Lazy Morning

I have today off for a doctors appointment, so its nearly 9 a.m. and I am just getting out of bed and poured my first cup of coffee.  We’ve been up since 7, but we just laid under the toasty covers watching t.v.  Perfect way to start the day if you ask me!

I am sure Randi thinks something has happened to me since I am posting so late – no worries Randi – I am alive and well! Open-mouthed smile

I am actually a bit ashamed that although I knew it was diabetes awareness month in November, I didn’t realize yesterday was World Diabetes Day!  Sadly, every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed with diabetes, and every year diabetes kills more people that breast cancer and AIDS combined.  That’s kind of staggering!

So that’s why each day I try to make the right choices so I can live with this disease as long as possible.  And well, Tony said I can’t die before him because he says he wouldn’t know how to live without me.

Next week’s menu I am really cutting back on carbs – nearly every day this past week I’ve been 200 grams or more, and I’d really like to be between 125 and 150.  So yesterday morning I made a giant egg white omelet.  1/2 a cup of egg whites, 2 ounces taco meat, 1 tablespoon black beans, 1 tablespoon corn, one shredded zucchini and get this – no cheese!  On the side was a high fiber English muffin.

11 003

What you didn’t see was the about 2 tablespoons of hot sauce I added to it after this picture was taken. #ilovehotshit  This omelet comes in at 274 calories, 5.8 fat, 12.3 carbs, 2.6 fiber and a whopping 42 grams of protein.

So it was shoulders for strength yesterday.  I am in week 8 of the strength training routine, and at first glance I thought “this should only take 20 minutes.”

Just as I was starting to workout, I get a text from my step-son Joe:


Apparently he caught a baby bunny in his back yard!  I then texted back “I am working out!”

11 019

So I upped my weights – this time using 8 pound weights – and well, that shoulder workout ended up taking me 40 minutes to finish!  Whew!  Good think there was no cardio on tap because i wouldn’t have had time to do it.

So since I am just using up what I have on hand this week, more tacos for lunch!  This time on the Ezekiel sprouted tortillas with red cabbage, more taco meat, black beans, corn and cilantro.  Oh, and tomatillo salsa – I need to make more soon!

11 008

Guess what I like now?  Diced tomatoes.  So crazy.  I guess you just have to see something a thousand times before trying it!

11 011

Okay, here’s a question.  I bought this shirt at Goodwill with my Mom – it was only $1.99.  The shirt is connected to the vest.  When I took a picture of it and showed it to Tony he said “it looks like you should be on The Big Bang Theory.

11 021

I really like it, but I really have no fashion sense, so you can be honest and tell me if I should just give it back to Goodwill or keep it!

Dinner was sweet and simple – one of Tony’s favorites – red beans and rice with smoked sausage.  Only one tiny problem, (and the only cost I spent this week on groceries was the $3 for the sausage) I bought smoked sausage that was made with beef, turkey and pork.  We cook the sausage in the rice maker along with the red beans and rice, but the texture of the pork was awful, like really soft.  I should have bought a kielbasa, or an all beef smoked sausage.  I added one sautéed zucchini to my dish.  I think I may have eaten 3 pieces of sausage?

11 029

Stats for the Day:

  • 1510 calories, 167 carbs, 103 protein, 49 grams fat, 26 fiber
  • 29% of calories from fat, 27% from protein, and 43% from carbs
  • B+ grade on calorie count
  • 40 minutes shoulder for strength

I am so happy its Friday!  This week really seemed to drag.  Alright, I am off to get my boobs smooshed in mammogram machine.  Make it a great day!


37 thoughts on “Lazy Morning

  1. Um sorry about the shirt, and it agree with the hair stylist to ake your bangs less stringy looking- keep working and great posting

  2. ~I don’t know how you do a couple tablespoons of black beans, a couple tablespoons of corn. If I did that, I’d be eating the same thing for the whole week or more!
    ~I’m going to go no cheese for a while, too… Soon. I have a Wine Tasting tonight and can’t skip that! You have inspired me, though!
    ~ Love, love diced tomatoes! Fave of mine…
    Happy Weekend!

  3. Shoulder work is my least favorite – it is always hard for me.
    I like the shirt/vest!!!
    Happy squishing!

    • Yep, shoulders are my least favorite too, but I have to say that I have more flexibility in my shoulders since I started strength training!

