Hi, My Name is Biz and It’s Been Eight Days Since I’ve Had Cheese

We are week two into getting up to workout before work and it was absolutely no problem for me to get up.  Not knowing what my work day was ahead of me, I just wanted to make sure that I got at least one good workout before the day got in the way.

I made banana bread over the weekend for Tony to snack on during the week.  Um, it was just okay.  In fact, upon the first bite Tony said “it’s good, but it’s not my Mom’s.”  True dat.  My MIL makes a mean banana bread.   I think its because I used defrosted bananas? 

10.26 038

I ended up having a 200 calorie slice of it as my pre-workout fuel.  I toasted it so that made it taste better.  The moon greeted me good morning!

zquiche 013

zquiche 014

Traffic was backed up for some reason yesterday morning – took me 40 minutes to get to the gym – so glad it’s a 1 minute commute from the gym to my office though!  It was back and cardio yesterday – the back strength portion took me 25 minutes.  I decided to run for my Cardio – I was just going to run for 30 minutes, but when I saw I was close to a 5k, I just finished it up!

zquiche 016

zquiche 019

Not too bad considering I haven’t run in a while! 

I ended up making a crustless cheeseless zucchini quiche over the weekend.  In one fell swoop I have four breakfasts – just need to round out with some Chobani and some fruit.

Crustless Cheeseless Zucchini Quiche

  • 4 servings: each one – 117 calories, 3.1 fat, 3.9 carbs, .8 fiber and 16.5 protein


  • 4 ounces chopped deli ham
  • 1 cup shredded zucchini, squeezed dry
  • 1 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 cup egg beaters
  • 1/2 cup 2% skim milk
  • salt and pepper
  • pinch of crushed red pepper.

Spray a pie pan with Pam.  Place the chopped ham on the bottom of the pie pan.  Heat oven to 350.  Mix the zucchini, egg whites, egg beaters, skim milk and seasonings and mix well.  Pour into pie pan and bake for 45 minutes, or until set and slightly browned.

10.26 063

My breakfast plate.  I was actually surprised at how well this plate kept me full!

zquiche 003

The morning went by really quick and before I knew it, it was time to swim!  I love this swim.  It’s only 30 minutes, I don’t go very fast, but it just loosens all my muscles up.  Best part?  The pool was empty!

zquiche 026

A quick swim and I was back at work.  I couldn’t wait to eat lunch.  I ended up making Tami’s African Peanut Quinoa Stew for lunch.  Slight changes – um, I thought I had quinoa and I didn’t.  She said that the quinoa thickened up her stew.  Well after I cooked the stew down, it was still kind of soupy, so I ended up pureeing it, and it got nice and thick.

While this isn’t the prettiest soup/stew to look at – the flavors are so complex.  I did end up adding 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red pepper to mine too.  But the the garam masala, African curry powder, pinch of cinnamon – an explosion of flavor with just the slightest amount of heat.

african stew 002

zquiche 010

My pot made 8 cups – so I made it four servings of 2 cups:  403 calories, 19 fat, 46 carbs, 15 fiber and 14 protein.  It’s high in fiber (15 grams wow!) Vitamin A, B6 and C.  It’s high in fat even with the light coconut milk, but still gets a grade of A- on caloriecount.

zquiche 006

On the side I had a serving of leftover apple jicama salad, and an orange for dessert.

Later in the afternoon I had my first Skinny Café Mocha of the season.  25 calorie pack of Swiss Miss Diet, coffee and 2 tablespoons of whipped cream – a delicious 40 calorie afternoon snack.  It wasn’t until I put that on Instagram that blog reader Carol pointed out “what happened to the no dairy?”  Doh!  I completely forgot! 

zquiche 032

Don’t worry, this will be the first of A LOT of snowmen mugs – just want to get you mentally prepared and well, Tony to be prepared for the impending snowmanpalooza our house gets at Christmas time.

Alright, I did end up having a bit of white rice for dinner, but as of yet, I have not found a whole grain Arborio rice, and I actually don’t even know if it exists.  I ended up mixing 1/3 cup of rice with 2 cups baby spinach and the peas and carrots I cooked with the rice, along side a lightly breaded Pam fried chicken breast on the side.  I was HUNGRY by the time dinner rolled around – I cleaned my plate!

zquiche 044

Stats for the Day:

  • 1779 calories, 261 carbs (ooh – too high!), 94 protein, 45 fiber and 44 fat
  • 22% of calories from fat, 20% from protein and 57% from carbs
  • A- grade for the day on CalorieCount

So seriously, no joking aside, this has to be the longest streak of me not having cheese.  I didn’t even put any Parmesan cheese on the chicken breading, or in the risotto for my portion.   And every time I look in the fridge that porter cheese I bought at Whole Foods with my sister keeps giving me the stink eye!


