10 Day Cleanse Weigh In

So it’s been 10 days since I started my Cleanse.  Lots of sweat, lots of meal planning, lots of avoiding work treats and treats I have at home (Hello Fritos and Paydays – I am looking at you!).

But I have to tell you that it went by fast!  And each and every day I had to continue to make good choices, avoid my beloved wine and get my ass up and to the gym, so that no matter what my day threw at me, I knew I at least got in a solid hour workout before work.

Drum roll please . . .

stroke 002

I started 10 days ago at:


stroke 011

The first scale is a scale called the Zero scale.  New readers wouldn’t have seen it before – Helen and I got them a couple years ago.  The premise is that it it doesn’t matter that the number is on the scale, but your progress.  I reset it 10 days ago, so that’s why it shows –4.6 for 10 days, because that’s the last time I stepped on the scale.  Next time I get on it will tell me how much I’ve lost since the last time I got on, and then a total from Day 1.  My goal for the end of the year is 150, so only 8.6 more pounds to go!!

Wow!  I was hoping for 2.5 pounds, so I am THRILLED with the results.  And I like that I was able to eat normal food, didn’t have to drink any weird shake supplements or spend money on protein powders, etc.   Look at all the good food I ate!  (Well, Tony will debate about the Green Monster and the Sweet Potato Tacos).

PicMonkey Collage

So now what?  Well, I am still going to continue to make good choices each and every day.  I still have six more weeks of my strength training program.  I may throw in an ounce or two of cheese here and there, and a cocktail here and there, but for the most part, lets say I will continue this path 90% on, 10% fun shit.

Once again, I was up to hit the gym.  Since I knew I had a doctors appointment at lunch yesterday, it was going to be my only workout of the day.

stroke 011

stroke 012

Holy shizz – that workout for legs above???  Took me 40 minutes to get through!  The hardest was the 3 sets of 20 barbell lunges – I do each leg as 1 rep – so 60 lunges makes your legs on fire! Devil

And I hit a new personal best on the leg press – 4 sets of 8 reps at 160 pounds!

stroke 015

Since the strength took me so long, I ended up only able to do 20 minutes on the Stair Master – not bad – 1.21 miles and 58 floors in 20 minutes!

stroke 019   stroke 020

stroke 021

stroke 017

I actually can’t do the barbell lunges WITH a barbell – I have absolutely no flexibility in my shoulders – so I subbed in two 8 pounds weights for the lunges – still tough though!  And I kept my jacket on for the Stair Master – can’t really see it, but I was schweaty!

stroke 023

I had my English muffin with peanut butter for my pre-workout fuel.  I had yet another slice of my crustless cheeseless zucchini quiche for breakfast, but when I got to work they were doing some repairs under the sink in the kitchen – saws were going, tools all about – I never ended up eating my quiche but instead ate my lemon Chobani and an apple.  I really think the lemon Chobani is my favorite!  (still looking for the coconut though!)

stroke 025

My doctor appointment was uneventful – literally lasted all of five minutes.  Got my prescription for my mammogram and I’ll schedule that in the next couple days. Open-mouthed smile  Gotta protect Tony’s boobs!

I brought leftovers for lunch from Saturday night – I am notorious for always cooking too much pasta for two people!  A cup and a half of whole wheat pasta with baby spinach and 3 ounces of chicken breast.  I like that shot – for anyone that has a DSLR it was ISO of 200, shutter speed of 1/80 and f4.5.

stroke 006

I lucked out at the store the other day and got beef stroganoff for 30% off – so less than $3 bucks for our meat!

stroke 027

I used my recipe for pork stroganoff – only this time I used 1 cup of beef broth and obviously used beef.   I also found whole grain egg noodles!

stroke 030

I was super hungry, so this is a shitty picture, but Tony has regular egg noodles and mine are whole grain – can’t really see the difference and these were tasty!

