Monday . . . pink eye?

I woke up yesterday morning to crusty eyes – not sure why because I wear contacts that you throw away every day.   I wore my glasses all day yesterday hoping my eyes would get better, but they aren’t – especially my left eye.  I am waiting for the eye doctor to open and see if they can squeeze me in this morning and just go into work late.

Did you check out my second Foodbuzz Challenge I posted yesterday?  If you click on this link, just hit the heart at the top of the post to vote for me – I appreciate it!

Since I was cooking all day yesterday, my eats were kind of weird.  I did have a breakfast sammie with one of my rotis that I made – these are so simple to make I could make them every week!

My SIL Jody came over yesterday and brought Tony a cupcake cake for his birthday – it was a spice cake and really good – one of her co-workers is starting up a cupcake business on the side.

For Tony’s football food I made him guacamole (no pics!) and I had some shrimp I needed to use up so I made him salt and pepper shrimp.  You simply toss the peeled shrimp in cornstarch, deep fry and then sprinkle with salt and pepper – I had sweet and sour sauce as a dip.

For lunch I ate a couple of the momo’s I made – I just saw that Sophia made the same thing, although she made hers round and used ground pork. 😀

By dinner time, I was in no mood to cook anything else, so it was simply ham and cheese sammies with some chips:

When Tony and I were at the store, we were in the check out lane and he says “did you see if they have any canned pumpkin?”  I made a mad dash, so a store employee, and he said “I saw some on aisle 7 on the right hand side.”  Score!

just as I've seen at every other store - a completely empty shelf!

A huge thanks to Maggie for picking my name in her latest giveaway – so can’t wait to try this new artificial sweetener – it came with a ton of recipes too!

I’ve been using artificial sweeteners for so long, I can’t taste it in baked dishes, but Tony always can – we’ll see if he can tell with this!

Do you use artificial sweeteners to bake?

Have a great Monday – and thanks for your vote!

27 thoughts on “Monday . . . pink eye?

  1. Oh noes! I was having some eye issues and thought I might have pink eye–it happened three times, all about a month apart, and it always resolved itself within two days. I hope yours clears up quick! LOL on the pumpkin–I found a whole shelf-full when I went to Aldi (my fave grocery store–so cheap!) and even though I had no immediate pumpkin plans, I bought three cans “just in case!” I think the cans will be flying off the shelf until people are assured that there is enough to go around. As for baking with artificial sweetener, I almost refuse to do it. I’d rather just not eat dessert than eat something baked with it–the taste is so sub-par it’s not worth it to me. Until I made that decision, I baked with Splenda but never tried anything else. Now I like to use natural sweeteners which may be healthier, but still raise the blood sugar just as much. I’m curious as to how your Stevia baked goods will turn out!

    • Thanks Veronica! I went to Aldi on the way back from Walgreen’s to get my eye drops and they had it!! I bought SIX CANS for only .69 cents! 😀

      I made the Peanut Butter Banana Bread that was on the cover of October’s Cooking Light – I liked it, but after the first bite, Tony could taste the artificial sweetener.

  2. Ahh pink eye is the WORST! Maybe it’s just allergies? I hope so for your sake! Hope you have a good Monday!

  3. Good luck w/ your eye! I’ve gotten pink eye a few times and the good thing about it is as soon as you get meds it starts to clear up pretty quickly. Just remember to wash your hands a lot so it doesn’t spread!

    I voted for you!!! I saw you and Sophia both did momos, but I love that you both did completely different takes on them!! 🙂

  4. You’ve made me paranoid about pumpkin Biz. When I walked down that aisle at the grocery store on Saturday, I looked and it was there so I bought 2 cans even though I have no immediate plans for them – lol!

    Hope your eye issue is resolving itself.

  5. Pink eye sucks! I got it my freshman year in college and passed it along to several of my sorority sisters. Whoopsie! Hope you get it cleared up fast. I love how you make your husband “football food”! Ryan isn’t a big football watchin’ kind of guy, so he just gets “Xbox food”. Hah! Have a great week!

  6. Ugh….I hate pink eye. 😦 I had it when I was a teacher – and I had to wear my glasses for about a week. Makes you really, really appreciate contacts! I hope it clears up quickly for you!

    I am off to vote for you!

