Mastro’s Steakhouse

Our #LivingWell progressive dinner continued on to Maestro’s Steakhouse.  I have to admit, when I got the itinerary, I had never heard of that steakhouse before.

BEEF 315

We took a trolley from Sable Kitchen to Maestro’s – I felt like a tourist in my own town. Open-mouthed smile   We had a separate space upstairs all to ourselves, but that place was hopping!  Check out their bar!


We were greeted by Dave Zino, Executive Chef of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and Kari Underly, who is a third generation butcher.

BEEF 048

BEEF 051

Kari showed us how to buy a big beef roast, and how to cut it down ourselves, which ultimately saves us money.

BEEF 063

It was fascinating watching her cut down the meat into roasts, steaks and cuts for stirfry.  We were lucky enough to be given her book – The Art of Beef Cutting:


I never really thought about it, but butchery is kind of a dying art.  No longer are masters teaching apprentices, who then train the next generation.  With the turnover in supermarkets, the art of butchery is almost lost.  She’s trying to put a butchery school together in Chicago, there isn’t one school solely dedicated to butchery.

After what seemed like a few minutes, she had this!

BEEF 073

Note to self:  I need to buy a good boning knife – that’s one knife I don’t own.  We were then ready for dinner!  I loved seeing my name tag wherever we went.

BEEF 316

BEEF 322

It was super dark in here, so the picture sucks ass, but it tasted delicious.  The meat was served and then sides were passed family style – I even ate the mushrooms!

BEEF 328

I did not partake in the dessert, but the server told us that the butter cake had a pound of butter in it – it’s the one in the middle.

BEEF 331

It was such an enjoyable evening – great food and good company.  We got back to the hotel at 10:15 and I think I was asleep by 10:45! Open-mouthed smile  Tomorrow’s recap – Becoming a Meat Expert.

I got my ass up yesterday morning and got dressed in the dark to go on a walk – at 6:30 in the morning it was only 43 degrees!

10.8 001

But I bundled up and got in a quick 30 minute walk – it ended up being a gorgeous day near 75 degrees!  The water was so still and you can’t see it all that well, but there was a low fog across the water.

10.8 006

I ended up making breakfast tacos yesterday before work.  Egg beaters, baby spinach, a bit of cheese and two slices of deli ham, then fried in about 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil.  When I got to work I reheated them under the toaster oven – I put them in walked away and started checking email when all of a sudden I remembered they were in there!  Almost burnt, but still delicious – they actually got nice and crispy.

10.8 010

Before I knew it, it was time to hit the gym.  I warmed up with 20 minutes in the stair master – I did 64 floors.

10.8 059

And then my strength workout was back and biceps, which took me about 25 minutes to complete.

Lunch was taco salad – one of my favorite salads.  This time I mixed 1 tablespoon of ranch dressing with 1/4 cup of my tomatillo salsa for the dressing.  Romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, 1/3 cup taco meat, 1/4 cup of black beans, the dressing and some cheese.  And hot sauce.  Duh.

10.8 019

It was such a gorgeous day – Tony met me outside when I got home and already had the grill lit for me.  I knew I wasn’t going to work out after dinner since I walked before work and worked out at lunch.  So guess what I had?  Pumpkin beer.  Two of them while we sat outside and grilled and enjoyed each others company.

When I first got home I marinated my beef/mushrooms and peppers.  Have you tried my beef marinade yet?  While this batch only marinated for 30 minutes, it’s much better the longer you can let it get happy together.

10.8 022

I love these metal skewers I bought at Williams Sonoma.  I love that they are flexible and I don’t have to worry about soaking them.

10.8 025

10.8 029

The kebobs only took about 10 minutes to cook – delicious!

10.8 044

But that wasn’t all – I had red wine too – all told I had about 560 calories of alcohol – gah!  I don’t know what I was thinking, but that kind of behavior has to stop.  So Tony, keep me accountable – no wine the rest of the week for me – thanks babe!  And believe it or not, the stats below includes the alcohol!

Stats for the Day

  • 1653 calories, 147 carbs, 87 protein, 34 fat and 7.6 fiber
  • 18% of calories from fat, 20% from protein, 35% from carbs and 25% from alcohol
  • 30 minute walk before work
  • 45 minute stair master/strength at lunch

Today is a new day, brushing myself off and keeping the eye on the prize.  Not gonna beat myself up about it, because yesterday is gone and I need to make the right choices today.  Let’s make it a great day!


37 thoughts on “Mastro’s Steakhouse

  1. I want that meal you had at Maestro’s – completely delicious!! I would have eaten dessert though. I don’t know how you passed those choices up.

    Butchering is also becoming a lost art because a lot of grocery stores are getting their meat pre-cut and packaged so there is no need to have a butcher on site. Mr. Helen works at a military commissary and they still butcher the old fashioned way… you can walk up and request a specific cut or boning of a prime rib or whatever. I always tell him “job security” when he’s exhausted during the holidays from all the special cuts lol!

    • It’s weird Helen, sweets don’t do it for me anymore – however, if they would have brought out salted popcorn, I would have been all over that – love my salty shit!

  2. it is balance Biz, sometimes you just need a few drinks. It is all good mamasita! Its a new day, you’ve got this!!!!! 😀
    If it makes you feel any better…i see juniper berries and agave nectar in my future….LOL!!!
    Love ya, Girl!

