Best School Picture. Ever.

I really want to meet this kid.  He’s Marcia’s oldest son and just got his school pictures returned.  I would love for you to tell me in the comments what you think his thoughts were when this picture was taken!


Is that not the coolest school picture ever?  I mean from the look on his face, to the stain on the front of his shirt.  Maybe he just came from lunch and spilled his milk on his shirt and thought “who cares – take my damn picture!”  Thanks Marcia for giving me thumbs up to post this – I do love it!

I haven’t had a Green Monster in ages, and I don’t know why I don’t make them more often.  It’s easy, simple and delicious.  Mine had 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 frozen banana, two cups baby spinach, 1 tablespoon peanut butter and 1 container of Chobani vanilla Greek yogurt.

tonyv 005

I had chest and abs for strength and then it called for 30 minutes of cardio.  The strength portion now that I am in week 5 is really taking a lot longer – yesterdays routine took me just over 35 minutes.  Um, I only have an hour lunch break, so after the strength I did a quick 10 minute jog on the treadmill.

tonyv 046

One piece of equipment I had a hard time with is this:

tonyv 044

It was for knee raise/crunches – but do you see how far away the feet pads are?  I had to like jump up to get my arms on the top there, and it was kind of painful hanging there – I managed to do 2/3 of the exercise on that one – I think I’ll need to find an alternative for next time though!

Lunch was leftover chicken noodle soup with open face ham and cheese sandwiches on a Thomas English high fiber muffin from the Entenmann’s outlet.  Delish!

tonyv 006

tonyv 010

When I had dinner out with Randi and Julie, we each got a container of white rice!  So what better to make with white rice than Tony’s famous chicken fried rice!  If you haven’t seen the video of him making it – you can go here at the bottom of this post.

He picked up canned veggies, while we both thought tasted fine and was super convenient, we both missed the crunch of fresh veggies.  Still so good.  I literally have to put the bowl down otherwise I would eat all of it. 

tonyv 019

tonyv 023

I am loving the coconut oil I got at Sam’s Club – I love that you can cook at a high heat with it.

tonyv 035

This bowl is probably 4 cups of fried rice – I ate half and had to stop myself from eating more.  I am going to steam up some fresh broccoli to go with the leftovers today.

When I was getting ready to leave before work I could not find a sweater or jacket to put on and it was pissing me off.  Um, turns out they were all at work!  I guess I am notorious for wearing coats/sweaters to work and then walking off without them.  They are now all back home, safe and sound.

tonyv 042

And an attorney I work with wore this shirt to the gym – I think I need one of these shirts!  It’s Wine-Thirty somewhere!

tonyv 043

My hip had been bothering me since I did the elliptical machine.  So I went back to my Classical Stretch on the DVR:

tonyv 054

33 minutes of stretching later and the pain was all gone.  I have no idea how these moves work, but they do!  I think I need to do one of these videos at least three times a week to stay nice and stretched.

Stats for the Day:

  • 1630 calories, 181 carbs, 89 protein, 65 fat, 24 fiber
  • B+ grade on Calorie Count
  • 35% of calories from fat, 21% from protein and 43% from carbs
  • 35 minutes chest/abs strength, 10 minute jog
  • 33 minute Classical Stretch

It’s another rainy day here.  We actually turned our heat on for the first time last night.  Looking forward to seeing the sun tomorrow though!

Make it a great day!


30 thoughts on “Best School Picture. Ever.

  1. hahahhaha. That picture is fantastic. I should send you Kays…..I didn’t even know they were doing them and she was clearly unhappy about it. Shes balling but they found a way to make it look like she is smiling (despite the tears in her eyes). Ridiculous. mmmm- your soup looks so good. And don’t even get me started on Tony’s rice!

  2. “Go ahead, make my day. I dare you to say something about my stain.” Hope the sun shines for you today. Have a good one.

  3. Love the t-shirt and love the picture. That kid is going all Clint Eastwood and shit on that photographer!

  4. I think he is secretly plotting on how he will take over the world. I love the photo!

  5. OMG that school picture! My son had a similar one this year; why a school picture company would do photos after lunch is beyond me!

  6. haha…love that photo. “go ahead, tell me about the stain I already know is on the front of my shirt…I DARE YOU!!!”

  7. That photo is priceless. He could be saying, “so you pulled me out of recess for this crap?”

  8. My mom has a blog and takes my picture all the time. I refuse to smile for this because I can. And because my mom’s not here to tell me to.