  7. Funny they mentioned on the news this morning that there should be plenty of pumpkin for pies this year 🙂
    Hope the eye gets better soon 🙂

  8. I’m not a big baker but i’ve heard they’re just not the same. 😦

    That fried shrimp looks awesome!

  9. Haha, like some of the others said, I bought a couple of cans of pumpkin just b/c I’ve heard so many people say that can’t find it!! And of course, I saw a recipe for pumpkin spice cookies that I will be making ASAP 😀 I am using the same “gift set” of NuNaturals, I love it. The packets are much sweeter than other packets of Stevia – perfect for sweetening my homemade yogurt! I also love the Vanilla Stevia liquid for coffee! I’ve not used the baking blend yet, but since my hubs is diabetic, we use artifical sweeteners all the time.

  10. Okay, I feel totally out of the loop here… why the pumpkin shortage?

    • The crop over a year ago was awful – I don’t remember if it was too much rain or what, but canned pumpkin has been hard to find the last several months.

  11. You got my vote!!!

    Good luck


  12. Aww fingers crossed that it’s not pink eye!! I used artificial sweeteners to bake before
    I got preggos and will continue to use them after the baby gets here. I really can’t taste a difference!

  13. Your poor eye. Hope it’s better soon.

    Shrimp look terrific. I haven’t cooked up shrimp in so long.

    OK, I’m going to go vote for you now. 🙂 Good luck!

  14. Hope your eyes are ALREADY feeling better. I just voted for you. I wish I could vote a thousand times because I would do it for you! When you win this, we can all say, “we knew her when…”!

  15. Grrr. Sometimes your blog makes me SO hungry!
    P.S. I voted.

  16. I voted – thanks for the link, it made it much easier this time around. Fingers crossed for you!!!

    Ouchies on the pinkeye – that really hurts! I was always paranoid when my kids would come home from school with it because usually we all would end up with it, no matter how much handwashing was done!

  17. voted 🙂 and hope your eye is better soon… eek :/ guacamole and shrimp, yum. i don’t use splenda anymore as I’m not a huge fan, although the place I notice it most is in beverages. haven’t tried stevia yet, look forward to your (and tony’s) take!

  18. that cake HOVERS over those cupcakes haha..either the cake is massive or the cupcakes are teeny hehe. i bake sometimes with erythritol .. it tastes similar to white sugar. but stevia has a weird bitter taste in recipes i find.. unless its paired with a regular sweetner. i tried making stevia muffins but it really was bad, then again, im positive each stevia brand tastes different- some are definitely better in quality over others. xoxo ❤

  19. Your food always looks amazing! That shrimp reminds me of some I have had at PF Chang’s, I had no idea it was tossed with corn starch first.

    Nu Naturals sent me a box of their products to try and so far I have just been using the drops in my coffee and I love it. I gave up using artificial sweeteners last year and also stopped doing all the baking I use to do. I will look forward to reading about your baking adventures with the Stevia.

  20. Ugh, pinkeye…we had at our house a few years ago. (Well, all of us except my husband.) Hope it isn’t that, but if it is, hope it’s gone soon!

    And yes, you got my vote – your dishes from Nepal looked yummy! So glad you made it to round 2!

    And yes, I’ve done some baking with artificial sweetners. The coffee cake I made with Splenda was really tasty, but yep, I could taste that it wasn’t sugar. I got some erythritol for a recipe, and if I remember correctly, it didn’t work that great; I don’t think it was for a baked item, though. It seems to be hard to dissolve. It has a slightly cool taste to it, but I don’t think it has the artificial sweetener taste as strongly as stevia and Spelnda.

  21. Aw man, that sucks about the pink eye. Definitely not a fun time.

    Well, when you come to Milwaukee, I can take you to the place of secret stash of pumpkin, the big cans for super cheap! 😀

  22. Gee Biz, I hope your week gets better and I hope it is not pink eye!! As usual your food looks good. Good luck on the food challenge, I voted 😉 Canned pumpkin looks awfully hard to come by in your area, it’s all over the place here. Have a nice vening 😉

  23. Too funny, I just read a blog where she found pumpkin and bought like ALL of them because she knew it wouldn’t last. Maybe she could sell them on the black market or something!! 🙂

    Too bad on the eye, hopefully it’s better today. I get stye’s, very annoying. I don’t think that me or my kids have ever had pink eye though.


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