  3. Eh – sometimes things like that happen, but you’re right – you can’t beat yourself up about it! Overall, you are doing awesome. I can’t believe you passed up the dessert – I don’t think I could’ve done that. Good for you!

  4. I’m not a huge dessert eater but I would have needed at least a bite of the butter cake and the chocolate sin cake!!! I am terrified about butchering stuff – probably because my knife skills are nonexistent!
    Not bad to have some beer (and wine) on occasion – you are doing a great job staying on track – an occasional indulgence is normal (and good!).

  5. VERY cool event. I’d love to learn how to cut meat up properly. I feel like I’m so clueless when it comes to different cuts of meat. Taco inspired day yesterday. Taco salads are totally delicious. No more wine!!

  6. That whole butchery thing sounds fascinating – maybe you’ve found your next calling:) Don’t ever beat yourself up about enjoying time with food/drink in reasonable amounts with full awareness and appreciation in the moment. To me, that’s a healthy relationship with food. I’m working on that 🙂

    • Thanks Lynne – I know, I think if that woman ever starts a school I’d love to take classes there – I have no problem cutting any kind of meat off the bone!

  7. Your event looks so awesome, I’m loving the daily recaps on it. Breakfast tacos and taco salad!? Now I need Mexican food! haha

  8. I’m with Helen – I would have eaten the desserts, too! Amazing how many cuts of beef the butcher got out of that one lump…now if someone would just come and cook it for me, because no matter what, we tend to ruin steak.

    • I used to ruin meat too, now I use a thermometer and its a godsend – I pull off most red meat at 125 – its cooked perfect every time. Well, if you like medium rare like we do. Glad Jeff is okay after you scare at the ER – better safe than sorry – and maybe he needs to hydrate more during the week?

  9. Don’t know if this is representative of all grocery stores, but at our grocery store, heat sealed seams mean pre-cut and saran-wrapped means it was cut in-store. There’s a butcher shop in town, too, and we get steaks, sausages, and slab bacon from them. They grind their beef daily, are USDA inspected daily, etc. I can debone a chicken like a boss, but beef is a different story! I wonder if the butcher shops here would ever teach a class. I will have to ask them next time!

    One night of beer and wine will not kill you or derail your progress. If that turns into two, three, or four nights, then I give Tony full permission to stage an intervention. 🙂

    • Ha, love it Erin – we aren’t at intervention stage! 😀 Now I can’t debone a chicken as well as I can red meat for some reason – that is a class I could learn from!

  10. I would have skipped the beef and eaten the desserts! That’s just me. 🙂 I sure have enjoyed going back and reading all your posts about your special weekend – so glad you where chosen to be a part of it.

  11. Oh my gosh….how did you pass up cheese cake???????????? I am not a beer fan, but a glass of wine once in a while should not bring ya down. The kabobs look wonderful as does the meal at Maestro’s!! Have a gret day!!

  12. That sounds really informative. I’d love to do something like that.

  13. My grandfather and uncle were butchers and both had small groceries where they sold it. Our name was famous for meat! We had a lot of meat growing up and a lot of good meat. It’s fun being a tourist in your own city!

  14. Oh man, I would have had to have a bite of the butter cake…maybe take the rest home do Dennis. LOL! Your dinner looked delish. As do your kebabs! Next time you’re drinking that much booze, think “I could be eating butter cake instead.” Just kidding. That’s what I would do. 😉

    • V – you definitely would have thought the desserts were insulin worthy!! I love the cake that Dennis made for your birthday, and how Danielle threw you a birthday party – love it!

  15. Oh wow that dinner looked nice and how cool to get her book….! Your beef marinade looks awesome – great photo! I always buy mine pre marinated at our butcher because they are so delicious! I should try yours though.

    • I hope you try the marinade Courtney – so easy and something you could make the night before for a quick weeknight dinner. 😀 I think the ginger makes it.

  16. Loving the pics! I’m working on my knife skills but have a long way to go! lol
    Unfortunately we don’t have a butcher shop in our area. 😦
    I have beef, mushrooms & bell pepper in the fridge & those kebobs look awesome. Just in case I can’t find the marinade recipe – could you link it please? Thanks! 😀

  17. My dad was a butcher, and he had to go through the apprenticeship and everything. He says the meat comes into the stores already broken down now – they don’t teach anyone how to break beef anymore. When I lived closer to him, we would sometimes buy big cuts of meat and he would cut it down for us. It really is the way to go!

    • That’s cool! I guess I thought that’s what the “butchers” were doing behind the meat counter, but I think they are basically just packaging and trimming the meat that comes in.

  18. Due to the fact that everyone is so busy nowadays most people buy their food in the supermarkets which is a pity because all the specialty shops for meat, vegetables, bread slowly go broke. I go to a butcher for my meat, it costs a little bit more but the quality is way way better than meat from the supermarket. I buy my vegetables/fruits since a couple of weeks biological as you know. We buy our bread at the bakery, again because it tastes so much better. Everything else is bought at the supermarket.

    • Sadly our butcher prices are at least double what I can buy them in the grocery store. But now I am intrigued on buying bigger cuts of beef and making my own butcher tray at home!

  19. When I lived in Mozambique we bought meat from the local butcher. One cow a day was all they had so it was best to arrive early. I ate meat then and remember it tasting so different, so much fresher.

    We can’t beat ourselves up over missteps. You had the wine, I had the carrot cake on Friday night, now it’s time to move on. I’m not sure I would have been able to pass on the desserts! Good for you!

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