  9. Glad you could use the rice. I hate wasting food!! If I have leftover rice here( from a restaurant), I freeze it and give it to the dogs if they ever have a belly ache. Looks like we left town just in time. It was 83 here yesterday and supposed to be that again today. Thankfully, it cools down overnight. It was 45F this morning.

    • Yep – the only thing I couldn’t really repurpose was Julie’s orange chicken. I had thoughts of pulling off the fried breading, but, um, let’s just say there wasn’t much meat to breading ratio! Oh well. 😀

  10. I think he is saying “I dare you” I love it.

  11. I can’t believe the week is almost over and I’m just now writing-But I read all week long. And today I even bough Chobani! I’ve been a tough guy all week-just like Marcia’s son. Don’t mess with me! And I think they only had white milk left at the cafeteria so he didn’t get chocolate! And i need this stretch video. I am going to look for it!

    • Hooray for Chobani! Let me know if you find and like the lemon one! I am going to do the stretch one more time tonight and then I’ll be back in business. I guess I keep having to remind myself that I am 45 years old, not 25!

  12. That school pic and shirt made me laugh so hard – what a funny post….!

  13. LOL – that is the cutest picture!! He is giving that photographer the “stink eye” for sure! “Yeah, go ahead. Take my picture and see if I care.”

  14. It was yogurt that he spilled.

    I’d say “good thing for retake day”, but I don’t know if it will be any better. Here’s to hoping!

  15. That is an awesome school picture – I hope she keeps it (as it, doesn’t turn it in for retakes). Years from now it will be a great reminder of him at this point in time (says the mom of now grown children, sob!).

    • I guess I didn’t know you had to turn in the first ones if you took retakes? Yes, the time does fly Shelley – doesn’t it? Hope your boys are doing well in the grown up world!

  16. Damn, Biz! Insanity and then LiveFit? You’re a beast!

    I also had some trouble with those leg raise thingy exercises. I started by raising my straight legs as high as I could for as many reps as possible, then bending my legs and only raising my knees to my chest, which is a little easier.

    Hope you’re enjoying the program! I really loved how it made me feel!

  17. Oh – I lost everything else when I saw that shirt. I feel like I NEED a shirt like that!!!! Now I’m going to have to scour the internet!

  18. I think that cutest little boy ever is thinkin’ “I AM a future Rockstar! Just Sayin'”. Must have that :30 t-shirt!!! p.s. how did do that to those noodles? Me seriously want to recreate.

  19. I want that wine shirt too, I love it!

    Green smoothies still don’t attract me to try it. I don’t like veggies in my smoothies even though everyone says it’s delicious. I still am stubborn and don’t try it 🙂

  20. Awesome school photo! He’s definitely thinking “I better not miss recess because of this!” Carlos brought his photos home yesterday and we will definitely be doing the retakes at the end of the month thanks to the chapped lips mustache. You know what I’m talking about that dark line above the lip from constantly licking and wiping his lips. He has two weeks to get it under control. We have tried everything and nothing seems to work.

  21. I have had recurring back issues for over two years now which has greatly restricted my physical activity. That combined with my hectic schedule and my “give a shit meter” being broken has resulted in me being at the heaviest I have ever been. Heavier than I ever thought I could possibly GET. Which started that viscious cycle of not wanting to go anywhere or do anything because I am fat, but I was getting fatter from NOT doing anything. What’s a good way to feel better? EAT! And drink wine! Rinse, wash, repeat.

    I follow dozens of healthy eating and fitness motivation instagram accounts, I read healthy eating and fitness blogs daily, and otherwise inundate myself with images, info, and tips hoping for SOMETHING to slap me out of it because I can’t manage to do it myself. And I promise I have a point to this whole rambling comment. Basically I am so grateful that I came across your blog while reading my friend Rhonda’s. You are so human and relatable. While the others are definitely nice enough and I enjoy them, I don’t relate to people who don’t ever have even a drop of alcohol because they don’t want to “waste” the calories, and I can’t even comprehend saying my weight hasn’t flucuated more than five pounds since I was 18. It would be nice! It just isn’t my life.

    Today after work I am heading out to a pilates studio to sign up for a 5 session introductory membership to ease back into things. I cannot wait. So thank you! Your posts and good spirit have motivated me to get off my flabby ass and put some work in! I did pilates for years and it has always worked for me. I am looking forward to breaking out of this slump.

    So the recipe really is:
    Watching The Biggest Loser +
    Subjecting myself to unrealistic lifestyles and goals +
    Your refreshing and honest take on things =
    Me FINALLY stepping up

    You, my friend, are changing lives just by being who you are.

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