Wow – thank you!

Thanks for all your wonderful, heart felt comments yesterday! (and Twitter shout outs!) As I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for Tony to have his procedure, every time I heard the “ding” of another comment, it felt as if I was getting a virtual hug from you!

Some good news!  The tumor will be removed with surgery within the next two weeks.  We aren’t quite out of the woods yet, as he still needs to get more blood work done and get a body scan to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread, but the train is in motion to just get the cancer out.  Can I tell you Tony was concerned that he might be in the hospital during the Super Bowl and was worried about not having football food?!  😀   At least our shitty Bears (Cutler has to go!) won’t be in the Super Bowl!

So over the weekend I did what I normally did – which was be bizzy in my kitchen.  It helped me keep my mind off of everything else going on.  I had one banana and exactly 1 ounce of roasted pecans, so banana pecan pancakes were born.  These are super easy because I used Bisquick for the batter.  While these are on the high side per pancake, when I put them on my points tracker, 3 is 11 points, not 12 and I had this as breakfast and lunch.

Banana Pecan Pancakes 

Course: breakfast
PointsPlus™ Value:    4
Servings:  12

Preparation Time:  5 min
Cooking Time:  25 min
Level of Difficulty:  Easy

1 large banana(s)
1 oz pecan halves, finely chopped
2 cup(s) pancake mix, dry
1 1/4 cup(s) fat-free skim milk
1 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp vegetable oil


Heat oven to 250.
Mix all ingredients together until well combined.
Pour batter into a pan with Pam using a 1/4 cup measure . Flip after 2-3 minutes, or when bubbles start forming on the top. Cook 2-3 more minutes on second side.
Place cooked pancakes on baking sheet in oven until finished making all the pancakes.

I thought these were delicious – every other bite had a banana or pecan – yum!

I took our dog for a couple walks.  Unfortunately he’s getting so old, about 10 minutes is all he can handle before he’s spent – the distance between our house and the river.  It’s frozen over and people snow mobile over it – scares the crap out of me because there are spots that don’t freeze over because of the current.  Luckily there haven’t been any deaths on the river in the last few years.

We decided to make sub sandwiches for the Bears game.  I absolutely love our local deli – I think I ordered 10 different kinds of meat and cheeses.  Tony left me at the deli – he thinks its rude to the other customers to order more than three things at a time at the deli – me?  I have no problem asking for 10 things!

And I went to Weight Watchers on Sunday morning.  I got my 5 pound loss sticker – and a Bravo sticker for handing out a recipe 😀

I am really trying NOT to emotionally eat while we are going through this.  When we got back from the hospital yesterday, I immediately put my work out clothes on a did a 40 minute boot camp on exercise on demand – it was nice to get sweaty!

Dinner was easy – my simple stuffed peppers.  I use 1/2 pound ground sirloin, 1/2 pound Italian sausage (out of the casing), 8 ounces of tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.  I brown the meat first, pour off any fat, add the tomato sauce and let it cook for about 10 minutes.  I blanch the peppers in boiling water (Tony likes soft peppers) then stuff the peppers, added 1/2 ounce of mozzarella cheese to the top of each pepper, then bake at 350 for 15 minutes, and finish it off under the broiler for a minute or two.  Each half pepper is 9 points.  I served mine on a bed of mixed greens.

I added crushed red pepper to mine for an extra kick 😀

Stats for Monday:

  • 31 points
  • 40 minute boot camp
  • average blood sugar 122

Thanks again for all of your support – love the blogging community – we appreciate it!


47 thoughts on “Wow – thank you!

  1. Glad to hear you and Tony are feeling ready and able to meet the challenge. I must have thought of you both 20 times yesterday. Getting the thing out soon will be a great milestone, and hopefully there won’t be much more necessary. But your bloggy friends are here with and for you in every way we can be.

    The pancakes sound great, as do the peppers. Stuffed peppers are a family favorite, and you remind me that I should whip up a bath this week since I have a shitload of peppers in the fridge. Your recipe sounds blessedly simply. And thank you a thousand times for WWPP values!

  2. I’m really glad to hear that the tumor will be removed soon, and I’ll continue praying for y’all.
    My dad is a huge Bears fan, and you reminded me of him when you said Cutler has to go, he is always talking about him messing up. haha. Also congrats on your 5 lb star!!! You are doing great! I hope you have a great day Biz!

    • Yeah, we got obnoxious, but DUDE there were free didols involved. Want me and Britt to throw you a Twitter party? You gotta bring the *goods* tho.Reply by on March 14th, 2009 at Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 12:38 amFree didols are always good. Drew should totally pay you money for the party you threw!Reply by on March 14th, 2009 at Saturday, March 14, 2009 @ 12:41 amOh he’s paying all right! You I will be charging in lap dances.

  3. congrats on the five points sticker! You and your family will remain in my prayers until you get the all clear!

    • :finger: You’re just jealous you coludn’t keep up. For the record, I’d totally got to your twitter party! LOLAnd I spit coffee all over my computer at teh Margalit stuff. Dude, you were SPOT on! That was fuckin’ AWESOME.