stroke 033

And I meant to sauté up some zucchini for my plate, but completely forgot – doh!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1523 calories, 228 carbs, 94 protein, 35 fat and 29 fiber
  • 18% of calories from fat, 23% from protein and 57% from carbs
  • B- grade from calorie count – low on vitamin a, c, calcium, iron AND potassium – wow!
  • 40 minute legs for strength
  • 20 minutes Stair Master – 58 floors

Happy Halloween! My office always dresses up.  I think my favorite costume by far is when I dressed up as Guy Fieri a couple years ago:


I wasn’t as creative this year, but it will still be fun – you’ll have to stop by tomorrow for the pics.  We are having a pot luck, so I am bringing my famous Buffalo Chicken Chili for the main dish.  I even bought an onion to dice up as a garnish – how nice am I?

What was your favorite costume growing up??  Suzi and talked about it, and we both were Hobo’s for years running.  The reason I liked it?  My Mom put Vaseline on my lip and chin, then put ground coffee on the Vaseline so it looked like I had stubble for a beard and mustache.  I didn’t dare eat any candy while trick or treating though for fear of getting coffee grounds in my mouth, but I loved how it looked!  Mom, Jenn or Charlie, do you remember that??

I took this morning off from the gym – with my costume and all the stuff I have to bring for our work office party, it just made sense, and I have to tell you, my body is thanking me for it this morning – those leg exercises were killer yesterday!

Time to put my shit together – just remember, Halloween is just one day – you can skip the candy and treats!

59 thoughts on “10 Day Cleanse Weigh In

  1. YAY for cleanse!!! Maybe I can convince you for a 21 DSD in Jan??!! 😀 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  2. Congrats on the personal best and the weight loss! Wow!!! Just awesome. Your meals look totally delicious. I can’ t wait to see what you dress up as! I’m not really dressing up- just wearing antennas to be a “bug” with Kaylin. My favorite costume? Oh gosh…Josh and I were a double dare team a couple years ago!

  3. Congrats, Biz! You look amazing – what a difference!!!!!!
    Happy Halloween – have a great day!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! You are such an inspiration to me!

  5. Good for you! I am sure you can make 150 if you just balance out some of the treats. I still LOVE my Zero Scale – in fact it’s the only one I use anymore since it has the capability of providing both actual weight and pounds lost.

  6. WooHoo!! I knew it was going to be a big loss!! Love the Guy costume – can’t wait to see this year’s costume!

  7. Awesome results for you efforts. Good job! Fritos and Pay Day, two of my favs, you are brave. OK, the coffee grounds is genius, I may have to try that for Finn today, perfect for his costume. Can’t wait to see your costume!

  8. Congrats on the weigh-in! I’ve had some success in the last month as well 🙂 No treats on Halloween?? Maybe just one – one treat for one day. I’ve finally learned that a serving of candy is just one piece, not one whole bag :0 If you have a treat – make it a good one, something you really enjoy…like a pumpkin beer! Happy Halloween!

    • I actually like the fun size candy bars because it is contained, not like dipping my hand into a bag of m&ms! So glad October was good for you too!! And I’ll probably save the pumpkin beer to the weekend! 😀

  9. we are almost exactly the same weight! I started my week of bronchitis at 165.2 and ended at 158.2. I’m back up to 159 right now because I’m actually eating again.

    I’m hoping to still be in the 150’s, and even lower, by the end of the year. I did it 6 years ago, I can do it now!!

  10. Great job on the weight loss. I knew it would happen even if you ddin’t do all those workouts. The change in types of food intake made such a difference. WOOHOO!
    I too loved your “Guy” costume. My favorite costume was Glenda the good with from OZ. I felt so special with my sparkly pink gown from the thrift store and my “jeweled” crown.

  11. I do remember that! I was always a princess so I could wear makeup!🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃

  12. Wow! You’re doing great with your new plan.

    I just saw a video last night with Guy Fieri and his hair dresser duking it out and it was not good. Of course, the publicist is saying everything is cool and it was just a momentary thing. 😦

  13. Excellent Biz! You look terrific and your handwork really shows. This is the beginning of the most tempting time of year. I’m proud to say that I have not indulged in any Halloween candy. I’m not depriving myself. I’m choosing not to eat it.

