every Monday off, I would appreciate it!

I am looking forward to getting back into my workout and eating routine – it’s been off for the last few days and I need to reign it back in.  (is it rein or reign?  Helen, you would know the answer to that one I think!)

Thanks for the compliments on the new layout – I do like that the comments are at the end of the post so you don’t have to scroll up.  It’s just a basic form so I’ll be working on a new header, etc. in the next several days. 

Alright, time to get my gym bag packed and my food together – make it a great day!


45 thoughts on “I’ll take every Monday off please.

  1. Looks like you had such a great time! Happy birthday to your momma! It’s awesome that your sister and Hannah were able to celebrate with you guys. Family time is awesome 🙂

  2. What a fabulous day! You have such a great relationship with your Mom/sister/Hannah- LOVE it. Those chips look delish!

  3. Sounds like a great day!!
    And, I must be slow because today was the first time I noticed the new layout but I like it!!

  4. Looks like a great day! Is Tony for real…that food looks amazing! :p

    I have every Friday off & I swear I could use every Monday too. Heck – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for that matter!

  5. Welp, you already know how I’m feeling about the darkness these days. We have some lights on the outside of the garage so we pull our grill under there if it’s already dark. Still not the same though! I’m grilling chicken tonight but since I’m adding it into some pasta, I’m going to grill it before dark!

    It’s definitely ‘rein’ it in but interesting enough reigning means to rule over which is what you want to do as well, right?

    • Good idea, but we don’t have a garage – I used a lantern though! I knew you would know the right word Helen – you are my go to for grammar! (and not kidding, I just spelled that grammer!)

  6. You seriously ate a bagel that had been sitting in your car for a week? You are tough! 🙂

  7. Bullet point day!
    ~ Yes, I will take every Monday off, too, please! (My husband gets every other Friday off. I’m so jealous!
    ~$99 or 99cents? That’s ridiculous for an ugly shirt!
    ~Scratch-that sounds like my type of place.
    ~Oh that burger!!
    ~I’m surprised Tony didn’t get some silly autocorrects.
    ~Those little babies in the bin creep me out, too!
    ~What a great way for the three generations of ladies to spend time together on a special day!

    • You know I always love your bullet point comments Carrie! And it was $99 dollars – one dollar short of $100 bucks! I looked it up though and I guess that is some French designer – some of his (or her?) ugly ass shirts cost up to $500!

  8. What an awesome Monday with your Mama! I am taking Thursday off – actually, I have an 8 AM meeting and then I’m gonzo for the rest of the day. I have a gym date… 🙂

    That burger looks amazeballs; for some reason I was picturing more hot shit on top! I would try it, and I’d also love to hit up that thrift store!

  9. Your text exchange with Tony is hilarious.

    Those babies are creepy.

    25 cents a skein!! Ah, I’d kill for those deals, even though I don’t have time to craft (I just bought sale yarn at $4.50 a skein).

    Our thrift stores are just overpriced here. I hear that if I go 40 miles south they are better, but who wants to drive 40 miles for that?

  10. You and your sister are adorable! And I love the new blog format. Nice clean feel.

  11. What a great day – the weather looked perfect, too!

  12. You always have such a great time with mom, sister and daughter….that is wonderful. Tony is a real “kick” isn’t he. Food looked great at
    Scratch. Yes, you must get back into the flow….you miss one or two days then it is three, then four and before you know it….it’s been a week, then two….That is what has happened to me with my stationary bike. I really need to get back at it!!!! How easy it is to fall in and out of habits!!!
    Have a great day today and for the rest of the week. Looking forward to that mustard recipe.

  13. What a fun day, and I love how much you thought about your blogger friends – it’s like we were right there with you!!

    Some of that yarn would be good…other brands, I’m kind of picky on. You would not believe how much I paid for a skein of yarn last week…$33! But it IS all kinds of gorgeous. 🙂

    • I just fainted at $33. I don’t think I’ve spent $33 on one article of clothing let alone yarn! Do you ever buy the “furry” yarn? And yes, you guys are with me every day! 😀

  14. What fun! I really want to go thrifting with you! Maybe the twin dolls are middle aged, and are sprouting hormonal mustaches. Just like mine! Kidding…. I’m guessing the creepy babies are for baby shower cake decorations. OOOH….the mascots they’d make!! 🙂 Have a great day Vat.

    • I didn’t even think about them as mascots – there must have been 20 different kinds of tiny things like that! 😦 OMG, you and I would be the best thrifting buddies!

  15. Happy birthday to your mom. You all are adorable! What a fun day. Your thrift shop pics gave me a good chuckle. The creepy babies are scary looking and those twin mustached dolls WTH?!

    • I love all your catching up comments Aimee! CONGRATS ON YOUR AMAZEBALL MARATHON TIME! Cannot wait for the recap – what an awesome role model you are for Carlos! And, in another comment you commented about how my abs look – when I lay down, the fat just kind of lays down with it – the muffin top is still alive and well, but I am working on it!

  16. WHooooa, that burger looks amazing! Wow. 😀 And the mac and cheese too! I’ve never had “proper” mac and cheese, so I really want to try that once.

    I think your mom is right about hats. 😀

  17. Why won’t he eat mac and cheese?! Are you kidding? That is my weakness. Something I can never ever say no to. Which explains the size of my rear end.

    That little plastic baby on top wants you to save him from that bin and take him home. Where he will sit on top of your dresser and watch you sleep. Every night. Now isn’t that a pleasant thought?

    You look fabulous in that hat. Your mom is on to something.

    • Okay, here is the deal with Tony and macaroni and cheese. When he was much younger, early 20s he moved for a job and was low on cash after the move and before getting his first paycheck. In the beginning of the week, he made boxed mac n cheese, with butter and milk – started out just fine. By the end of the two weeks? He ran out of butter and milk, and used water and just the powdered shit. He vowed then and there that after he got paid, he would never eat mac n cheese ever again – and to this day, he hasn’t. Not even my good homemade version! That’s 30 years without mac n cheese – pretty sure I couldn’t go 30 days without it!

  18. Happy belated Birthday to your mom! Glad you got to spend the day with her on her birthday!

  19. You all are so cute! I need to go thrift shopping with you 😀

  20. If you can get me some Monday’s off, that would be awesome. 😉 Glad you had a great day–the weather has been so nice, hasn’t it? Funny that you talked about loving mustard. I have been a total mustard-aholic lately. Like–I have to put it on everything. I have three different varieties in my fridge at this very moment, and with fresh horseradish and/or hot sauce, I’ve been having side dips with dinner every night. lol.

    • Another mustard whore! OMG, I love mustard so much Tony took me to the mustard museum in Mt. Horeb Wisconsin! I AM going to come up with a homemade mustard though – I’ll have to meet up with you some time and bring you some when I make it!

  21. Such a fun day – thanks for sharing it with us! Your mom must have just loved spending the day with her girls 🙂 I think anyone’s head would look large next to hers – she’s such a little thing!! Oh and I thought of you this weekend when I won a trivia game because I knew all the ingredients of a Chicago dog – some of the people at the table had no idea what they were?? What??

  22. That is the ugliest shirt I’ve ever seen! Can’t believe the price tag. I think they’d have to pay me to leave the store with it. and you do look good in hats! I miss Rhonda too – where the heck is she? Anyway, such a nice day to spend with your female fam for Mom’s birthday – love it.

  23. What a great day especially for a Monday. I’ll take such a Monday any day.

    I watched the seasons finale of Ray Donovan last night. Such a great show, too bad the season is over but luckily it’s picked up for a second season.

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