57 Members Strong!

I was so happy throughout the day yesterday to look down on my phone and see a “friend request” on my Facebook app.  Yesterday morning we had 31 women in my Healthy for the Holidays private page on Facebook – this morning we are up to 57!

Such great things going on:

  • not eating office candy
  • getting water in
  • waking up at 3:45 before work to get a workout in
  • no extra snacking
  • counting WW points during the day, not just guessing

These are just a few of the dozens of goals met just on day one, and I could not be happier!  Not too late to join:  either friend request me at Beth Hills Velatini – or look for Healthy for the Holidays with My Bizzy Kitchen and I’ll add you to the group.  I cannot tell you how motivated this group makes me!

For the last couple days I’ve only been just under 1300 calories, and that’s just not enough.  So before work, I had a Nature Valley Protein Bar – on top of my blog writing notes – blurry pic I know, but it was dark out. Open-mouthed smile

taebo 027

For breakfast yesterday I made a breakfast burrito – I brought some of the tomatillo salsa to a couple of my co-workers yesterday, who both gave it great big thumbs up.  This salsa made my breakfast burrito!  And for dessert – Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt.

taebo 001

Yesterday’s strength training was chest and triceps.  A couple new to me exercises – one of which has an alternate name of skull crusher!!!

I only used a 25 pound bar, so I didn’t crush my skull luckily!  This workout took me 35 minutes, then I did 5 minutes of stretching.

taebo 030

taebo 032

Can you tell I was listening to motivational shit on 8 tracks?!  Lot’s of topics for the private FB page coming in the next few days. Open-mouthed smile 

Lunch was leftover black bean and barley chili – I may have that again today it’s so good, and almost tastes better than the first day I made it.  I added a bit of the salsa on top too to kick it up a notch.  Not pictured 1 ounce of tortilla chips for dipping.

taebo 008

taebo 012

On the FB page yesterday I asked everyone to do “just one” thing that they have said they were going to do, but didn’t.  Me?  It was my water intake – I was going strong for a while, but somehow over the weekends I was drinking more wine than water!   But after 40 ounces of plain water I was losing my steam, so I made my own iced tea – steeped a bag of tea for 30 minutes and then poured it over ice – that did the trick – I love lemon was delicious!

taebo 029

I added a water app on my phone to keep track – it’s so cute because it makes the sound of pouring water and someone says “ahh!” when you put a check mark on the glass of water.

taebo 042

I think most empty nest families wouldn’t consider making beef roasts just for two people, but I love doing that for the leftovers!  Tony and I grilled a sirloin tip roast over the weekend.  Last night I made French dip sandwiches with a side salad (instead of fries!).  I put my roast in the freezer for about 10 minutes and its super easy to slice.  Just heat up 1 cup of beef broth with a tablespoon of Italian seasoning.  Bring the beef broth to a boil, remove from heat and add your sliced beef while you put everything together – just warms up the beef without cooking it any more.

taebo 017

I am on year almost three with my camera, and I am still trying to figure it out.  By the time dinner is ready, it’s nearly dark out already, and I have fluorescent kitchen lighting.   I set my ISO at 800 for this picture and I think it brought in just enough light.

taebo 021

taebo 024

So I pulled another oldie but a goodie out last night for my workout – Billy Blanks T3 Total Transformation!  Helen sent this to me a few years ago, and I actually forgot how much I liked these DVDs.  I decided to do the “Express Workout” which was really express – after 9 minutes of instruction (which I forgot and was thinking – this isn’t much of a workout!!) the express workout was only 15 minutes, so I did that twice and ended up doing the 5 minutes of stretching at the end.  I was sweaty!

taebo 035

taebo 040

Stats for the Day:

  • 1883 calories (not pictured – peanut butter and banana granola which I am posting tomorrow – its amazeballs!)
  • 174 carbs, 120 protein, 80 fat, 27 fiber
  • 38% of calories from fat, 25% from protein and 36% from carbs
  • B- grade from Calorie Count – too low carbs, too high fat and too high sodium

Alright, I have to repack my gym bag with clean clothes and put my food together for the day – make it a great day!



37 thoughts on “57 Members Strong!

  1. Thanks for every day inspiration and awesome food ideas and pics 🙂

  2. 3:45 really??? You are beyond motivated. I keep saying I am going to get up earlier to work out but then I feel guilty making noise that early in the morning and then blow it off. 😦 Something I could vent about on the FB page 🙂 but I don’t have a FB account. The water app does sound cute. I would drink too much water just to play with it.

