Yep, couldn’t think of a better title than that!  Thanks for all your support with my last post about my numbers – I am glad I was able to push a few of you to get your blood work done!  😀 Nicole is going to post about triglycerides on her blog today – check it out if you have a chance!   She also answered a question for me on her blog yesterday too – thanks Nicole!

Breakfast yesterday was an egg white/zucchini/pepper jack cheese burrito with clementinas on the side.  So filling!

This low carb wrap has 12 grams of fiber!

Before I went to work out, I checked my blood sugar and it was 101 – perfect!  Except when I exercise that number drops like a stone, so I decided to drink a 10 ounce bottle of apple juice to bring up my blood sugar number so I could work out.  Only problem??  As soon as I started to run on the treadmill, the apple juice was sloshing around in my stomach – I thought I was going to be sick!

So I ended up with a suck ass 45 minute walk on the treadmill at 4.0 mph.  So while I was disappointed I didn’t run the whole time, I told myself “at least you moved for 45 minutes!”

Lunch was leftover Cincinnati chili from our chili dog night.  I diced in a 3 oz. baked potato, added 1 tablespoon ff sour cream on top and had cucumbers with ff ranch on the side.

And then about 4:00 I could feel my blood sugar start to drop.  I tried to bring it up with this – Reese’s peanut butter cups are my bosses favorite candy and we always have them on hand.

While tasty, that didn’t work, so I drank half a can of this.  I used to love orange and grape Nehi as a kid – do they even make Nehi anymore??

While I was getting ready for work yesterday, I looked up at my menu board and realized I had chicken parmesan sandwiches on the menu – only one problem – I never made the marinara sauce!!   We bought 5 pounds of tomatoes over the weekend because they were .69 cents a pound.

Luckily Tony was able to make the sauce – but it was a battle.  That’s the only thing about making sauce from tomatoes – some are tart, some are sweet.  He played around with it all day and it came out delicious in the end.  I plan on making a pork cacciatore for dinner tonight with the sauce.  😀

My inspiration for dinner came from Bon Appetit magazine – they had a chicken parmesan burger on sour dough bread.  You put a chicken breast with basil and Parmesan cheese in a food processor and make chicken patties, then cook them, put mozzarella cheese and sauce on.   But when Hannah asked what we were having for dinner, she said “leave the food processor alone!”  See, she loves my traditional chicken parm!  But I still had the sour dough bread on my brain, so I made chicken parm grilled cheese sammies.

this was the inspirational sammie

And here is mine!

My sandwich ended up being 3 ounces of bread, 4.5 ounces of chicken, 1 ounce of mozzarella cheese, and about 1/3 cup marinara sauce.

I had an ounce of salt and vinegar chips on the side

Stats for Wednesday: 45 minute walk on treadmill

I made Cooking Light’s Bacon Ranch Mac n Cheese for lunch today – I’ll post the recipe tomorrow if it tastes good!

Only 2 more days til the weekend!  Hope you have a great day! 😀

38 thoughts on “Morning!

  1. IS that a gourmet breakfast wrap or WHAT! I was totally planning on having breakfast tomorrow for dinner. hahah If i show my boyfriend this, he’s TOTALLY going to order a breakfast burrito. 😛

    Fanta used to be my childhood FAVORITE. Hong kong had the funkiest flavors, like grape, lychee, and mango. Goooood stuuuuff!!!!

  2. Oh, Reese’s Cups….how I love thee!

    I’ve never heard of Nehi….similar to Fanta, though? I did used to LOVE Fanta! Especially the orange. Mmmmm.

    And I cannot WAIT to see what you think of the Bacon Ranch Mac N’Cheese! That sounds like heaven.

  3. That breakfast wrap looks amazing! My mouth is watering!

  4. omg that breakfast looks SO good! I would prob have it for lunch since I crave my oats first thing in the morning, but amazing meal whatever it may be haha

    nothing like a classic reeses!!

  5. Why do I torture myself daily? I drool all the way through your blog each morning…maybe I should read you at night, nah then I’d just want another snack! Yes, let us know about that mac and cheese!