But I can wait.  My final WI for my 10 day cleanse will be on Thursday morning.  It will be interesting to see if I’ve lost any weight by ditching the wine, dairy (almost Carol!) and sugar. 

Alright, time to head to the gym – today is chest/abs/cardio.  Make it a great day!

32 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Biz and It’s Been Eight Days Since I’ve Had Cheese

  1. It’s been EIGHT DAYS since you’ve had CHEESE and you’re not dead? My world would have fallen apart!

  2. 8 days without cheese and I’d be a feral tiger!!

  3. I think I love cheese as much as you do, and I like to not eat it for a while to show myself that it is possible to live without it! 🙂 Great job on the cleanse and the morning workouts!

  4. I’ve tried about a million recipes for banana bread and still don’t have one that I love. I don’t think using defrosted bananas would do anything to the taste, I just think some people (like Tony’s mom) have the banana bread magic! I seem to remember you posting her recipe at one time and if I remember correctly hers is chock full of sugar and butter. Maybe that’s the secret!!

  5. I made your orange chipotle chicken on the grill last night; whole breast topped with a little gouda for MAK and chopped up in a lettuce wrap for me. My son had something else because he can’t handle the spice. I forgot the cumin, but it was still delish! I have leftovers on the lunch menu for the rest of the week!

    Way to go on the “no cheese” thing! I never use frozen bananas, period. They seem to change the texture and flavor way too much. Some people swear by them, but I just can’t do it.

  6. I’ve got your back. I have been eating enough cheese the past eight days for the both of us. Funny thing, although I love a good cheese I can take it or leave it but the last few days I have been craving it. I have discovered a few new cheeses.
    I have a friend who uses farro when making her risotto. The dollop of whip cream is okay. As I recall you said light dairy and an occasional Chobani. You are rocking the cleanse. I predict at least a 2.5 pound difference at your weigh in.

    • Ha, love that you have my cheese eating back! If you go to Whole Foods you can sample as much cheese as you want – just sayin’! Huh, I’ve never thought of using farro for risotto – you have me intrigued!

      -2.5 from your lips to God’s ears! 😀

  7. 8 days is such a long time! I’m so proud of you! I’ve been trying to stay away from dairy too. I’m doing okay with the cheese, but it’s the ice cream over the weekend that gets me every time!

  8. Well…there might have been some cheese in that broccoli cheddar soup you had from Panera the other day, but for you, yes – you’ve practically been cheeseless! Good job. Of course, I have to ask, what are you planning for your cheese reentry once the cleanse is over? I’m thinking fondue, but I’m always thinking that. 😉

    • Funny you should mention that Shelley – because Tony called me a liar tonight – I completely forgot about the broccoli cheddar soup and he had to prove it to me!

      Fondue is a great idea, but I think I will be happy to just have cheese on a pizza (fingers crossed for party pizza Friday!)

  9. Pretty sure I’ve done a great job eating enough cheese for the both of us the last 8 days 🙂

  10. Weighting For 50

    Snowmanpalooza!? OMG, that is hilarious!

  11. I love it when the pool is empty!!!

  12. Love an empty pool! I really need to get back to swimming…..
    I haven’t been eating a lot of cheese lately either. And I’m not missing it too much either!

  13. props on the 5k! and i love BB.com workouts. JELF is amazing. i gave up cheese (aside from goat’s) earlier this year and it sucks ballz. stupid digestion.

  14. Wow – you are much stronger than I am. I could not do 8 days!!!!

  15. Nope…8 days without cheese would not do in my book. I love my omelet with spinach and cheese (today and little italian sausage) on a toasted tortilla 🙂 Hey….you can keep the snow!!!!

  16. Wow – no cheese – I can hardly believe it! Glad you liked the soup – its a hit around our house. I will have to look for that curry poweder at WS.

  17. Mmmmm, that lunch soup looks awesome – I’ve never heard of African curry powder, but I’ll have to check it out – sounds delicious!

  18. Cheese is my BFF and you are my hero for ditching it for 8 days.

  19. findingradiance

    I find it is very different cooking with ripe bananas versus frozen and thawed ones. The frozen ones become very watery and will weigh down baked goods – at least in my experience. They taste good, though. The texture is just different.

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