  4. Nice on the sticker! Not since Kindergarten did stickers become so important!

    Annoying that cancer has interfered with Tony’s football plans! What nerve! 🙂

  5. I’ll be thinking of you and Tony. I’m glad he’s getting treatment. I have a friend who ignored her signs too long.

    Hopefully he’ll be happy and healthy and eating good football food as he watches the Steelers CRUSH the Packers. 🙂

    Banana pancakes? Yum.

    If you need some support, let me know. I know you want to avoid emotional eating during this time. It will be tough (personally, I know I would cut myself some slack in that area, and settle for not gaining.)

  6. Yeah for the 5 pounds sticker AND bravo sticker!!

    Your stuffed peppers look awesome!

    Get well Tony!

  7. Hey Biz, I was out of the “blogging world” yesterday, and I just read up on your post yesterday. I just wanted to give you a big “hug” and let you know that I’ll be praying for you and your family. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know.

  8. So happy that it will be removed soon. You guys have such wonderful attitudes. Things are going to be just fine. You have all been in my thoughts.

    ((HUGS)) and congrats on the weight loss!

  9. VERY good news indeed! And may I say Tony, I am on YOUR side! Who wants hospital food when you could be eating some of Biz’ fabulous football food!! Get well soon Mr. Biz.

    Hurray for your stickers… I bet you become one of the most popular members at your meeting with all your good recipes.

    Do you realize both you and your sister posted banana recipes today? There’s that twin thing again. And doubly nice for me since bananas in pancakes and in muffins are one of my very favorite things.

  10. That sounds like very good news! Hopefully there will be more good news where that came from!

    The pancakes look great… there was a diner near Jake’s old apartment that used to have whole wheat banana pancakes. Now that he doesn’t live there, I miss the pancakes, but these might be a good substitute!

  11. Congrats on the 5 pound sticker, Biz!!! And I think it’s so wonderful that you’re trying so hard not to eat emotionally throughout all of this. Understandly I am sure that is hard, but hopefully those tough, sweaty workouts will provide some stress relief for you. Please keep us posted and I’m still praying for you guys! 🙂

  12. Tony def has his priorities straight 😀
    BizzyKitchen Food > Hospital Food!
    Congrats on the sticker yay!

  13. sorry i didn’t comment sooner, but my thoughts are with you guys! great attitude, though, it totally helps 🙂 congrats on that 5 lbs!!!

  14. So glad you two have each other. And yes, every comment was a hug for both of you!!! I will have to try you stuffed peppers recipe it looks so yummy! And my mouth is watering over that hoagie!!!!!!! I must get some deli mean now.

  15. My thoughts and prayers are for both of you. And good for you for exercising instead of eating!!! (not sure I would have done the same)
    And congrats on the 5 lbs – way to rock it out, sister!

  16. I’m so glad to hear the tumor is being taken out quickly! Still keeping you guys in my prayers.

  17. Shannon @ BetterNextTime

    Being concerned about the football food sounds like an excellent attitutude to me! 🙂 My thoughts are with you guys.

    Also, I love that you blanched the peppers – I prefer soft peppers too, and I’d never thought of that!

  18. Glad to hear things are moving forward – I know Tony will be glad to not miss the Superbowl and YOUR football food! 🙂 BTW, that sammie? Totally worth the wait at the deli!

  19. It’s been a long time since so many people discussed my ass.

    Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers!! I am constantly amazed how wonderful and thoughtful you all are during times like this.

    This cancer picked the wrong ass to attack. I have begun eating hot foods, nuts, and bran. If this cancer thinks it can hang around enjoying itself, it is sadly mistaken! I gave the tumor the finger when I saw it outlined on the butt monitor. Soon it will be cut from me, and if I am allowed to I will spit on it.

    Thank you to all of Biz’s “friends” in the blogosphere. You will never know how much it meant to her and I.

    FUCK cancer!!!

  20. Nice to see where his priorities are at 😛 I’m giving the tumor the finger too, Tony!
    I’m so glad it will be removed shortly – you guys are always in my thoughts! 🙂

  21. yay i’m glad things are getting better!

    I almost laughed out loud when you said Tony thinks ordering a crapload of stuff is rude to the other customers because I think so too!

  22. Biz you guys have good attitudes toward this. I know how hard it is but I bet you he will beat it – you’ll see. I am stilll giggling over the ass cancer jokes.

    Your subs look awesome. We had those last friday, then saturday and once more on Sunday. Seems I bought a wee bit too much lunch meat – and at the price of it I wasn’t wasting it. 😀

    Good luck guys and prayers with you.

  23. Glad there is some good news. You guys are in my thoughts.

    And I’m glad that you worked out and took care of yourself! Working out is the best stress relief!

  24. erintakescontrol

    I will stand at the deli until I get everything I want, thankyouverymuch! And now THAT is a sub!

  25. Glad to hear that the surgery will happen soon. Keeping you both in my prayers.

    I was just looking at stuffed pepper recipes yesterday. It is something my mom made when I was a kid. I hated the bell pepper back then but I loved the filling she made with rice, ground beef and tomatoes. Brings back good memories!

