Pants on the Ground

The last couple of days have been so gloomy.  While it was raining on the drive to work, I was at least happy that it was 56 degrees!   But my 35 minute drive to the gym turned into 45 minutes because of the rain.

bigo 014

I could hear the rain when I got up to turn off my alarm, and I was so close to just snoozing it for another 30 minutes and going back to bed.  But I didn’t.  My brother calls this “the switch.”  It’s either on or off.   And for whatever reason, my “switch” has been on since June 1.  Or basically since I saw this picture my step-son posted on Facebook after our visit to Austin in May of this year.  I love how my step-daughter-in-law is waving – hey Lizz!


I don’t know how I didn’t notice (or not care?) that my belly was so big?

While packing for that trip, I had two pairs of nice shorts that were size 14 and tight – none of my 12’s would even zip up, so I brought some running shorts with elastic, because hey, it’s vacation – I was going to eat it up and drink it up!  And maybe a couple pairs of yoga pants, because I was going to work out every day on vacation!  Um, yeah, that never happened.

So we fast forward to yesterday.  I believe my summer of Insanity and my strength training program are starting to show some progress.  I can start to see some abs in there!!  And your welcome for the saggier left boob.  That’s Tony’s favorite.

bigo 019

Yesterday’s workout was good – it took me 35 minutes to get through the workout – the abs took me just over 10 minutes alone!

bigo 015

Because I am so quick to get ready, I was still able to squeeze in 30 minutes on the treadmill – 4.0 mph at 6.0 incline while watching the morning news.

bigo 017

I ended up having one of the banana bars before work, even though they got soft again – I guess Tony is right, with the banana in there, I don’t think they’d ever stay crispy – still tasty and totally kept me fueled for the workout.  And then after I got to work I made a Green Monster.

bigo 023

I was really feeling good, not sore at all, so I felt like running during my lunch workout – nothing crazy, just a nice paced run.  Um, turns out I brought the wrong workout pants.  I am sure you are like me – you have some yoga pants/running pants that have been washed so many times that the elastic might not be as tight anymore.  Perfect lounge pants – like around your house and maybe to get the mail at the curb.

Well as soon as I started running my pants slowly started to inch their way down, and at one point I actually thought “maybe they’ll just stop and I’ll be okay!”  Nope.  I ended up doing a 3 minute walk and then running for 2 minutes – and for the run portion I literally had to hold my pants up with one hand!  My last 2 minute sprint (for me!) was at an 8:34 pace!

bigo 026

And I got another 2.5 miles in for the day.

bigo 029

While the weather was balmy before work – it took a nose dive and by the time I left the gym for the second time, the temp had dropped to 41 degrees and the rain was blowing sideways.  I was more than ready to heat up another bowl of lasagna soup for lunch – and I’ll have the rest of it today.  So good.

bigo 034

While at the store last week, I picked up this skinny piece of steak – mostly because it was only $2.40!  I defrosted it yesterday morning thinking I could come up with something for dinner.  I tossed around the idea of a sort of patty melt to Tony and he gave it two thumbs up.

bigo 036

I had some rye bread in the freezer.  I salt and peppered the beef and then cooked it for literally a minute and 30 seconds a side and then took it off the heat. Cleaned out the same pan and grilled the beef sandwiches with a slice of Swiss cheese.  On the side, I just made a quick chopped salad – romaine, carrots, a slice of chopped cooked bacon, a few croutons and some light ranch dressing.

bigo 001

bigo 005

Super simple, super delicious dinner. 

Stats for the Day:

  • 1648 calories, 171 carbs, 64 protein, 72 fat, 21 fiber
  • 39% of calories from fat (need to start bringing that down to 30!), 15% from protein and 41% from carbs
  • 35 minute chest/abs
  • 30 minute treadmill 2.0 miles
  • 33 minute treadmill 2.5 miles
  • 115,.4 miles left on my 125 mile November challenge

Today we are back to shoulders for strength and cardio.  I remembered to put my bathing suit in my bag for my lunch workout – I got half way to work yesterday and remembered it was in the dryer!

So the Question of the Day – “Is your Switch On or Off?”  Make it a great day!


31 thoughts on “Pants on the Ground

  1. Most of the times my switch is on but I hit snooze once sometimes. Luckily that’s no problem because I have that timeframe and can still workout.

    You can definitely see a difference Biz: looking great girl!

  2. Dang – you have made so much progress!!! Awesome job on that run especially considering that you were losing your pants!!
    My switch is ON!

  3. Sadly, I think my switch is broken. I tell myself I don’t like what I see or how I feel but just get so overwhelmed with where to start. Anyone know a good switch repair person???

  4. My switch is on – my ‘on’ level may be different than others, but for me, it means that I’m controlling my food without deprivation and developing some routine in my exercise. I feel good about what I’ve done and hopeful for more! Thanks Biz for all of your encouragement, great ideas and setting a super example! Have a great day 🙂

  5. My switch is on today! I am still struggling with the on/off switch, but the small steps are helping. I’m more consistent today than I was two weeks ago, and that’s a big deal for me!

  6. AH! Such changes. You literally have transformed. SO so happy for you . That soup! Comfort in a bowl.

  7. My switch was off until this morning…my sister in law took a lot of pictures while we were in Ohio, and she put them on an SD card for me. Today I looked at the pictures and almost cried, I’ve gained weight everywhere, and now seeing my niece and nephews I know that I have to be healthy so that I can keep up with them 🙂 Now I have a plan!

  8. Looking good Biz. What is so impressive about this is you are doing it all on your own……you’re not showing up for a group workout or have a personal trainer to be accountable to. That in itself is an accomplishment most people can’t get to. So the physical changes, to me, show so much more than working out. It’s a lifestyle change and personal transformation. Awesome JOB!

  9. Switch is on here and isn’t it wonderful to FINALLY see the sun today??? Yummmm patty melts. Oldie but goodie.

  10. I love that your switch has been on for over four months now!!! Great job!

  11. Hey, Biz!
    I’m alive–again. I love how fabulous you look–amazing and awesome. Just about died when I read the left boob comment; poor, Tony.

  12. Well, today the switch is on. Went for a three mile walk which is good for me. The day is gorgeous-have never liked that rain and wind makes it worse. You are doing great Biz and have come sooo far. I think you are on the home stretch!

  13. I love reading your titles and trying to figure out what your post will be about. 🙂 That’s hilarious about running while holding your pants up. You’ve not only had an “on” switch for months now, but you’ve been helping other people keep theirs on, too! That is awesome.

  14. findingradiance

    You are looking great, Biz!
    My switch is all over the place. I really need to get it more on than off.

  15. Your left boob is drooping because your left shoulder is down, silly girl. I thought sure you were going to say your pants fell down while you were running. Lol.

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