New Friends!

It still amazes me how many different people I have become friends with that I never would have run across in my every day life!  Today I met a fellow blogger – we have been following each others blogs for probably almost a year if not longer?  She lives in Milwaukee, but she and her boyfriend were hitting up Woodfield and Ikea and asked if I would like to meet them for lunch – done!

I knew I was going to split a pepperoni pizza with Hannah, so breakfast was on the small side for me – just a simple egg/meat/cheese sammie!  These English muffins get extra crispy!

Hannah drove today – the older I get, the more I hate driving, and when she drives I get to read a magazine!  I am LOVING the Jan/Feb Cooking Light!  So many great recipes!  Thanks for driving Hanners!

When Mel showed her boyfriend J the huge burger Tony had at the soft opening at The Lucky Monk, he couldn’t wait to try it!   He didn’t even eat breakfast yesterday in anticipation of it! 😀   He ended up getting the 9 ounce Farmhouse – with a fried egg on top!  I know Sophia and Brandi will LOVE the runny yolk!  You can check out their menu here.

Mel got a chicken sandwich on a pretzel roll:

And Hannah and I split a 12 inch pizza – it was big, we still had three pieces left!  We both love the big slices of pepperoni.

Thanks for a great time today Mel and J!!

Me and Mel! 😀

The best part about reading each others blogs is that we already knew so much about each other, it isn’t weird meeting in person – she’s just as cute and fun as she comes across on her blog! 😀

Dinner was Thanksgiving in January – my store had Jennie-O turkey breasts on sale for .99 cents a pound – I got a 6 pound one – my plan is to have it for dinner, then cutting off the rest for sandwiches later in the week for me and Tony – not bad for $6 bucks!

Baked at 325 for 2 hours - low and slow makes a juicy turkey!

My plate with a cup of mashed potatoes and stuffing.

There was a lot of meat on this!  Not only did I get dinner last night, but I have 6 ounces of shredded turkey to add to a soup later on:

And I have 1.2 pounds of chunk turkey breast to cut for sandwiches this week:

Okay so I knew I wanted to make wonton soup for one of my lunches this week.  I decided to puree my Chinese leftovers from Saturday night and use that as a filling.  Guess what? It was delicious!  I just added some spicy stir fry sauce to kick it up a notch.

I dumped it all into the food processor

Then used about 1 tsp. of filling into each wonton:

Eight wontons are a serving:

I steamed them in a covered pan until the water evaporated, about 5 minutes, then added a touch of oil and Pam to pan fry them:

These turned out really good!  You’ll just have to come back tomorrow to see how I put the soup together!

Off to get ready for work – can’t believe it’s Monday again already!  Have a great day! 😀

32 thoughts on “New Friends!

  1. OMG!! The pictures look AMAZING!! *schlurp* I probably shouldn’t have opened your blog first thing this morning!!! My paltry poached egg on an english muffin and a banana are looking mighty sad compared to your pictures. Co-workers walking by had to stop and drool….er stare too!!!
    Thank you for the nice comment on our blog, I will certainly try the broccoli slaw in a stir fry, that just sounds fantastic!
    Hope you have a great Monday!!! I’ll for sure be stopping by again!!! 🙂

  2. Last Memorial Day I was blessed to meet 4 other women who I got to know through Sparkpeople. One of the women (from Louisiana) had a conference in Boston and well all met here there for 2 days. One of the women traveled all the way from St. Croix! We had a BLAST! In 2011 we are already making plans to meet in Chicago. We have one coming from South Africa for that! Honestly, I can’t imagine my life without their friendship even though most of it is conducted online. Can’t wait to see how that soup comes together.

  3. As usual, my stomache is growling and I’m drooling…happens every day when I reach your blog!

  4. Your lunch sounds like so much fun, great to meet blogger friends in person! The wontons look totally scrumptious!

  5. What a great idea to puree the leftover Chinese food and make wontons…and boy do they look delicious!!!

    Very cool that you got to meet a fellow blogger – I really hope that we get to meet in person one of these days!

  6. So cool that you got to meat up with her. I am glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  7. Oh, I want those wontons! Actually, I’d like the burger, too.

  8. Both J and I had a ton of fun with you and Hannah! Thanks for meeting up with us, we definitely would love to do it again!

  9. I love meeting other bloggers =)

    its so nice that Hannah drove, and you got to read – but I could never read a magazine in the car – i get carsick.

    that looks like some realllly juicy turkey breast thatll make for some amazing sammies this week =)

  10. That’s so nice you guys got to meet!!

    I love the won tons of course too!!

  11. The wontons look fantastic!

  12. Yum I’m a sucker for a fried egg on a sandwich or burger. Whenever I see that on a menu I can stop looking b/c I know I’ll order it!

  13. Mmmmmmmm yummy!!!

    I also adore a runny yoke 🙂 It’s the ONLY way to eat an egg!

  14. Oh my that burger is CRAZY! I would be sick, sick, sick! LOL But I do love my runny eggs. Yum!

    Love meet ups with online friends. And yes, I owe you an email. Going out of town this week and then we’ll touch base when I get back. Had a suck-o week of running last week so I could use a boost. Hope this week is better!

    Gotta love this snow coming down NOT.

  15. i still need to get some wonton wrappers! they look so professional i swear. arent blogger meetups fun>? its like online dating but for friends 🙂

  16. That is so fun that you got to meet a fellow blogger! It is funny because even though I haven’t ever met anyone that I blog with I feel like I know everyone! 🙂 Foodie bloggers are awesome!! 🙂

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! Im so excited to read more of yours.
    I have been wanting to make wonton soup forEVER.
    Also, I LOVE egg on burgers. My brother started me on it, who woulda thought adding something as simple as an egg would make such a difference? Obviously someone because its all over the place now, but you get my point.

  18. Nice job with the wontons! Aren’t blogger meet ups so funny? It’s just like you’re meeting up with an old friend! Glad you guys had fun 🙂

  19. ohmigosh…you know it!!! I’ll definitely be ordering that one, with maybe an extra runny yolk, lol.
    Yay for blogger meet-ups, I had one yesterday, too. It’s so wonderful to speak with someone you have been “stalking” for some time! 😉

  20. Holy HUGE hamburger – crazy! A day of delicious eats. I LOVE how you always get so creative with won tons. I definitely need to try them out. Every time I see you doing something with won tons, I totally want them 😀

    Yeah for planned leftovers for the week for lunches!

  21. that is so fun, i really hope that i get the chance to meet some fellow bloggers, including you!

    i’m loving all the food, as always!

  22. How fun to meet a blogger! I’m meeting a follower of my blog tomorrow — she’s a nutrition student. I’m excited 🙂

    Those wontons look wonderful!

    I also wanted to thank you for your comment about diabetes. As someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, I really appreciate it coming from you!

    Have a great night, Biz!

  23. So cool to me another fellow blogger…That would be awesome. The food all looks so darn good, I am starving now

  24. OMG, I can’t get over that burger. I am loving the idea of meat ups with bloggers… nothing for me yet but one day … maybe a trip to the Virgin islands is in your future


  25. How fun that you got to meet another blogger!

  26. Sounds so fun to meet another blogger. I’ve never been able to do that, but hopefully sometime I’ll cross paths with a “blog-friend.” By the way, I have the same kitchen scale that you have pictured. I love it! Couldn’t live without it.

  27. Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now

    Thanksgiving in January sounds good to me! The food is too good to only have once a year.

  28. mm…you’re right! LOVIN the runny yolk 🙂

  29. […] I’ve had the pleasure of meeting blog reader Mel twice – hi Mel!  Congratulations on getting […]

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