  26. Oh Biz…I’m thinking about you guys. I can’t even imagine what an emotional time this is for you both. Like I said yesterday, though…your attitude is what will pull you and Tony through this victoriously! And in the mean times, lots of good eats to look forward to. We loved your chicken tikka masala – YUM!

  27. How funny…does Tony think that you should limit your deli selections to 3 items or does he think that you should get only 3 items at a time and then go to the back of the line? I’m quite curious as to what his workaround is!

    Yummmm…banana pancakes remind me of my husband’s and my trip to Costa Rica. Best pancakes ever!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both until you get the all clear from the doc!

  28. I’m glad to hear a little bit of great news about the cancer being removed soon! Here’s to a great body scan too! (My aunt had brain cancer twice- once at 3 yrs old and again a few years ago at about 35 yrs old – both times it was a tumor, which the dr. said made it easier to treat b/c it was “contained.”)

    I must admit I get sort of annoyed when ppl in front of me keep ordering item after item at the deli, but I don’t mind doing it myself! haha But usually our deli has 3 ppl behind the counter so it moves pretty quickly. If there was 1 person working the counter and a line behind me I’d probably hurry it up out of guilt.

    That sandwich looks delicious! Jimmy Johns got nothing on Biz! 😉

    PS great tip about blanching the peppers! We like our stuffed peppers soft, but I usually have to bake them like 45 minutes!

  29. I’m sorry I’m not one who was able to leave a comment to support you yesterday! I ended up working late so I didn’t even check my email but today I’m off early so I hope leaving a late comment is better than nothing. 😉 I really LOVE you and Tony’s rebel attitude toward the cancer. F cancer is right! You’re not going to just lie down and let it steamroll you! I would be such a mess in this situation and can only imagine how hard this has to be, but your attitudes and senses of humor will do a lot to get you through it. I hope your cyber friends’ support will be a great comfort too, b/c you know you have it. I will keep you both in prayer.

  30. Oh yea, I didn’t mention it in my comment yesterday, but here’s an eHUG for the Bears losing *hugggg* haha. I’m sad, and trying to act like football doesn’t exist anymore. Cutler sucks. 😛

  31. Major hugs, Biz! Please continue keeping us updated on Tony’s progress! I’m thinking of you all and your family and praying that the surgery does its thang and that no cancer has spread!!

    On another note – the stuffed peppers look amazing and MAJOR congrats on your 5 poundl oss!

  32. I was a few days behind in my reading and am just now caught up. I’m so so sorry to hear the news and for all the pain it is causing you and your loved ones. Attitude is so important, and fuck cancer sounds like a good motto! Keep us posted.

  33. you guys rock, your attitude could beat anything, stay positive!

    love the stuffed pepper, adn CONGRATS on your 5 pound sticker, nothing feels better!

  34. Ah, Beth, I missed the post the day before…I agree F*&*(&K cancer!!! My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Tony and Hannah, and the rest of the gang. I know he’ll fight this with all his mite!

    BTW…pancakes look delicious:)

  35. Positive vibes are still coming your way.

    That stuffed pepper looks AWESOME. I have to make some more of them.

    and CONGRATS on your 5 pounds. I have been putting a sticker on my calendar for everyday I don’t drink a beer. lol…wow that sounds bad…lol..

  36. All will be okay. Tony will be okay and you are strong enough to hold you both up for a little bit. Mega prayers headed your way for now and for a long time to come.
    Take care and those pancakes look awesome. Showed one of my daycare little ones and he drooled on my computer. Guess we’ll be making them one day soon. God bless you guys.

  37. Praying for you two! You will be in my thoughts! So far so good! And hopefully the good just keeps on coming. Congrats on the five pound sticker- whoop whoop! And the pancakes sound amazing. I need some brinner…

  38. So glad that the tumor will be removed soon! I’m still goign to be thinking of you guys and keeping you in my prayers!

    Congrats on the five pound sticker! That’s great!

    Oh, those pancakes sound amazing.

  39. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I am so inspired by your sense of humor and your strenghth. Hugs and blessings.

  40. I hope your sense of humor also covers my spelling.

  41. I laughed a ton in this post: Super Bowl food in the hospital, he thinks it’s rude at the deli counter, no one has died on the river “in a few years”…OY!

  42. Weighting For 50

    Hi Biz, damn, I’m a day or two behind in my blogs and have only just read about Tony’s diagnosis. FUCK CANCER indeed!!!!! I’m sending healing, positive thoughts for you both, and “fuck off” thoughts to the tumour!!!! You take care!!!!! HUGS!!!

  43. I’m still praying for the best possible outcome for Tony and sending supportive hugs your way.

    I hate going out on any bodies of water on my snowmobile even in the dead of winter when there are trucks and ice shacks out on the lakes.

    Looks like we’ll both be able to concentrate on food and friends for the SuperBowl since the Bears and the Patriots are both out of it. It’s certainly not as exciting to watch when your team isn’t in it. Don’t even care who wins, just hope I get good numbers in the pool. 😉

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