  4. I was worried about you this morning. Iam addicted to reading your post while I’m drinking my coffee at work. I was so stunned to see you hadn’t posted I got all flustered and spilled my coffee all over my desk and the floor. I spent the next 30 mins. cleaning up my mess. Okay, so it wasn’t your fault I spilt my coffee but I did just sit down with my coffee to read your blog and no Biz was there. (I’m a klutz)
    I happen to like the shirt/vest. But I do like argyle and black/white/gray just happens to be one of my favorite color combos for fall/winter. I say if you like the shirt and it makes you feel good when you wear it then keep it. It was a steal at $1.99.

    • Sorry I got you all flustered Kym! One time I brought a Ramen noodle bowl to work – I tripped on something and the whole bowl went flying in the air – broth, noodles – the whole thing! It took me like 90 minutes to clean that mess up!

  5. Enjoy your day off…well, after the mammo, that is!

    I don’t mind the shirt; I try to buy separates so I can have variety, but hell, for $1.99, I’d keep it!

  6. keep the shirt it is cute..and this spring be brave and wear it with a black pencil skirt to work 😉 you know if I can freeze opened canned black beans or how long you think they last in fridge? I’m thinking I could do omelet packs in freezer like I do smoothie packs, and just pull out what I want

    • If you want to freeze canned beans Heather, I’d rinse them, spread them on a cookie sheet and freeze them for an hour – then you can just pour them in a big ziploc – they will freeze individually, so you can just scoop out 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup or whatever.

      Although I do keep cans of beans and corn in my fridge – I just keep the lid, push it down into the can as I eat out of it, and wrap the tip with saran wrap – they last all week and I can add them as needed.

      • You are so helpful with all the little tidbits of info. I would never think to do that and think they would good a week.

  7. Its 8:40am my time and I just came over to read. I have been coming later because I need to “eat” before reading about all your great meals. Soooo hungry!! My BS was 83 this morning. Yesterday, it was 98 and stayed 98 all day. Great, but sad because I’m taking very little insulin with meals, but I am still getting my basal insulin( 2 units an hour). My endo told me that after the surgery, I can reduce my insulin by 50%.

    • Julie and I both like the outfit a lot. J loves argyle. Btw, have you looked at the clearance racks at Target? You can find amazing clothes, often less than 5.00!!

      • First of all – awesome blood sugars! Your A1C is going to be amazeballs! And I haven’t actually shopped retail for years – may have to check out Target!

  8. $3 for this weeks groceries? I need you to be my meal planner! Actually, I think I could get by without buying groceries this week EXCEPT I really have an itching to bake this weekend which means I have to go buy more sugar, flour, etc….

    • Do you have a Sam’s Club membership? I buy all my baking products there – a 25 pound bag of flour only costs $7, and I keep it in a big giant container with a seal proof lid and just leave my 1 cup measuring cup in there. So cheap!

  9. The vest looks better on a hanger not a person.

  10. you look very collegiate!

  11. I’m admiring your commitment to these long strength training workouts. I just can’t do it! I can take about 15-20 minutes and then I’m done. Every time I try to go longer, I end up quitting. So, for now, I do my 15 minutes and that’s that!

    The shirt is fine but I like to buy separates over things that are attached.

    • Thanks Helen, and I am quite surprised myself, but I am loving it – I am going to do my measurements again at the end of this month – which will be the six month mark of my starting Insanity and incorporating strength – we’ll see how many inches I’ve lost!

  12. I live the sweater shirt combo – keep it! I will have to look for those sprouted tortillas – I buy the big burrito size but haven’t see the smaller ones. Enjoy your day off!

  13. For $1.99, keep the shirt! I pile on the diced tomatoes!! haha my boyfriend however won’t touch a raw sad!

  14. A lazy day sounds just fabulous! I feel like I’ve been running around like a nut today! Those tacos look great. Diced tomatoes are amazing. I have no sense of style so I won’t provide input on the shirt 😉

  15. Keep the shirt -so cute. As is that bunny. Unless it’s dead, then it’s sad. lol Sorry I’ve been AWOL this week – hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with my blog reading next week. I went ahead and deleted all the new emails in my “new blog posts” email folder and there were 674!!! I got really behind.

  16. I like your shirt/vest combo and I think you look great. All your hard work is really paying off.
    Hey, your pumpkin yogurt parfait made me think of my new favorite granola recipe. I found it on a blog called I have tweaked it a bit by adding some additional spices and nuts. Here is my version:
    What I love about this recipe is the technique. Mix it up, bake it for 10 minutes, and then leave it in the oven all night long and it’s perfectly done. No stirring or worring about it getting over done (burnt!)

  17. I heard it was World Diabetes Day and thought of you 🙂

    For that money I would keep the shirt/vest.

  18. I like that shirt! And a bargain!

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