    I loved your Guy Fieri costume. I’m really boring when it comes to dressing up. I didn’t like it as a child so I never really got into it as an adult. If I did dress up I’d probably want to be something that made me feel regal and elegant. Happy Halloween!! Have a great day.

    • Thank you for saying it like that – I am not depriving myself either, I am just CHOOSING not to eat it – makes it seem different when it’s put like that, doesn’t it?!

  14. WOW – congrats!!!!! That must feel so great!!!

  15. Wow! You are really looking good. You should be so proud of all your hard work since you started this journey, after your trip to Texas. I wish I had the skill of cooking like you do. Where do you get your ideas for the tasty meals you prepare? You are an inspiration.

    • Thanks Joanne – isn’t it crazy that one picture on a boat on our trip to Austin put a spark in me to change?

      Oh my word, I eat, live, breath food. I read food blogs, food magazines, food t.v. shows to get inspiration. I also use my store sale flyer to grocery shop – since its just Tony and I at home now, I can usually shop for about $75 a week – not too bad considering that’s breakfast, lunch and dinner!


  16. Wow! That’s awesome!! I’m super jealous! In a good way of course!

  17. Weighting For 50

    Congrats Vat!!!! I can’t wait to see your costume!!

    • It wasn’t very original, although I am already thinking of next year! Hey, and don’t apologize about your brain dump post – we are here for you chica!

  18. Excellent work Biz, 61 more days my friend! Hang in there. Those workouts are killer! You should be feeling very strong from your workouts at this time.

  19. You did really good…congratulations on that weight loss!!!

  20. Congratulations on you weight loss!! Wow you look amazing! I am pretty sure you will reach your goal this time.

    I love how your mom made you look like you had stubble – that was very clever. I went as a hobo many years as it was easy and cheap – my parents didn’t have to buy anything. We just used things we could find at home. Good times.

    • That’s what I remember growing up – you just kind of found stuff around the house for Halloween. Now there are Halloween stores in every strip mall these days!

  21. A BIG thumbs up on the weight!! And a BIG thanks for letting me know T.J.’s has pomegranate seeds. I’m guessing refrigerated?


  22. Woohoo, congratulations!!! How nice that you got a bigger drop than you’d hoped for – what a sweet bonus!

  23. I’m sitting here with Charlie – he does not remember the coffee grounds beard (and thinks you’re lying!) but I do remember, so you’re not. Kudos on the weight loss!

  24. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations

  25. Impressive, indeed! Even Guy Fieri would be proud. So you think no white stuff works? Or was it the exercise-or both? Whatever…You are doing great!

    • Abbe, I think its a combination of things – the no alcohol being the biggest one – such empty calories going down my gullet! I may stay away from alcohol for the next 10 days and see where I am then! I have no parties or anything going on in early November – we’ll see!

  26. I just can’t believe how thin you are! Never seen you look better. Congrats on making it through the cleanse and with such success – what an inspiration you are. Looking forward to seeing this year’s costume!

  27. First off I love my zero scale! I love how it tells you the days from the beginning of time to the most recent. I am a number geek. Second, WAY TO GO! You rocked that cleanse!

  28. I just found this blog and it is really great that you have achieved so much success. I think it is really important not only just to lose weight but lose weight while not being overly strict. Strength training is also an important part of a proper exercise program and not just lifting pink dumbbells but doing squats, lunges, leg presses and other compound exercises. You should become a personal trainer yourself!!

  29. Congrats on the weight loss! I just went and bought the Blue Moon Seasonal Variety pack that has pumpkin beer, and more. I’m sure this is a mistake, but I can’t let Fall go by without having pumpkin beer!!

  30. findingradiance

    You worked hard, Biz – you deserved that loss!

  31. Woohooooooooo what a fantastic result Biz! Congrats, your hard work paid off great!
    And you look so slim.

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