  6. I thought of you while I was reading the latest issue of CL – a lot of the tips they included (letting your meat come to room temperature before cooking, letting it rest before cutting afterward) I had already learned from you! I’m thinking your next job should be with them!

  7. Where can I find the recipe for the Chili and the Burrito? Those sound super yummy….but then so does the rest! sigh!

    • The burrito is just scrambled egg whites with zucchini and cheese, then wrapped up in a low carb tortilla.

      On top you’ll see a tab that says “recipe index.” That chili is my first version of Cincinnati chili – its perfect for a week night because its literally ready in 20 minutes! 😀

  8. Everything looks great. We always have mini PB cups here. That is my husbands fave…and I totally don’t mind.

  9. So, the diabetes definitely sucks but it sure does seem like a nice idea to “have to” eat a PB cup to fix it 🙂

  10. Ick I hate hate hate grape and orange sodas. Just the smell alone gets me. J bought orange soda a few wks ago at the grocery store on a whim and I teased him relentlessly! hehe

    Those sandwiches look delicious lined up in the cast iron! Love the cut open shot too – so juicy!

  11. Seriously, your site is the best food porn. 😀

  12. The wrap looks soooo good. Heck, so does the sandwich.

    I feel you on the run, hate when it doesn’t work out like planned. I have learned I cannot drink before I run or I get the sloshy stomache and have to pee the whole time!

  13. I had a crappy run today too. It stinks but you are absolutely right, we have to be proud of ourselves for moving!

    I saw that recipe for the Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese. It looks fabulous! I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

    • Sadly, it tasted like ass. No flavor – I had to kick it up with Tabasco!! I still plan on posting the recipe with modifications – you get two cups for under 500 calories, so that’s not too bad!

  14. A B plus is good, and the sandwiches look better. 45 minutes is indeed better than nothing.

    Enjoy your weekend plans…

    Have you ever had Tony post his recipe for sauce? would love to see it. My days of buying sauce from ajar are over, and I need a starter recipe

  15. Holy food porn! Thanks for the heads up on the mac ‘n cheese. It sounded amazing 😦 Oh well.

  16. That sandwich is worth replication. *making notes now*

  17. i’m loving that sandwich! i’m excited to see that bacon mac, it looks pretty good!

  18. Orange Nehi still does exist… J always gets it at a certain gas station by my work. I have to agree, it is pretty good!

    That sandwich looks amazing, I think it will be going on the list!

  19. Your lows always scare me!! Always drink something, even though the PB cut is preferred : )

    That sandwich looks SOOOO good! Love the juicy bites from sammies!

  20. Hey Biz hang in there with your numbers. I have never seen such a compliant diabetic in my life!! You rock on compliance girl. You eat so healthily and excercise. Keep it all up, it will get better for you. Now about those chicken parm sammies- HELLO! they look soooo good!

    • Thanks Robin Sue!! 😀

      • a perfect expamle of this. I met her parents back in March when I travelled to Stratford for their maternity shoot an amazing couple, so nice and made my job so easy. I was so excited to meet who was hiding

      • Bro . Pinnex Just got home from the trip and wanted to tell you thank you again for the oputptrniuy to be a part of the missions trip. My wife and I had our hearts touched for this difficult and unique mission field. We will defin itley be praying for you luke 18:1Love the Allens

  21. That sandwich looks so good! I’m definitely going to make something similar soon 🙂

  22. MM I love Reeses cups! Yum!

    Your chicken parm sandwiches look divine 🙂

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  23. Biz!! So i’m in anat/physiology and nutrition right now, in preparation for nursing school..and we are learning ALL about diabetes, cardiovascular health, a1c levels, etc! I totally thought of my parents, and how I’m going to email them about how important it is for them to be aware of the risks and prevention for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes etc…and i thought of YOU! and how lucky hannah is that you are so in touch with everything u need to do, and take such good care to make sure u stay healthy!!! 🙂 Have a fab weekend!

  24. Wow, even the pic of the peanut butter cup makes me drool. 🙂 You really seem to make the most of your food intake! What tools do you use to track everything?

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