    • Yep, unfortunately blog reader Peggy has an early start time AND a long commute – I gotta give her props for setting the alarm at that time! No FB?? What! That’s okay, still loves ya Kym!

  3. So excited for this FB group – it was already 80 degrees by lunch but I went out and walked around the parking lot anyway! The people who monitor our security cameras probably think I’m nuts, but I don’t give a sh*t!

    Peanut butter and banana in granola?! Ok ok, you got me. Do share!

    • It’s okay to spell out the swear words – my Mom and MIL are used to it! I don’t give a shit either what the security cameras thought – love it Erin!

      Okay – when the granola came out last night – crunchy, just like I like it. This morning? Chewy. It was good, but I loves the crunch – so I threw it back in the oven for 10 minutes tonight – holy love shit – this may be my new favorite granola! #hopeitsstillcrunchyinthemorning

  4. I am honored to be a part of the group!! Yay! totally NOT adjusting to photo taking now that the good natural light is waning. I need a better camera!! gotta download that water app..too funny!

  5. I cannot wait to see the recipe for the granola!!!! You are just rocking the weigh on off. So awesome. I always think chili tastes better once it sits for a good bit. Have a great day

  6. I’m in for: not eating office candy and getting water in… not so much the waking up at 3:45 before work to get a workout in!!! That’s a little too crazy for me (who snoozes my 730 alarm until 8). Also like no extra snacking 🙂

    Granola sounds yum!

  7. I just requested to join the group! Might be just what I need.

  8. I love electronics and gadgets, but I’ve never taken the time to understand cameras and lighting. I think your pictures look great….and oh so delicious! Have a great day.

    • What is sad Roly, is that my Dad was an awesome photographer – I could have learned from someone who got all that stuff. Sadly, tomorrow, October 4th would have been his 75th birthday, but he didn’t make it past 59 😦

  9. Yum, love the idea of making your own breakfast burrito – that breakfast looks awesome!

  10. I want that chili! Did you post the recipe – I’ll have to look over the past weeks posts as I am behind in blog reading. I love how motivated you are to keep your momentum going!

  11. Mmmmm roast beef sandwiches and salad look delish…that’s what I am doing this weekend for company coming. Made another batch of lasagna soup yesterday….husbands request. Rode my stationary bike last night….whew, out of shape. If I had continued riding and not stopped for a couple of months I wouldn’t be feeling this way….now I have to start all over again…. 😦

    • Ha – love that you made the lasagna soup again – and that your husband requests it! I am so glad you got back on your stationary bike – you’ll get back at it before you know it, and it will make it that much easier when the snow starts to fall. Hugs!

  12. I’m obsessed with putting salsa on top of chili – gives it that extra kick and I love the hot/cold combo!!

  13. Hmm..thinking I may have to fix up a batch of the tomatillo salsa. That stuff looks tasty! I noticed on your pic with the barbell that you didn’t have on gloves. Be careful & don’t scratch up your rings! 🙂
    Loving the FB group!

    • I don’t think I am hard core enough to have weight lifting gloves, but I love that you thought I should have them 😀 I am LOVING the FB page – lets keep this ball rolling!

  14. Your food always looks delish!!! I seriously need to start cooking! Btw, you’re doing awesome on your workouts!

  15. definitely want to join your group. so hard keeping on track during the holidays!

  16. Dang – I thought I got up early but 3:45?!
    I think I have that same Tae-Bo DVD – might have to pull it out sometime!

    • It was surprisingly pretty good Kim – I had forgotten! It came with these 1 pound “c” weights, so while its mostly cardio, I definitely felt it in my arms. 😀

  17. Everytime I see a breakfast burrito on your blog I say to myself: gotta try that too. Till today I still haven’t 🙂 I never avoid recipes because it’s just the 2 of us. I either make enough to freeze in (note to self buy a new freezer since the old one broke down last week) or make it just for 2. Most recipes for 4 can easily be made for 2. Next week is going to be interesting with my Beebox, there are 2 things in it I have never made and/or eaten and 2 things I hardly ever buy myself 🙂

  18. Your happiness and excitement was just glowing from this post today, Biz. Made me smile through it. 🙂 And you totally rock the sweaty pics.

  19. BTW I almost died about the dish your mom made called slumgulion. OMgoatcheeks, best recipe name ever. It sounds so horrible, like something you eat in the slums. I’m going to start calling people slumgulions for fun. lol

  20. Now I’m craving black bean chili. On my agenda for today! I always liked Billy Blanks workouts. He doesn’t annoy me like Horton does.

    I requested to join your FB group!

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