Day 6 of 101, 50 Strong and BSI – Paprika!

Can I just tell you how excited I am that we got to 50 participants!  Check out the full participant list here.

I’ve gotten most of the weekly updates from all of you via email – thanks for checking in!  You can read all about this weeks successes on my Group 101 Page.

I was meeting my Mom and sister for lunch and a spa hair cut.  I had a small egg sammie – with1 ounce of hard salami 😀

While I ate breakfast, Tony was so sweet and filled up the car with gas, put air in the tires and bought me a big ass bottle of water for my one hour drive 😀

I had every intention of getting a healthy lunch, but when I saw the brie and bacon burger with duck fat fries, that won!

I've never had brie on a burger before - yum!! (I ate 1/2 the burger and 1/2 the fries)

So what about the duck fat fries?  They were good . . . maybe my expectations were too high?  But they served three different dipping sauces that kicked them up a notch!  My favorite was the garlic aioli!

There happened to be a street fest going on when we left lunch.  Anyone in Chicagoland will know about the Jesse White Tumblers, who were performing when we walked by!

Then it was off to the spa for a haircut!  When my hair gets long enough to put in a pony tail, that’s all I do.  So I decided to get it cut!  Actually, when I saw Susan’s hair cut I decided to go short too!

long thin hair before!

look at how full it looks now!

I talked my sister into cutting her hair short too and getting bangs!

Jenn and Biz!

Thanks for a great day Mom!!

Tony cooked ribs in the oven while I was gone.  He also picked up tomatoes – lots of them because they were only .39 cents a pound!  Of course, I made more baja fresh salsa!  My salsa is now famous – Ally made it and is selling it at her local farmers market – how cool is that?!

I cooked the tomatoes, garlic and jalapeno peppers first, then made room for the ribs:

My plate with grilled zucchini on the side . . . I used some of my thyme from my herb garden – so good!

This morning I realized I hadn’t done a recipe for BSI!  Nicole chose Paprika!

Crustless Sausage (1/2 zuccini) Quiche (printer friendly version)

Makes 4 servings  (242 calories, 16.8 fat, 4.8 carbs, .2 fiber and 17.3 protein


4 ounce breakfast sausage
4 eggs
1 1/4 cups milk
2 ounce mozzarella cheese
1 pinch salt
1 pinch pepper
1 teaspoon paprika
2 tablespoons bacon


  1. Cook breakfast sausage until done. Drain on paper towel. Mix all other ingredients into a 4 cup measuring bowl. Spray 8×8 pan with Pam.
  2. Put cooked bacon on bottom, then pour remaining ingredients over top. Cook at 375 for 30 minutes, or until eggs are set.  I added hot sauce to mine because I thought it was a bit bland.

see all the paprika! 😀

Okay, I’ve been on the computer way too long this morning!  Off to enjoy my Sunday – have a great one!

33 thoughts on “Day 6 of 101, 50 Strong and BSI – Paprika!

  1. love the hair…………….

  2. You.look.fabulous. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new haircut!!! Jenn looks great as well – and I bet with all of the workouts you are getting, having shorter hair will be nice and cool.

    Is it wrong that I covet your egg sammie more than the burger? And the grilled zucchini looks great – I need to do that one of these days.

  3. LOVE the hair!! You look great!! 🙂 And so does your sister!!

    Those fries are mouth watering. I want them!!!!!!!

    Your crustless quiches never cease to amaze me. Yum! 🙂

  4. I love your hair! It looks great short. Now I’m inspired to go cut mine!

  5. Oh my gosh, your hair looks amazing! It totally fits your spunky personality. 🙂

    The quiche sounds awesome too, I know that J would in love it with for sure!

  6. Hot HOT Mama! Your hair looks AMAZING! 🙂 Hope Tony took you out on the town last night 😉

  7. 2 Bizes!! So cute 😀

    That quiche looks delish!


  8. LOVE your new ‘do. Jenn looks fabulous too! Nice summer cuts 🙂 That burger looks good, there’s a restaurant around here that has a bacon, brie, and black pepper crusted burger – so delicious!

  9. oh i love the hair! you and your sister (and mom!) look beautiful!!!

    and those roasted tomatoes looks divine! i remember doing those, sad i don’t have a grill!

  10. We just had some of your baja salsa for lunch! YUM!!! Your entry looks great, Biz! I’m adding it to the line-up now! Lots of great entires!

    Happy Sunday!

  11. Love your hair cut!!

    Oooh I want to try that salsa!

  12. Why hello there hot mama! Love the hair!

  13. the hair looks BEAUTIFUL! ah, i love short hair cuts. they look so great. i just wish i had the guts to cut mine!

  14. Your hair looks adorable! I love it. Glad you had a fun time with your sis and mama. All those tomatoes cooking up look delicious. And what a yummy looking quiche too. I haven’t had quiche in ages. Hope the rest of your weekend is spectacular

  15. Great pics Biz! I had so much fun with you yesterday!!

    And, I was able to fix my hair by myself today, how about you??

  16. Your hair looks soooo cute! Totally suits you! (your sis looks fab too!)
    The quiche looks amazing too, will try it next weekend!

  17. Everyone looks fabulous…I would have chosen the same lunch items also, I bet it was fabulous.

  18. P.S. I just talked to my mom – she went to see the Jesse White Tumblers in Forest Park, too! And I see Doc’s the in the background…love Doc’s!

    • How cool is that! Sadly, when Hannah was about 8, she had to write a report on what she would do if an alien came to visit . . . she wrote “I would take them to Doc Ryan’s for burgers and beer!”

  19. You ladies look so fresh and light and fab! ♥
    I’m gonna admit I gave myself a little be-done-with-these-food-already weekend and done my shopping for the week and ready to kick my own butt. But that recipe looks so yummy!! I want it bad!! Gotta go shopping again tomorrow. Let’s see how mama gonna react to that 😀

  20. Love the new hair do! Awesome! Thanks for the kind words always glad to inspire someone else. I worked out for the first time with my new do today and I loved it! I still sweated like a — but there was no hair on my neck. Oh yeah, I am back down to 159 again…happy dance:) I walked/jogged 3.30 miles and went on to walk to 4+ miles for a hour total of exercise. I hurt my arm/shoulder lifting boxes yesterday I am hoping the soreness goes away so I can lift weights this week…

  21. Woohoo! Awesome that there’s 50 participants! Feels like I’m part of something HUGE!

    Looove the new hair, it’s adorable! And the ribs look so delicious! I’m a definite rib girl!

  22. fattiefatterton

    Adorable hair!! 😀

  23. I just ran across your blog a few day ago and i LOVE it!!! I was diagnosed with type II a few months ago (had gestational diabetes too) and am always looking for others on the same journey. Plus I have to compliment you on your food pics!!!! I want to eat the computer screen looking at your pics. 🙂

  24. Love your new do! I’m excited to go check out everyone’s successes.

  25. It’s so great you’re so excited about all of your participants!
    I’ve not had duck fat fries, but love duck, and love fat, and love fries, so can’t see them being bad! YUMMY! I had intentions of cooking a healthy dinner Saturday night, but take out pizza won. 🙂

  26. Love the haircut and the pic of the three of you!

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  28. your hair looks gorgeous! don’t you just wanna whip your head around and sing? you should!

  29. Nice haircut! MMMM think it’s time to have some ribs again!

  30. Hey, I’d order a brie & bacon burger with duck fat fries as well. Sounds amazing. I’d probably eat the whole thing though, and thoroughly enjoy every bite 🙂

    You hair looks awesome!

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