The Back Roads

For living in the “sticks” we sure do have a lot of traffic.  One problem is that since we live on the river, we have to take the bridge over the river to get anywhere if you are going east, which is how I have to get to work.  The roads have been so backed up lately, that I decided to go west and take the back roads to work.

I’ve tried taking the back roads before but there was always construction, and I just sucked it up that it would take me 45-50 minutes to drive the 15 miles to work.  Yesterday?  I got to work in 25 minutes!

noodles 039

Lots of farm land and horse farms.  It was starting to get warm when I left – it was around 80 degrees and overcast.  I was hoping that it would get nicer as the day progressed, but no matter what, I was getting to the pool yesterday.

Breakfast was an egg white spinach omelet, English muffin and some grapes.  My sister FINALLY tried putting baby spinach in things.  She doesn’t like slimey spinach, and neither do I so she was surprised how good it tasted in eggs.

noodles 002

When I got to the gym, I thought maybe the outdoor pool was closed, but there was a lone lifeguard eating her lunch and listening to her iPod.  The pool was completely empty.

noodles 041

As soon as I got in the pool the lifeguard got on that chair above – it was weird just having one lifeguard and me!  By the end of the swim the sun was shining so I spent 10 minutes after my 30 minute swim just chilling.

noodles 044

noodles 045

Lunch was a taco salad.  I always think of Sam when I have one. (Hi Sam!  I’d link to her but she has a private blog).   Romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, corn off of one cob, 3 ounces of ground beef, some cheese.  And the dressing of fat free ranch and Ortega taco sauce.

noodles 009

The star of the show though?  The pickled jalapenos.  I need to make some more of these soon!

noodles 008

I ended up taking the back roads home again and guess what?  I got home in 24 minutes!!  I am hoping its not a fluke and that the commute continues to be that great!

noodles 048

Remember last Friday when Tony made a rolled rump roast for dinner?


We ate it for dinner Friday night.  I made Italian beef sandwiches the other night, and last night, I sliced some for Tony’s now famous fried noodles.  And I still have more to make a roast beef hash for breakfast this morning.  Not bad for a $8 roast!

noodles 015

As usual, I am Tony’s sous chef and got everything in place.  This dish literally comes together in minutes since I had already precooked the pasta yesterday morning before work.

noodles 018

noodles 020

Love.  I just love this dish.  I seriously wanted to eat the whole bowl, but I knew I had Insanity later so I ended up eating about 2/3 of it.  Tony didn’t finish all of his either, so I have lunch today already done.

Last night was Cardio Recovery of Insanity.  You might think this is easy, but it’s still very hard.  It’s a lot of slow big muscle moves and my legs are literally shaking by the end.  Since my dinner was so carb heavy I did take some insulin with dinner (I normally skip the insulin so my blood sugar doesn’t drop when I exercise later at night).  But Cardio Recovery isn’t very face paced so I was pleasantly surprised that after my workout my blood sugar was a perfect 97. Open-mouthed smile

noodles 003

Stats for the Day:

  • 1360 calories, 38 fat, 171 carbs, 18.5 fiber and 85 protein
  • 51% of calories from carbs, 25% from fat and 24% from protein
  • 30 minute swim
  • 30 minute Cardio Recovery

Time to make some breakfast hash!

Oh, and I have blog reader Lisa to thank again for this hilarious picture – does it scream me or what?!


Make it a great day!

16 thoughts on “The Back Roads

  1. That roast looks good – and you got a lot of meals from it – nice!!!

  2. It sure did remind me of you 🙂

  3. I love pickled jalapenos! Our pool is already too cold for me, even though the temps are still pretty warm. I hate that it’s almost time to cover it up 😦

  4. findingradiance

    Laughing at the meme!

  5. Hurrah for a faster commute!

    Couple of times, I had the gym pool all to myself…it was kind of eerie, but nice all the same.

  6. Tony’s stirfrys always look at least as good, if not better, than the stuff we get from our favorite Chinese restaurant!

    Have you ever considered just walking in the house, changing and doing your Insanity workout then? That’s absolutely what I would have to do… no way I’d work out after eating!

  7. We are the same age, our kids are (or almost) the same age and guess what I live by a river too. My commute to work used to be 15 minutes. Then last year they had the bridge down most of the summer for construction. I had to take another way to work and it was about a 25 minute drive also. How’s that for coincidence? 😉 Glad you had the pool to yourself and your taco salad looks sooo good!

  8. Mmm Taco salad, looks amazing! I need to try to pickle some jalapenos, I’m sure I would love them.

  9. Not only are the back roads a time saver but they are beautiful too! You know me I love Mexican food – so your taco salad looks delish!

  10. Omgosh, I love taco salad. One of my favorite meals. I’m totally envying yours! And I love that Tony can cook – his noodles look fab.

  11. Thanks for posting the pickled jalapino’s. A friend gave me some jalapinos…so they’re sitting on the counter…staring at me and I thought…Oh biz’s recipe!! I went to the blog where they came from…my goodness he has alot of neat recipes, is that where you get alot of ideas….he seems to like spicy stuff in mexican dishes.

    So anyways I have these jalapino’s fermenting for a week. Will take a picture when they are done and JP takes a taste.

    That pool looks so refreshing, do they always have the water shooting up, gosh you could pretend you were in Las Vages at the Bellagio… 🙂 🙂

    Have a great rest of the day!!

  12. I love living out in the sticks. I grew up in town, and then moved to the city before moving back to town, and now to a rural golf course (where like only 5 other families live). It’s quiet and peaceful. MAK and I will never move back into town; we will end up two old farts on an acreage or small farm outside of the city. 🙂

    That taco salad looks amazeballs. We had taco salads the other night; the last of our fridge/pantry clean out!

  13. What a nice scenic drive to work. I LOVE the hot sauce “poster” at the end. Of course I heard it in the man’s voice as I read it. The fountains in the pool are a nice touch. It looks like a resort.

  14. Perfect Biz. I always loved the back roads in Illinois.

  15. That bowl of noodles looks killer and isn’t the pool so amazing with back to school?!?! B and I have had a private pool more than once this past week….so relaxing!

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