Hanging with Hannah!

I was back to the gym yesterday before work – I thought it might be hard because I slept in on Halloween morning, but I was up and out the door.

Nov1 007

Yesterday was shoulders and cardio – the strength portion took me only 25 minutes, so I ended up walking on the treadmill for 3 miles (122 miles to go in my 125 mile November challenge!).  I walked at 4.0 mph on a 7.0 incline.

Nov1 008

Nov1 012

I love how my finger is in the picture – ha!  And I am wearing my favorite soft Chobani shirt. Open-mouthed smile

Nov1 013

I had the last of my crustless cheeseless zucchini quiche, a bowl of fruit and a plain Chobani for breakfast.

Nov1 014

Work treats were back out on the counter AND people brought in their leftover Halloween candy – there is a giant bowl of it in our coffee nook at work and it kept giving me the stink eye every time I got my coffee – but I didn’t have any.  It’s still all about choices every.single.day.

For some reason I was really sore both Thursday and Friday from my leg workout Wednesday morning.  At lunch I hit up the pool and after a 30 minute swim, I felt so much better.  Something about the pool just gets all the kinks out somehow.

Nov1 018

Lunch was a cup of my buffalo chicken chili, with leftover veggies from our work potluck dipped in tzatziki sauce and an orange on the side.

Nov1 005

And as per usual, Friday afternoons d r a g.  I thought it was never going to get to be 5:00!  I started prepping for dinner – Tony made his famous stir fry, this time we used noodles instead of rice.  Tony said “do you want a glass of wine?”  I didn’t think we had any, but he bought some just in case I wanted some.

I thought “it’s been 12 days since I’ve had a glass, that would be nice!”

Nov1 028

Well, that rocks glass ended up being filled a few more times during the night – gah!  This morning I have a headache and was so dehydrated – now I think I need to kick the wine back to the curb – I won’t reach my goal if I bring wine back in the mix!

Dinner was delicious – we’ve been buying canned stirfry veggies, and while fresh are better, this isn’t bad at all.  And of course, Tony added sriracha to my dish.

Nov1 004

Nov1 008

I ended up eating 2/3 of that bowl – I had to stop myself from eating it all!

Hannah’s only day off during the week is Saturday, so she’s picking me up and we are going out to eat and going thrifting this afternoon.  I need to find a couple more size 12 pants – I may even be able to fit into a 10 – we’ll see!  All I know is that I don’t even have to unzip my size 14s, they fall right off.  Not a bad problem to have if you ask me!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1944 calories, 218 carbs, 91 protein, 52 fat and 31 fiber
  • 23% of calories from fat, 18% from protein, 43% from carbs and 14% from alcohol
  • 25 minutes shoulder workout
  • 3 mile walk
  • 30 minute swim

It’s overcast and 38 degrees right now – what I am not looking forward to?  Changing back the clocks tonight – it’s so depressing to leave the office at 5 and it’s dark out already!

Hope you have a great weekend – see you Monday!


20 thoughts on “Hanging with Hannah!

  1. I know what you mean. I haven’t had wine in 3 weeks because of all the bronchitis meds. I did “find” 2.5 of those 7 lbs I lost (it was mostly water weight, I knew that). I am going to try and stay off the wine for quite awhile. I will have a glass during special occasions – but there aren’t many of those. One or two holiday parties is about it. I’m not very social with the kids. Let’s just say I’m not going to be opening any bottles.

    I did have my first two cups of coffee today in a couple of weeks though. No creamer! Stevia, a little choc syrup, and whole milk.

    I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with your weight loss, but you have to keep going and inspire me. My goal: 132 lbs by my baby’s 2nd birthday in July. That’s 29 lbs in 8 months.

    • I am glad you are feeling better Marcia! And yep, I am kicking the wine back to the curb where it belongs – I am just happy I didn’t snack when I had the wine – that’s usually my downfall!

      That is a completely reasonable goal – my ultimate goal is 135 on June 1, 2014 – let’s keep motivating each other – okay?! 😀

  2. We do canned stir fry veggies too- love! You’re doing so well with your challenges- don’t let the wine throw you off!! I need buffalo chili in my life now!

  3. Have fun shopping with Hannah – so exciting to be buying a smaller size!!! That’s even worth giving up wine for!

  4. I love tonight because I get that extra 1-hr of sleep, but I hate leaving the office when it’s already dark! Hope you had a great day with Hannah!

  5. Hope you and Hannah had fun!😁😁

  6. I know I keep saying how great and young you look, but you look better and younger with every post! I’m so ready to lose weight with Den so we can look young even if we’re old foagie parents. haha! And hey, at least we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday – can’t beat that! Sundays are my hardest day so an extra hour helps a lot.

    • V – you can keep the compliments coming – I appreciate it! You are going to have the best Christmas present ever this year – can’t wait to see Joshua’s face!!

  7. The leftover Halloween candy is tempting me too… except I’ve been giving in more than I should 🙂 I told Andrew yesterday morning that I must detox from the junk, so he put the bowl on top of the refrigerator where I cannot easily reach it. It’s amazing how much of a deterrent a little extra effort is!
    I hope you and Hannah had a good afternoon…and that you you found some pants that fit, skinny lady!

    • Tony is a foot taller than me too, so that’s a good idea about the candy! Hannah and I had a great time – found a couple pair of really cute size 12 pants that fit perfectly!

  8. Wine is the reason I can never quite get rid of the inch I can pinch. Oh well. Hope you had fun with Hannah! And I want buffalo chicken chili now 😉

  9. Why does wine have to taste so good Stacie?! 😀

  10. You are glowing in your gym photo. Yeah for a drop in size. I am stuck at the in between size. If I would get “Bizzy” I could make it to the lower size. Thanks for your motivation:) The thrift store shopping with Hannah sounds like a fun day. My daughter and I don’t get to go as much as we like. Her allergies are so sensitive. The “smells” from the clothes etc. really set her off.

  11. Congrats for buying smaller pants, that’s always a great feeling. Way to go!

  12. Yea for clothes shopping – I hope you two have fun! and WHY haven’t I made your buffalo chicken chili yet? What is wrong with me….?

  13. Time went back 1 hour here in the last weekend of October. And although it’s light when I leave for work, that will change soon. I don’t like it that it’s dark so early. This means I have to walk Bella in the dark on weekdays.

    Hope you and Hannah had a great time together.

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